amazing life

Doubting yourself is a silent killer. It tells you that you’re just not good enough to get to point B. It cuts you short from reaching your highest potential. It brings you down on the beautiful person that you are. Ignore the ugly voice of doubt, for all it tells are lies.

yo real talk for a damn moment, bon jovi are straight up one of the best bands of all time and i am tired of us as a species pretending like they’re only good for karaoke classics like love urself and blast the new jersey album next time ur driving and then get back to me

Love yourself for who you are. You have talents and skills like none other. You have a past that has moulded you exactly into who you are today; all of your beliefs and values didn’t just arrive there, they were formed. You are one in a million, and that my friend, is precisely perfect.

when an amazing art style is wasted on whitewashing gabe  &  /  or  follows thegabe is abusive  misconception

Maybe your life isn’t the easiest, but a life is a life. If we focus on the bad things in our life then we begin to hyper focus on only that. So if we are always thinking about the bad things, how do we appreciate the good? We can’t.
Show respect to every person you meet in your life, even when they did nothing to receive it. It’s a reflection of good character.