amazing pecs


CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor / reader

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut, dirty talk, voyeurism, praise kink





Sebastian opened the door to the suite and my breath hitched. “Oh Sebby, it’s gorgeous.” The room was fully furnished with a couch, love seat and 2 chairs, all in brown. The walls were cream with accents of brown and gold and off to the left was the bedroom complete with a king sized bed and nightstands.

Sebastian, standing behind me, weaved his muscular arms (thank you Don) around my waist and nuzzled my neck. “Only the best for my girl.” He gently kissed me and I got goosebumps.

Swinging around, I hugged him and pulled him into the room to the window, giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. I breathed, “Sebby looooook,” it was a clear New York City night. The Empire State Building was directly ahead and lit up along with the other skyscrapers and streets below. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me, the corners of his eyes crinkled.

I felt my face redden. “Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“You are just like an innocent child, looking at everything as if it were brand new.” He pecked me on the nose. “It’s adorable.”

I arched an eyebrow at him, a smirk on my lips. “Adorable, huh?” In a split second, I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him, a muffled “whoa” and moans of pleasure heard as my tongue did a searching sweep for his, rolling around his as I shoved him against the wall, unbuttoning his shirt, and groaned with lust in his mouth.

He gave into me, his body limp as I removed his shirt leaving him bare-chested. My hands fell to his chest, fingers running up and down his amazing pecs. When I broke off the kiss, my breath was ragged. “You may regret…or…“ I shrugged. “Nah, you’d like what I have in store for you.” My knee spread his legs apart and I cupped my hand over his bulge pressing hard against his jeans.

Sebastian tilt his head, smiling as he slowly reached my face. Our foreheads touched and he said, “So are you gonna make me wait to fuck you or are you going to torture me?”

Sebastian’s voice was low and dripping with lust. I closed my eyes and chuckled, but actually I wanted to tear the rest of our clothes off and ride him hard. Instead I kissed him passionately to shut him up. He unzipped my dress and it fell in a pool around my feet. “Leave on the heels,” he moaned against my lips. I took his pants and briefs down and slowly caressed his cock with the tips of my fingers. After we were completely naked, I pulled him to the bed and over me. “Sebby, I want you in my mouth. Fuck my mouth baby.” My smile spread slowly across my face and I licked my lips. “Please.”

Sebastian caressed my cheek and mewled with half opened eyes, “Begging so pretty. Such a good girl.” Climbing over me, his hard throbbing cock wet with precum, he said, “Open wide doll.”

My tongue circled the head, sucking the precum then took more of him as he lowered himself. I moaned around his cock, feeling a moment of pride as I watch his eyes flutter closed and his head fall back from the pleasure. He then looked down at me, and when I whined, he waggled his brows. “Do you want all of it baby?”

The desperate plea in my whine pleased him. He slowly lowered as far as he could, and again I moaned. After a comfortable rhythm was attained, I could concentrate on his gorgeous face. His teeth biting into his lower lip and the long moans coming from deep within his throat could make me come alone.

After a few minutes, his moans became louder. “In your m-mouth babe.” I smiled and massaged his balls, making him yell out my name. He burst into my mouth so quickly I couldn’t swallow all of it. Some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. Our eyes met as he finished. He moved strands of hair behind my ear and breathed, “Aaaahhh, good girl.”

I giggled, wiping my mouth as he removed himself. Sliding down my body, his limp cock leaving a trail of sticky come down my chest, he stopped to lick my lips and stick his tongue in my mouth, tasting the mixture of both of us. We moaned simultaneously and his fingers were circling around my pussy.

I jerked and my eyes widened. He raised an eyebrow at me and began a slow descent south. My hands were running through his hair and yes, even pushing him down impatiently. Raising my hips to him I begged, “Sebby, lick me.”

His nose was touching my clit, inhaling my scent. “Oh baby, only you. Only you smell like this.” Sebastian ran his tongue excruciatingly slow, lapping from slit to clit, fluttering his eyes closed, then sucked on my clit. “Mmmmm…taste like this.” He ran his fingers through my pussy, and ran them over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on his fingers, rolling my tongue around them. “Sooo good baby.”

His low voice was sexy. “Sebby,” I whined. “Please.“

He chuckled, a wicked smile on his face. “Please what? Say what you want doll.”

My body was about to explode. I covered my face with a pillow and groaned in frustration. “Please lick me! Suck me! Make me come on your face!!”

“That’s a good girl.” Spreading my legs and looking at me with hooded eyes, he licked my clit. The squelching sounds were all I could hear as he sucked. “You are so wet for me sweetheart. So deliciously wet.”

Arching my hips, I whined, “Sebby please, soooo good. Please.” He laughed, then pushed two fingers in my cunt, scissoring back and forth as he continued to lick circles around my clit. My head fell back. “Fuuuuuck.” I clenched around his fingers and he pumped faster.

Between my moans I could hear him growl “Mine.” “You’re mine.”

My thighs were shaking and I pushed on his head deeper on my pussy as I came on his face. Arching my hips to his mouth I could watch Sebastian drink me, slurping as he grabbed my ass like he was trying to meld us into one.

When I reached my peak, I giggled and playfully pushed him away. “You, Mr Stan are evil, and must be punished.”

“And how do you plan on punishing me baby doll?” He asked, wiggling his brows and smirking.

Biting my finger, smiling as I looked at his gorgeous naked form, I knew what to do and my heart began beating harder. I stood up, and held out my hands. “Trust me?”

“When we’re both naked and you have the ‘cat that caught the canary smile’ on your face? Hell no!”

With all my might, I pulled him up and led him to the balcony. He stood behind me as we looked at the city…but more importantly, at the hotel across the street, where there were people on balconies on several different floors. I lean back on him and purred, “It’s a beautiful night to get fucked outside Seb.”

His flaccid cock was twitching to life. Leaning down to lick my ear, he whispered, “You are a very bad girl, you know that?”

I took his hand and pulled him onto the balcony and pushed him in the chair to his delight. “Uh-huh.” Straddling his lap and rubbing his cock over my clit, I hesitated and looked over my shoulder. Sebastian leaned in to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked, as he caressed the other. “Mmmmm, Sebby you are so good with that mouth.”

I lowered myself on his cock and rode him slowly, my hands digging into his muscular shoulders. He moaned around my nipple, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. “Your mouth is heaven doll.” He thrust up hard and my head fell back, my teeth biting into my lip. Our thrusts matched perfectly. Behind me, I heard a few people yelling at and about us. It was absolutely arousing.

“We’re being watched Sebby.” My breathing increased and my heart ran fast. “They want a show. How bout it? Let’s wave to our fans and you can pound me against the wall, hmmm?”

Sebastian’s eyes were completely black and he licked his lips. “Babe, I’m going to pound you INTO the wall!” My smile was slow and devious. He pushed me off his lap and we stood up. People were cheering.

“Damn Sebby, I’m fuckin dripping! I need you now!”

He pushed me against the wall and kicked my legs apart. Within 2 seconds, he thrust balls deep in me, and I screamed out “YES!!” The word was echoed from across the street.

Sebastian kissed my neck as he thrust into me. “You love people watching us, hmmm? But they don’t get to see you baby.” He chuckled and spun me around, lift me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He began fucking me as he held me, my ass for all to see.

“God Sebby, that’s so good. Mmmmm…you don’t mind that there are people staring at my ass?”

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed my ass. “Baby, this ass is mine. They can look all they want at your perfect body, but this is mine.” Sebastian’s face was full of desire and his voice challenging…the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

“I’m gonna fuckin come all over your cock baby.” I moaned into his shoulder. “Yours Sebby. Only yours.” I screamed his name as he pushed me up against the wall, clenching around his cock. The waves of heat that were flowing through me were constant.

“Mine!” Another orgasm ripped through me. “So beautiful when you come. Good girl. I gotcha.” I clung to him limp and satisfied.

“Do you think any of your fans are over there?” I giggled in his ear as he threw me over his shoulder and we went back inside before he found out.

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ThunderShield and why I think it would be an excellent (B)Romance

Whether you support ThunderShield as a romantic pairing or something platonic, it has to be said that their bromance game is STRONG and I have reasons to believe so.

1.)  Among all the Avengers from MCU, their teamwork combinations are EPIC. It started ever since the final battle in the first Avengers movie. Now, if you’ve watched Age of Ultron, then you know what I mean. It’s basically a question of “What happens when an Unstoppable Force” means an “Immovable Object?” 

2.) Steve, considering that he’s human with mortal flaws, was practically the closest (out of the other fellow mortal avengers) to being worthy enough to carry the hammer. Oh, and then there’s the actual comics where he really IS worthy enough to carry the hammer. 

3.) Crown Prince of Asgard? Super Soldier meant to lead the Allies to victory in WW2? They both understand what it means to be a responsible leader instead of a raging war freak. I am looking at you, Thor. 

4.) As much as they know what it means to be strong, they also know what it means to be weak and humbled… and to still have the courage to keep on fighting for the people they care about.

5.) They’re both totally engrossed in some new world where it’s a bit of a struggle to fit in. Thor probably gets culture shock when comparing Midgard and Asgard culture, and Steve is just trying to find his place in the world after being frozen for 70 years. Can you imagine them tinkering with the iPhone? And then asking if Jarvis and Siri are cousins? 
6.) They both know how it feels to be hurt by someone dearly close to them. Thor has been hurt by the one person he considers his brother. Although Bucky’s been brainwashed, the pain Steve must have felt is undeniable. 

7.) Steve can’t get drunk. Of course, Thor likes that. 

8.) The amount of trust they both have for each other, and how Steve was disappointed at one point. 
Tony: Thor didn’t say where he’s going? 
Steve: -meaningful pause- Sometimes, my team mates don’t tell me things. Was kind of hoping that Thor would be the exception. 

9.) Steve is the leader and Thor respects that. This is considering that for almost all of his life, Thor was raised as a prince, and his past arrogance kind of implies that he must have been a spoiled child who would get what he wanted. He was always the one assuming the “pack leader” role, especially in his time in Asgard with Sif and the Warriors 3. But, with Steve and the rest of the Avengers, Thor learns how to set aside his pride and be a team player. He becomes a better person out of that. 

10.) I’d like to think that out of all the Avengers, Steve just feels comfortable with Thor the most. He doesn’t have to be guarded like with the S.H.I.E.L.D people or with Bruce (since anything could bring out the Hulk). He doesn’t have to deal with the kind of volatile attitude that Tony has. Heck, he can’t completely relate with Tony and Bruce (a.k.a The Science Bros) to begin with. But, Thor is just the simple, honest guy who’s all “what you see is what you get.” There’s no agendas or anything to watch over. And, I think Steve likes that because he’s a simple guy, too.

11.) I think Thor sort of inspires Captain America, too. When you look at Thor, you see nothing but courage and strength. The Sorting Hat probably wouldn’t even touch Thor’s head before screaming Gryffindor. It might just be overwhelming for Steve to realize that his team is composed of people who are just naturally gifted in brains (the Science Bros) and talent (Clint and Natasha). Then, there’s Thor who’s a born warrior. Steve sees all of that, and it’s a bit crushing on the self-esteem when he realizes that everything special about him “came from a bottle,” as Tony puts it so nicely. But, instead of wallowing over it, it’s Thor and the rest of the Avengers who inspires him to strive more. Because he knows that they he looks up to him and that he needs to be the leader that they he deserves. 

12.) Two hot blonde men with those beautiful blue eyes and amazing pecs?  

13.) Seriously you need to rewatch all their moments together. All those team combos. All those times they stand next to each other. All those times when Steve’s just smiling at Thor simply because he’s sitting next to him and enjoying. 

14.) God, even Loki sees it. There’s a reason he shifted to Steve of all people in Thor 2: TDW. Could have been Hawkeye or even Tony, if you really consider things. 

15.) ThunderShield. Does that not sound AMAZING? 


Jantee Shaaban

Relatively short pecs, but amazing upper pec/clavicular development/biceps/delts

Handsome face.


Sex God.