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34 with Alana somehow maybe?

There isn’t enough Zoe and Alana friendship so hope you enjoy #34 “You’re bleeding all over my furniture”


“No Zoe, I will not take that who is my celebrity boyfriend quiz,” Alana laughed and shook her head. Zoe pouted and gave her friend the puppy dog eyes but Alana simply shook her head. “I will not give in Zoe,” Alana smirked as Zoe crossed her arms, in defeat.

“Fine, do you want anything to drink?” Zoe asked as she stood up. Alana nodded and requested some water. As Zoe made her way to the kitchen, Alan felt something drip from her nose. Was she catching a cold? She lifted her sleeve to her nose and wiped.

Crap…Nose bleed. Alana shot up quickly and noticed the blood dripping onto the Murphy’s couch. “Nooooo…” Alana whined as she tipped her head back, there was quite a bit of blood, probably the most in any nose bleed she ever had and of course she had to bleed on her friend’s couch.

“Hey Alana-woah are you okay?” Zoe questioned, setting the water down. Zoe noticed the blood on the couch and Alana’s head being tipped up. “You’re aware you’ve bled all over my couch?” Zoe giggled. There was quite a bit of blood on the couch. 

“Yeah I know, can we please go to your bathroom?” Alana asked. Zoe nodded and led her friend to the bathroom. She passed Alana some tissues and Alana was embarrassed. She bled all over her friend’s furniture and probably stained the couch. “This is so embarrassing, I bled all over your couch,” Alana covered her eyes, head still tipped back.

“Don’t sweat it ‘Lana,” Zoe assured her. “It’s just a bit of blood, nothing to worry about,” Zoe passed her friend more tissues and Alana smiled gratefully. ”Thanks Zoe,” Alana said and put the tissues up to her nose.

 “And if my parents get mad, we can always blame Connor or whatever,” Zoe giggled. “Oh yes, let’s blame poor Connor, imagine that conversation,” Alana laughed. Zoe just shook her head in amusement, Connor would be the fall guy, it wouldn’t be the first time she blamed something on her brother.

“Are you all good?” Zoe questioned after about ten minutes. Alana nodded, the bleeding seemed to have stop. “Promise you won’t bleed all over the furniture if we go back out there,” Zoe joked as she opened the bathroom door.

“Well no promises but I can try,” Alana laughed. “And didn’t Connor bleed on the couch?” Alana questioned, amused. Zoe let out a snort as the two girls headed into the living room.

“Oh yeah I forgot, gosh dang it Connor, always having nose bleeds and ruining furniture,” Zoe and Alana both let out laughs as they headed back into the living room. “Okay so now that I basically nursed you back to health will you take the quiz?” 

“No Zoe, I will not,”

[He was] a person who struggled with balancing the competing forces of the Light and the Dark, and whose quest for perfection showed him that he was, above all, a complex of contradictions, and that in the end, such perfection did not exist.

He lay before her, an imperfect man.  And that was what made him so perfectly–and beautifully–human.

-All That’s Best of Dark and Bright (Eallach Monstrosus)  

Reylo fanart for the transformation scene by the always incredible @panda-cappuccino .  The story is a Monster!Kylo / Beauty and the Beast pastiche based on the amazing prompts of @cobwebbing .  It’s part of the Ring in the New Year with Reylo collection on AO3.  (And yes, we were inspired by our mutual love for Sophie and Howl, and Beauty and the Beast).

Master list of AU, Writing Prompt and OTP Prompt Blogs

These are the 57 blogs I follow that have to do with writing or otps or aus. I adore all of these blogs and their owners for all of their hard work. Thank you for helping so many people find the inspiration to write! If I left any out please let me know and I will add them to this list. This is specially for all-oftimenspace. Enjoy and feel free to share!

woah-au​- awesome reblogs from all over and original au prompts.

auprompts-love​- lovely au prompts.

a-u-prompts​- lots of reblogs and original posts.

auprompts​- reblogs and posts au prompts and other general writing tips to make stories more believable.  

meetcuteproject​- reblogs and posts love and rom-com themed au prompts.

nightlightwriting​- posts daily sentence prompts.

apromptadaykeepsthecriticsaway​- posts a writing prompt every day.

dailywritingtips​- post and reblogs writing tips.

cutiepieprompts​- posts lots of otp prompts and au prompt lists.

inboxstuffers stuffers​:- rp meme sentence starters that can be used as writing prompts.

otpauideas​- posts and reblogs au and otp prompt ideas.

omg-memes​- rp memes you can use as writing prompts.

miz-joelys-sherlollilists​- reblogs au prompts (as well as Sherlolly master lists :D)

the-write-ideas​- posts and reblogs sentence starters and inspiring pictures.

ablockforwritersblock​- detailed writing prompts.

onetruepairingideas​- lots and lots of au prompts!

idareyoutowrite​- writing prompts that start with “i dare you to write…”

auideas​- posts au prompts and if you send them an ask for a certain type of au they will respond with a list of ideas!

fyotpprompts​- posts and reblogs otp prompts.

writingpromptsarecool​- posts writing prompts.

fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment​- help with character development and writing in general.

@imagineyourotp​- I don’t think this blog is active anymore but it has an archive of nice otp prompts.

get-scribbling​- writing advice and prompts.

thepromptperson​- lots of great prompts and dialogue prompts.

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fywritingprompts​- posts and reblogs writing prompts.

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thesarcasticmuses​- quick writing prompts.

awful-aus​- this blog is on permanent hiatus but it has over 300 au posts still available on the blog.

dailyau​- the blog name does not lie.

awritingpromptaday​- over 1400 writing prompts.

shippingoars​- not very active but a good archive of otp prompts.

suddenlyprompts​- you ask and they give you ideas for your story.

alloftheprompts​- THIS IS AN AMAZING BLOG. One of my favorites. They have over 400 prompt lists with ten sentences each and other story inspiration.

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angstmemes​- some very serious angst and tw sentence starters.

writeworld​- pictures, sentences and sound bites to inspire writing. I love this blog!

otpprompts​- probably the ultimate source for otp prompts on tumblr.

Two Cars

Request: Can you do an imagine where you get in a super bad car accident and shawn is at home with his fam but there’s a storm so a flights have been canceled so he can’t see u and he’s freaking out

Your name: submit What is this?

“I’m on my way home now, Shawn,” You laughed as you spoke into the bluetooth speaker that was connected to your phone so you could always have two hands on the wheel at all times.  Safety first.

“And how was work?” Shawn asked you.  You could picture him lounging around on the couch in his family room.  He was back home in Canada for the holidays, taking a much needed break from the crazy year he had.

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I’ll eventually get this little AU fic written up in story form one day. Just trying hard to get the main canon-universe story done first.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderfully kind words and all the love and support!

Based on this awesome post by the always lovely @talortut! (I’m not ignoring the prompts in my inbox, guys! I promise! This post just spoke to me on so many levels, lol)

“This isn’t a game, Lance!”

There was a fire in Keith’s eyes that Lance matched with his own piecing glare. “I’m very aware of that, Keith!” He shouted back, arms flailing about in exasperation.

“Oh, really?” Keith questioned through a biting laugh. “Because you frolicking around through a bunch of fucking space flowers none of us know a single thing about sure as hell says otherwise!”

Lance’s blood was boiling. “They were fucking flowers, Keith! God, what’s the big deal?”

“Are you serious?” Keith spit out, crossing his arms. “We don’t know how our bodies react to space plants, Lance! We can’t exactly form Voltron and save the fucking universe if you get yourself killed!”

Despite his best efforts, Lance couldn’t keep his face from falling at Keith’s words. Of course Keith only cared about Voltron.

“Oh, don’t go crying about this, Lance.”

The annoyance dripping from Keith’s tone was enough. “Fuck you, Keith,” he hissed out, eyes narrowed dangerously. He turned on his heel and stormed towards the door to leave the room, not missing the grumbled “fucking blue paladin” from Keith as he shoved the door open.


Lance was jolted from sleep by a sharp, stabbing pain in his stomach, but when he tried to investigate with his hand, he found that he couldn’t lift his arm. A few moments of wiggling told him that he couldn’t move his entire body; it felt as if there was a giant weight crushing him to the bed.

Panic shot through his body as sweat rolled down his temples. His stomach was lurching violently, and his heart was hammering against his chest fast enough to have him gasping for breath. His mind said “move!”, but his limbs wouldn’t cooperate- they couldn’t cooperate. The pressure was too much, and Lance’s throat was beginning to tighten.

He opened his mouth to call for help, but the only sound that came out was a burning wheeze that left him coughing harshly until his eyes watered. Panic was seeping into every crevice of his body now. Each cough rattled his lungs painfully, and the the pain within his stomach was only intensifying.

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Porcelain and Window Panes

Prompt: Dan sees a a beautiful man doodling on a foggy window in a cafe and can’t get him out of his head. He comes everyday at the same time to see the beautiful stranger.
Word Count: 3671
Warnings: Cussing, light angst
A/N: Thank you to @philestergifs for this amazing prompt! It took so long to write this for some reason (I’ve been writing it since October???) and I’m so happy I could finally get it out! Special thanks to @theinsanityplays as well for giving me some feedback for this fic ^-^ I also didn’t have a beta so sorry for any errors but I hope everyone likes it!
Read it on AO3!


To say Dan was having a terrible day was an understatement.

He woke up late, having forgotten to set an alarm for work, so he had to rush through his morning routine. This meant he wasn’t able to take an hour long shower like he was used to and he couldn’t straighten his hair. Thanks to genetics, his hair dried in curly ringlets that stuck out in every direction.

He also had to skip breakfast, which is bad in itself, but he soon found out that his coffee machine had stopped working as well. Dan with curly hair and no morning caffeine? Not a good idea.

So he went for the best option of going to the nearest coffee shop and ordering a french vanilla latte to go.

The wait was nearly impossible to sit through, especially with Dan’s habit of being too impatient for his own good. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet, practically quivering in his shoes at each name that was called. His eyes were frantic while he tried to distract himself from the inevitable doom that was this horrible morning.

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Eremarco week, a compilation ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 

(click each image for more info!)


Title: Insane

Pairing: Phan (Amazingphil + Danisnotonfire)

Length: 1,257 words

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None, unless mental hospitals hurts you in anyway

Summary: AU where Dan is a patient in a mental hospital and Phil is a volunteer that helps him. Also my prompts are still open! Feel free to request!

“Good morning Daniel” Dr. Rowan greets with a smile sitting in the chair across from his bed.

He forces a small smile before playing with a loose thread on his blanket.

“How are you this morning?”

He shrugs.

Dr. Rowan sighs writing something down on her clipboard and turning back to Daniel. “Can you speak to me?”

Daniel looks to the corner of his room before turning back to Dr. Rowan and shaking his head.

“Can you write?”

Again, Daniel looks to the same corner of his room before nodding.

Dr. Rowan nods flipping the page of the clipboard an handing it to Daniel along with a pencil.

“Why can’t you speak?” She asks

Daniel quickly scribbles his reply

He told me not to

“Who told you not to?”

demone immaginario

Dr. Rowan frowns. “Who is that?”

Daniel rolls his eyes before writing down his reply.

The man who stands in the corner! If I disobey him, he’ll kill me! We’ve been over this!

Dr. Rowan sighs. “I’m sorry Daniel. You know I forget.”

Daniel nods.

“Now Daniel. What if I told you that ‘demone immaginario’ was Latin for 'imaginary demon?”

Daniel frowns

So? It could be a coincidence. He’s real!

The doctor sighs shaking her head “Daniel. Why haven’t you been taking your medicine?” She asks deciding to detour from trying to talk to him about his imaginary demons.

I have Dr. Rowan! I swear I have! They don’t work because these so called 'imaginary demons’ are real!!!

He looks at the doctor, pleading for her to believe him.

She sighs, scribbling a few more notes, before packing up her things. “Alright Daniel. Enough for today, I have another appointment. I’ll see you tomorrow. Also, I’m recommending a liquid shot for your medicine from now on.

Daniel just rolls his eyes laying back on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"Knock Knock. Are you Daniel?” A bubbly voice with a slight northern accent asks a few minutes later opening his door.

Daniel jumps up staring questioningly at the stranger instead of replying.

He had midnight black hair swept into a similar style to Daniels and wore a white button down shirt and white button down pants like the nurses except his had 'VOLUNTEER’ stitched in big, bold, black letters on the front pocket.

Underneath it a name tag read: Phil

“Right. I heard you didn’t talk much so…” He reaches into his bag he had slung over his shoulder and pulls out a laptop.

Daniels jaw drops staring at the Mac book. It had been quite a long time since he saw one of those.

“Thought you’d like it.” Phil smirks opening the laptop typing in a few things and turning it towards Daniel. “See. You type what you want to say here” he points towards a small box on the top of the screen “And the computer speaks for you…. Would it be okay if we did that?”

Daniel looks over to the same corner of the room before looking back at Phil nodding.

Phil grins. “Great! Here you go Daniel.” He hands him the computer and Daniel eagerly grabs it typing something in his fingers flying fast across the keyboard from previous experience with tumblr and other websites before he was admitted to the mental hospital.

“Hi. Who are you?” The female automated voice speaks causing Daniel to giggle at the monotone voice.

Phil smiles before replying. “I’m Phil.”

Daniel rolls his eyes before typing something else. “Yeah well I know that. I read your name tag. I mean why are you here?”

Phil chuckles “I’m a volunteer here. They asked me to pick a patient and you seemed interesting” he smiles kindly.

Daniel beams. He’d never been called 'interesting’ it’s always been 'freak’ or 'insane’ he definitely like the sound of interesting.

“So Daniel-Actually could I call you Dan? I think I like Dan better” Phil asks.

Dan nods furiously. He used to be called Dan before he was admitted here but everyone insisted on calling him Daniel.

It annoyed him at first but he finally got used to it. It would be refreshing to be called Dan.

“Alright cool. Anyways Dan, I have a question now. Why can’t you speak. I heard you giggle so you must have a voice box.”

Dan bites his lip glancing over at the corner and typing again. “demone immaginario told me not to. He says he thinks my voice is annoying.” Dan shrugs.

Phil smiles softly. “Well I’m sure it’s not its not as annoying as that stupid computer voice. Hello. I’m a computer. I talk like this all the time so I can piss you off” Phil states mocking the computer voice.

Dan giggles.

“Well he doesn’t think so. He doesn’t like my voice.”

Phil glances to the corner where he had seen Dan looking, assuming that’s where the 'demone immaginario’ was.

“Can he hear me if I talk like this?” Phil asks lowering his voice and leaning in close to Dan.

Dan glances at the corner again before shaking his head leaning closer, eyes wide and innocent like a child.

Phil grins. “Good. Well what if I told you that I had something that would send him to that hell hole he came from. Permanently.”

Dans eyes widen quickly typing again and lowering the volume on the computer so it wasn’t so loud. “Really?”

Phil nods. “But you need to close your eyes and put your head under the pillow or it won’t work.”

Dan nods quickly doing as he’s told.

Phil quickly begins moving things around to create a small ruckus.

"Alright Dan it’s done.”

Dan sits up staring at the corner of the room and his jaw drops. He stands from his bed throwing his arms around Phil burying his head in the crook of his neck.

“Th-th-thank y-you” Dan stutters struggling slightly after years of not using his voice.

Phil smiles hugging the worryingly thin boy tight. “It was no big deal really” he comments with a shrug. “And by the way. I think your voice is beautiful.”

Dan blushes letting go of Phil.

“Okay Dan. I really don’t want to leave, but I kinda have to. I’m currently attending university right now and my next class is in an hour.

Dan nods understandingly. "W-will yo-you be b-ba-ck tomo-orrow?” He asks hugging Phil again.

Phil nods. “Of course. See you then.” Dan smiles letting go.


“Good morning Daniel” Dr. Rowan greets not expecting a reply.

“G-Good mor-morning!” Dan replies cheerily.

The doctor glances up eyes wide.

“Daniel? You talked!” She exclaims in surprise.

He nods. “Ph-Phil go-got rid o-of dem-demone imm-immaginario!”

She sighs writing some stuff down on her clip board. “And is this 'Phil’ in the room right now?” She asks assuming that Phil was another figment of his imagination.

Dan shakes his head. “He-he said h-he wo-would be ba-back tod-day. H-He att-attends u-uni!”

Dr. Rowan sighs opening her mouth to respond but the door opens and Phil walks in.

“Hey Dan!” He exclaims before glancing at Dr. Rowan. “Are you cheating on me with another volunteer?” He jokes placing his hands on his hips staring down at Dan with a playful smile.

Dan giggles shaking his head “Th-this is D-Dr. Row-Rowan. My th-therapist. D-Dr. Rowa-Rowan this is Ph-Phil” He beams at her with a look that said 'See! I told you he was real’

The doctor sighs shaking her head writing down more stuff on her little notepad disregarding Phil before staring at Dan seriously.

“Dan… There’s no one there”

the “why do wtnv tweets sound like such good prompts” prompt meme

because seriously these all sound like amazing prompts to me and you can just go send me some right now

  1. You miss 100% of the bank robberies you don’t commit
  2. A partial list of things currently inside of you: blood, skull, ghost.
  3. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. And after that, the to-do list is complete and I can go home and watch TV.
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, look around and find out who is trying to sabotage you with telepathic interference. It is someone you know.
  5. Let’s have a heart to heart. Here’s mine, and here’s a knife.
  6. Refer a friend to existential despair and get a free extra year of life that doesn’t matter.
  7. A man walks into a bar. The bartender does not see him. No one sees him. The man died years ago. It is cold in the bar.
  8. Are you being followed by wolves? Take this quiz to find out.
  9. Believe in yourself. Go to a church that worships you. Attend study groups that analyze your words. Argue with others about your existence. 
  10. It’s always darkest before the dawn, we are often reassured by people who are totally wrong about how the sun works.
  11. Missed connection: We lived and died on opposite sides of the world before international travel was possible. Good. I would have hated you.
  12. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will have plenty of time to regret your hubris as you drift for infinity through the void.
  13. There’s no way to avoid becoming a statistic. Just try to become a good statistic. 
  14. If you’re happy and you know it, you’re wanted for questioning.
  15. It’s okay. From far away, you are merely a speck. (From very close up, you are an alien landscape of flesh. Very, very close up: giant atoms.)
  16. Don’t let numbers tell you what to do. You are blood and earth, not theory and chalk.
  17. Current mood: Incandescent swamp gas.
  18. The same math that makes it almost impossible for us to be alone in the universe also makes it almost impossible we’ll meet any other beings.

Well, I don’t like drawing food. There are many things I am not good at drawing… Like that table. It’s going to tip over cuz it’s lopsided. XD

Anyway, more combining of prompts.

Fancy Dinner Date. I imagine that this is like their Christmas Date, per Hanzo’s request.

Also, Thank you @dragoocchi for the kind words and lovely compliments! I’m trying my hardest to spread the Healing Arrow love! <3

Thank you to everyone for being so patient with me as I slowly get through the rest of the prompts.

Edit: I was going to give Angela a long dress because it suits her graceful and elegant form. BUT… I wanted to draw that footsie going on under the table. I suppose I could have just given her a dress with side slits (reminiscent of her default skin…), but OH WELL. Hindsight is 20/20.

The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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