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I’m going to start making lists of the things I find myself oft repeating to customers (especially now that I work at a beauty supply store, the name of which I’m not allowed to say).

Hair colors:

  • you cannot lighten your hair several shades without bleaching it. It just won’t happen. You want to go blonde but you don’t want to bleach your hair? sorry, it’s not going to happen. “but what if I just put this semi-permanent hair dye on top of my very dark brown?” your hair might be a little bit shiny? but I mean you’re not gonna get the advertised vivid color.
  • There are four kinds of hair dye: temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. The first one is obvious, it washes out with one or two shampoos. Semi permanent dye will also wash out, but it will take maybe a month, and it’ll more likely just go kind of pastel. Demi-permanent is the same, but it fades out instead of washing out. Permanent color might fade in the sun or if you go swimming a lot, but other than that it is not going to go anywhere.
  • Do not under any circumstances buy your hair dye at a drug store. Please go to Sally’s. 
  • There’s a semi-permanent brand called Ice Cream (I think?). I have never heard a single good thing about them.
  • Manic Panic is a good semi-permanent hair dye to get yourself started, as it’s often sold in places such as Hot Topic or Trivium. HOWEVER, MP fades very quickly, especially with their more red or pink dyes. If you’re looking for a red dye that will stick very well, try the One ‘n’ Only Argon Oil brand.
  • Argon oil has a natural red pigment. If you want to be blonde or ashy or grey (etc.) do not buy any product that includes argon oil (including shampoos or hair masks!)


  • please don’t buy your makeup from Sally’s. Their stuff is usually terrible, ie. they have like maybe four shades of foundation and they’re all varying shades of white
  • NYX matte cream lip colors are absolutely fantastic. You can find them at shoppers drug mart. These things go on smoothly, dry matte, and don’t feel like they’re heavy at all. Above all else: super bold color! My fave is called ‘vintage’.
  • Despite NYX having fantastic lip products, their mascara is shit. I bought one that was kind of a clear gooey fluid with tiny black flecks in it?? like guys pull your shit together.
  • GOSH BB creams are super nice and light, great for when u need a little bit of coverage to last you in a casual setting, and they’re a bit cheaper than your usual Sephora fare. 
  • on that note, GOSH also has an amazing eye primer that looks kind of like a white crayon? Goes on white, and holds any color you put on it with an amazing vibrancy. 
  • Check out BH cosmetics for some cheap eye shadow palettes that have a wide variety of color! I’ve got their galaxy palette (which is just as great as it sounds) but I also have a 99 color palette. Coupled with the GOSH eye primer everything is beautiful. (b/c these are ‘cheaper’ brands, without an eye primer the colors don’t show up as well.)
  • Don’t laugh but Forever 21 has a really great cream contour palette. Keep in mind though I’m super white, so if you have a darker skin tone this cream palette doesn’t go darker than, like, “orange” tan.
  • Ipsy bags and other monthly makeup kits of $20-$25 are actually surprisingly worth it. Ipsy, for example, customizes your kit a bit more to your skin tone/hair color/eye color/skin type. A good way to learn new brands and try new products. 
  • If you are going to be in front of a camera, do not under any circumstances use shimmer. I’m talking shimmer powders, shimmer highlighters, even if your primer advertises ‘glow’ or if your foundation is ‘luminous’. Any kind of shimmer will catch the light and reflect it strongly into the lens. 
  • Same goes for SPF.  If your foundation/BB cream/anything really has a bit of sunscreen/SPF, that will also catch the light and reflect strongly into the camera. 
  • If you are self-conscious about your wrinkles, avoid shimmer products. They will highlight your skin and cause a large contrast with your creases.
  • If you want to make your lips look larger, use shimmers, glosses, and/or light colors. paler colors will make any space look larger, whereas dark colors (like NYX’s Vintage, for example, or bold reds) will make your lips a little bit smaller.
  • those wedge sponges you can get for like $3 a bag are actually really really good for your foundations. Esp if you’re doing makeup for multiple people. I actually find sponges apply liquid and cream foundations/contours/highlighters a lot better than brushes, as they’re a lot less streaky. 
  • Don’t go overboard with your setting powder if you’re going to be on camera/on stage, as heavy application of your setting powder will also come out as pure white in photos.
  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your makeup brushes. It evaporates faster than water, is less likely to mess with the glue holding your brushes together, and sanitizes everything it touches. 

off the top of my head this is all I can think of tonight but expect there to be more in the future, as I continue to try to explain to people why they can’t just throw color on their hair and expect it to be Just Fine. 

(also if anyone has any questions or suggestions go ahead and send them!!)

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Hi hi! I'm not your blog rec anon, but I'm a longtime Premier League fan (Arsenal) and new to MLS, I was wondering if you knew of any good general MLS blogs? Thank you! 😊

Always happy to run across a fellow Arsenal fan and now MLS fan!

@quehermosadiosa did a really amazing primer for each individual team at the start of the season that also included blogs of people who support the team. 

@mlscup does an amazing job of rounding up a bunch of different content, so that would definitely be a good place to start

@seattlesown has some really good seattle sounders content

@ilovebryanrust and @hunterfrisk both have some good DC United content

@guti is the resident NYC FC expert 

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head, but I know there’s more.  Help me out guys.

How to Choose a Face Primer

Face primers are fantastic, and even though I don’t wear one every time I do my makeup , if I need my makeup to look last and look flawless all day I’ll use one. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are just another product to buy so brands can get more money, they are much more than that.

In short, primers are amazing products that you apply after you’ve cleansed and moisturised your skin, but before you apply any coverage products like foundation or concealer. Majority of primers are designed to help make your makeup last a lot longer and smooth over the surface of the skin so your makeup applies evenly.

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Hi! I'm pretty new to Peterick, but I already ship it really hard, can you help me get started??

ooh ooh yes totally! like a starter kit?? got it. also thanks for coming to me for this, i’m honored :)

kay first off let’s start with this amazing primer, which is a tad dated (it’s from eight years ago…) but idk a lot’s happened since then but nothing peterick-y. patrick lost some weight, pete got married and had a kid and then got divorced and matured a lot and had a second kid, patrick got married afterwards and had a kid recently - idk, i don’t know how much you know about fob in general. i’ll keep this peterick, okay? and besides, i tend to ship 2007 peterick harder than current peterick because it actually could’ve been canon at any point, but now there’s like zero chance. idk if other people do this but i do lol.

and then you an always google search ‘peterick’, that works too, for lots of stuff.

if you’re interested in fic, here are some ones you, like, have to read. they’re like essential: bewentzed, patricksitting, with the moon in his arms, and a little infamy. once you finish those, if you do, my reclist has a bunch more. note: all these fics are explicit. there is gay butt sex. us shippers are nasty. you gotta learn to love us.

some v good blogs on here are: wentzcest, irlpeterick, shotgunstump, centurese, gothicstump, fueledbypeterick. raid all their peterick tags, bc they’re gr8. 

idk, maybe you can take it from there?? sorry this is shitty, i’m in a hurry tbh

This is my first post and i dedícate this pic to one of my favorite artist lulu-999, visit Her blog she is very talent and Her draws are amazing.

Este es el primer post que hago y me gustaría dedicar esta imagen a lulu-999, visiten su blog ella es muy talentosa y sus dibujos son asombrosos.

Desing by: lulu-999
9.1 spoilers (Doctor Who)

Okay so missy had some redeeming qualities through the last half of the episode but she still BRUTALLY MURDERED TWO SECURITY GAURDS IN JUST THIS ONE EPISODE so I don’t understand people who are “awe yes go missy” and I certainly don’t want her to be the new companion. I didn’t want her to be when she was the Master with ten either. I just can’t see the Doctor being companions with someone who (regardless of trauma and being the last of the Time Lords) is a cold blooded, terrifying , ruthless power hungry killer. So yeah, basically, bomb as fuck. Super dark. Amazing primer, but still hate the fuck out of Missy.

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so i'm looking for a new primer and i was wondering which would be best for a matte pore less look. i have oily skin and the primer i currently use doesn't mesh well will my foundation. the primer is laura mercier oil free and i use urban decay's naked liquid foundation.

Try primers like

  • Benefit Porefessional $31
  • Hourglass Mineral Viel $72 (ouch, I know but it’s an amazing primer!)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer $6
  • NYX Angel Viel $16

All these products are mattifying and prolong the wear of makeup but are more on the silky side to glide over the skin and smooth out the surface to look more flawless and poreless! :)

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how exactly do you keep your face from getting oily after applying your make up for about say like 3 hours or etc 😭😩

Use a mattifying primer and a mattifying foundation. The MUFE matte primer is amazing and the l'oreal infallible foundation is awesome for oily skin. Then I would set it with either a translucent powder or a setting spray. My favorite is the urban decay setting spray. There are three different ones and I like the ‘all nighter’ and the oil control one.