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Sherlock ended in the best way possible

The Sherlock ending was one of the most magnificent pieces of television I’ve ever seen. The emotion, storyline, characters and cinematography was out of this world. I personally don’t ship Johnlock, they are the perfect set of friends, and that’s it. The writers never queerbaited, they’ve specifically outlined that Johnlock will NEVER happen on the show. Please stop trying to bring down this fantastic episode and ending because your OTP didn’t go canon. If you want to read into the show and make fan fiction, then by all means do that, but don’t go so deep as to convince yourself that ‘Johnlock’ is real and the writers are using ‘hints’ throughout the show before a big reveal in the finale episode. To be honest, I feel sorry for you guys, you don’t like the final episode ever, you’ve finished the show off in a terrible way. Don’t ruin Sherlock because it’s different to how you envisioned it. Don’t do that to yourself. Even if you’re upset about Johnlock, appreciate it for how amazing it was, how the writing was beyond perfect and how it really captured our characters for who they are. This was the ending of Sherlock, and it was one of the best conclusions I’ve ever seen. I will always adore this show, and how they brought it all home in the end, it amazes me. It ended openly, you can interpret it however you want. But it ended how it started (with the addition of a baby). John and Sherlock back in 221B Baker Street, raising little Rosie, doing what they do best, solving crimes.

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