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└ “My Crown is in my heart, not on my head.” ― William Shakespeare, King Henry VI.


Kitchen Plate - A sampling of three different house-made sides: Iron skillet sweet potatoes, cheddar cheese drop biscuits & Momma’s mac and cheese from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

Chopped Pork Barbecue Plate from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming located in Disney Springs.

RGB what are you wearing.

okayokay I like to think of “behind the scenes” situations and so my brain thought, how would they do all the special effects of RGB’s suit? 

Flippin’ green screen, that’s how.


Yesterday I finally hit 1,000 followers (yay!) so I’ve decided to do something for all of you amazing people. I’ve been excited for this for awhile, and so I’m glad to announce that I’ll be doing a bit of a giveaway to thank you guys for being absolutely wonderful!

So here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to be giving away one larger item – either the mug or one of the t-shirts pictured above – to whoever wins. The winner will get to pick which one they get.

The giveaway will only take place if I get at least 20 entries! For each 10 people who enter after the twenty, I will add a vinyl to the giveaway (also pictured above). Meaning that additional names will be drawn, and they’ll receive these smaller prizes.

I’ll continue adding vinyls up until 70 entries (for a total of 5 vinyls). If I surpass this many entries, I will add another big item to the giveaway.

Additional info:

— A person can only win once. So if I draw your name twice, sorry – you still only get one prize. You can also only enter once, but feel free to reblog this as many times as you want!

— I will have to ask for your address for shipping. I’ll do this through private messages.

— WINNERS WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING. This included any of my amazing international (I’m from the USA) followers, with ONE exception. I will ask for additional shipping costs on the t-shirts, but that is IT. If you win a big prize and are from Europe or Australia, you can still get the mug without having to pay for shipping. If you’d prefer a t-shirt, I will request something to help with shipping, but it will be relatively cheap. As for my followers in the USA, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

— If I don’t hit 20 entries this will not happen. But, hey, free stuff. Why not enter?

— If you’re confused, send me an ask or a private message. I’d be glad to clear things up :)

— After I choose the winners it may take some time for the items to arrive. I’ll keep you all updated.

— I plan for this to run for about a week. Maybe two. Again, I’ll keep you all updated.

Anyone interested? Here’s how to enter:

- Be one of my outstanding followers. Not a follower? Then follow me.

- Reblog this post. Put in the tags what you would want (one choice from the larger prizes, and one choice from the vinyls). Also, tell me your favorite Wentworth ship ( not required, but you’ll make me smile! :D )

In addition to the giveaway, I will also be following everyone back for the next week :)

curse you for knowing where i draw my inspiration >.<

it is entirely possible, given Tech must have always been a bit eccentric 

her mums were already a bit reclusive, but they had a decent reason. They would grow various vegetables and roots that required very specific conditions so, others couldn’t get too near. It worked out fine though, because the roots were used in medicinal drinks so sure, the two quiet woman got left alone to do their work. 

Truthfully, they did grow their vegetables and roots, but also were very interested in HOW things grew. They learned to splice plants as they grew and found new things would grow, and in doing so actually helped make herbs and roots with amazing healing properties. I’m sure that’s something Tech would have been interested enough to want to at least learn about if nothing else.

their interest in the evolution of these new plants might have extended to the evolution of human living which maaaaaay have extended in an experiment with the eggs of a dead mother dragon being accidently hatched during experimentation and the accidental bonding and desire to keep these helpless infants safe until they could live on their own. Juuuuuuust might have….

Coffee in witchcraft

One spice that has amazing magickal properties, but is quite overlooked is coffee.

Uses for coffee-
Brewed black coffee drank before a spell or ritual can enhance your magickal workings, and after to aid in grounding.

Finely ground coffee beans when burned on a charcoal will banish evil spirits.

Leave coffee beans as an offering to the spirits to give them more power to aid you in your workings.

In January 2013 Ed Sheeran said that Harry owned two houses in London, but he’d still been living with him for the past few months (this last part is inaccurate, as Harry barely spent any time in London in the months before this interview). On top of that, Harry also owns (or used to own) a flat there.

We know for a fact that he owned at least two houses in London in early 2014 because just weeks after filing an injunction to prevent pap pictures 50 metres away from his house, he was photographed going out with his mum and sister to The Spaniards Inn, which is literally next door to Erskine, his Hampstead house. So the injunction had to be filed to another address, and his name had to be in this address’ deed.

The house he sold ‘at a loss’ in LA (was it a few weeks ago?) was an investment. Stalker fans have assured time and again that he’d never been to that house. What I was told in late 2014 was that he and Louis owned two houses in California, one in Calabasas and one in Malibu. One was bigger, and they usually had friends and family over there, one was smaller just for them.

I’m not sure why the possibility of them owning more than one house in a major city results in such a big controversial conversation. I’m not talking about those who are digging and trying to figure things out, it’s human nature to want to know more about a situation when it’s only partially presented. I’m talking people discussing what it means for HarryandLouis. Nothing. It means nothing. Like it meant nothing when they had three houses between both of them in London in 2013/2014 or two private houses, a public one, and Louis constantly renting in LA in 2014/2015/2016. When me and y friends were told about the two LA houses back in 2014 nobody went ‘oh but what does that mean??’ we just went ‘oh, cool, I wonder how they’re decorated’ and moved on.

You’re Mine

Sasuke was annoyed.

No, annoyed isn’t strong enough a word.

Exasperated? No

Displeased? Definitely not.

Resentful? Close.

Outraged? …yes.

That’s it.

Sasuke Uchiha was outraged.

Why, one make ask, was Sasuke Uchiha outraged?

Because a certain blond ninja with who had a full claim to Sasuke’s heart, body and yes, even his mind had a certain demon living inside of him that had the most amazing healing properties that anyone had ever seen.

This demon was the reason for Sasuke’s outrage.

If it weren’t for that god damn demon everyone in the village would know that the loving spazz was Sasuke’s and Sasuke’s alone.

But no matter how many times Sasuke raked his nails down the blond’s back, no matter how long and hard Sasuke sucked at the sweet spot behind his lover’s ear that had the hyperactive babble mouth turn into a puddle of goo or worse, even the slices and bruising from their sparring matches they both dished out that demon healed everything.

It’s not as if anyone in the village questioned whether or not their favourite citizen was in a wonderful, and yes, loving relationship with their not so favourite citizen. Everyone in the village knew about the two. Granted, if it hadn’t been for the mutt sniffing out their first time together and making a scene that will be talked about for the next decade, the marks that littered Sasuke’s body was proof enough.

You see, Sasuke wasn’t blessed (yes blessed because people have finally come to the realization that Kurama is a blessing and not a fucking curse) enough to come equipped with his own instant healer. So while the works of art he so kindly placed on every inch of his more than willing partner disappeared not even twenty-four hours after the fact, Sasuke’s remained.

Tsunade could probably get close enough to Sasuke’s hips and know who had given him the bruises just by checking each groove from the finger prints they were so prominent.

And the rug burns. Oh god the rug burns.

Sasuke winced. He really had to stop taking missions that kept him away from home for so long.

Back to the point.

Sasuke was outraged at the fact that just last night he had made his way into his lover’s mind and kindly asked (yelled), then argued (begged) with the fucking demon about healing just the marks that could do actual harm to his lover.

He could still hear the laughter.

Sasuke refused to give up though.

He had found the most ingenious solution to his marking problem and berated himself for not coming up with it sooner.

Picking up the needle and thread, Sasuke began to sew.

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