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Be aware of the way in which you speak to yourself, for the quality of your self talk can have a major impact on your quality of life.
It not only affects emotions and feelings of harmony, but also one’s wellbeing and entire self perception.

Words have a major impact when spoken to other people; they may hurt feelings, or crush hopes.
It is absolutely no different when it is directed towards yourself.

So please, only speak kind words to yourself. Only use encouraging, mindful, and constructive dialogue.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Should I have just stayed up way past my bedtime rearranging furniture in the yurt? No. Did I? Duh.

[cut for spiders, and discussion of my House Rules for Spiders, which, reminder, are 1) don’t touch me, 2) don’t touch me, and 3) don’t touch me]

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Before you walk away,
there’s one more thing I want to say,
Our brains are sick
that’s okay.
—  Fake You Out//twenty one pilots

All it takes is five minutes. Just a single five minutes of your day to pause, breathe, and centre yourself.

Make sure that your body is taken care of; you’re hydrated, absent of pain, and extracting beautiful energy from the food in your stomach.
Make sure that your mind is nourished as well; you’re genuinely content, happy, or aware that the bad emotions will not last forever. You are able to think clearly, and not only see, but understand the meaning of your life.

Be patient. Nourish your soul. Take care of your body. Become whole.