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so, why should I watch the Magicians? :-)


There are many reasons. Here’s a few!

1. for anyone who grew up on tales of narnia (or similar) it’s a fascinating look at how we escape into fantasy and what fantasy as reality might be like. It’s got at least three or four layers of meta commentary going on at once, which is FUN to talk about and analyze and discuss.

2. All the women on this show are power houses and amazing, they are also dynamic and detailed and NOT one note which I really like. There is a dearth of complex female characters in the fantasy world and I’m glad they’re filling that void a bit 

3. Platonic friends exist in this show. Messed up, unhealthy, “we’re all just trying to cope and get by” relationships (friend and otherwise) also exist on this show. People are not good or evil, they are broken and weird and struggling. It’s a show about the mess of humanity and how we all deal with each other in that mess. 

4. Some of the major themes of the show are really near and dear to me like how we deal with trauma, the realities of mental illness, explorations of what it feels like to feel different or actually BE different and what all that means. 

4. There are So Many attractive people it’s nice to look at.

5. ALSO the design work on the show is some of the best I’ve seen in a long time so that’s nice to look at too. It’s a visually stunning show, which is pretty amazing given that it’s made on a tiny genre sized budget i’m sure. 

6. It never takes itself too seriously, which is so important to me in a genre show

7. At the same time it deals with some incredibly dark aspects of humanity, it plays in the messy grey areas of life and people and relationships and magic and trauma

Those are off the top of my head, general reasons that avoid spoilers of all kinds. It’s not a perfect show (there’s some pacing issues in the back half of the season especially, and it comes with a massive sexual assault trigger warning) but it’s rich and layered and i really love rich layered shows that I can talk about for a long time and re-watch and find new things in. 

We moved?|12.10.2016.

Hi there! What’s up? :3

In one (or two?) of my posts, I have already said that we planned to move. And yes, it’s true! We moved in new house yesterday, but since we were pretty busy, I could not post something yesterday.
The reason for our move - my pregnancy. In our old house only 4 bedrooms, and it turns out that we do not have enough space for the fifth baby, so we decided to move.
Designer of our house is @la-mia-grande-famiglia-italiana! She did an amazing job and our house is perfect. This is spacious house with 5 bedrooms, that enough for us. In the backyard there is a swimming pool, playground - as we wanted! We’re going to decorate house for Christmas today.

Since our house was fully furnished (thank you to Daniella!), we took not many things in an extreme case, we can buy thing, that we lack.
By the way, our last house we sold to my brother and his family, since they were looking for a new house for them, they have 2 children at the moment, but the third is on the way!

We unpacked all our things already, so in the near future I’ll post “pregnancy update” (finally)!

It was all for today!
Have a wonderful day/night,


Lighthouse and its keeper, by Jean Guichard

In 1989 a tempest raged for days on the West coast of Brittany –one of the most dangerous seas in Europe with frequent violent storms, huge waves and strong currents. A photographer, Jean Guichard hired a helicopter to take aerial pictures of the storm despite extremely dangerous flying conditions. The helicopter made it to the lighthouse La Jument and hovered around to take shots of the waves pounding the lighthouse. Inside the tower, the keeper Théodore Malgorn heard the helicopter and went downstairs to see what was going on. At that very moment, a giant wave rose over the rear of the lighthouse and Guichard took his shots as the wave smashed against the tower. Théodore Malgorn, suddenly realising that a giant wave was about to engulf the structure, rushed back inside just in time to save his life. In an interview he said: “If I had been a little further away from the door, I would not have made it back into the tower. And I would be dead today. You cannot play with the sea.”
Jean Guichard’s 1989 dramatic storm photo shots became an instant hit and earned him the 2nd place in the 1991 World Press Photo award. (more)

Dennis Severs House - London - One of the most unique museum experiences in the world…

Imagine for second that you had the ability to not only get transported back in time a few hundred years but that you were also somehow able to inhabit an unfolding dramatic story occurring in real time.

Well, you don’t really need to imagine any of this because the Dennis Severs House in London is a truly transformative and imaginative experience.

Dennis Severs was an artist who lived in the house as many of its inhabitants would have done back in the 18th century. With a vivid imagination, he spent his life creating a still life drama in every room accumulating multitudes of historic elements to place in the house to craft an ongoing story for visitors.

The plot follows a family of Hugenot silk weavers who are always somehow just leaving each room you enter.

The bolts of fabric actually date back many years and are native to the area (Spitalfields).

What is incredible about the experience is that Dennis Severs inhabited this very house during his lifetime (he passed away in 1999). I was fortunate enough to meet the current curator who stays in the house as well and meticulously looks after the artifacts keeping Dennis Severs vision just as vivid as it was when Dennis was alive.

What is so intense about the entire experience is that the whole house is lit by candles and gas lamps. And the scents of the fires burnings and the candles brings the entire story to life. 

There are also sounds that bring everything to life as well.

These photos barely do it justice to be honest.

The whole house is a living piece of art. Part historic fact and part whimsical imagination. 


I am standing by my claim that this is the best museum experience I have ever experienced.

Here is the link. The website is extraordinary too!

Dennis Severs House

I wish Star Trek had more prank based sub plots like House MD did.

I wanna see Bones and Scotty see how long they can keep a chicken each on the Enterprise before Spock finds out.

Chekov stealing Sulu’s fave plant and sending him cliché ransom notes. Sulu steals Chekov’s secret vodka collection in retaliation.

Bones starts eating healthy so that Jim stops stealing chips off his plate.

Uhura, Chapel and Rand have a competition to see who can steal Jim’s underpants. Somehow, Spock wins.

Bones keeps sending different masseuses to the Bridge. Everyone is v happy except for Spock, who doesn’t need to calm down, Doctor, cease this foolishness.

Chapel keeps sending Bones pages w increasingly impossible scenarios, he turns up each time and she hands him a pile of paperwork. So… no radioactive killer spiders attacking?

Jim and Bones spend ages trying to surprise Spock, but his Vulcan superiority wins out. They throw water ballons at him, round the corner w water guns, turn the lights off, a whole bunch of classic stuff.