amazing poli

rhys: i have a high lady 

thesan: i have a high lord 

helion: well i have a high lady AND a high lord. who’s laughing now, losers

How to be an amazing partner, poly or not.

Be courageous

Ask for what you need. Ask for what you want.


Know yourself.  

Be honest with yourself and your partner(s).

Own your shit. Seriously. Humility, curiosity and honesty are a huge part of this, and you must be willing to take responsibility for your part - emotions, actions, all of it.

Love boldly and with great compassion.


So here’s the full flag aroace symbol over a few other pride flags - the rainbow flag most popularly known as the gay pride flag, then the lesbian flag.

The middle row has the pan flag, the poly flag, and the bi flag.

The final row has the intersex flag - both the intersex circle and the ace circle are present here, and the arrow is going through both. The last flag is the trans flag.

If anyone has a specific identity they want represented (or any of these with the agender line added in), or if you want a different symbol (purple and green rather than full flag - it’s easier to see this on the gay pride flag than the full flag colors - grey identities, or the silhouette), send me a message, drop me an ask, whatever. I’m happy to throw them together.

A Friendly PSA

so what if you’re a girl and you like wearing “masculine” clothes? you’re still a girl. (and let’s be honest, they’re comfy)

so what if you’re a boy and you like to wear dresses or skirts or lace? that’s what you like wearing and it looks fucking GREAT on you!

so what if you’re bi? you’re wonderful and there’s plenty of love to go around!

you’re pan? that’s awesome! lots of love! love is great!

you’re poly? amazing! love!

you’re gay/lesbian? cool! look at the love its amazing!

you’re ace (or anything under that spectrum)? that’s awesome! platonic love is great too!

you don’t know what you are? that’s cool! you have plenty of time to explore and go on a self journey!

lgbt+ Muslim? wonderful! Allah loves you

lgbt+ Christian/Catholic? beautiful! God loves you

lgbt+ Polytheist? great! your Gods love you!!

lgbt+ Pagan? amazing! not sure what to put here because it’s sort of an umbrella term but you’re valid and loved!

you’re trans? awesome! you’re loved, valid, cherished, and amazing!

Happy Pride!! I hope you have a safe, fun, and wonderful month!

So, we all accept that Nursey has two moms. But also let him have a loving, involved, and present dad. There are so many scenarios you can work with


Nursey’s moms really wanting a kid so they use a friend as a sperm donor and he stays in Nursey’s life as a father figure

Nursey’s bio-parents just not working as a couple but staying friends and raising Nursey together along with his biological mom’s new wife

You have so many great ways to give Nursey two moms AND a dad. #NurseyDeserves3Parents2k17

semi-poly  asked:

the short video you made of Izaya slapping Shizuo's butt is priceless! I shared it over at my shizaya fanpage and everyone loves it. You're amazing! >W<)/

Thank you for all your support and thanks to everyone who enjoyed the video! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Surely this guy would be way too happy about people appreciating his shenanigans!

anonymous asked:

Are there any poly!hamilsquad x reader writers that you recommend ?? Or any stories?? They could be on tumblr or off , anywhere tbh I just... I need more there just isn't enough :( <3

i agree, anon. we need more poly!hamilsquad. i’m trying to find more but here’s some fics that i really like!

(sidenote: if i messed up anyone’s pronouns, please let me know.)

on tumblr: 

- i’ve read a few imagines from @hamitome–imagines and she’s a great writer! some of her hamilsquad ones are a more platonic, but they’re still lovely to read. the first one i read was royal pain in the ass. i’d never read one with a reader from royalty, but i liked it. it was well done too! 

she also has a sick day one that i like called “sick of the attention.” i am a sucker,, for the boys doting over the reader. it was a nice twist to have a reader that didn’t want the attention. she also has so much stuff like seriously go check her out! she’s incredible. her master is here!

- ​ @hamilsquad-writings has one imagine that i like + i reread it every once in a while. i came across it on accident, but i totally fell in love. embarrass your girlfriend day is one of my fave poly fics out there. she’s a very talented writer!

- a while before i was writing on here, i came across “artists’ spirit” by @veesworldofpureimagines i honestly think this is why i started writing on tumblr. it was that good yes. and i thought i could be as good as her. definitely not haha! but it was so well written and so touching and sweet and perfect. i recommend it to you all. it was a joy to read. and there’s a sequel! 

@nonstop-hamimagines also has some great poly!fics. my favorite is “the kissing disease” but “ice” was so also good. the reader’s insults/comebacks had me laughing. she’s an incredible writer +  you should check out her stuff!

on archive: 

- okay this isn’t a poly!hamilsquad x reader (it’s just poly!hamilsquad) but it’s soooo cute guys. it’s a texting fic called 1-800-did-i-ask by lol_phan_af . it’s so good. i love it. it’s ending soon though :( the link is here. 

i haven’t been able to find a good poly!hamilsquad x reader fic on archive. i’ll keep searching though! honestly, send me links/imagines/headcanons pls to any poly hamilsquad stuff and i’ll love you for ever,,


these writers write amazing poly!headcanons + i die,, every single time i read them.

@boss-headcanons okay listen up people like seriously they’re incredible + so very very kind. we are blessed to have them. their headcanons are so detailed + well written and absolutely incredible. their drabbles are even better! their masterlist/menu is here!

@imxginehxmilton has really great headcanons! they’re so cute so i hope you check out all of them out bc it’s worth it! a great writer + there’s has a lot of stuff that you can check out. the master list is here!

there are honestly so many great writers on tumblr that i have not yet found so if there are any fics you personally like, i probably will too! send them in! share the poly love. i’ll maybe make a big list when i have the chance. these are just a few that i came across + really enjoyed! hope you do too! xx