amazing primer

How to Choose a Face Primer

Face primers are fantastic, and even though I don’t wear one every time I do my makeup , if I need my makeup to look last and look flawless all day I’ll use one. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just another product to buy so brands can get more money, they are much more than that.

In short, primers are amazing products that you apply after you’ve cleansed and moisturised your skin, but before you apply any coverage products like foundation or concealer. Majority of primers are designed to help make your makeup last a lot longer and smooth over the surface of the skin so your makeup applies evenly.

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9.1 spoilers (Doctor Who)

Okay so missy had some redeeming qualities through the last half of the episode but she still BRUTALLY MURDERED TWO SECURITY GAURDS IN JUST THIS ONE EPISODE so I don’t understand people who are “awe yes go missy” and I certainly don’t want her to be the new companion. I didn’t want her to be when she was the Master with ten either. I just can’t see the Doctor being companions with someone who (regardless of trauma and being the last of the Time Lords) is a cold blooded, terrifying , ruthless power hungry killer. So yeah, basically, bomb as fuck. Super dark. Amazing primer, but still hate the fuck out of Missy.