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So, the layoff.

My whole office is closing. They laid off 5 of the 30 employees a month ago when we lost a major client, and since we haven’t gotten any new business since, they’re closing us down completely.

They offered me a position in the Richmond office. It’s a great place to work and has amazing clients (Geico, Oreo, Sabra, etc) but RVA is a one-agency town. NYC has dozens of great agencies. Plus, I just got here.

A ton of the people in my office have been here for 10 years, since it first opened. It’s been a very morose and weepy two days.

The work I was doing I wasn’t super happy with, but I really do love the people I work with and it sucks to lose them and start over.

My boss really likes me and feels awful that he got me to move out here and then the agency closed 5 months later, but it’s advertising, this shit happens a lot and it’s hard to predict. He’s got amazing connections and he’s working on getting me some interviews.

I still have a job until the office closes June 1, and then I’ll have some severance pay to tide me over, so at least I’ve got time. Plus, I’ll barely have any work to do the next few months, and I can devote most of my time to job hunting.

It sucks ass, and finding a new job is stressful as hell, but it could have been worse. If all else fails, I’ve always thought I would make a great bridge hobo.

Kyler Appreciation Week

Hey everyone! Pika here! And I have news. This next week, we are celebrating a guy who is amazing, talented and my oreo bro: @kylerinvention!!! Dude, you deserve it.
So, here’s how it’ll work:

The 27th, The Original Oreo Boy: It be today, Draw Kyler and his oreo mountain!

The 28th, Biker Boy: Draw BikerInvention, Kyler’s alter ego!

The 29th, The Inventionator Returns: Draw Kyler’s superhero identity, The Inventionator!

The 30th, Dungeons and Dragon!Kyler: Draw the fearsome Dragon!Kyler!

The 31st, If You Don’t Like It, Meme It: Draw the elusive Transparent Meme Kyler!

The 1st, A Monster of a Man: Draw Monster!Kyler!

The 2nd, Too Late to Turn Back Now: And for the final day, Draw “You Missed Some Sh*t” Kyler!

Good luck to all, and spread the news! And don’t forget to tag with #kyler appreciation week! Thank you!

Vegan ice cream heaven! We both got the same and they were amazing, blueberry and Oreo on top, with salted caramel on the bottom in a dairy-free waffle cone!!
(Thank you to the anonymous tip on here! Reminded me of this photo ☺️)

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Deep fried Oreos are amazing

that sounds amazing :)

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