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Maybe you should talk about the kickstarter more, I think? like mentioning it in passing when you post your art (even if it’s not TpoH related), reblogging that kickstarter post, that sort of stuff? IDK BUT PLEASE PROMOTE YOURSELF IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE (good luck, we love you :D)

aw shucks anon thanks I’m bad at this- I don’t want to be a hassle though, and hot diggity dog look! We’re over the 10k mark with 20 days to go! You fellas are amazing, just amazing!

but yeah if you would like to help out with this kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, The Property of Hate (with the potential for a rerun of the first if we hit the stretch goal), please go check this out. Every person makes it that much more possible! :D

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Brunch at the Top at California Grill located in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Everyone: Watching in dismay/fear/disgust/disinterest as this hecking creepy tin soldier quotes the wizard of oz as he slowly melts into nothing. Like normal people when confronted with outlandish situations.

Trotter: can’t get over how close he is to Magnus


Kitchen Plate - A sampling of three different house-made sides: Iron skillet sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese drop biscuits & Momma’s mac and cheese from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

I never seen this video before, but it’s amazing,

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Brain foods- a masterpost

Since I read about brain foods very recently I decided to collect a little more knowledge about this topic and now, I’ll share it with you guys.

Of course brain foods won’t make you smart and they won’t give any special powers to you but the consumption of special foods can help to increase your performance, your concentration and can even help to reduce stress. With the vitamins and minerals they contain they can help obviate energy slumps, lacks of concentration and tiredness. 

Except different groceries even drinks can help your brain to stay focused. 2L of low-calorie drinks per day are a must. Light headache and difficulties in concentration can be first signs for dehydration. Drinking is/ can be good for our oxygen supply and the blood flow of our brain and body. Water, herbal teas and water mixed with juice are good choices when it gets to hydration.

20% of our daily energy demand are used by the brain! Sugars, fats and carbohydrates are the best nutrients to get the energy you need. Whole grain products are a good way to stock up carbohydrates but also legumes are a good choice because they contain many antioxidants and lecithin; choline, a component of lecithin, is a neurotransmitter and can obviate stress. Legumes also have a high nutrient content and a low energy density. 

Walnuts can help to prevent lacks of concentration and motivation and can even reduce nervousness. Cashews and brazil nuts are full of magnesium, which ensures a regulated protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Nuts also contain loads of B vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and choline.

Very important for your nerves and your memory are omega-3 fatty acids, which especially can be found in fat sorts of fish e.g. salmon. If you don’t like fish, canola oil, flaxseeds and nuts are a good fallback procedure. 

Blueberries are filled with vitamins and minerals, have high levels of gallic acid and they can help your cogitation. Plus, they protect our brain from degeneration and stress. 

Note: Berries with anthocyanins that belong to the antioxidants in their dark pigments/ dye are great energy suppliers for your brain and they also are very good radical quenchers. (Free radicals are damaging oxygen molecules that can injure your brain cells.)

Another fruit with amazing properties is the banana; it’s a fast energy supplier and can even brighten up your mood! That’s because of it’s amino acid tryptophan. Our brain converts tryptophan into serotonin, a substance that makes us happy. 

Apples contain important B vitamins, the vitamins C and E and the provitamin A, which protect our brain against free radicals. They also are full of lycopene; it can enhance your responsiveness and concentrativeness and protects the brain cells.

The avocado furnishes our brain and nerves with loads of energy and brightens our mood. It is filled with the vitamins B1, B6 and E, contains folate, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper and lycopene. Also, it has a low sugar content (the lowest of any fruit) and holds many fiber-rich carbohydrates, which act calming to the blood level and make you feel full. Avocado is good for your blood sugar levels: it keeps them steady. It also keeps your skin glowing and helps to prevent blood clots in the brain.

Yes, the avocado is full of fats (30%, “good” fats) but these fats are unsaturated and have positive effects on our body. 

Green vegetables, which are full of iron, are packed with the vitamins C and E.  Vitamins are great radical quenchers and protect and stimulate the brain. 

Beta-carotene is a good radical quencher too.

Our brain needs oxigen to work but during the working process, free radicals emerge and, as already said before, the can damage your brain. 

Broccoli is a good radical quencher and keeps your memory sharp.

Beets are some of the most nutritious plants you can eat. Their natural minerals boost blood flow to the brain and beets are high in cancer-protecting antioxidants. They also help reduce inflammation and help rid your blood of toxins. 

Bone broth boosts your immune system, improves joint health and helps overcoming food allergies. It’s high levels of collagen help reducing intestinal inflammation and healing amino acids like proline and glycine keep your immune system functioning and improve your memory. 

With very few calories (only 16cals per cup), many antioxidants and polysaccharides, which are natural anti-inflammatories, celery definitely is a brain food. Also, it’s full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. 

Well, that’s everything I found out so far. Feel free to message me, if I forgot something. It took me almost two days to write and translate this (I’m German), so I would appreciate reblogs♥

And now: Go grocery shopping, cook ,eat and be full of energy and vitamins, nutrients and minerals! 

I hope this post was helpful for at least some of you.


FIREWATCH AU  // Summer of 1989. Two people, separated by fifteen miles of canyon and forest and mountain range in the Shoshone National Forest. Connected to civilization by each other and their radios, they are a tiny speck of light on the other’s horizon. The nearest town is a two-day hike away.

“Hello, Two Forks Tower! Two Forks Tower this is Thorofare Tower, come in. I know you’re there, Ms. Strong, your lights are on. Pick up your radio.”

She is Anna Strong, an undoubted mess of a woman desperately trying to escape her mistakes. Her marriage has just imploded, her beloved bar Town Crier was sold in the divorce settlement, the man she destroyed her marriage has gone back to his wife and son – and the whole town of Setauket knows exactly what she’s done. He is Dr. Edmund Hewlett, a professor of natural sciences and astronomy at Columbia who has spent the past ten summers away from the light pollution in the city living the reclusive life as a fire watch lookout – and the supervisor of all other lookouts in the area.

The days are bright and sweltering in District 5 of the Shoshone, the nights illuminated by an endless sea of stars. Anna learns the trails and rock formations with a tinny British voice at her hip. She considers thumbing off the power switch on her walkie, but Hewlett’s knowledge is indispensable even if it comes in rambling form. He looks out for her the best he is able from the mountaintop, warning her of the presence of oncoming storms, belligerent hiking groups, and the movements of Forest Ranger Simcoe.

It’s easy to wear your heart on your sleeve when you’re not looking the other person in the eye. (And easy to talk to a pretty girl when all you can see of her is a blurry smudge of tan skin and the faint outline of cut off shorts and plaid flannel.) They find themselves telling each other things they never imagined speaking out loud. Wrapped in a blanket one cool night, Anna leans over the radio after half a fifth of whisky whispering about her father’s murder three days after receiving her degree in accounting and finance, the boyfriend who left her a few weeks after, and the impulsive decision to use her inheritance to buy a rundown tavern. Hewlett talks about his wasted youth spent making no mistakes and doing nothing of note unless it was in pursuit of his phD, the slow financial ruin of his family, his painful loneliness in cutthroat academia, and the so-called accident three summers ago that resulted in the loss of half the toes on his left foot. Then there are the other kinds of nights when they’ve both had so much to drink to beat the heat that they’re too dizzy to sit up, talking about nothing and everything and the stars until they drift off to sleep.

But the real world is out there, and waiting. And like with forest fires, you can only ever hope to contain the damage.

“Hey, British? You know the accent’s pretty sexy. For what it’s worth.”
“I’m afraid you’d find me rather disappointing, Anna dear.”
“I will hike myself all the way up your fucking mountain and make you say that to my face.” 

Doing a little worldbuilding for the Chiss Ascendancy. 

Cse’tsu (vulpes csillus or Csillan Fox) 

Native to the Chiss Homeworld, cse’tsu are large fox-like creatures that dwell deep in the underground ice caverns of Csilla. Their dens can stretch on for many miles beneath the ground and are inherited from previous generations of cse’tsu. 

An omnivorous species, cse’tsu are quite resourceful and store whatever food they find in compact snow burrows they dig into their dens. They hunt small mammals and scavenge off other predator’s kills, sometimes sneaking into Chiss settlements to steal food if pressed. They also eat fish and a wide variety of plants and berries which they store when food is plentiful.

The greatest contributing factor to their survival on a harsh planet like Csilla is their increased metabolism and healing abilities. Trapped cse’tsu have been known to gnaw off their own legs to escape, only to regrow them a few weeks later, provided they can make it to safety.

Their eyes can see well into the infrared spectrum and have no trouble navigating in the dark. Though a clever predator, they are also a cautious one and will avoid open conflict if there is a clear risk to their safety.

Their bushy coats of pure white fur are covetted for their amazing heat insulation properties and the Chiss will use them to line their coats and clothing. Wild cse’tsu can grow up to two metres tall while their domesticated counterparts are often no bigger than a lothcat. A popular pet among the lower class Chiss, they are often used to track animals when hunting and keep pests under control.

ADAM Explained
Brigid Tenenbaum

ADAM acts like a benign cancer, destroying native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. While this very instability is what gives it its amazing properties, it is also what causes the cosmetic and mental damage. You need more and more ADAM just to keep back the tide. From a medical standpoint, this is catastrophic. From a business standpoint, well… Fontaine sees the possibilities.

we have some pigeons making their nest in our balconies. Now initially my aunt tried to stop them from making the nests by throwing away the twigs and such cause she didnt want any pigeons in her house
but the pigeon laid the eggs on the ground she was making the nest.. now after the egg was laid, she started again making a nest and this time my aunt couldnt do anything, because then it will be morally wrong.

She has made a nest with Azadirachta indica, also known as Neem, Nimtree, and Indian Lilac is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to India and the Indian subcontinent including Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

This is going to be highly beneficial for her because neem has anti bacterial properties

neem is known as “the village pharmacy” because of its healing versatility, and it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time

The neem leaves(from which the pigeon has made the nest) has some amazing properties:

◆neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which help with infections, burns and skin problems. It destroys the infection causing bacteria and stimulates the immune system.

◆The leaves and flowers are eaten as a potherb. In Indian folk medicine, the leaves are prescribed for many ailments, including intestinal parasites, swollen glands, bruises, sprains, and malaria. Leaf extracts have been shown to have antiviral activity and delay blood clotting (confirming their efficacy as traditional snakebite treatments), and the leaf essential oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal ­activity. Research on neem’s potential against malaria is now under way in Africa.

◆many herbalists recommend chewing the leaves, taking capsules of dried leaf, or drinking the bitter tea. The leaves cleanse the blood, help the gastrointestinal system (ulcers), support the liver.

◆ research suggests that applying extract of neem root or leaf to the skin helps repels black flies. Also, applying neem oil cream to the skin seems to protect against some types of mosquitos.

¤¤ This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provide. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health care provider. ¤¤