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Cheer Up Post #5300 - Spider-Man (Funny) Edition

For the anon requesting Spider-Man being funny, enjoy!


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Renew Your Vows is such a better Spider-Man book than Amazing is right now

And I’m not just saying that as an MJ fangirl. I mean like, plotting, pacing, and character wise it’s all there. Everything works together, has pay off, and weirdly considering it’s the AU book with the slightly wonky “the elementary school kid is a hero too sometimes” premise, is the one that feels more grounded in the previous Spidey canon’s tone and messages. The one that feels like a continuation of the Spider-Man story.

i saw spider man yesterday and it was SO GOOD like that’s legit the first time since winter soldier that i’ve walked out of a marvel movie satisfied

Peter Parker

You’ve been warned:)
Peter is 15, 15! He is incredible, he’s devolved his own webbing. Not an easy task mind you. He made his own cute and adorable suit and gave it his own fancy goggles because he needs to calm everything down. His senses have been heightened. He’s 15 and he’s forced to deal with puberty and on top of that, his new found powers.
But that moment when he is under the rubble crying breaks me. Here is a 15 year old kid who is trying to do some good, he’s trying to save the world, and help Tony. He just wants Tony to like him. To be the Father figure he’s missing. Much like Tony himself.
But this little 15 year old sees his reflection and here is where Tony’s words strike him. A suit doesn’t make a person. I know a lot of people complain about Tony saying that. He may not be super with out it but he is still a wonder. He’s done a lot for the world even with out the suit (excluding ultron, however he was trying to help the world)
So this young teenager doesn’t give up, because some one gave him some harsh criticism. Which frankly we all need once in a while. He finds a way out and he proceeds to kick butt.

Just some Spider-Man thoughts for the day:)