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You’ve got to believe in all that you are. Every single little bit. No one else existing on this planet is capable of providing such a strong, indestructible form of self acceptance.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

…to my defense:

I doodled this while I listened to the whole album for the first time. I didnt have any references. Only the few things I remembered from constantly seeing fanart on my dash. So you can imagine the tears when I found out that this is not what he wears during that scene. 

People are always questioning whether subtle changes in language actually make a difference. Let me tell you: making a conscious effort to remove ableist language from my vocabulary has done wonders for combating my own internalized ableism.

It feels very natural for me, everytime I make a mistake, to call myself dumb or stupid or an idiot. Initially, I didn’t think avoiding these words would do much to change how I feel about myself. My reason for cutting out ableist language was to avoid hurting other people. Full stop.

Now that it’s become a habit for me to stop myself from using that language as a knee jerk reaction, I find myself having to step back and think about what I really mean to express.
For example, when I make a mistake, I make it a point to say something like, “That was short-sighted of me” rather than “I acted exactly like the stupid idiot I am.”

The long-term result of this has been astounding. Thinking of my mistakes as “shortsighted” or “unwise” instead of an inevitable result of my stupidity has helped to distance them from my self image. For the first time, I’m able to recognize that I can do foolish or even unethical things without being an inherently bad person. Likewise, I can be a good person if I hold myself accountable and make an effort to avoid falling into the same pattern in the future.

Maybe this sounds overdramatic to you, but I would seriously recommend that others try to make these kinds of subtle changes in their everyday use of language. At the very least, those changes can help you avoid insulting someone by mistake and can undermine problematic cultural attitudes over time. On top of that, you might start to notice some pretty amazing perspective shifts over time.

Koe no Katachi: 10/10 Recommendation

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I absolutely love this film,

Like, the aesthetics are absolutely FANTASTIC, I love the little blur that’s added to the outer frame of the screen, and those colours!

I would say I wish they had taken the far more intense story-line that is present in the original manga, but for a movie adapted from an ENTIRE series, it did AMAZING!, That’s 62 chapter down to a 2 hour film! A film that savors it’s quiet scenes as well!

Not to mention the film adds a much stronger humor element.

The animation is also absolutely beautiful and full of life, it makes even the simplest movements into masterpieces of emotion, I remember feeling disappointed that it was a movie and not an anime series, but I’m so happy it went down the movie root, the look is 100% worth it. Even if it didn’t get to venture into a more complex plot, still got the manga though!

The voice acting is beautiful, I’m not a Japanese speaker, but from my perspective, its amazing!

And finally and probably most importantly.

The soundtrack

That soundtrack man. THAT SOUNDTRACK

The one thing I could never get from the manga, and it was done PERFECTLY

Subtle, simple, shimmering and just. MAGICAL.

The soundtrack is the bomb! Especially during that ‘fireworks’ scene, what was done in a few panels of the manga was stretched out into a full minute scene overflowing with all the emotions built  up during the film. It had an INCREDIBLY IMPACT!

This is of course my bias, since ‘Koe no Katachi’ is one of my favorite manga of all time, but you’ll hear more good reviews from an insane amount of people.

so as a quick end to this small review that ended up way longer than intended.

This film is absolutely amazing. I’m so glad it got made.