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i'm a closeted trans girl and sometimes it can be really annoying and dysphoric for me that my figure isn't female. i don't have a feminine waist or breasts or anything. i'm a freaking vertical straight line. idk if it's possible, but do you have any tips on how to make your body look more feminine? i mean for when i'm wearing clothes, cause when i wear female clothes it looks really weird. idk. this can get really hard, and i imagine you might get it. plz?

Yeah I hear ya.. I get annoyed that i barely have any curves too.. There are lots of ways you can make your body look more feminine and curvy with the kinds of cloths you wear

  • wearing flared skirts and dresses to give you dem hips!
  • dark colors on top, light colors on bottom to draw attention away from broad shoulders
  • rockin’ boots that draw attention to your sexy trans girl legs! (trans girls have amazing legs, this is a fact)
  • i think that patterned tights and long thigh high socks look hella sexy and feminine (plus again, trans girl’s legs are to fuckin’ die for i tell you)
  • try to choose small necklines that cover your more of your chest and shoulders. 
  • necklaces are great because they draw the eye to the center 
  • get a choker. every trans girl needs a choker.
  • padded bras make your boobs look bigger
  • sometimes baggy clothes can make it look like you have no curves
  • layering around the hips is good to make them look fuller
  • i personally am a big fan of tight t-shirts. i think they make my body look very feminine and gay (so that’s a plus)

Anyone else have any good style tips???

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

This is about a year difference, slowly but surely y'all 💪🏻 I started doing Pilates and trying to stay away from fast food/processed foods as much as possible. This is the first time I actually did a side by side comparison and i can’t believe I can actually…. See a difference? I’m really proud of myself