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Favorite NBA Players ☛ Kawhi Leonard

“When Kawhi makes a mistake, he’s almost apologetic. He doesn’t want to disappoint anybody. There are times he does something well, and I have to tell him, ‘That was super. That was fantastic. That was a helluva job. You can smile now. You can feel great about yourself.’ If I bring him out too early, for example, he’ll go like this..what he’s saying is, ‘Pop, why the f‑‑‑ are you bringing me out so early?’ but he’d never actually say that. So I tell him, ‘I’ll get back to you,’ and he nods and sits down.” Gregg Popovich

This NBA season has been unbelievable so far!

-Russell Westbrook averaging a TD w/ 30 pts!
-James Harden averaging 29 and leading the league in assists at 12 per game!
-Kevin Durant scoring 27 a game on 68% TS and still shooting a career low in field goal attempt!
-LeBron James averaging career highs in rebs & asts.
-Chris Paul with one of the most offensively efficient seasons of any player in NBA history.
- Anthony Davis leading the league in scoring!
-DeMarcus Cousins and Joel Embiid splashing 3’s!
-Brook Lopez with more 3’s this season than he’s had for the majority of his career.
-DeMar DeRozan averaging 30!
-LA Lakers are winning games!

Who said the NBA is watered down!?