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I made this blog one and a half weeks ago.. I never expected to get this big, honestly. I just wanted to do it to make people smile and actually touch people’s hearts somehow, just like how my inspiration – BTS – does. I’m so glad I did. Thank you for all your lovely requests and support, and I’m super excited to be starting my JJK and KTH series.

I would also like to tag my tumblr sunbaes, I guess? Basically all the people who are senior to me, and made me want to start a fanfic blog of my own - @jungk0oksthighs , @yooongigifics , @nochutae , @impossiblewriter , @bulletproofwhalien and last, but definitely not least, @vintaege – I love you guys! Keep writing wonderful things. ;))

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All you followers should talk to me more! I actually get really excited when I get asks (desperate, I know) – I just feel all special like omfg you guys actually took the time to ask me questions/compliment me/ etc.


I posted my tumblr stats on snapchat and my friend (who is not an ARMY, who never knew I had a tumblr) DEADASS ASKED ME THIS AND I REPLIED WITH -

I’m not sure if I’m ready to let go of this show yet. Skam means a lot to me. It’s not just another tv show, which makes it so much harder to say goodbye. This is the last Skam fredag ever, which really sucks. As a mentally ill person this show showed me there is hope in finding someone who understands and will be there for you. It brought up so many issues about independence and friendship and that screwing up is apart of life as well as shedding light on LGBT+ and religious issues. I will miss Eva, Vilde, Even and Isak, Noora, Sana, Magnus, Chris, Eskild, Jonas, and all the other amazing characters. It makes me sad that there are so many story lines left untold but I’m so glad we got Skam at all.

And I also just want to say a thank you to all the wonderful translators out there who let it be possible for us non Norwegian speakers to enjoy this show as well. You are all awesome for all the time and work you put into it and you did a great job.

              hello hey hi name’s atlas,, listen i know today has been /shit/ for some of us but i’m here to say whatever happens, i love you. i love your writing and your muse that you adore so much.i love your headcanons and your replies to asks and the way you portray who you write. i love you as a person, and i know that times are rough and shit happens but just know that i will always adore you. that crying is okay and we all need a little cry every now and then, and if something horrible happens to you please know that it’ll get better. i will repeat this every day if needed but goddamn, each and every one of you have my heart. you’re sweet as sugar and kind as ever, a heart of gold is in your chest. and if you’re feeling down because you think something you do is shit, just know that i think the opposite. your graphics are great, your icons are good and if you don’t use icons, that’s okay ! i think you are all so beautiful and precious and cute.. you are all rays of sunshine that brighten up my dash ! i love you, i hope your day/night gets better, and i send all the good vibes your way. smooch smooch <33

My little monbebe heart :(( this is the best thing that has ever happened


will i ever stop making fanart for this fic????????? 

more gifts for @adreamingsongbird!! just think of this as me stuffing love letters in your shoe locker like in the animes 

Things You Will See in This Video:

-Misha not able to speak properly but frustratedly trying to get his point across anyway
-Maison and West just positively cracking up with laughter
-Vicki desperately running away from the camera



Welcome to a world without Light.

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“Devastatingly Handsome Friend”

“You’re my family”

“I love you”

“I love all of you”

“We’re fighting for you Cas”

“We’re family, and we don’t leave family behind”

“Let’s go home”

“I almost lost one of my boys”.

Me @ Cas Haters right now:

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