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Math & Dinner Dates - Scott McCall

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Requested: Could you do another imagine like the one you recently did for Stiles where he confesses his love for you, but with Scott this time?

Summary: (Y/N) displays not only her sass but her knowledge in class leading to Scott asking for some help. After a few close calls Scott finally vents to (Y/N) his feelings.

“Does anyone know the answer? No one?” I sat next to Scott, my best friend since we were 2, deep in thought. I wonder how Dereks doing… I miss him… always bossing everyone around and making snarky remarks. I bet ya he’s eating baguettes with some really hot supernatural being that we don’t even know of. He was the best non-blood related big brother anyone could have. And I’m sure he looked at me as an annoying younger sister. I smiled to myself thinking about the old days when Scott had just been given ‘the gift’. 

“Is something funny, Miss (Y/L/N)?” I snapped out of my day dream and looked at Mr Trin, the maths substitute teacher. 

“No.” I mumbled.

“Oh, then you wouldn’t mind giving me the answer to the question on the board then.” He says as he leans on my desk. I smile sarcastically at him and give him a gesture shooing him to the side so I could see the question. 

“It’s a trick question. The answer is 0, just like the amount of tolerance I have for this class.” I smile sweetly at him as the class laughs a low rumble. Mr Trin stood dumbfounded, while I saw most of the class with their eyes wide staring at me as I was probably the last person they’d expect that from. 

“Damn, (Y/N)” I heard a voice from behind me as I strode out the class room. I look behind me and see Scott chasing after me laughing. “Didn’t know you had it in you!” Scott smiled. “But, on another note; you’re good at math?” He questioned.

“Surprisingly, yeah.” I giggle. 

“Would you mind if I came over tonight and you helped me out? I’m getting like 40%’s but told mum I’m getting 80%’s.” Scott winced slightly.

“Yeah, come over after school. Anything to ease Melissa’s stress.” I giggle. Melissa was like a second mum to me and I worried about how much pressure she was under with work, financial bills, Scott and his supernatural abilities, etc.

“No, you have to multiply it and then divide it. Here,” I say and demonstrate to Scott how to do the equation. I had only just noticed how close we were and we looked at one another before quickly moving apart and I did an awkward cough.

“I think thats enough maths for one night.” Scott said as he stood up ready to leave until we heard the front door open and close and in walked my dad.

“Oh, Scott. You’re here for dinner I presume.” He smiles.

“Oh, no I was just abou-”

“Nonsense. I bought way too much meat anyway.” He says with a wink. 

“Daaadd.” I whine with a slight giggle. Dad had just found out a few weeks ago about Scott’s werewolf abilities and he wont stop making jokes about raw meat or asking questions about being on heat. 

“You two go settle down while I put it on. Should be ready in 20.” He smiles and Scott puts his bag back down. 

“Come on, then.” I say as we walk up the stairs to my bedroom. 

“Why are we watching this again? It’s so sad!” I sniffle.

“You picked it, (Y/N).” Scott said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, but still!” Scott giggles and wraps an arm around me as I snuggle deep into his chest to comfort myself. After a while I begin to feel his gaze on me and I look up meeting his eyes.


“You’re just impossibly good at everything. You even look cute crying.”

“Oh, shut up. Everyones an ugly crier.” I laugh through my tears. Scott’s hand reaches up to my cheeks and he wipes away my tears. We begin to slowly lean into one another until dad calls us down for dinner. We pull apart again and make our way downstairs. 

“Thank you for dinner, Mr (Y/L/N). It was actually amazing!” Scott smiled. “I really must be going though. Mum finishes her shift in 30 minutes and I should be home.”

“Well, its been a pleasure.” My dad smiles and I stand up to lead Scott out. 

“Thanks for helping me with math by the way.” Scott smiles.

“All good…” I lead off as we awkwardly look at one another feeling an unusual tension in the air. “Ill see you tomorrow then.” 

“Yeah” Scott smiles uncomfortably before walking off. I go to close the door and then its gets stopped last second and pushed back open. “Okay, no. I have to say this. (Y/N), I’ve been in love with you for the past few months. Every time I look at you I just feel the need to be near you. I haven’t felt this way with anyone ever before. It’s insane. I just want to hold you and make sure you’re being treated right. Because you deserve the best. Better then the best, even. I know I’m rambling but I just can’t help it. I-” I quickly press my lips to Scotts and we share a deep intimate kiss. 

“I love you too” I whisper barely pulling away from him. We laugh and kiss again before I pull away and smirk at him. “See you tomorrow, lover boy.” I wink and close the door immediately pressing my back to it and closing my eyes, taking in a deep breath. I squeal softly and re-open my eyes, only to see my dad standing there sipping a cup of tea before he walks into the next door room. I smile and roll my eyes before running up to bed eager for it to be tomorrow already. 

I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 2

*PART 1*| *PART 3*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed, and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest, you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1363

Warnings: MISTERY, cursing, alcohol, bad decisions, some sexual content, presumptions of rape, suppositions about a date rape drug. You are reading at your own risk. Sorry.

A/N(IMPORTANT): I am very glad that so many of you liked the first part. When I started to write this, I did not expect to write a story like this. I hope you will like the second part. Please after reading this, read some fluff. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. 

Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc.
Also, the thoughts are write in italic.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.

“W-what?” My voice was shaky

How quick could I get to the front door?
Jughead was (much/a little bit/-) taller, but maybe I could reach them faster. Of course, if the door is not closed. I could also choose a window, but this one look like really tricky to open.

“Maybe you want to change first?” He asked, and my mind started to work faster. 

I need to get out of here. Now

I threw the clothes he gave my into the air, and I reached the front door. I pressed the handle.  

Closed. Fuck. I should choose the window.


“This was amazing,” I said when I finished my drink “What did you add to it?”

His eyes opened wide, but he smirked and said: “I am not telling you, it’s a secret.”

I laughed. “Then I would like another “secret”, but first let’s go dance.“


“I want to leave! If you don’t let me go, I will start screaming” Jughead was shocked. Probably he didn’t expect that I will act like this.

“Wait what… No no (Y/N) it’s not like that.”

“Open the door!”

“(Y/N)” He began to approach me.

“Stay away!” I said quickly. He stopped and put his hand into his pocket. He took out the keys.

“I am not forcing you to stay here (Y/N). You can leave whenever you want” He threw the keys, and I caught them.

“The biggest one,” he said.

I slowly opened the door still looking at him. It was right key. 
It calmed me a little.

“Ok, what happened” I crossed my arms. I needed answers, but I still didn’t trust him. Why should I?
I felt dizzy. The room started to be vague.

What was happening? I didn’t drink or eat  anyth… Oh God, he made me a coffee. And I drank it.
“Hi guys!” Veronica and a guy who I didn’t know walked to us.

“Hi!” I said

“(Y/N) you don’t know my brother. This is Oliver, Oliver this is (Y/N)” Reggie introduced us.

“Nice to meet you (Y/N)!” He was taller than Reggie, but they were very similar. No wonder why Veronica was looking at his face with admiration. He was very very handsome.

“You too.” He smiled. He had a gorgeous smile!

“Guys, someone puked on the stairs, and the beer had finished.” said some tall blonde boy who just barged through a crowd.

“It’s not even midnight!” Reggie looked at his brother and then at us.

“I take the beer,” Oliver said.

“So that means I going to deal with the stairs” Reggie rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Yup, little brother. Excuse us ladies. We will be right back.”

My vision went blur. I was falling. I felt the strong hand on my waist.

“No,” I said, but Jughead didn’t let me go.

“Calm down. Just sit on the chair. You will not black down in my house again.”

He walked my to the chair and took away his hands.

“What was in my coffee,” I said quietly


“What was in my coffee Jughead?”
“Girl, we are lucky” Ronnie smirked to me when Reggie and Oliver drifted away.

“The most handsome brothers!”

“I can already hear the rumours.”

“(Y/N) and Veronica the luckiest girls in the school” we laughed

“What are you two laughing about” we heard Archive voice. We turn around. He was holding two drinks.

“Nothing” Ronnie smiled.

“Well I figured out you will probably like something to drink since your partners abounded you.” He handle us the drinks

“I shouldn’t mix the alcohol,” I said hesitantly

“C'mon (Y/N) I made it especially for you” Archie winged.

“You are the second guy who said that in about ten minutes” I rolled my eyes
“Not very original.”

“Yeah thank you Archie for making during especially for (Y/N)” Ronnie acted offended but she smiled

“And this one is “especially” for you Veronica” Archie reflected, but he kept looking at me when I was drinking. I laughed.

“I hope so,” Ronnie said and took her drink.
“I didn’t drug you (Y/N)!”

“That is something, which someone who drugged me would say!” My vision was clear again. He was picking up the clothes. He looked in my eyes and sighed.

“I didn’t drug you. I didn’t force you to anything…” I opened my mouth. “No, let me finish! I didn’t add anything to your coffee. Basically, I didn’t do anything like that. I don’t know the whole story, but I can tell you what I know and what happened. I will understand if you don’t want to. You can leave whenever you want.”

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was curious, but on the other hand,  I was scared.

He rolled his eyes, took his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the table next to me.
“I don’t know where your phone is but you can call whoever you want and check my story. Ok?”


“How are you filling?”

I knew that I shouldn’t mix alcohol! It was wired that I was drunk after two drinks. I didn’t like being drunk, but this time it was surprisingly nice. I felt relaxed when I was dancing. But after about 20 minutes I started feeling dizzy.

“Are you ok?” Kevin asked with concerned look

“I think-k so-o. I n-need s-some air” I said, and I was surprised. I didn’t think I
was so drunk to have a speech problem.

“Girl how much did you drink?” he smirked

“Definitely not enough” Veronica handled me a drink. She already drank about 6 and Archie was still bringing more.

“No, thanks.” The speech problem disappeared, how was that possible?

“C'mon you only drank about 2 and it’s not even midnight. By the way, did someone see Reggie or Olivier?”


“Why I am here with you,” I asked

“You called me,” he answered.

That was wired. Why I phoned Jughead? I didn’t know him. I didn’t talk to him. Something wasn’t right.

“I don’t have your number. How could I called you?”

“You called me from Archie’s phone.”

“I think I need to go home,” I said and started to looking for my purse. Damn it I left it somewhere.

“No (Y/N) stay with us!” Kevin insisted

I saw that Archie was holding a phone, he was texting. I took his phone and opened the contact book.

“No (Y/N)!” Archie tried to stop me and got his phone back. Probably I interrupted some meaningful conversation. I didn’t care. I found the taxi number, but I accidentally press the one above. I saw Jughead name on the screen, and then I heard his voice. He was angry.

“Dude! I told you I’m busy. I don’t care how wasted you are I’m not picking you up.” He hung up.

Archie took the phone out of my hand. “You need some air,” He said. “I will call a taxi for you, ok?”
I nodded

We walked out of Reggie’s house. The cold air was very nice. But I didn’t felt better. Contrary everything went blur again. I sat on the stairs. I felt dizzy and tired.

“Do you want to have a walk? Drive-In is nearby” I heard the voice. It sounded like from under water. Unrealistic. I didn’t recognise it. Maybe it was Archie? I walked out with Archie, right?

Strong hands helped me to stand up. I felt like my feets didn’t belong to me. I looked at the owner of the hands. But everything was nebulous. He was tall. What was his hair colour? Is it’s just the light from the streetlight reflecting in his black hair or there are really red?

“Yeah let’s go,” I said, and he took my hand.


“What are you not telling me, Jughead?” I asked

He didn’t answer.

HVFF London: here’s my (way too long, if I were you, I’d keep on scrolling) report! :D

Oh, boy… What. A. Weekend!!! Seriously there are no strong enough words to describe how utterly awesome this whole experience was. But enough gushing, there will be plenty more as I go on. Let’s start this report! :D (I have highlighted the different parts so you can just skip to what you wanna read about)

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Young Gods (Part 1/?)

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Henry Cavill x reader (fem)

Summary: Reader has just moved into London and meets Henry at a coffee shop while petting his dog.

You were never satisfied with the lifestyle of your country, so after studying Fine Arts for four years you decided to move into London. Your best friend, also a Fine Arts graduate, joined you. Beeing an artist in (Y/C) wasn’t easy or in any other country, but you decided to test you luck in London. 

You had moved into Stoke Newigton with your best friend as your roomate, only three months ago.  You worked as a part-time waitress since then and taken several projects, many of which included painting walls of coffeshops and selling prints. You were hoping to be an illustator someday, maybe you would illustrate your own book. 

You were now heading to a coffeshop that you had visited several times the previous month when you were painting its walls. It was surprisingly a sunny day in July. Wearing a black romper with  frill off shoulder sleeves and straps, you had half of your long (Y/H/C) hair hidden under a black cowboy-like hat and your (Y/E/C) eyes protected from the sun behind round violet sunglasses. 

You entered the coffee shop, took off your sunglasses and ordered. The wall on the right was decorated with a portait of a woman with the sea in her hair. While waiting, you suddenly felt something big and hairy against your leg.  You turn to look and saw the most adorable dog brushing his head against your skin and looking at you with big blue eyes. You kneeled on the floor to pet him.

“Hi, big guy! And you would be…” 

“Kal. Sorry about him… He seems to like you though.” a sexy and kind of familiar voice answered next to you.

“You don’t have to apologise. He is not bothering me. Kal? Like Kal-El?” you said and turned to look at him only to realise that it was Kal-El himself smiling at you. You stood up smiling too. “Yup! Definately Kal-El…” 

Keep your cool, girl…. Keep your cool

“I am Henry!” he said and extended his hand and you gladly traded grips with him.

“Yeah! I am well aware of who you are… I am (Y/N)” 

“Miss your coffee is ready” the waiter called from behind. 

“Thank you!” you said and took it heading towards the exit. “It was nice meeting you, Henry! And you, of course, Kal!” 

“Hey! Wait! I didn’t really got the chance to speak with you.  Will you do me the honor of drinking your coffee here with me?”

“I would love to but I am afraid I have to go to work. Another one of these waits for me to go and finish it” you said pointing to the wall you had painted.

“First of all this is amazing.”

“Thank you!”

“Secondly since you have to go to work now what about a date tommorow?”

“Like I could possibly say no.”  you said smirking and he laughed.

“Perfect! Can you please fix my phone then? It seems it doesn’t have your number in it.” 

“Okay cheeseball! Give it to me!”

“Oh someone is eager!” he said with a smirk and gave you his phone.

“You perv! I am seriously considering stealing your phone right now.” you said jokingly and put your name and number in his phone.

“You think you could take me down?”

“Absolutely” you said and while smirking, you put your sunglasses on and exited the coffeshop looking one last time behind smiling.

Well that went well…

Brendon Urie: sweet fluff & smut

*this is dedicated to my fren @gryffindor9whovian ily bb

               Completely honest, you didn’t even want to come to this stupid party anyways. It didn’t even count as a party, and you shouldn’t have been surprised, because you hadn’t been to many in the first place. It was just a small get together of your friends. Normally, you wouldn’t mind, you were used to the feeling of being alone or left out. But this time was different. You were watching your friends with their own lovers, making note of the passion and sincerity in their eyes, how they touched each other as if they were the most precious thing they’ve ever found, how they were absolutely enticed in each other. And it hurt. It hurt to know that you didn’t have that. You wanted it so bad, just to be able to feel something, someone, to have that thing they call love.

               Music blaring in the distance from the house, you decided to step out onto the porch, get some fresh air, and simply unwind. Perhaps you were overthinking all of this. You just needed to clear your mind. You closed your eyes, held your head in your hands, tried to calm down, when you heard someone clear their throat. “You okay?” the voice wondered. You looked up from where you were sitting, eyes widening at the sight. It was a guy maybe a little older than you, big brown eyes, Pizza Planet hat and uniform, holding a couple boxes.

               “Uh, y-yeah…” you stammered out. “Just needed some fresh air.”

               “You sure?” his expression softened. “You looked kind of sad.”

               “I don’t really know to be honest,” you sighed. “And why do you care? You’re the pizza delivery man.”

               “Doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings,” he shrugged. “You like sausage pizza?”

               “Love it,” you responded.

               “Here you go,” he gave a small grin, handing you a box. “You stay there, I’m going to take these ones in and get the payment. I’ll be back out, yeah?”

               “Okay,” you managed a smile as well.

               “Oh, and uh, can I get a name maybe?” he wondered.

               “Y/n,” you laughed. “You?”

               “Brendon,” he replied. “Nice to meet you y/n.”

               “You too,” you nodded, watching as he walked into the house, leaving you to wonder who he was and why he would care. When he came back, he sat down beside you, taking off his hat and running a hand through his hair, then sighing.

               “So what’s your story?” he asked.

               “What do you mean?” you eyed him strangely.

               “Come on,” he narrowed his eyes. “You’re not all mopey and sitting outside for no reason. What happened? Was someone mean to you? Do I have to beat them up?”

               “No,” you giggled, realizing how long it had been since you had last actually genuinely laughed. “I just uh, was lonely I guess.”

               “I feel that,” he mumbled. “You single?”

               “Yeah…” you answered slowly. “Kind of contributes towards my loneliness, don’t you think?”

               “I guess,” he replied. “So, uh, would you mind not being lonely?”

               “What?” you stared at him, confused.

               “Would you like company, I guess, is what I’m trying to say?” he rephrased the question.

               “Sure,” you tried to hide the redness in your face, flattered by the offer. “I’d love to.”

               “Come on,” he laughed. “Let’s get you out of this shitty party.”

               You didn’t exactly expect Brendon to be off his shift in such a hurry, but you were happy he was. In fact, he even let you eat half of the sausage pizza as he made the rest of his deliveries, of course, only having him eat the other half. He proved to be extremely nice, cracking jokes and complimenting you when you least expected it, and although you doubted whether there was any truth to his words, he had claimed he was having just as good as a time in your company as you were in his. He stopped by a gas station to pick out your favorite ice cream, as well as a Redbox to find a good movie, and then took you towards his apartment, letting you sit on the couch and handing you a blanket only before snuggling up beside you, casually putting an arm around your shoulder and watching you blush. “Thank you,” you whispered as the menu screen popped up on the television and Brendon reached for the remote. “A lot. I haven’t had this much fun in a really long time.”

               “My pleasure,” he replied, setting the remote down beside him, surprising you even more and leaning in to kiss you on the cheek. When he moved away, your face was bright red, eyes wide, shocked. “I u-uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomf-” Before he could even finish his sentence, some crazy force overtook you and made you lean in to kiss him, this time on the lips, and he was the shocked one. When you pulled away, you stared at him, watching as he swallowed slowly, then studied your face.

               “W-was that okay?” you stammered, suddenly self-conscious and worried.

               “Okay?” he laughed. “That was fucking amazing, y/n.” He stared at you for another moment, silence lingering between the two of you before he took a deep breath. “Would you mind if we maybe did it again?”

               You didn’t even take the time to reply, but instead leaned in and pressed your lips against his, both of you closing your eyes and absorbing the moment. Your hands were tangled in his hair and his hands were sliding up your back, making you hum into his mouth, his tongue exploring yours, the sensation making you feel absolutely wonderful. “Don’t stop,” you breathed as he pulled away.

               “Is it okay if…” his voice trailed off and he looked at you, biting down on his lip, hesitant to continue.

               “Yes,” you nodded, seeming to understand what he was hinting towards. “Don’t hold back.”

               “You sure?” he double checked. “All the way?”

               “All the way,” you repeated, pulling him closer to you, his lips barely touching yours. “I want everything you have to offer.”

               He kissed you again, this time ten times more passionate, hands running up your back and tugging off your shirt, then pulling off his, laying you down on the couch. He trailed his lips down your jaw, your neck, unclasping your bra in order to gain access to your breasts, then your stomach, making you hum in delight. He unbuttoned and unzipped your jeans, sliding them down before taking a moment to do the same to his, after pulling a condom out of his pocket. He removed his boxers next, smirking at your reaction before tearing open the foil and sliding the condom over his length, then climbing on top of you and kissing you passionately again, this time taking a hand and sliding it down your stomach towards your panties, rubbing you through the fabric. “God you’re gorgeous,” he sighed.

               “Please,” you begged. “Fuck me, Brendon.”

               That’s all it took for him to slide into you, his hands on your hips as he sunk into your pussy, inch by inch, making you moan. “Shit, you’re so tight baby,” he gasped, filling you to the hilt before moving his hips in rhythm with yours. He thrusted into you slowly, making you gasp and moan and sigh, you savoring every single second of it. When you both came, you were moaning each other’s names, a complete mess, clinging onto the other’s body, shaking and loving the feeling of your orgasms washing over you. When he pulled out, he pressed a kiss to your lips. “That was amazing, baby.”

               “Mmm you have no idea,” you sighed, pulling him in for another heated kiss. When he pulled away he chuckled, sliding off the condom and tying it, leaving for a moment and then coming back, snuggling up next to you and wrapping the blanket around both of your bodies, cuddling you.

               “Much better than a lame party, am I right?” he chuckled.

               “Definitely,” you smiled. “You think uh, maybe we could make this a regular thing?”

               “Definitely,” he grinned. You stared at each other for a second before he chuckled to himself. “Uh, you ready to watch that movie now?”

               “Oh I almost forgot,” you burst out into laughter. “Yeah.”

               “Give me a second,” Brendon whispered, kissing your forehead. “I think I lost the remote.”

               “Doofus,” you giggled. “I love you.”

               “I love you too,” he replied.

BTS Recation to you laughing at everything

Request: BTS reaction if their gf is someone WHO laughs at Everything(llike bullshit) and can’t stop laughing ?

Another one requested a month ago

AN: This request is actually an accurate description of me tho. Kind of shorter so I’m sorry but the next request will be long i swear!! Hopefully two more updates between the next two days; a reaction and a scenario. I’ll reopen requests after I finish a couple more! ALSO PLEASE TELL ME WHICH MEMBER YOU’D LIKE TO SEE FIRST FOR THE FUCKBOY GOT7 AU.

SEOKJIN: He probably loves the fact that you laugh so much. He’d think that your laugh is the most amazing thing and would make it his goal (a very achievable goal) to make you laugh. Expect a lot more dad jokes and awkward dancing than usual. He probably has a folder on his phone of videos he’s taken of you laughing at random shit.

                                                    “Look at this!!”

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YOONGI: He probably low key gets annoyed when you start laughing randomly, not because you’re actually annoying him, but because he doesn’t understand what you thought was funny. He’ll probably just stare at you with a look of pure confusion and ask you why you were laughing so hard. Despite this, he probably remembers the things that make you laugh the most, for days when you’re sad.

                                    “I don’t get it! What’s the joke???”

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HOSEOK: He’s the type of person to laugh along with you, regardless of whether he knows why your laughing. He just wants to share the positivity! Honestly, he would probably love the fact that he found someone that laughed as much or more than he does. You guys are most definitely known as the “humor couple”

                                              “THAT’S HILARIOUS”

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NAMJOON: He probably feels like the luckiest man on earth whenever you burst out in laughter, especially when at something he says or does. He would see your laugh as the most beautiful thing in existence and would feel special whenever he was the cause of it. It probably boosts his ego too whoops. Like Yoongi, Namjoon would probably remember what makes you laugh the most, but rather than use this information on days when you’re sad, he’ll use them in almost every situation, just to hear you laugh again.

                                    “Your laugh could cure illnesses”

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JIMIN: Whenever you start to laugh he probably has to mentally prepare himself because “again really?”. He’ll tell you to stop but that only lasts a few seconds because soon enough he’s laughing along with you. You guys are two peas in a pod - “humor couple” 2.0. Probably just salty because he thinks your laugh makes you cuter than him.

                                                “Here we go again”

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TAEHYUNG: Tae would undoubtedly love your laugh. Whenever you start laughing he’d stare at you lovingly, wondering how he was so lucky to have someone as cute as you.

   “I love you best when you’re laughing… So I love you best all the time!”

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JUNGKOOK: I feel like throughout your entire relationship, your constant laughter will confuse him. Despite not knowing why he’ll probably laugh along with you awkwardly just for support. You can 100 percent tell when his laughter isn’t genuine, but it’s the thought that counts! Like Tae, Jin, and Namjoon, Jungkook would treasure your laugh. 


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White Hares and Snowball Fights


Roaming around Watford in the middle of a snowstorm with Simon Snow to look for stupid white hares was not my idea of a good time. If I had to spend more than the required amount of time with Snow, I had preferred it would be under some other circumstances, a cozy coffee shop or maybe a warm beach somewhere. But this dreadfully cold and stressful outing was likely the only way the two of us would ever hang out without trying to rip each other’s throats out, so I tried to absorb what little pleasantries I could.
For instance, although it was freezing out, the white carpeting of ice over the campus made Snow’s blue eyes sparkle in a surprising way, a rare sight for me especially. While I silently admired Snow, he kept trudging on, his face both frustrated and determined.
“Snow, do you actually know what you’re doing? Or were you just desperate for an excuse to hang out with me?”
He was looking down at some crumpled scrap of paper when I spoke to him.
“Hello? Earth to Snow?”
He looked up at me, confused. “Huh?”
I shook my head, both amused and annoyed. “Just find your stupid bunnies.”
His eyes flashed. “They’re hares, not bunnies.”
I rolled my eyes and lifted my hands in surrender. “Sure, whatever you say Chosen One.”
He huffed and then went back to his paper. “Just follow me, we’ll find them faster if you don’t tease me the whole way.”
Again I rolled my eyes but said nothing more. I had no idea why Snow asked me to come with him on this stupid quest. I imagined he planned to use me for bait or as a stepping stool, something impersonal and expendable. But, obsessed as I am, I followed him out without question. Snow had been so exhausted lately, and a bit more sullen than usual. I wanted to come because, well it was Simon, but also because I wanted to help him, to ease whatever was on his mind.
Whatever this quest was, it was wearing on him, and I suddenly wanted to stop him, to make him pause and be himself again, even for just a moment.
Snow was already distracted again, so I let him go a good ways ahead of me. I scooped up a decent portion of snow, using my vampire sensitivity and strength to shape it into a perfect sphere and aimed at my target. The snowball hit him square between the shoulder blades with a resounding thwack.
He froze where he had been walking, and drew his shoulders up in tension. Slowly he turned to glare at me. I shrugged and gave him the cockiest smile I could manage. I had expected him to yell at me, or to punch me, something violent that would let off some of his steam and give him a clear enemy to target. What I didn’t expect for him to do was pick up his own portion of snow and throw a much weaker shot at my leg.
I raised my eyebrow. “I do believe you just accepted a challenge Snow.”
He smiled, I was amazed to see it directed at me. “You’re on Baz.”
I laughed and then dove away before he could throw the one he thought he had hidden well behind his back.
He cursed when I dodged it, and hurried to make another one. I didn’t give him a chance to finish, flinging a particularly big snowball at his hunched shoulder. When it collided it sprayed a flurry of ice into his hair and face.
“That’s it!”
He ran at me head on and crashed into my midsection. Both of us landed in the soft snow bed and slid a bit before coming to a stop. He had me pinned by his muscled body and proceeded to crumble a huge ice chunk all over my face.
I laughed and inhaled a couple of ice flakes in the process.
Snow leaned over, face so close that I could feel his warm breath on my face.
“What do you say Baz, do I win?”
I shook my head. “I’m letting you win Snow, your snowballing skills are so weak, I pity you too much to win.”
He was smiling, wider than I had seen him smile in quite some time. It made my heart thump unevenly. I needed to push him off of me, offer some witty comment and continue onto whatever unpleasant events awaited us. But I couldn’t make myself do it. His eyes had me mesmerized, and I liked the way it felt to be pinned down by him.
“I think my blunt force attack skills were just fine Baz, I mean look at you, your helpless.” He laughed.
I smiled at him. “That I am.”
We were both smiling like idiots when his expression changed. It lost none of its mirth, but became charged with something else. His breath puffed a bit heavier now, and his heartbeat quickened too.
“What’s my prize?” His voice was husky.
“Whatever you want.” I whispered, even though we were alone in what was by all means a blizzard.
His eyes moved from my eyes to my lips, and I sighed in desire, desperately hoping he would do what it looked like he wanted to do. Hoping that the quiet snow was not a dream and that what he was about to do was real.
“Simon.” I breathed, a moan more than a statement.
His mouth crushed against mine with a force I didn’t expect. I sucked in my breath in surprise, and then shuddered. He kissed me fiercely, and coaxed me to kiss him back. For a moment I feared that I was doing it wrong, but when he opened my mouth with his tongue I stopped thinking anything coherent at all. I made some sort of noise when our tongues met, and Simon growled lightly in response, nipping my lip with his teeth. I lifted my hands to tug at his hair, pulling him even closer to me.
Minutes, or days later, I honestly couldn’t tell, he pulled back to look at me. His cheeks were flushed, and his eyes were unfocused. He smirked lazily.
“If we keep this up, we’ll get frostbite.”
I stroked his hair. “I don’t even feel cold.”
He bent and kissed my forehead. “I’m so confused.”
“All the more reason to continue and see where it goes…”
He stood up and I followed reluctantly.
“I agree…but don’t you think our room would be better?”
He had blushed and looked away as he said this.
I cocked my head to the side, surprised, “What about the white hares?”
He stepped towards me again and kissed me lightly.
Pulling back just slightly he whispered on to my lips, “The fucking bunnies can wait.”
I laughed, more carefree than I had ever felt before.

The City (Part 3)

Dean X Reader 

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Warnings: Drinking & Swearing 

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Fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is all it takes for the pill to start working. I lean back in my bed, and turn on the TV, hoping to distract me in the meantime. The sounds of Will Ferrell fill the room as I decide to leave on Talladega Nights. Before I know it, I am laughing along to a joke, almost oblivious to the pain I was feeling earlier.

My phone keeps ringing. First its Alyssa’s name, then Sam’s and finally Dean’s. I shut my phone off, not wanting to hear from any of them.

The credits roll across the screen. Turning my phone back on, I see twelve missed calls. I open the phone to get the notifications to go away, but I catch a glimpse at the time as well, realizing I have been in here for almost an hour. I stand up, deciding it would be better to just go out, so they don’t come here looking for me.

Opening the door, I run face first into Alyssa. She has her hand raised, clearly ready to knock.

“Hey!” Her voice is high pitched, clearly surprised at my sudden appearance.

“Hey.” I say shutting the door, and heading towards the elevator. She barley hesitates as she matches my stride.

Walking in silence, we finally get the elevator bank. Hitting the button I keep my head down, trying not to make eye contact.

“So, I haven’t known you very long, but I’m going to call it like I see it.” She doesn’t give me any time before she launches into her lecture. “You’re in love with Dean, and seeing him with that girl sent you over the edge. So instead of staying and dealing with it or what I would have done, smack him in the face, you left.” Letting out my breath, the elevator door dings, allowing me a few extra moments to decided how to respond.

The doors close, while we start our decent to the lobby. Alyssa patiently waits for me to answer, much to my surprise.
“Yes.” I say curtly. Keeping my head up I watch the numbers descend.

“Okay.” I look at her, not believing she was just going to drop it. “Do you want to go to a bar or to the stadium? I think they opened the gates so we can go in a get our seats.” Smiling I look over at her.

“Lets just go to the stadium.” My excitement of finally getting to see the famous Fenway has my spirits up once more. I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster this day has been so outrageous.

The streets are full of drunk people and vendors as push our way to Entrance B. the line was not long, and before I know it, I’m standing in the stadium, talking it all in. the smell wasn’t the best. Between the waves of stale beer and carnival food there would be someone’s perfume or cologne that was too strong. But I smile, enjoying every minute of it.

You couldn’t walk more than thirty seconds without there being a beer or food vendor, but Alyssa informed me that the seats we have on the turf have their own stuff there, that is much better. So I nod my understanding and agreement and follow her to the security guards to our sections. Holding out my ticket, they check that I belong here and step aside to let me pass.

Emerging from the little tunnel, I step up onto a huge raised platform. Not able to take another step, I stare at what is before me.

Bellow me is where the field is, but is now covered in a very large hard white plastic. It must be used to help protect the field from all the people. There are folding chairs that fill the floor, and surrounding the outside are a bunch of vendors. Looking up, there is a wall that has a metal railing at the top, where the stadium seating begins. I have a view of everything from this platform. I can even see part of the stage that was to my right.

Snapping out of it, I catch up to Alyssa who is already at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. “You good?” she smirks, clearly amused at my awe.

“Yeah.” I manage to get out while still looking around. First thing I noticed was the ground was not as even as I thought it was. The plastic looked almost like giant jigsaw piece, making some of the seams peak a little more than others. The second thing I noticed was by far the best. Sitting right next to me is a Vodka Lemonade cart. Alyssa see me looking at the cart and laughs.

“Lets get some!” She grabs my hand and pulls me to the line. Alyssa was right, there are so many vendors here, just for this section there was never more than three people at any of the lines.

“Thirteen dollars please.” The guy working the stand hands me my I.D. and drink, waiting for me to hand him money in exchange. Sadly pulling a twenty from my wallet I hand it to the guy, who smiles while giving me my seven dollars back. Grimacing I put the change in my wallet, seeing only two more twenties.

Walking to the security at section one, we show our tickets and walk down the isle to section b, where we have to show our ticket again to two more guys. Finally we make it to row three and take our seats right on the end. Alyssa goes one in, which I am thankful for. I love being the isle seat, I feel freer.

“I hate how often we have to show our tickets. Why not just give us wristbands or something so I don’t have to carry something around.” I tare my attention from the stage that was almost close enough for me to touch, and look at Alyssa.

“Thank you so much for this, this is truly amazing!” Alyssa’s face lit up.

“Oh its my pleasure! Really, its nice to see someone for once that aren’t my parents.” She laughs and takes out her phone. “Lets get a picture.” Before I could respond she has her arm up, and snapping a picture. “That’s a good one! I’m definitely posting this.” I just laugh, amazed at how normal and natural this feels. I feel like I don’t kill monsters for a living.

Finishing my drinking, I turn to Alyssa seeing she has as well. She stands, “Lets go get another.” I know I shouldn’t. The pill I took, I’m not supposed to drink on. It doubles the affects of the alcohol and the pill, and can even cause seizures.

I’m about to tell her no, when I spot Dean and Sam, with the two blondes from earlier, on the opposite side of our row. Dean goes in four seats and sits and is followed by Blonde One, then blonde two and lastly Sam on the isle seat. Dean looks down the row, seeing me; he gives a small wave. This catches the attention of Blonde one. She pokes his arm, and he turns to kiss her, forgetting about me.

Taking a sharp breath, I stand up, joining Alyssa in the journey for another drink. She places her hand on my shoulder as we walk, a show of sympathy.

Alyssa buys my next drink, saying she owes me for putting me in the same row as them. I try to say no, she has given me too much already but she buys it anyway, so I thank her and take it.

Back at our seats, I can actually hear the girl giggling at whatever Dean is saying, or doing. I know I shouldn’t but I drink to numb the feeling.

Fifteen minutes later I have nothing but ice in my glass, and a head full of sadness. Glancing at Alyssa I see she is not even half way done with hers. Getting up, I say I am running to the bathroom. Keeping my empty cup from her eyesight, I turn and head for the Vodka lemonade line.

Third drink in my hand, I make my way back to my seats. Keeping my head down I run smack dab into a broad chest. “What the fuck!” I am seething as look at my now soaked shirt.

“Watch where your going slut.” My head snaps up. I knew who it was before I even look at her. Blonde number one.

“I am so sorry.” The deep gruff voice I would know anywhere says. Looking up, I meet by the amazing green eyes I always get lost in. “Y/N?” I say nothing, unsure if I would cry if I opened my mouth. “You look… wow…I…” Dean stops talking at a loss for words.

“You two know each other?” she asks. I look at the blonde bimbo hanging on deans arm, claiming him. I want to pull out the knife I hid in my belt, and show her I am no one to be fucked with.

“Um yeah, this is (Y/N). We are um friends.” He looks down at his feet when speaks. Pain radiates through me. We have spent years together, every day fighting monsters this girl could never dream about, and I get a “we’re friends” really?! Anger and sadness engulf me.

“Yeah friends.” I say to the girl, who just huffs at me. “I need to go buy another thirteen dollar drink cause some asshole spilt mine on Me.” the venom drips in my tone, but I could feel the tears coming. Turning on my heel I head back to the drink line.

Taking out my phone I pretend to be so engrossed by something, so it looks like I don’t even notice as dean and her walk by. Unfortunately though, I am all too aware, so this time I order two drinks. Chugging one on the spot, I throw out the empty cup and take a few sips of the other so it does not look brand new. I can feel the swirl of alcohol and drugs in my system, making me feel delightfully intoxicated. Taking a deep breath I head back to my seat hoping more people would be in our row, making it harder for me to see him.

Just the Right Amount of Kinky

So I’ve noticed…There is an extreme lack of kinky middle-ground here, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE this blog. There are plenty of recs that intrigue the hell out of me but I’m more of a…kinky SOB that doesn’t like anything too intense but isn’t a boring vanilla observer. It seems that here there is a lot of widely accepted ‘normal’ fic and then a lot of wtf is going on kink (like fisting…and incest…and watersports for instance.) so as a mildly kinky individual I decided to put together some of my favorite borderline kinky things…with a bit of self advertisement because I write a lot. Note that anything I write is subject to have another chapter added even if it’s finished. (I apologize in advance for the overwhelming amount of bottom/sub Dean) - awkwardarin

Thanks for making us this list! I’ve read and recced some of the fics in this list but as everyone has probably noticed, we don’t shy away from re-reccing fics! The reason why we tend to go for the “kinkier” fics is because you guys keep asking for them and also it’s easier to tag our posts if one rec is only about one kink. So the other “normal” kink fics usually tend to fall under other labels like human AU or Doctor AU or whatever the setting of our rec is. Anyway, thanks for making this list and I hope all of our readers will enjoy it aswell!
Ps. Self recs are awesome! - Admin A

Title: Get To Class

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,894 - Finished

My Notes: This is definitely dom/sub, some light panty!kink, authority!kink, a bit of oral fixation, and there’s a remote control vibrating buttplug involved if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. As a side note, this is NOT about a creepy age difference. Cas is 23 and Dean is 20.

Admin A’s notes: Texting Admin J about this one right now. She’s our official top Cas reader so I’m sure she’s going to love this because even I (as a strictly bottom Cas reader) found this one hot as hell!

Summary: Dean is Cas’ boyfriend. Cas is a new college graduate with his first teaching job as a college professor. Dean just so happens to also become Cas’ student.

(Read Here)

Title: Aesthetics in Autoerotica

Author: relucant

Rating: Explicit

Words: 8,260 - Finished

My Notes: I absolutely love this fic. Cas is a photographer and Dean is what he’s photographing…it’s all completely consensual as well as kinky as hell and It’s just amazing. I suppose it might fall under exhibitionism, even if Cas is the only one watching. There’s certainly some panty!kink as well as another buttplug…but hey what are ya gonna do?

Summary: “What do you think about when you masturbate?”

“I sure don’t think about callin’ it masturbate,” Dean retorted with a small laugh.

“I’m sorry.  What do you think about when you jerk off?”

“Jesus, Cas, you talkin’ dirty like that ain’t gonna help me not come in these panties.”

“Well, I intend for you to,” Cas pointed out. 

“But not just yet.  Now answer the question, please.”

“Jesus,” Dean said again, blush deepening.  “I – um.  Jeez, I dunno.  I mean, there’s all kinds of crap in my spank bank.  Some days, yeah, s'gettin’ thrown against the wall by some hot dude in an alley.  Other days, I dunno, it’s triplets.”

“What are you thinking about right now?“Dean turned an incredulous look on him. 

“Uh, there’s a hot photographer takin’ pictures of my dick in pink panties right now, you think I need any more material?”

(Read Here)

Title: Gym Shorts

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,728 - Finished

My Notes: This is “public sex” per se, because it takes place in a locker room but Cas and Dean are certainly alone. There’s a tie involved and well as oral fixation and Dean coming on Cas’ face.

Admin A’s notes: Why so short?!! I was just getting into this and then it was over… you are killing me with these drabbles :’D

Summary: Cas is done with Dean Winchester and his stupid beautiful face and his tight gym shorts. Absolutely done.

(Read Here)

Title: Me in Honey

Author: LoversAntiquities

Rating: Explicit

Words: 6,520 - Finished

My Notes: This is somewhat a/b/o- what I mean by that is that it’s a universe in which angels are a/b/o but humans are not. Cas is an alpha. I’m not that into a/b/o myself but this was something I enjoyed very much. There’s quite rough sex, multiple orgasms, and some sex toys.

Summary: He’s smelled it on Castiel for the past week, felt it in every room of the bunker, the oncoming scent of sex and sweat, roses and spices, clogging his nose until he chokes on it. The cabin outside Hastings is available for as long as he needs, and he heads up the few hours drive to the river, unpacking his things and the extra duffel at the side of the bed. Enough food to last a few days at minimum, extra sheets if need be, and the softest rope he could find. Because it’s not Castiel getting fucked here, no, as much as Dean thought it would be at the beginning.

Castiel doesn’t crave physical pleasure for himself—it’s for his partner.

(Read here)

Title: It’s an Angel Thing

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 5,213 - WIP

My Notes: Even though this one is a work in progress it can be read as a stand alone perfectly fine, the next chapter is being written purely because so many people wanted more. This is some pretty shameless wing!kink, Cas’ wings being quite expressive and sensitive. Grace induced orgasms and multiple orgasms included ;)

Admin A’s notes: I’m really starting to feel like admin J should be reading these because A. this is totally her area of expertise. B. I’m tired and can’t get my brain to work enough to write something meaningful about these fics.

Summary: Cas is having a bad…wing day? Dean wants to help but isn’t fully aware of what exactly angel wings can do for the angel that they’re attached to.

(Read Here)

Title: The One Where Dean Loses His Voice

Author: ratherbehere

Rating: Explicit

Words: 2,013

My Notes: There’s some light bondage, rimming, and I guess nipple-play…it isn’t my favorite on this list but it is worth the read nonetheless.

Summary: Dean and Cas never have enough time for sex, but Castiel is going to take his time this time. His goal? Mind-blowing sex that causes Dean to lose his voice.

(Read Here)

Title: The Endverse Is Fucking Weird

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,383 - WIP

My Notes: This is yet another where the first and second chapters could be read as stand alones, but there is a third chapter on the way. This one is one of the most kinky I’d say…I’m a bit ashamed that I wrote it and enjoyed it so much. It’s a threesome, Past!Dean/Future!Cas/Future!Dean so there is some blatant…deancest I suppose. There’s double penetration in the second chapter so just read the first if you aren’t into it.

Admin A’s notes: I should have read your notes about this before starting to read it in a full buss with a lady next to me occasionally letting her eyes wander on the screen of my phone. Most awkward buss ride ever!

(Read Here)

Title: A Room Of One’s Own

Author: NorthernSparrow

Rating: Explicit

Words: 94,113 - Finished

My Notes: This is my favorite fanfiction in the entire world hands down. 6/5 stars. It is very long but worth every minute if you have the time, going through too many kinks and tricks to name. The character development!!!! I love it so much. The kinks aren’t too extreme but just right. Mmmm some good shit.

Summary: All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.

(Read Here)

Title: Bad Boys Get Punished

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,836 - Finished

My Notes: Hmm…pure kinky sex. Bondage, spanking, frottage, rimming, dom!cas, sub!dean, excessive prostate stimulation, y'know, the works. If you want something kinky then here it is.

Admin A’s notes: I love the way you write smut. Seriously you are amazing at describing all the important stuff and as I read these, I feel like I’m literally watching it happen before my eyes. So great job!

(Read Here)

Title: Dean’s Secretary

Author: AwkwardArin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 1,068 - WIP

My Notes: This is pure smut. Dean is the bottom but I’d say that he’s also the Dom…as he’s quite bossy and gives some orders. There’s a buttplug and Dean comes untouched. It’s semi-public, considering the fact that it happens on Dean’s desk.

Admin A’s notes: Everyone who loves office smut is going to love this. I’ve only once worked in an office setting and I’m so fucking glad that back then I was younger and was mainly reading HS fics because otherwise I would have never been able to get any work done… especially since my boss was really cute.

(Read Here)

Well, I hope this is enjoyed by at least a few people…and if you do end up reading any of my work then thank you. Even if this never ends up posted I had fun making it. I thank you for this blog and it’s great recs :)
- awkwardarin 

Hoshi Scenario

Plot: heated make out session
Genre: smut? I mean… Yea pretty much xD

It’s 1:00pm and your almost out the door. Today you were meeting up with your friend Hoshi and planned on practicing for a big duet together! You were close friends but in your heart you secretly had a thing for him. He wasn’t always the adorable cutie you see before your eyes. In your eyes he was not only cute, but sexy as hell. When watching him dance it gave you chills up your spine. Each move, each swaying motion, just gave your heart a reason to beat. Hoshi never knew this though, and if he did know, you knew it would end your friendship. And even though you still act as friends, at times you’d think he was flirting with you. But no time to dwell on that now, Hoshi is almost here!

You heard the doorbell ring and ran to the door, “Hoshi!”

Hoshi, “Hi (Y/N)! You ready to go?”

“Yep! Let’s go get some food first though; I’m starving~”

Hoshi, “Yea let’s go get some cookies and coffee!”


Since you weren’t far from the practice room you two liked to walk. You came across a nearby coffee shop and decided to go in. There you sat next to each other and ordered your things. You ordered your favorite coffee and added extra cream on the top. Hoshi ordered his, along with some cookies and you both waited for your afternoon snack.

After a few minutes the food and drinks made their way to you both. You started eating the cookies and they tasted delicious.

“Wow! These taste amazing!”

Hoshi, “Really? Let me try one!”

He opened his mouth to signal for you to feed him. You’d never really fed him before so this made you feel a little restless. With your tinted pink cheeks you fed the cookie to him and saw a smile spread across his face.

Hoshi, “Mmm! It really does taste amazing!”

“I know right! I can’t wait to try my coffee.” You took a sip and jerked a back a little. “It’s really hot…”

Hoshi laughed at your silliness and onwards you both started eating again. You then started sharing small talk with one another. When you were almost finished Hoshi spoke up suddenly.

Hoshi, “Oh, what’s that over there?”

“Huh?” You turned your head over the way he was pointing. “I don’t see anything.”

Hoshi, “Sorry my mistake!”

You turned back to your coffee and took another sip.

Hoshi, “Um hey, you got some cream on you.” He pointed to your face. You felt around til he grabbed your hand and looked at you with a gleam in his eyes.

“I’ll get it for you.”

Surprisingly he came close to your face and licked your cheek. You fiercely blushed and looked at him wide eyed. But all he did was that same cute cheeky eye smile. Your heart thumped in your chest and you quickly tried to change the mood.

“Um, w-why don’t we get going. We don’t want to be practicing til dawn right? Let’s go.”

You gathered your things and dragged Hoshi out the coffee shop. Finally you made your way to the practice building and went inside. Once in your own private room you instantly began dancing together. And since it was a duet, you did have to be close to each other, VERY close. At some points you felt as though Hoshi was getting a little too close. But the show must go on!

You tapped your feet left and right, just as in sync with his. Til unexpectedly Hoshi twirled you and brought his face close to yours. You blushed and looked away.

Hoshi, “Is something the matter (Y/N)?”

“Y-You’re a little close Hoshi.”

He came closer, “Is this better?”

“Not exactly…W-Why don’t you-”

Hoshi now came close enough to you and brushed his nose along your heated cheek. You flinched beneath him. He started kissing your jawline.


Hoshi, “Hmm?”

“What a-are you doing?” You felt his hand slide down your back.

Hoshi, “Just having a little fun~”


He squeezed your bottom and looked closely into your eyes.

Hoshi, “Yea, let’s play.”

Forcefully he pushed you on to a wall and locked his lips with yours. You felt the need to shove him away, but somehow all your hands could do was clench his shirt. He moved his lips against yours and made small partings in between. His lips felt warm and soft and you melted under his soothing texture. His hands moved from your rear and slid underneath your shirt. His warm touch gave you a chiver up your spine making you whimper. He heard this and pulled into the kiss deeper and longer. That is until you were almost lost of air and for a second broke free of his grasp. But he used this chance and wove his tongue in your mouth. He had no reason to fight against you because you knew you wanted this, and you wanted it bad.

You gripped your hands in his hair tangled it in your fingers. His own hand lost in your hair as the other strokes his thumb on your stomach, making you feel weak under his relaxing action. Your body felt like jelly and your weak legs trembled. Hoshi noticed, and picked you up by your thighs wrapping around his waist. His hands lifted your shirt and pulled it off you, showing you only your bra and shorts. He pressed his heated body against yours and felt along your sides.

His lips although, did not leave you. Not for a second, until he parted and bit your lower lip. He stroked his tongue along your swollen lips and started kissing back to your jaw. Each each kiss felt full and warm and made you utter small quiet moans. He found his way to your ear lobe and nipped at the edge. His touch tickled you and made you bite your lip in pleasure. He left your now red ear and kissed down to your neck. Biting, sucking, and licking came over him completely and just when you thought he was about to release you, he found your soft spot and sucked into it nice and hard.


He now left your bruised neck and came up to your dazed face. He pecked your lips and said innocently, “That was fun, wasn’t it (Y/N)?”

“You sure do have a certain way of having fun don’t you?”

Hoshi, as usual, just gave you that cheeky eye smile. The one that you will forever enjoy.

The Platypus

Type: ArchangelsxReader

Style: First Person

“Hi! Your blog is awesome! I was wondering if you could do a one-shot where the angels are telling the reader about the animals they created. But when the reader asks who created rabbits and penguins, Michael and Lucifer get really quiet about it. Though, the reader says that they like them, to cheer them up. However, the reader also adds that they like dogs, this causes the two angels to get into argument about who made them. While they argue, Gabe just pops in and says he created the platypus.” - Anonymous

I woke at 8:00AM to find Michael and Lucifer in the kitchen making breakfast for me. I smiled and sat at the table in my spot and watched as they brought me my breakfast. I stayed quiet to listen to their conversation but they eventually turned to me. 

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Christmas Plans

Pairing: Adrienette

Summary: After some bad news leaves Adrien in a slump, Marinette does her best to cheer him up. 

Rating: K+ for everyone cuz it’s just fluff <3 

A/N: Due to rare and random inspiration, I wrote this little fanfic. I don’t write often at all, but when I do, it’s because I’m trash for my OTP. ;w; Please enjoy~ //runs away Also heyyy I can use this for Day 7: Ladynoir/Adrienette for @mlstaffappreciation ahh! <3

“Your father will be away on a business trip for Christmas, so the celebration will have to be cancelled.

Adrien’s shoulders drooped as he read the text message he received from Nathalie. Honestly, he should be used to this situation by now with all the constant cancellations his father has made, but… it still hurts. 

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(not really spoilery don’t worry)

i finished episode prompto and it was amazing. a lot of his dialogue in it hit me really, really close to home, and that coupled with how he manages to laugh while he’s enduring such hell reminded me just how much i love this boy made of sunshine and how much he means to me. i don’t know if i’ll ever love another character this much. he honestly is one of the driving forces that keeps me smiling when i really don’t feel like it, and he makes me want to reach out and take the happiness i deserve.

“i can’t choose where i came from, but i can choose where i’m going. after all, it’s my life to live.”

tl;dr i love prompto argentum more than i love breathing and he means the world to me for some really cheesy reasons

Kris - Thankfully Mine


He didn’t realise how hard he was biting his bottom lip until he could taste the metallic taste of blood. Kris watched you walk past him, books to your chest as you moved toward the back of the room going to the furthest seat from the teacher. He sucked on his lip as he felt dumbfounded and venerable at the moment.

Kris was the popular, chic male that everybody went to no mattered what. He was everybody’s friend and utterly attractive. Certainly, you had no chance with him - so you thought. You were a very gorgeous girl with a low self-esteem after being bullied for a full year in the third grade when you began to break out early and have pimples and acne all of over your face.

The teacher began to talk as you sat down beside your bestfriend Jimin. She was very much like yourself, beautiful and very lovely buy wasn’t as shy.

“Oh my god! ____!” She hissed excitedly. You looked at her wide smile kind of confused.

“What?” You whispered looking over to where her eyes were latched on.

“Kris was totally checking you out when you walked past!” She tried to keep her voice down, but she was overwhelmed at what had just appeared before her.

“No he wasn’t.” You laugh it off, opening up your textbook, flipping to the correct page.

“Yes he was! I saw-.”

“Jimin.” The teacher interrupted.

“Sorry…” He said aloud, turning away from you dully. You laughed it all off, looking and trying to tune in to the teacher.

Was he really checking me out? Your conscious asked. Shut up. It’s impossible. Although you had low self-esteem, you were never the one to brag about how you saw yourself. Others saw you as embracefully beautiful and that was okay. It was just such a shame you didn’t see yourself the way they did.

It was Valentine’s day tomorrow, the school halls already filled with posters and red and pink glitter and hearts. The amount of PDA you expected was very overwhelming and kind of disgusting. You weren’t expecting anything for yourself, other than to go home and watch romance movies while eating your favourite flavoured ice-cream.

You and Jimin had zoned out for the entire lesson, both for different reasons; you thinking about how cool it would be if you could sits on rainbows and clouds and Jimin dreaming about a double date with her boyfriend Chanyeol, you and Kris your to-be-boyfriend in her mind.

“Do we have homework?” You asked walking out of class with Jimin.

“I thought you were listening. I was going to ask you the same…” Jimin sighed, biting down on her lip.

“Ask Kris.” You suggested, who was at him locker meters from you.

“Why don’t you ask Kris, hey?” She flirtatiously asks with a cheeky smile, nudging into your fragile frame.

“You’re the one who wants to know.” You state as butterflies fly around in your stomach anxiously.

“Can you please do it? For me?”


“Please?” She pleads, clasping her hands together.

“No, I said-.”

“Kris.” Jimin called before it was too late, waving over at Kris as you waddled towards him with you by her side.

“Hey Jimin, ____.” He smiled at you flirtatiously, his dark eyes configuring to focus in on only you. The moment lasted for about 0.4 seconds but it was enough to make you lose yourself. You heart was pounding as he turned to look at Jimin as she began to talk.

“Did we get assigned any homework? Neither of were listening.”

“Yeah, just the questions on page 134 in our textbook. It’s due on Monday so we have this weekend to complete it.” He smiled, nodding his head in confirmation of the question. You couldn’t stop looking at his sleek and bold eyebrows, they were such a god damn turn on.

You smiled at him, letting out a slight laugh, “Okay, thank you.”

Before being able to leave with Jimin, she calls, “Oh, is that Chanyeol?” before running over into the crowd, purposely leaving you alone with Kris at his locker.

“A very devoted couple, am I right?” Kris says as he turns to his locker, changing some of his books around.

“Yeah. It’s cute though.” You nod, trying not to make yourself look like a drooling creep as you stated at his eyebrows while he wasn’t looking. He laughs, closing his locker as he turns to you.

You both stand before one another awkwardly, not sure of what to do now. You two never really hung around each other unless your group of friends decided to merge during assemblies or at parties. This felt really different and overwhelming being on your own with the most attractive and courteous male in the school.

“Uh- I’ll just… I’ll see you later.” You smile briefly before trying to maneuverer your way around him to get out of his way.

“____, wait a minute.” You turn to him instantly, greatly interested in what he wanted to say. “Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“No. Well, it’s Valentine’s Day of course I’m not doing anything.” Yes you are, you’ve got a romance movie marathon and that abundance of ice-cream waiting in the freezer.

“Cool. Well I was thinking maybe you could come over to my place or something?” You were breathless, speechless, everything-less. You were going to collapse. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“That’d be nice.”

“Could we organize it tonight? I can call you at around seven?” He suggested.

“Yeah, sounds good.”

“Good.” You both stood there nodding at one another before both laughing.

“Sorry, I’ll get going.” You smiled, moving around him and pacing off towards your locker. You wanted to scream, cry, and catch your breath all at once.

What just happened? This cannot be happening.


“Kris, you can’t deny that The Amazing Spiderman is so much better than the original.” You stated as he go up as The Amazing Spiderman had just finished screening on his plasma TV mounted in his room.

Kris and yourself had spent your first Valentine’s date watching short films, YouTube videos, enjoying a lot of ice-cream and junk foods on his bed; by far the best date in history. Both of you talked between yourselves, enjoying one another’s company thoroughly.

You had finished watching Thor before moving onto The Amazing Spiderman; some of Marvel’s greatest films to date.

“The Amazing Spiderman, you already know that Uncle Ben dies and how Peter becomes Spiderman where as in the first film it’s all new and unexpected.” He argues against you as he pulls out the DVD disk from his laptop which had been hooked up to the TV.

“The story line is so much better in The Amazing Spiderman you have to agree!”

“You just think Andrew Garfield is hot!” He laughed, shaking his head as you blushed.

“Well maybe I do! But still, The Amazing Spiderman is better!” You exclaimed stubbornly, scolding him in a joking manner.

Kris turned off his laptop and the TV and crawled up beside you again, rested down on the pillows.

“____.” He said softly as you stared at him, his eyes staring up at the ceiling.

“Yes?” You asked, sitting up with the need to run your fingers through his soft, silky hair.

“Do you like me?” He turned to look at you, his eyes wide and curious to hear your answer. You were taken back by the vast question that you found it necessary to take a deep breath.

“I do…” At the words Kris smiled, sitting up beside you.

“Are they genuine feelings?”

“Definitely.” You confirmed instantly only to see that smile grow wider. He stared at you with his chocolate brown eyes, quickly swooping in on you. His palm brushed your cheek as his lips glued onto you. Instinctively, you closed your eyes and let the sweetness sink in. You felt yourself open up towards Kris very quickly and easily as your anxiety fluttered away. Both of your lips were moving slowly, careful not to bump and droll all over each other.

Kris had kissed many girls in his lifetime, but had never slept with one until now.

As he pulled away slightly, he looked down at the space between you wondering how he should pop the question.

“Would you mind if we… Uh…” Kris was lost for words. You jumped to conclusions and asked the question for him as you felt as if it needed to be addressed.

“Kris, are you asking me for… Sex?” It was such a common topic among friends but when it came down to this it felt ridiculously stupid and awkward.

Kris nodded his head and looked back at you. You found yourself swallowing hard.

“My body…”

“____, I know you’re self-conscious of yourself because of what happened to you when you are younger, but that was so long ago. You should be confident with yourself because you are truly the most beautiful girl I have ever witnessed walking on this earth. I can’t stress enough how crazy I am for you and how beautiful I think you are. Trust me; I know that under everything you are still beautiful no matter what.” Flattered, confronted, utterly blow away by the things Kris had just said to you, you couldn’t help but feel yourself grow thirstier with love for this man.

Without words, you began to unbuckle your jeans motioning him to down the same. You heart was pounding as this was all so new to you. You’d read smutty novels and watched porn before but this was nothing like it. You nerves were starting to get the better of you.

Kris took off his shirt before removing the layer underneath that too. His body lacked nothing, it was flawless. You didn’t know what to say; lucky enough your eyes did all the talking for you.

You slowly took off your shirt anxiously feeling slightly out of place. You took a deep breath before throwing the shirt onto the floor, revealing your body. Kris stared at you as he stood before you. His hand moved to your waist, holding you with a smile plastered on his face.

“I told you you’re gorgeous; don’t let yourself or anyone tell you otherwise.” He pecked you with a special little kiss on the forehead. You illuminated red as you blushed and shivered with a new warm sensation building your self-esteem and confidence.

Kris laid you down on his bed, climbing over the top of you, his dark eyes craving your love. You began to undo you jeans at the button and let them pull down at your pelvis openly.

Kris pulled his off, leaving him in his black briefs. He pulled open his draw on the bed-side table beside him and pulled out a blur packet and a tube full of a gel-like liquid.

You pulled off you jeans leaving you in panties and your bra as Kris removed his briefs and unleashed his large member. You tried not to look at it as your heart was already pounding enough.

He rolled on a condom and opened the bottle of lube and rubbed some of it onto him.

“You look so experienced.” You giggled, trying to lessen your nerves.

“Well I’m surprised you haven’t done this before.”

“Yeah you can’t talk.” You say removing your panties subconsciously.

“Well that makes two of us.” He smiles, putting the lube away and leaning closer into on you, your noses only centimetres away from touching.

“Are you ready?” He asks in a soft tone as you feel his member bump against your clit. You found it hard to breathe as you were so nervous. You we bewildered at how Kris was so calm and collected with the situation.

“Yeah.” You said, biting down on your bottom lip anticipating all movement.

Your walls were tight around Kris as he struggled to push his way into you without the fear of hurting you. Kris sighed heavily to grunt. He made one full thrust, your body tensing completely trying not to whine as the pain hit hard.

“Is… This okay?” He asked as he pushed in again, stretching you out just that little bit more. You nodded as you arched your back as he pain began to settle a little.

After a few more thrusts Kris began to pace himself a little faster, getting into a comfortable rhythm.

“That feels so good.” You moaned as you felt Kris rock a little deep, as far as he could without have you jump from the pain.

“Ooh!” You smirked with pleasure, looking back into his eyes. He gave you a smirk back, his ego building with every anticipating look you’d given him. Kris wanted to fuck your brains out, until both of you were to collapse from exhaustion. It was impossible though as you were both fresh and inexperienced.

“You can go harder.” You hint as the pain had faded and your heart stopped racing a billion miles per hour. Kris tried going harder, his pace building with each thrust. You received even more pleasure as his cock penetrated you even more at a faster pace.

“Ooh Kris! Faster please!” You bit down on your lip, suppressing each moan. Kris obeyed instantly and took it to where you wanted. Now at a general pace, you began to loosen and juices began to flow as you began to build up to a unexpected orgasm.

Being Kris’ first time too, he knew he wasn’t going to last too long and he was almost done, so he knew he needed to make every second of this very special moment worth it. He fastened his pace and began to jab deeper into you making your moan as you suddenly and quickly learnt where your g-spot was.

“Oh yes don’t stop Kris! Keep doing that!!” Your orgasm was building up very quickly as he thrusted faster and deeper at your g-spot.

“I’m going to cum. Ahh!” He grunted as you continued to fuck. His cock was pounding and impatiently ready to release of him.

“Ahhh!” You squealed as your bodily juices flowed from you without warning. “Oh Kris!” You allowed him to continue as he was o-so-close. All of a sudden, he stopped, his cock releasing all of its substances into the condom he put on earlier. He let out a long moan and looked down at you, slightly embarrassed that he hadn’t lasted that long, but you hadn’t seemed to have noticed.

Your hands cupped Kris’ cheeks as he stared passionately down at you, mesmerized by his love for you.

“Thank you.” He sighed, pulling off as cute smile as he pulled himself from you before dropping down beside you. You snuggled up beside him, kissing his chest softly. He wrapped his around your neck and held you gently, placing a soft kiss on your forehead before saying, “I love you ____. I’m glad you’re mine.”

Bonfire Night

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Requested by synonymforlame:

“Hey I was wondering if you could do a teen wolf pack/liam imagine about them having a bonfire and you and liam are dating?? like just lots of fluff :))”

Warnings: Sooo much fluff

Note: This is quite short but I hope you like it :)







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Hospital visit

Hey guys this is my first requested imagine on tumblr! Yay, please let me know what you think of it!

You volunteer at a children’s ward in a NY hospital and spiderman wants to pay the kids a little visit.

“Hey Y/N!”
You turn around to face your dorky and incredibly cute boyfriend Peter running towards you. “Hey Parker” you winked grabbing your books and kissing his cheek. “Did you wanna come over to mine to study tonight? I know you’ve got a few tests coming up”
“Ugh don’t remind me please” you pouted leaning against him. There was nothing you could think of that you hated more than tests. “And besides I can’t, I’ve got work tonight”
“Which job?” Peter smirked “store checkout chick, cafe waitress or groomer?”
Okay, so you had a few jobs… You live by yourself and you need the money.

“Actually this one is more volunteering. I visit kids in the children wards at the hospital” you laughed while Peter turned to you with such amazement. “They’re all so sweet, and big fans of yours *spidey*”

“they are? That is so awesome”
“Yup they love you! They won’t stop talking about you at all”
“I wish I could meet them y/n”


The clock ticked to 7:30.
‘Only another hour and a half till y/n is finished’ Peter thought. Even though it’s been a few hours he still missed you terribly. His phone has been lying next to him, teasing him with the idea of texting you… Ohhhh surely it would hurt to see how you were right?

“Hey y/n how is it going?”
“Sick of having the misfortune to be at the hospital right now”
“Misfortune? What’s going on?”
“Nothing Pete, it’s okay. Some of the nurses have heard the kids here talking about how cool spider man is and has hired “a spiderman” to surprise them… Possibly the most cringeworthy and uncomfortable thing I have ever seen…“
"Send a picture”

His phone dinged yet again and this time with a subtly picture of this spider dude. He looks nothing like him! This guy was at least forty! This is too embarrassing and he couldn’t imagine what it’s like for those poor kids. If only they could meet the real spiderman…
Smirking Peter grabbed his mask, his bag and jumped out the window.

Y/N pov

You heard a ding come from your pocket and saw Peter had text back, 5 minutes after messaging him the photo.
‘Wow, looks like a creep’ yes he does you thought back. Another ding. “I love you”
'Love you too’ you smiled.
“Is that your boooyfriend?” A little girl named Aimee laughed poking your shoulder. “Y/n got a boyfriend”
“Yes I do and I love him very much” you laughed. “Can I tell you a secret?” She asked loudly. She leant in “he’s not the real spiderman is he… He’s starting to scare me and Charley” you pulled back. “Don’t worry Aimee I’ll get rid of him”

“Hey Spiderman There’s pizza for you downstairs in the staff room, I’ll show you where if you follow me” you called leading him out the ward doors not before giving Aimee and Charley a thumbs up sign. Fortunately not noticing the red and blue figure hidden at the back of the room.

Once “spiderman” and Y/N was gone it seemed that the whole room breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank god that man is gone”
“Soooooo not the real spiderman”
“Such a loser, how could he even try to be like spiderman?”

“I don’t know about you guys” Peter piped up “but that was the worst impression of me I’ve ever seen”
Silence fell over the kids. “Guys I think that’s really him”
Spiderman laughed “if you don’t believe me then would a fake me be able to do THIS?” He yelled using his webs to swings through the room and pull various items with his webs. The kids were smiling and cheering as Peter flew past them. He stopped for a while and talked to the kids and giving them hugs and letting them take selfies on his phone.
“It really is you!” Aimee cried giving him a big hug.
“I couldn’t let that creep ruin your night now can I?”

Thanks to his spider senses and great hearing, he could hear light footsteps heading towards the room and quiet humming of Y/N. Turning back to the kids he put his figures to his lips before lifting himself to the roof of the room just as his girlfriend walked in.

“Sorry about that guys… Spiderman had to go home” unaware to her, the real spiderman was bobbing upside down on a web beside her and mimicking her actions.
Surprised at the kids laughter she turned around only to see empty space. While she was walking further into the room, spiderman dropped down a few feet behind her. Suddenly using his webs, he shot them around her waist and pulled her in and saw her adorable face wear a shocked expression. Pulling her closer, he lifted the mask to expose his lips and kissed her passionately.

It was only after they pulled away did they notice the mix of “ewwws” and “awwwws” from the kids.

“hey spiderman! You can’t do that! She already has a boyfriend!” Aimee yelled pointing at y/n phone. Behind the mask she could feel his face turn into a smirk. “Oh yeah he’s even on her lock screen. He looks handsome don’t ya think? He must be very lucky to have y/n right?” Peter laughed. Kneeling Infront of Aimee, he grabbed the phone and turned it towards her. “Luckily I am that that guy” he said pulling off his mask. Smiling at the girl again he turned around and kissed Y/N receiving yet another mix of sounds.

“Your boyfriend is spiderman?”
“Yup! I told you he was special didn’t I?”

After about an hour of taking photos of the kids with Peter and him telling them all of his amazing adventures, it was time to leave. After promising to come visit them again, spiderman jumped out the window while y/n took the stairs and met up down the street.

Before Peter could say anything y/n simply crashed her lips on to his “I love you so much you dork”. Peter smiled into the kiss “I love you too”

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Original Imagine: Imagine having sex with Elijah outside in the middle of summer.

Author: puellaigmotum

Word Count: 1,643

Warning: Smut.

              ‘Matt Donovan, I swear to God, if you so much as even let a drop of water go on me, I will make sure you precious CD collection never sees the light of day again,’ I threatened as I pushed my back further against the tree.

As it was the middle of summer, the gang and even the Originals and I decided to stay in Caroline’s fathers summer shack for a few weeks. This meant that all of us had put aside our differences to have some harmless summer fun. Which included playing hide and seek with water pistols. Or, in Matt’s case, a bucket of water.

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It was as I stood looking at her that I knew I never wanted to plant kisses on another pair of lips. It was as I stood there that I realized I could count the cons on my hands but everything good about her would last me a lifetime to explain. I can’t sit here and begin to justify why people fall in love with who they do or what truly signifies true love. But I can tell you that it’s something amazing, when you find the one person, the one person, who you’d never want to face a day without. It was as I stood there that I realized all the little things she does were the reasons I’d never want to marry another girl, other than her. You see, she’ll do things like jump on you when you just finished eating, but you love her so much that you can’t even get mad at her about it. She’ll rearrange things in your apartment and instead of getting upset, you’ll just laugh and say “it makes more sense this way anyways.” I love the little things she does like the fact that she writes on post it notes and leaves them on my kitchen table. I love her because she’s the only girl who knows how to make my coffee, a pinch of sugar and very little creamer, because apparently, I drink coffee like “no one else does.” No matter how cold or hot it is, how fast I’m driving or how much traffic there is, she will always reach for my hand as we sit in the car. I love her because she knows I’m a work in progress but instead of running, she sticks around and says I’m worth it all. There are times when I work 70 hours a week and instead of demanding a text, a call, a visit, she always says, “I miss you and can’t wait till I see you again.” Understanding, that’s the word. She’s understanding and even on nights when I’m crying and I don’t know why, she will still say, “I understand.” It’s the little things I tell you. She’s the type of girl who cooks dinner and without second guessing it, sets up at the dinner table. I value that, I cherish it. We live in a society where TV is the third guest greeted for dinner. She doesn’t know this, but that was the one thing I missed most. When my father and mother got a divorce, family dinners at the table was a thing that no longer existed. Every Sunday, this is now our tradition. I swear, its little things like this that I will forever love her for. She’ll do things like come running into the living room and give me kisses even though she’s busy baking. Her hands could be covered in almond flour from preparing macarons or full of soap from washing dishes, yet she always reminds me that she is there, and she’s not going anywhere. It’s the little things, like two towels and two toothbrushes in my bathroom that reassure me that even on days when she is not in my bed, this home is ours and ours it’ll stay. I love the little things she does. Yes, the list goes on and on, but it was as I stood there looking at her that I knew I would never want a tomorrow to exist if it didn’t include her.
—  She is Sunday dinners (V.I.T.)

deactivated170325-atboosnknow-d  asked:

Hello! May I have a scenario with Yugyeom? You fight and he discover that you used to keep everything inside. For the first time you show him your bad temper. Thanks♥ (sorry the first time i didn't find the request box u__u')

~:)~ It’s fine! I just picked a random topic of the fight for this scenario :) 

   “I don’t know, Yugyeom. Call me crazy if I don’t want other girls touching you, my boyfriend!” you exclaimed in frustration as you burst through the kitchen doors with Yugyeom hot on your tail. He grabbed your arm, not to hard, and turned you around to face him. 

   “It’s my damn job, y/n. Dancing with her on stage means nothing and you know that.” he said as his voice got lower. “I love you.” 

   “Listen, I get that is your job but I know that the other members from GOT7 can substitute too. Perhaps members that aren’t taken?” you said as you escaped his grasp and took a seat on the breakfast bar. He sighed as he ran his fingers through your hair. 

   “Why don’t you understand that it means nothing?” he asked with furrowed eyebrows. He was a little surprised at you temper, you’ve never fought with him like this before. 

   “She’s an idol, she’s gorgeous, she can dance, she can sing, she can do everything. Sorry for being a little insecure.” you murmured. He shut his eyes and bit his lip. “It’s just, you’ve been out so late…with her. Outside of the job.” 

   Yugyeom’s eyes widened. 

   “How’d you know?” he asked nervously. You narrowed your eyes at him. 

   “Why should we even have secrets, huh? Am I not the person you turn to? If you want to leave me then just-” you started saying, not realizing that tears were slowly forming, causing your vision to gloss. 

   “Is this how you feel, y/n? You want me to leave you?” he asked as he took a step closer to you. Your head fell into your hands as your elbows pushed you. You felt his hand touch the small of your back. You sighed and slowly took his hand away.

   “I don’t feel like that. You don’t understand how painful it is to see you so happy and so full of life with someone that is not me. How would you feel if you saw me feeling up another guy? Going out with him, laughing, genuinely having an amazing time? I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel trapped. I keep everything inside because I love you so much, I try not to bother you about my feelings because I don’t want to be one of those girlfriends but I-I just can’t anymore!” you finished as you stood up from your seat. He stood there, processing what you just said. After a couple silent minutes, you let a tear slip down your cheek. You quickly rubbed it away before he saw. 

   “Y/n…” he started and walked closer to you. He took your hand in his, wow, it fit so well. He then rubbed away another one of your escaping tears, one you didn’t even know escaped. He placed both of your hands onto his shoulder and used his other hand and snaked it around your waist and pushed you from the back so your hips were liner up with his. Right now, all you wanted to do was sob in his chest. To cry, to freely let out all you had bundled up inside. Yugyeom wrapped his long arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. 

   “You should know, y/n…” he whispered into your ear with layers of your hair in the way. You felt his hot breathe against your ear which made you squeeze him tighter. “…I’m madly in love with you. Only you. Not her, not the dancer, anyone. The reason why I went out with her is because the company wanted us to “bond” and have a better friendship so we connected better on stage, but that trick doesn’t work. You know what does?” he then lowered his hand and gently clutched your butt.

   “I think of you. I think about your pretty little face and dance with her because I know you are as equally talented. I can’t wait to come home to you, you know? I didn’t know that’s how you felt- I, I want you to be 100% honest with me about your feelings because when you are, you make me happy. You really do.” Your heart raced at the rate of- who even knows! All you wanted to do now was be with him. You pulled out of the embrace and looked up at him. His eyes were glossy from tears, he really meant everything. You touched his face with your hands and brought your lips together. 

   “I love you too.” 


you see, i got kinda emotional while writing this shit because it related to personal issues with bae aka crush aka senpai; never notices me so im just gonna go and cry im sorry if this is too soft and fluffy but i just cant rn with the feels

For You // N.M.
Anonymous requested:
Can you make an imagine where you meet Nate in the studio 

“When is he supposed to be here?” I questioned, looking around at the producers surrounding me.

“He said he’d be here in half an hour, relax.” One of them said. “Why don’t you start warming up?”

“Yeah, okay, fine.” I blew a raspberry, taking a sip of my water before clearing my throat and looking at my vocal coach. She played a quick arpeggio on the keyboard then nodded at me. I began to hum the scales, pacing back and forth behind her.

After twenty minutes, I ended the scales with the ‘coo-coos’ and the inevitable happened when I started giggling in between each breath.

“Get serious now, Y/N, come on.” My coach instructed with an encouraging nod.

“Alright, alright, sorry.” I took another sip of water before continuing, my coos growing louder as we reached the end. All of a sudden, the door opened and in walked the master rapper himself, Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley.

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