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That Which You Cannot Undo  by: uraneia

Because the man standing on Stiles’s front porch is easily the most attractive person Stiles has ever laid eyes on. Cheekbones like cut glass. Stubble so even you could sand a canoe. Dark hair, straight nose, eyes like a watercolor painting. He looks kinda pissed. Stiles thinks, Damn, I wish I’d put on real pants.

Then he gets a hit of the guy’s aura and makes time for even more regrets.

Before he even knows it’s a tell he’s stepping back, already calling on his spark, letting power gather at his fingertips, though Goddess knows he can’t pull enough to put down a werewolf. Not one this powerful. The taste of all that strength is fresh, simmering just beneath the surface.

Stiles can see the second the guy figures out he’s a witch. His nostrils twitch and his eyes flash red.

But he doesn’t look angry anymore. In fact, he just seems… surprised. “Uh,” he says as his eyes fade back to green-brown. “Hi.”

Stiles lets the magic dissipate. It takes the last of his headache with it, and he curses himself for not thinking of that earlier. A little adrenaline rush goes a long way. “Hi,” he parrots. “Um. So you’re a werewolf.”

The man nods. “And you’re a mage.”

With a snort, Stiles corrects the word. “A witch. I’m far too young to be a mage.”

That earns him a curious look, but the guy doesn’t ask for elaboration. “My name is Derek Hale. I’m looking for Dr. Martin.”

Of course. A ridiculously hot werewolf shows up on Stiles’s doorstep. Who else would he be there for? “Well, you’d better come in, then,” he says. He’s wary, but he doesn’t actually sense any malicious intent. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

By twenty-eight, Stiles has resigned himself to a quiet life of working in his magic shop, selling Jackson Whittemore fart-inducing tea, and looking after his goddaughter. It’s a good life. But the quiet goes to hell when his sister, Lydia, shows up with a crispy werewolf in her trunk and a bite mark on her shoulder, because hard on her heels comes the hottest person Stiles has ever seen, and he happens to be looking for his uncle.

You know, the dead guy Stiles helped Lydia bury last night.

(Or: the Pracitical Magic AU nobody asked for.)


The Amazing Talented Wonderful @emeraldld drew this fantastic FANART for my demigod/voltron fic Love on the Battlefield am I’m 

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

This is so great like everything about him is perfect! 

Be sure to give them some love!!!


Hello!! So this is a little part of this AMAZING FANFIC Estamos Juntos which is easily one of my favourite fics in the entire world!!! It’s so freakingly well written and the plot and the characters and OH MY GOD YOU JUST HAVE TO READ IT!!!! This is the original version (in spanish) but the author is currently writing the translation here which is called We Are Together, neither of them are finished them and i haven’t read the english ver yet cause i’m waiting for the spanish version to be finished! the english ver currently half the chapters that the spanish version has! AND NEITHER OF THEM ARE IN HIATUS BTW!! 


The author is CristaAi in AO3! :D

P.S.: I’m posting this from the Bogota Airport :D

Hola!! Esta es una pequeña parte de este INCREIBLE FIC Estamos Juntos, el cual es facilmente uno de mis fics favoritos del mundo!!! Está tan bien escrito y la trama y los personajes y OH POR DIOS SIMPLEMENTE TIENEN QUE LEERLO!!!! Esta es la version original (en español) pero la autora esta escribiendo la traduccion aqui  que se llama We Are Together, ninguno de los dos esta terminado y aun no leo la version en ingles porque estoy esperando a que la version en español sea terminada! la version en ingles lleva la mitad de capitulos que la version en español! NINGUNA DE LAS VERSIONES ESTA EN HIATUS POR CIERTO!!!


La autora es CristAi en AO3 :D

P.D.: Estoy posteando esto desde el aeropuerto de Bogotá :D

My Current Percabeth Faves: Top Five!

hello there fanfic readers! i decided to do this post because, one: i haven’t been posting at all, and two: I just finished a really really really good percabeth fanfic that i really want to share with you guys! that fanfic is the top 1 rn. okay let’s see these fanfics!

5. Kids by bananaman48 | Sum: Percy and Annabeth have been friends since childhood, and this is their story. | Chapters: 1 | Word Count: 19,888 | Rated K+ | Completed | My rating: 8/10 | Comment: I love this one-shot! It’s very well written and it’s just amazing and will hit you with the feels real hard.

4. Of Corporate Scandals by miarella | Sum: Secrets. Affairs. Paparazzi. Escapes. Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Upper East Side. Hidden hotels. Penthouses. Meddlesome parents. Scheming colleagues. Money. Riches. Welcome to the world of corporate scandals. | Chapters: 30 | Word Count: 69,496 | Rated T | On-going | My rating: 8.5/10 | Comment: It’s a great workplace AU and well written. It gives me so many laughs and the Percabeth moments are to die for. It also has some pretty suggestive moments in there for ya’ll animals.

3. Dearest Sister of Mine by naner-baner567 | Sum: Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson are the closest of siblings. But when the family finds out that Annabeth has been switched at birth, they are separated. Ten years later, Percy and Annabeth meet again—but not as siblings anymore. What will happen when their sibling love is replaced with something much stronger? | Chapters: 34 | Words: 67,618 | Rated M | Completed | My rating: 9/10 | Comment: This story is so interesting, I finished it in a day. It’s one of those stories that i re-read because i just loved the Percabeth moments and couldn’t get enough of it. Since the rating is M, there are some pretty hot Percabeth scenes but overall it’s great. And if you have read some other stories by this author, you would know that it deals with some mature stuff (rape, suicide, abuse, etc.) and a fair amount of violence to balance things out with the Percabeth fluffness. Also some characters will be a bit OOC.

2. WILD ONES by naner-baner567 | Sum: Percy’s sister Thalia and Annabeth’s brother Luke are married. Which makes Percy and Annabeth in laws and he annoys the crap out of her. High school drama ensues-rumors, gossip, secrets. Everybody’s hiding something and once it all gets out-it might as well be the changing point for everything. | Chapters: 23 | Word Count: 30,885 | Rated T | On-going | My rating: 9.9/10 | Comment: Because this story is still on-going, I’m basically desperate for the next chapter to be released. So far the story is reallt interesting and entertaining that I can’t get enough of it!

                                The moment you’ve been waiting for

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Cookies & Cream - a Kristanna Harvest Fest Fic

I come bearing a fluffy coffeeshop AU! Hopefully this will compensate for the pain I caused yesterday (and I really am very, sincerely sorry to anyone who found that fic upsetting, if you usually read my stuff and needed to skip it I totally understand <3). I promise that this is pure fluff! 

This is another story that started life as an anonymous inbox fic but was never finished, and it’s dedicated to @snowfjord​! I kept meaning to come back to it, but it never happened, and I meant to try to finish it as a regular fic for you birthday, and THAT never happened, but here it is now and happy belated birthday! I hope it’s worth the wait <3

The incredible @sargar3000​ contributed the beautiful artwork, because she is amazing <3 <3 <3 Please heap praise upon her!

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rated G
  • Words: 5031
  • Prompt: Rain
  • Art by @sargar3000

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Inspired by This fic by seattlesconduits c:

mahogany-shadow  asked:

Thank you so much for writing Kintsugi - it is such a gift to read and I look forward to the chapters so much! I was listening to Pistols at Dawn by Seinabo Sey the other day and I got major Kintsugi vibes from it - the lyrics reflect my speculative thoughts on how Yuuri and Victor's relationship would be ultimately tested with Yuuri having to decide where his loyalties lie. And now I think of Kintsugi everytime the song is on XD

Thank you so, so, so much!!!! I’m so happy you’re liking it so far and I hope you continue to do so. 

And oh my god, this song is perfect. I’m in love with it thank you so much!!!! I’m so happy this song made you think of my fic, it’s soooooooo good I’m bout to put it in my playlist.

I was the emperor and you owned the sun
Invincible, I can’t believe what we’ve done
Surely we must be more than love on the run
Dancing in darkness to the sound of a drum
Can’t help but wonder what you thought I would do
Lay down and play dead boy you know that ain’t true
This is me reaching and you wanting to run
Stand down or show down baby let’s get this done



“You and I aren’t that different after all. We have something in common, besides the time we’ve been together, we have a similar past. We are not alone, for we have each other now.” Excerpt from ‘Of Cold Appearances and Warm Hearts’, written by cleareyes95.



Harbor: The Beginning: Part 5

Harbor: The Beginning

Part 5 (final part)

art by sargar3000

words: 307

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, ’Harbor' (rated M), Part 5

Note: Harbor was a one-shot based on a tiny bit of this prompt–this series filled in the rest ;) This final section is actually set just after Harbor. Special thanks and praise to sargar3000 for absolutely knocking it out of the park with her illustrations and making this story truly special! 

Happy birthday week, minnothebunny! <3 <3 <3 I hope that you’ve enjoyed the birthday fic that got out of hand ;) 


He woke up because a cold nose was touching his leg. The rest of him was warm, warm and tired and…curled around a sleeping Anna. Kristoff looked down and Sven whined faintly, apparently not wanting to wake her up, but clearly anxious to be let outside. Kristoff carefully shifted himself away from the soft, quietly snoring form, levered himself up so that he could carefully ease over her, and tried very, very hard to ignore the way the torn shirt she was wearing had fallen open, exposing a creamy, freckle-speckled curve of hip and thigh.

The throw blanket had slithered to the floor at some point during their extended nap. Kristoff picked it up and gently draped it over Anna. He felt a pang of regret as the folds of it hid her slim, bare legs and obscured the outline of her body, but she hated to be cold. Shouldn’t have moved to Alaska, he’d told her when she complained. Didn’t have a choice, she’d said, and stuck her icy hands under his shirt. Now she mumbled contentedly in her sleep—he thought he heard his name, a soft Kris lost in a breathy sigh—then she rolled over to snuggle deeper into the couch.

Kristoff, urged on by Sven’s nudges against his legs, crossed the small living room and smaller kitchen to open the back door. The dog went out, but he lingered in the doorway, still staring back at the couch and its soft, sweet occupant, his mind full of memories of how warm she’d been under his hands, how fiery and demanding and eager.

He hoped she wasn’t going to think this was a mistake, because he wanted to keep her forever.

When Sven came back Kristoff knelt to fondle his ears.

“Well, buddy,” he said softly. “I guess you’re allowed to like her.”

art by sargar3000

I let out an undignified squeal of happiness when I finally got my commission from consulting-cannibal, it’s fanart of my favorite fanfic, If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

Thank you so much!!!! I really liked it and I didn’t get a chance to upload it since I was really absorbed in this fic that I couldn’t tear my eyes from. 

It really means a lot. 

fic rec friday

Today’s topic: SciFi! Let’s just say I’m so excited about Star Wars right now that I don’t even know what to do with myself. Very little of this is actually Star Wars and yeah there’s probably more Star Trek influence in this list and some of it’s not even in space, but I don’t care. I didn’t have time to reread or track down ones that slipped through my fingers, so please check out the others.

Across the Stars - M - .5k - gerec

The end for Jedi Erik Lehnsherr comes, unbidden and unexpected, on the ruined and desolate planet of Mustafar in the Outer Rim.

Star Wars AU, with Erik falling to the Dark Side.

Notes: I have a lot of feelings about this and I’m not going to say anything more for fear of spoiling.  Although, you should also read Nostalgic-Kitty’s remix.

The Trouble with Telepaths - T - 5.5k - endingthemes

“Are you shy about me meeting your family?” Erik asks with a huge smile. “Are you kidding me?”

“It’s not funny,” Charles says, his hands firmly planted on his hips, and it’s honestly hilarious so Erik laughs right in his face.

(Or a Star Trek AU in which Captain Erik Lehnsherr pays a visit to First Officer Charles Xavier’s home planet and encounters a few surprises.)

Notes: Very cute story about misunderstandings and telepathy and space.  The perfect mix of things. :D

A Vision of Peace - T - 1.5k - gerec

They call his people ‘monsters’ and say that a telepath is incapable of something as universal as falling in love.

But they’re wrong about Charles Xavier, heir to the throne of Cerellia; for everything he does in life, he does for love.

Notes: Charles/Erik/Emma/Logan/Raven and it is amazing.  Dark Charles using his telepathy to get what he wants and also falling in love and using people how he wants.

From Rim Space with Love - M - 2.5k - manic_intent

“Captain Logan! Captain Logan!”

The skinny cadet skitters to a halt next to Logan in the rec room, red-faced and a little out of breath. Logan eyes him with a faint frown, sunk deep into a stimm couch, thumbing up the rim of his captain’s hat. He’s just come off a torturous fifteen-hour shift, and healing factor or not, Logan’s starting to feel it. Warp space is hell on his nerves.

“Settle down, bub. What burned your tail… eh…” Logan concentrates briefly. “Cadet McCoy? Hey. Your blue’s showing. Settledown.”

McCoy takes in several deep breaths, and the blue fur starting to thread out of his skin sinks back in. “Sir, yes sir. Message from X-Command, sir.”

Notes: it’s mutant rights and everything else wonderful about canon x-men universe, but in space! What more could we ask for?!

Neither Rhyme Nor Reason - E - 9k - unveiled

Charles liked to tell people that the first time they met, Serik punched a kitten. (Or, the one where Erik is an angry Vulcan, Charles is still a telepath, and grief still shapes their lives.)

Notes: This fic is so full of Star Trek wonders!!  And all the feelings–between Charles and Erik and the rest of the cast (masterfully written and tied into the story, btw!)–guh.

Previous Recs - (shameless plug of my arranged marriage in space au!)

A few more super famous ones under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Your art is so amazing?? Like how are you so perfect? Amazing fics, amazing art. Honestly your tumblr crush should be so happy. Dayumn. That new pencil and colored pens drawin, holy fuck. Best. Ever.

Aw thank you anon!! :3 I hate drawing on paper, since I get frustrated so easily over every little error but that one turned out surprisingly well.l :)

hello there, i read that post of yours about Carlos and Cecil and the got your nose game, and, well


Carlos knocks against the bathroom door and sighs, trying very desperately to stifle the helpless laughter in his voice. 

“Cecil please, come on out. It’s okay.”

Through the wood he hears a solitary, forlorn sniff. Cecil has been in there for eight minutes now, and judging from the sounds of shifting limbs, has likely climbed up onto the counter top next to the sink and tucked his knees to his chin.

The scientist should feel some manner of regret, and yes, he does. He’s extremely sorry and wishes nothing more right now than to wrap his boyfriend in his arms and apologize. It shouldn’t be funny.

It is really, really funny.

“I didn’t…” He pauses, glancing down at his hands. “It’s just a game. I didn’t actually…”

“No.” The muffled answer echoes off the tiled walls back through the door. “I’m hideous now. Go away.”

Carlos closes his eyes, biting his lip to hold back a smile. “You’re not hideous. You’re beautiful. You’ve always been beautiful. It’s only a game people play with, um, with kids sometimes, I-“

“I’m hideous!”

“Cecil,” he says again, slowly as he taps his fingertips gently against the door. “Please open up. I didn’t actually take it, I can show you.”

Only silence answers for a long moment, before a hopeful, “Promise?”


The door unlocks with a soft click. Carlos turns the handle and hesitantly peers inside. The radio host is, as predicted, sitting on the counter top, white eyes glaring at him with a combination of indignation and uncertainty.

“Here, look closely,” He holds up both hands, and carefully grips his thumb between his fore and middle finger. “This is all I did. See? I didn’t take your nose, it’s just a trick. Go on, feel your face.”

Cecil reaches up and gingerly touches the tip of his nose. “It’s still there,” he says in awe. He beams suddenly up at the scientist. “It was only a trick? I’m not hideous?”

“No. It’s scientifically impossible for you to be hideous, nose or not.”

“Then why,” Cecil exclaims, hopping down from the counter, “did you pretend to take it?”

“I…” Carlos frowns, his brow furrowing. “I don’t really know. It’s something I used to play with my nieces. I guess it was a badly timed, spur of the moment thought. Your nose was right there.”

“I was kissing you.”

“Yes, but you also screamed in my face and ran for the bathroom three seconds after.”

“I thought you had taken away a vital part of my body!”

“Then how did you think you were still breathing properly while you were sitting in there?”

“Breathing is optional for me, remember?”

“Oh. Right.”

The scientist holds out his arms, small smile repentant. “I am sorry for frightening you, Cecil. May I have your forgiveness? I won’t startle you again.”

Cecil grumbles and glances down, but eventually shuffles forward into the embrace and wraps his arms tight around Carlos’s lab coat. “Yes. But only if you take me to the Pinkberry.”

Carlos rests his chin on the top of the radio host’s head. “Deal.”

“You know, I thought for those ten minutes that I was going to have to hide away for the rest of my life.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Okay I didn’t. But I was incredibly concerned. I thought even Station Management wouldn’t want to associate with me.”

“Technically, Cecil, that’s a good thing.”

I really, really need to find a way of thanking you properly, because this fic, like the others, is utter perfection.