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What are your thoughts on Negan. You like how the writers wrote him this season?

in all honesty i’m completely confused as to what i think. i do have to say though that jeffrey has established such an amazing performance of his character and that seriously needs to be acknowledged.

as for the writing of his character, it’s hard to determine since as a villain, they have served the purpose of making negan easily hated. but i know a lot of people are upset that some of his essential morals within comic haven’t been expressed. i have never read the comics but i can see to an extent that his character appears way too polished for a villain.

also i think that the comical and taunting side to negan has been expressed way more than anticipated compared to his dark and controlling side. i do think it’s essential that negan does use his catchphrases and joking tone but when that normalises his character and makes him appear friendly, then he has failed as a villain since these concepts are to reflect how twisted and sadistic he is as a character.

that’s what i’ve noticed so far in the writing of negan’s character, but it’s still hard to determine fully since we have only seen negan for a limited amount of time so far.

anyway, thanks for asking and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

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Watching G wow the crowd in Mexico, I am reminded of what an amazing performer she is. She lights up a stage with her voice, energy, charisma and beauty. To think of all of the years that "man" dragged her down, I wish that we could have that time back again - but of course we can't. Thank you to Blake Shelton for allowing her to shine like she was always meant to. When you "kissed her back to life" you gave us all a precious gift and I could not be more grateful. Looking forward to more magic!

Well she’s always been an absolutely electrifying performer no matter what her personal circumstances! I miss her shows.

Still, totally agree it’s wonderful to see her so completely excited about life. 💖

not to be dramatic…..but bangtan saved 2016