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I wish I could look as cool as ansel elgort filming bts with a delighted smile but if I were there id probably be hysterically screaming and losing my shit as I fangirl over bts my life my love my inspiration - 

Thanksgiving Vocabulary!

Thanksgiving foods

1. le festin- feast

2. la dinde- turkey 

3. la farce- stuffing

4. la canneberge- cranberry

5.  la sauce aux airelles- cranberry sauce

6. le jus de viande- gravy

7. la purée- mashed potatoes

8. le pain de maïs- cornbread

9. la tarte- pie

10. la tarte à la citrouille- pumpkin pie

11. la tarte à la noix de pécan- pecan pie

History and about thanksgiving 

12. le pèlerin- pilgrim

13. la corne d'abondance- cornucopia

14. reconnaissant - thankful

15. la colonie- colony

16. la récolte- harvest

17. le défilé- parade

18. les amérindiens- native americans

19. la tradition- tradition

20. les colons- settlers

“Never be sorry for your bad days.. I’m here with you to help you through the hard times and bring back that lovely smile.”

Eue - A comment I wrote for Skeeter on FB

There is damn high amount of shippy stuff on Karen and Frank in the Punisher tag… hey.. I came here for some ultra-violence, gifs, cool facts, art, REVENGE, character psychology n more violence . Whas all of this.

Okay, this weekend didn’t go as planned. For personal reasons, accompanied by a stubborn headache. Which sucks because I’ve gotten a lot of amazing prompts I’m disinclined to waste–so I won’t. I’m extending the theme of this weekend for the next one. Because I can and because I think we all deserve some more Tony Stark & Villains content in our lives.



All other husbands have to step up their game.

Because this is what Werepenguin just gave me. He saw the commission that the amazingly-sweet and wonderfully-talented @yliseryn did for me of Allura in my wedding dress, and this idea began to form in his mind.

And this? This isn’t just Allura in my wedding dress. It’s Shiro in Werepenguin’s suit & tie. That’s OUR cake with OUR cake topper. And then Louise, being the utter sweetheart she is, added the b&w images. And then Werepenguin asked her for color versions of THOSE.

And, on top of all of this, I now have a 20x30 METAL PRINT of that top image that I can hang in our home so everyone can see it. Because this is how happy the memory of our wedding day makes him, even 8 years out. (Well, almost 8 years; he gave this to me as an early anniversary present because he couldn’t stand to sit on it any longer.)

I cried when he gave it to me. I’m crying a bit now. I married the most wonderful man and he is absolutely the best thing in my life and if there’s anything that proves that it’s that I cannot come up with the words to describe how I feel.

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