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Holy shit guys read every heart a doorway by seanan mcguire

-the main character is an asexual girl
-the Hottest Guy In School is trans
-its about a school for kids who had amazing adventures in alternate realities and are coping with being back in our world
-the writing style is amazing
-the characters are amazing
-its also a murder mystery
-this is an actual line from it: “Cheese making, for example. The perfect intersection of milk, science, and foolish disregard for the laws of nature.”

anonymous asked:

You seem to imply that SJW's are asking politely for people to stop being offensive when this is simply not the case. The Berkeley riots show that some are attempting to prevent certain types of speech by the use of violence. This is the root of the backlash and whats worse is that a lot of the people in the movement, like myself, used to be quite left until I was threatened with violence by members of the far left for arguing that using violence to silence political opposition was immoral.

Opposition to ideas falls on a spectrum. There are a bunch of people who are like “ALL CIS HET MEN ARE SCUM” and, like, whatever. Sure, if they don’t realize that that perspective is its own kind of bigotry, let’s hope they will someday.

But the majority of the social justice movement just wants recognition that American culture is far from fair, and a continued attempt from humans and government to make it more fair. I have criticized the social justice movement before because I think it focuses too much on riling up the base with attacks and misleading statistics rather than creating messages that can convince others that these problems exist. But all sides are doing that right now, and I think it’s fair to say that the social justice movement does it a fair bit less than its opposition (who basically invented coordinated online bullying and internet “fear and smear” campaigns.)

If anyone is a pioneer of that, it’s Milo, who has an amazing detachment from reality that makes him look and sound remarkably reasonable in one moment, before he turns on a dime into patient zero for hate campaigns. Of course, that doesn’t justify destroying property that had nothing to do with Milo or his event. But the ‘Berkeley Riots’, as you call them pretty clearly resulted from organized shit-bags who’s ideology is more about destruction than progress jumping in on the protest and turning parts of it into a riot. 

I’m sorry and very sad to hear that you’ve been threatened by members of this movement, that’s awful and inexcusable and also just bad activism. Things like that almost always come from a place of fear, and as both sides of this debate have had their fear appealed to so regularly, it is all too common for discourse to break down. 

I will say, additionally, that I am threatened with violence from anti-SJWs and Trump supporters on Twitter pretty much daily. 

I saw that post about the Paladins and using social media while in space and it made me think of these things(I hope you don’t mind):

  • They find a planet of Moth People. Lance posts a 2 minute video of Shiro dragging Keith back to his lion. #SwearingBroganes
  • The Selfie Olympics: Space Edition
  • The Paladins get offers to cameo in the next Star Wars film when they return to Earth and there is much screaming
  • Shiro having to keep his helmet by his side during Q&A YouTube videos because occasionally things that happened at the Garrison after his “death” are mentioned and he needs something soundproof to scream in(‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY MADE A FLIGHT SIMULATION OF YOU GOING ON A KEBEROS RESCUE MISSION AND RETRIEVING MY DEAD BODY?’ ‘I refused to do it and punched Iverson when he tried to force me and that is how I got expelled’ ‘YOU GOT EXPELLED?’).
  • #peanutbutter4pidge is trending, as is the google search “how to send gifts to space”
  • A GoFundMe is made to fund all the legal counsel for the parents of the Paladins/families that were lied to by the Garrison
  • Colleen Holt and the other moms making plushies, shirts, and other memorabilia of the Paladins and aliens featured in the streams
  • When Keith is outed as having Galra blood multiple videos of Lance, Hunk, and Pidge doing things like leaving out boxes, playing with a laser pointer, and trying to catch Keith blep are a main topic
  • Slav making educational science videos that are easier to understand than the way science is taught in school
  • Keith: *points knife at random alien* Had It Not Been For the Laws of This Land, I Would Have Slaughtered You.
  • “Meet the Lions” A Documentary by Lance, Hunk, and Allura
  • “Be sure to like and subscribe because once we react 100,000 followers we cut off Keith’s mullet” “I am going to strangle you”
  • “So Shiro disappeared again and we thought it would be appropriate to make a counter that keeps track of how many days he’s gone this time.”
me playing minecraft
  • while exploring: man i wish i could find a village
  • while in a village: I want the Biggest House here with stained glass windows and colored carpet
  • while exploring: I want a castle.
  • while building: you know what would be great? A city. Just...a city built from scratch right here on this mountain.

The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.

On the impossibility of reality by (the awesome) @defractum

Me, tapping lightly on your shoulder in a dark alley: Hey have you read the Inception AU. Do you want to. You get Feelings for free. 

(I entirely blame @still-waiting-for-godot for showing me this fic, look at this, I was a functional human being and now I’m screaming everytime it updates.)