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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 2D‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

39 YEARS OLD🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

STUART POT- MAY 23RD 1978 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙


Daesung deserved this Dome Tour so much T.T

Utautai no Ballad - D-Lite Japan Dome Tour - Day 2

cr. bigsxbigbang


Charity commission for @plasticbling

either they’re looking inspiring and ready to kick ass, or they’re just being lazy, chillin’, hanging out. 

As you can see, they’re chillin’ :)

Thank you for organising this @fandomtrumpshate​ / @fandomtrumpshateofferings​ !


Ok but even if Jackson gets lots of attention and is popular and recognised due to his personality and his multiple appearances on TV he still makes sure than all of the other members get the respect they reserve as well as equal participation when they’re promoting. He could do all the things he gets asked but he always has the members in mind and that’s one more thing to add to my “Why I admire Jackson Wang” list | trans

Bonus (a few days after):

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The R.F.A + V and Saeran (especially saeran bc <3) reacting to MC falling asleep on/against them

Hello :) Mod Saeran here bringing joy and happiness to all of the fandom :) NOT GOING TO LET THOSE RUDE ANONS GET TO ME. >:O

This is really fluffy and cute * I HAVEN’T WROTE FLUFFY AND CUTE IN A WHILE *


-It was a beautiful winter morning, the air was chilly, the snow gave the surroundings a beautiful white blanket. You thought the day couldn’t get better BUT IT FREAKING DID.

-The director called Zen that rehearsals were cancelled because the theater was way too cold to practice in.

-It’s been awhile since Zen stayed home so expect tons of kisses and cuddles C:

-You guys decided to cook breakfast together and he was so happy :’)

-When you were getting the flour and eggs to start mixing….. this man….. was…. ABOUT TO START WAR IN HIS KITCHEN….

-He grabbed a handful of flour and just threw it at you :O


       ~Zen: My angel just had to match the weather outside you look like a beautiful snow prince-

       *You threw flour back at him and it was a FLOUR FIGHT

      * You were mad because it didn’t even notice on his beautiful white hair ( I LOVE THIS MAN’S RAT TAIL IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK )

      *So you decided you needed to be extra

      *He saw that you were pondering…… he was trying to figure out what you were thinking…. TILL HE SAW YOU REACHING FOR THE EGG

    ~ Zen: babe…. Princess…. PLEASE NO.

    ~ (Y/N): I swear to your beautiful voice if you don’t clean up this mess while I shower i will throw this at you

      *He laughed because you were trying to be mad but your whole face was covered in flour LOL

-He promised to clean up and when he finished he saw you sitting on the couch hair wet and wearing his shirt

-He loved moments like this he went over to you grabbed a blanket and pulled you closer to him C: but…. minutes later YOU FELL ASLEEP



-he felt so touched that you thought he was comfortable enough to sleep on

-He rubbed your shoulder so lightly that it felt like he was touching a delicate snowflake

-He whispered to you that he loved you so much and he thanked you for making him a better person

-He sang a beautiful lullaby that would of put Snow White to shame :’) he was absolutely in love with you.

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Hahahahahahahah Root busting in on every operation to tell people that THAT MAN IS NOT [whatever undercover alias], HE’S THE ARCHITECT OF THE FUTURE

And Harold be like “please…root no…y u gotta blow my cover”


he’s the ARCHITECT

of the FUTURE

“root pls”


Me: I’m gonna watch a Sukira Radio with Donghae and Eunhyuk!

Donghae: Can I take off my headphones?

Eunhyuk, 3min20 into the video:


Ryeowook to Eunhyuk: remember 2008 when you pronounced “Party in the USA” as “Party in the Yousa”

Eunhyuk: it’s 2015 let it go already!

Did Eunhyuk and Donghae just threaten to stab the writers with pens if they tried to hit them with the hammer

Eunhyuk called Ryeowook a dwarf and Wook threatened to kill him #thisiswhatyoucallfriendship

Super Junior never ceases to impress me and I love them so much

Siwon wanted to be part of D&E I AM LAUGHING SO HARD

The way Donghae and Eunhyuk imitated it omg I am CRYING

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I just noticed real!Ciel called himself the Blue Star (or at least that's what it looks like to me) and if our!Ciel real name is Astre... Well, it's like they took over each other's names somehow. I can't stop being amazed at how much thought Yana put into this. I'm amazed.

Ahhh, personally, I’d rather advise people to be careful about ‘fanon’ names! xD As of now, “Astre” is just a fan-made, inofficial name, similar to Undertaker’s popular ‘fanon’ name “Adrian Crevan”. So if we keep using the name “Astre”, I bet there’ll be some people who actually believe that RC’s name is “Astre” (just like there were people who thought that “Adrian Crevan” is UT’s canon name.) So in order to avoid unnecessary confusion, I’ll rather keep calling our!Ciel “our!Ciel” until his true name is officially revealed! xD


u lot like golden maknaes?? This guy is the og golden maknae. He debuted months shy of turning 15 years old. He auditioned at 12. One of the only times I’ve seen him cry was him crying about missing his parents on a radio show and Jonghyun affectionately patting his head. SHINee raised him. I see all the different personalities from the other members of SHINee in Taemin but Taemin is his own, individual and amazing person. I’d like to think that’s why. He’s been through so much. From people telling him he’s tone deaf and “to just stick to dancing” HE WAS A BABY…. but yet, he persisted. And now he has one of the MOST unique voices in the industry. There’s no one even close to match his voice and it’s beautiful. Combined with his dancing. Who to me, he is still my favorite dancer in kpop EVER. he is Art in motion. Taemin has been through so much…. from a young kid to now and I’m still amazed at how he turned out. It’s easy to forget he JUST ONLY turned 24 because he’s been in the game for so long!! He already has solo concerts, albums and awards under his belt at 24 years old. That’s alone. With SHINee, I can’t even count them all. A legend. People chant his name three times for good luck. He. Is. A. Legend. And he has barely scratched the surface. Ya gotta know that. I love Lee Taemin so much everyday but today I appreciate him more. I’m so thankful to have SHINee and Taemin in my life. Thank you g*d and happy happy day of birth to the og golden maknae!!!

The Proposal (Mikey Way x Reader

A/N - Part two of ‘You Fell Asleep In My Car’! And I didnt proof read. oops.

Warnings: swearing.

Mikey’s POV

And a few days from now, I was going to propose to the most amazing person I’d ever met.

It’s been three days and I’m a nervous wreck. I don’t really have a huge plan, and I hope Y/N’s ok with that. I was just going to make dinner, Y/N’s favorite, and then she loves reading by the pool during the sunset so that’s when I plan to propose. What if she doesn’t say yes? What if she does but doesn’t mean it?

“Mikey! I’m home, babe!” Y/N called from the entryway. “I can start dinner if you’ll tell me what you want.” She said as she walked into the kitchen.

I turned to face her, “No, I want to cook tonight.”

She laughed a little. “Ok, Mikey, what’re you going to make?” 

“Your favorite, Y/F/F (Your favorite food),” I replied, and she smiled.

“Ok, well I’m going to go upstairs.” She kissed my cheek. “Goodluck.” 

One hour-ish and a mess later I’d made Y/N’s favorite food, set the table, and stared at the ring box for five minutes. It was time. If I didn’t do it now I never would. “Y/N! Dinner’s ready!” 

A few moments later she was walking down the stairs. “Mikey it’s beautiful! Why did you go to all this trouble? We could’ve eaten on the couch or something.”

I pulled her chair out for her. “Yeah, but you seemed stressed.”

Your POV (wow I’ve never written in first person before)

I sat down and Mikey walked to the other side of the table. I didn’t buy any of that ‘you seemed stressed’ shit. When one of was stressed we watched movies and ate take out. “So, what all did you do today?” I asked him.

“Um, y’know, played bass a little, and stuff.” He replied. Yeah, he was definitely up to something. “What did you do?”

“Went to work, then to the record shop, I found some new bands, and then came home and started to wonder why my boyfriend is acting weird,” I told him. He feigned shock.

“Me? Weird?” He replied putting a hand over his heart. “I have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about.” 

I laughed. “Ok, whatever you say. This is really good, by the way.” I gestured to the food.

“I can’t believe you expected it to be anything but that,” Mikey replied, stuffing more into his face. “I’m quite the cook.” 

When dinner was over I did what I always did and started to go outside to read. This time, Mikey followed me. I opened the door and there were candles everywhere surrounded the pool. “Mikey why did you-” As turned around to ask why the hell our pool is now a fire hazard, I saw him down on one knee. There’s a reason it’s cliche because it really is great to be in the moment. 

“Y/N….you are literally the best person I’ve ever met. Your adorable and talented as hell, you’ve been there for me through some pretty tough shit. I knew I was going to marry you because when I told you my problems you didn’t flinch or look disgusted, you stuck around and helped. I want that for the rest of our lives.” He opened a little black box to reveal a gorgeous ring. “Y/N, will you marry me?” 

2nd Person POV (because I forgot I was writing in 1st)

“Yes!” You screamed and he jumped to his feet to hug and kiss you. Mid-kiss you started to hear clapping. When you broke away, surrounding you was Lindsey, Gerard, and Bandit, Frank, Jamia, Lily, Cherry, and Miles, Ray, Christa, and your best friends.

hope this was good. i wrote this at like 4 am.