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lil usnavi helpin abuela clean her apartment!!

hes such a good boy, im so proud of him


beyond their record breaking success in digital and physical sales, their amazing impact on the cf and idol industry, their brand name power that brought money and popularity to the hallyu wave, their massively successful tours, and their incredible number of korean and worldwide awards- girls’ generation’s important impact on the younger generation of female idols is what cements them both as icons and legends in the industry. their legacy is something that cannot be easily replaced of forgotten. girls’ generation have set a golden standard in what girl groups want to achieve and what entertainment companies aim to duplicate. girls genelegends indeed.

Why read Secret Empire when you can buy Black Panther (2016) by Ta-Nehisi Coates


Two of my favourites games <3

Kind of started out as a sketch… then I wanted to test Clip Studio Paint that I just got (it’s on sale until the 22nd if you’re interested)… and then somehow this happened. 

Loving it so far! 


This undertale 4 button set will be for sale soon. If you’re interested in purchasing please message me to discuss price as I do not have a set price for them yet. The button on the far left with the picture of chara does have a crack in it. I will take that into consideration when discussing price. If you can’t purchase but would like to help, please reblog and message me to suggest a good price for this set. Thank you so much.



Hey guys! It’s almost over but Etsy has an amazing sale going on right now, in which you spend over 50$ before shipping you get 10$ towards you next purchase!

I just added a bunch of customizable listings to my shop so you can take advantage of this deal (or just buy something cute anyways! <3 )

So if you buy a cat loaf and one of any smaller listing you’ll qualify for that nice deal! :D

It’s been a while since I’ve offered any of these in my shop, so I hope if you’ve been really wanting one outside con season you can get one!

Cruise on over to my shop to check out what I have available! And show it to your friends as well! :D

Reblogs are loved and appreciated! (I definitely got some year ends bills to take care of so, WIN WIN FOR US ALL!)

i mean i know season 2 is probably a given considering everything that’s going on in the fandom recently but i’ll still nut hands-free when they actually announce it

i mean the dvd sales are amazing??? and the yuuri nendroid is a top seller in every website it’s available?? that should be enough profit for a 24 episodes season 2 if you ask me but i don’t know anything about it kfsdjfkljslks

and they still have so much so sell? please help me i’m a broke millennial