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During the Edo period of Japanese history, public displays of fireworks (hana-bi, lit. “flower-fire”) gradually became more and more popular. As their popularity grew, the displays became increasingly elaborate. One fireworks factory in particular, the Tamaya clan, dominated the industry.

In 1810, a division occurred within the Tamaya, and a spinoff group, the Kagiya, was formed. As a result of the rivalry between the two groups, annual fireworks “battles” were staged, and onlookers would cheer the rival groups, yelling their names. This practice, calling “Tamayaaa!” and “Kagiyaaa!”, has become the standard Japanese way of expressing delight at a particularly excellent fireworks display.

(Thank you Reddit for explaining this part!)


But perhaps what I was truly searching for was not in the form I expected…and was already within my grasp.

Here’s the next illustration in my Gochild series, Jizabel! This picture took much longer than I thought it would, but alas real life has interrupted my drawing time… Anyway, next up is Riff!

(Also thank you for all the lovely comments on my Cain picture!)

It’s hard to find a good servant - Arthur Pendragon RP

Arthur: Merlin. What is this?!

Soo, @tinylilemrys and I noticed that there is a severe lack of bbc’s Merlin roleplayers. And we decided that we have to do something about that. And since my wig arrived today I simply needed to try out Arthur.
If you haven’t seen this show yet, go and watch it! Now. It’s amazing!

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I love the idea of Luke as Balder - particularly given that it reminds me of the Balder plot you mentioned once as a possibility for Sigyn's Saga, who actually conspired on his own murder with Loki to bring about the end of an oppressive regime.

Shh, anon, you’ll give away all my secrets! I was certain everyone had forgotten about that by now.

(But seriously I still do want to play with that idea in Sigyn’s Saga. Unfortunately for me, my brain can really only handle long projects in one fandom at a time, so that one’s on hold while I work on Star wars stuff.)


I really liike KH series. Each thing of this saga is amazing, magical and excellent. The shinest but deepest storylines, the chatracters and, of course, the incredible music by Utada Hikaru and Yoko Shimomura, who is my fav VGM composer. 

But Nomura’s artworks are imo the signature of the saga. They’re really inspriring and beautiful, thats why I made this wallpapers !

Enjoy them !


happy 29th birthday, isabella marie swan;

► SEPTEMBER 13, 1987 // When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.


Women of Dreamfall Chapters