amazing spiderman 2 premiere

TASM2 Sky Italy: Emma & Andrew Interview

I just saw this really lovely special about The Amazing Spider Man 2 on Sky, here in Italy, and it was SO DAMN EXCITING.
It was from the Rome premiere!
The whole thing was amazing of course, but the Stondefield’s parts were the best ;)

Emma and Andrew shook hands, pretending to introduce each other and they kissed on both cheeks and it was so cute. (I think there was a picture of that around tumblr a couple of days ago) It was so nice they were interviewed at the same time!

Then they talked about the movie and there were a few very very sweet moments between the two of them. They were looking at each other and smiling all the time.

Andrew said how incredible it was to work with Emma and just be around her. He also said that the movie it’s basically about LOVE, between Gwen and Peter, but also between Peter and Harry and Peter and Aunt May!

Then they the interviewer asked them which was their favourite scene to shoot together and Emma said : “All of them, every single scene with Andrew was amazing” or something like that! So precious!

They also named all the qualities a superhero should have, and they were saying a word each, the one after the other and the interviewer was so confused and kept moving the microphone from one to the other.

At the end they said a few Italian words and the last one Emma said was POLPETTA, which made me laugh so hard, because it means MEATBALL and she just said it randomly.

They are the best and always the best!

I hope I can find the video, couse I searched for it already and I couldn’t find it :( If anyone knows where it could be, it would be great to share :)