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So years ago I was with a group coming back from a conference in Thailand when we had a layover in South Korea. Being pretty much a kid and ridiculously excited about everything, I tagged along with a tour group heading out to a nearby temple.

It was snowing.. Like a Lot. And having just come from 75 degree Chiang Mai I was woefully unprepared. The monk who greeted us took one look at my brightly striped winter socks sticking out of my sandals and my sad pigtails wrapped around my ears for warmth and busted out laughing before waving us on to the tour.

So being the wide eyed kid I was and being totally amazed by all the snow, I somehow decided to make tiny tiny snowmen to keep the monks company. Not by any of the structures, but if I saw a tree by itself I gave it a tiny snow-buddy. It was great until we circled around halfway through the tour and all my little snow-buddies had disappeared! I look behind me just in time to see one of the guys on the tour pile-driver one of my snow-buddies into nothing with a big grin on his face.

So I’m staring at the snow-carnage of my snow-buddies and at the laughing author of their demise when a snowball comes out of nowhere and whips this guy’s head back and he hits the ground. And before he can get up he gets slammed with another snowball. And another.

I spin around to see what’s going on and it’s the elderly monk who was laughing at my lack of preparedness earlier. He saw the whole thing and he was wreaking hilarious snowy justice.

Then he called one of the elderly ladies who helped keep the grounds to retrieve me and they made me sit inside with a blanket until it was time to go. They were so nice, and looking back I feel like I must’ve had “AMERICAN CHILD DOES NOT KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING” written across my face.


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너무나 기다렸던 꿈 같던 무대
그 시간, 그 공간 속
어쩌면 우린. ‘이름 붙일 수 없는’
같은 꿈을 꾸고 있었던 것은 아닐까
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I went to my friend’s amazing tteokbokki place! It’s called 간식연구소 (gan-seek-yeon-gu-so), which means “snack lab.” My friend makes the best tteokbokki that I have ever had!!!!! SO DAMN GOOD!!!! If you are in Itaewon and want a snack, go here! Tell them that Danny sent you! 

Name: 간식연구소 

Location: Itaewon, Seoul

“It was not a decision that was my own. My family needed money to survive, so it was natural for me to support my family in any way possible. I was only 13 years old when I started diving but had no fear whatsoever at the beginning. When you don’t have a choice, there’s no time to worry about being afraid of something.”

(2 of 2) This is Ms. Kang. She is 75 years young and still makes a living as a haenyeo, Jeju Island’s famed female divers who forage the ocean depths for edible seafood - all without the aid of any breathing apparatus. Remarkably, some haenyeo are able to stay underwater for up to three minutes at a time at depths of 20 meters. They gather everything from various shellfish to octopus to even large fish, oftentimes spending up to eight hours in the perilous ocean. Ms. Kang has been diving for over 60 years, starting at the tender age of 13 to support her family.

For more insight into the daily lives of these spectacular women, check out the following

“내가 스스로 결정한게 아냐. 우리 가족 생계를 위해서 돈이 필요했고 나는 어떻게 해서든 가족을 먹여살려야 했지. 처음 물질 했던게 13살 때였어. 그땐 겁도 없이 시작했지. 선택의 여지가 없을땐 뭘 두려워 하거나 걱정할 시간도 없어. 그냥 하는거지.”
(2 of 2) 강 할머니의 연세는 75세, 하지만 아직 정정하시고 깊은 바다에 잠수하여 해산물을 채취하는 제주 해녀이십니다. 어떤 해녀들은 20미터쯤 되는 바닷속에서 삼분 넘게 숨을 참을수 있다고 합니다. 그들은 다양한 조개들과 문어, 가끔은 큰 물고기들도 낚는데, 위험천만한 바다에서 하루 8시간 동안 물질을 하기도 합니다. 강할머니는 60년 넘게 물질을 하셨고 13살 때 부터 가족들 생계를 위해 물질을 시작했다고 하십니다.


Seoul’s landscape is vast and varied. Seoul has 38 mountains, lots of valleys, rivers, forests, hills and more. You will never run out of epic adventures to have while exploring the city.

The images here are just some of the day and night views of the city. Where ever you go in the city, you will find something to enjoy.

SEDUCTIVE | Vampire! Au | Jungkook X Reader | SMUT | 5

Warning - smut and angst ahead! Thank you for reading!

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With the fading moonlight caressing your face, you turn away from your view of the fading manor to the man with the violet eyes.
‘Where are you taking me?’ you demand to know. You had hoped that your voice would come across as firm, but your tone conveyed just how shaken you were. But then again, your instability was undoubtedly justified.
'Calm down, Miss, I’m taking you somewhere safe. And no, I’m not going to drink your blood,’ the man told you.
You paused for a moment, allowing his words to sink in. 'Where is 'safe’?’ you questioned further.
With a chuckle the man asked, 'Are you not going to tell me your name? Or perhaps ask me mine?’
You kept your mouth firmly shut, unsure of whether or not the man posed you any harm.
When you didn’t answer, the man’s violet eyes met your gaze in the mirror. 'Come on, now. How are you and I supposed to become pals if we don’t even know each other’s names?’ he told you, his voice soft, low, and oddly comforting.
Much to your surprise, a small smile graced your lips. Perhaps your fear was getting to you, perhaps you were going crazy, but something made you want to trust this man.
At your miniscule smile, the man’s face was split open by an amiable, rectangular grin. 'That’s more like it!’ he exclaimed, laughing softly.
You felt the walls you had put up around yourself against to Jimin beginning to fall down as you the man laughed and smiled. 'My name’s (L/N) (F/N)’ you told him, feeling less and less intimidated by the minute.
'I’m Kim Taehyung,’ the man told you, flashing you another rectangular grin, 'but you should call me Tae, seeing as you’re evidently so close to Jungkook.’
There was silence again in the car, the lighter undertones of the conversation fading at the reminder of that evening’s events.
'Yah,’ Taehyung sighed after a moment, a playful glint in his eyes, 'Jiminie’s scary, isn’t he?’
'Jiminie?’ you enquired, a snort escaping you. 'I can’t imagine Jimin liking such a cute nickname!’ you laughed.
Taehyung returned your laughter, shaking his head. 'Don’t tell him I told you that! He’ll have my neck!’
Both of you laughed now, and you found yourself developing fondness for Taehyung at lightning speed.
'I’m Jimin and Jungkook’s adopted brother,’ Taehyung elaborated. 'I’m older than Jungkook, but younger than Jimin. Jungkook’s the youngest in our clan, and there is seven of us in total.
'Clan?’ you enquired curiously.
'When a group of vampires live together, very much like a family, you refer to them as a clan,’ Taehyung spoke.
You bit your lip for a moment, mustering up the courage to ask, 'How old are you, Tae?’
He hesitated for only a moment before speaking. 'I’m one hundred and thirty.’
Your jaw dropped, and you were momentarily rendered speechless. 'Well, you look excellent for your age, if I do say so myself.’
Chuckling, Taehyung thanked you, and then the only sound was the soft purring of the motor.
'If you’re one hundred and thirty, how old is Jungkook?’ you quizzed Taehyung.
Not missing a beat, Taehyung spoke again. 'Eighty four.’
You swallowed loudly.
While you had been speaking with Taehyung, a growing discomfort had been growing in your stomach. You were worried about Jungkook, and you felt as if there was something desperately attempting to drag you back to him.
'Tae,’ you began, examining your hands which were clasped in your lap, 'I’m really worried. Will Jungkook be okay, and will, will I be okay?’
A frown spread across Taehyung’s face. 'I wish I knew.’
Wringing your hands together, you pushed him further. 'I feel so desperate to get back to Jungkook. Is that just the, uh, Claiming, or is it my real emotions?’
'The hormones from the Claiming magnify the need for you to be by Jungkook’s side.’
You scowled, feeling as if you weren’t in control of yourself.
'But,’ Taehyung finished, 'for you to even be feeling these urges, there must be a very strong between you and Jungkook.’
'Are you saying I’m in love with him?’
Taehyung paused. 'I suppose some would call it love, but it’s older than that, and more powerful.
You see, there is only one partner for every individual who is, like Jungkook, Jimin and I: a vampire. It is very rare for a vampire to find this person, but it is said that when vampires do, the Claiming cannot be stopped. However, it is highly uncommon that one counterpart of the pair is a, I know it sounds rather crude, a human.’
To this, you had no response.
'But I don’t want to die. And I don’t, I don’t know if I’m prepared to live for an eternity.’
Then, it was Taehyung’s turn to not respond.
'Has Jungkook ever acted like that before?’ you went on.
Taehyung quickly shook his head. 'Never. In all truth, it terrified me seeing him so mad. It made me question if I should separate the two of you. I took you away because Jimin called me, and told me I had to help him stop the Claiming.’
The car pulled to a standstill. 'But now I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve made a mistake, because to me, I cannot imagine anyone better for Jungkook.’
In one swift movement, Taehyung exited the car, and opened your door for you. The sun had risen, and the sky was painted by streaks of lemon, peach, and cyan.
Before you stood an enormous building, with what seemed like hundreds of floors. It was a glossy and black structure, and you could tell from your surroundings that you were back in Seoul.
Taehyung nodded his head in the direction of what you determined to be an - undoubtedly luxury - apartment building. You followed him inside, and he lead you to a spacious elevator. Taehyung hit a button for the last floor - fifty.
After what felt like forever, the elevator doors opened with a familiar ding, and Taehyung walked over to the only door on the floor, pulling a key out of his pocket.
He unlocked the door, and pulled it open. 'After you.’
Hesitantly, you stepped inside, and were amazed by the interior. There was modern, tasteful leather sofas strewn across the floor space of the sitting room, and two out of four walls were made of glass. There was the most amazing view across Seoul, and it truly took your breath away.
'Is this your apartment?’ you enquired, your eyes barely being able to take it all in.
Taehyung nodded.
'But will Jungkook not know how to find it?’
'It’s new,’ Taehyung explained. 'And there are no vampires living in this building, which means you will be extra safe.’
'Extra safe?’ you asked.
Taehyung nodded. 'When a woman is currently going through the Claiming, her hormones are stronger. It makes her smell amazing to other vampires, who then decide that they too want to claim her. It’s often an uncontrollable urge. That’s why Jungkook was so protective of you - his instincts warned him of the risks of other males messing up the Claiming. If you were to get bitten by another, the Claiming would become instant.’
You gulped audibly. 'Instant?’
Taehyung nodded. 'You’d either die, or become a vampire instantly. And you’d be eternally bonded to them, whether you liked it or not.’
Holding back a shudder, you questioned, 'Do you feel the, uh, urge to bite me? And claim me?’
Taehyung bites his lip anxiously, averting his gaze.’ Of course. In all honesty, I’m not entirely happy about being left alone with you. The fact you are so attractive makes it significantly worse.
But don’t worry, I won’t bite you.’
Well, you thought, hasn’t this been an educational evening.
You stifle a yawn, and Taehyung looks at you worriedly. 'You need to rest, come with me.’
He lead you to a bedroom, and passed you a too big shirt and a pair of shorts. 'I won’t bother you/ I’ll wake you up later and give you a meal,’ he said, leaving you to change.
Reluctantly, you changed into the clean clothes and sunk deep into the cushioned mattress. Your surroundings were foreign, and you were still shaken, but your eyelids grew heavy, and you succumbed to the beckoning call of peaceful unconsciousness.


A pair of hands shook you frantically awake. ’(Y/N)! Wake up, now, (Y/N)!’
Your eyes flew open, and Taehyung was stood over you, a frantic look in his eyes.
'What is it?’ you asked, your heart beating erratically.
'There’s somebody at the-’ Taehyung’s words were cut off by a fist hammering at the door over and over again.
'Is it Jungkook?’ you asked. It frightened you how badly you wanted it to be Jungkook, how badly you wanted him to hold you in his arms again, for him to caress your hair, for him to kiss you softly.
'No,’ Taehyung said curtly. 'But it’s a vampire.’
You heart pounded impossibly faster. You didn’t want to die. You didn’t want to be eternally bonded to a stranger.
'Get under the bed. I won’t let him reach you.’
And with that, Taehyung was gone. As quick as your still sleepy body would allow you, you dived under the bedframe, and were wrapped in darkness.
There was silence throughout the apartment.
And then came the largest crash you had ever heard.

new friend: what’s your favorite tv show?

me: VRoom vroom

            vrOOM vroom

                 vroom VRoom

                        vroom vrOOM TALK SHOW

Jungkook Scenario: Say Something.

Request:  Hey I really love your blogs ,I was wondering if you could write a sceanio in which kookie is dating a reserved girl and he hurt her by telling her how he could be with any other girl because she doesn’t open up to him?

Genre:  Angst / Drama

Part 2.

There it came again, the same feeling you got every time Jungkook talked about your relationship. It was like something that crept to your body, eating all the good feelings inside out.

You felt Jungkook’s hand as he caressed your shoulder lovingly, you saw his lips moving as he spoke about how he liked the perspective of your relationship if you two worked together in keeping it fresh and fun. You saw him but at the same time you saw all that he could be hiding at that moment, what if that caress was fake? what if what he said was nothing but shallow words? You couldn’t be sure about everything he said.

-What do you think Y/N?- he asked, waking you up from your thoughts.

You looked at him, his dark hair pushed backwards let you see his forehead and those amazing eyebrows. He was so handsome. -I… I don’t know-

Jungkook smiled a little. -Come on Y/N, I’ve been talking forever! What do you think? Do you think we should do something cliche and romantic or maybe something different for this weekend? I can ask the manager hyung to borrow a car just for the occasion-

You nodded. -Yes Jungkook, that sounds great-

He looked at you with a light frown. -Seriously? If you want to do something else you can tell me, ok?-

Nodding again you squeezed his hand. -Yes, ok-

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