amazing hi fashion


Seriously, you guys, the BEST news I’ve heard in like a month is that Mr Curry WILL be in Paddington 2: Electric Paddingtonloo* filming NOW!

*(Not actual title)(Probably)

YAY! Mr Curry and his AMAZING fashion sense is back!

I suspect I should feel at least a tiny bit bad about juxtaposing him with the actually-in-this-instance-being-quite-family-friendly Mr Tucker, but how can I when the scenes fit together so well?

I mean, Millicent calls Mr Curry

and everyone knows This Charming Man is…

That’s right!

Not to mention Malcolm – like Mr Curry – employing a simple four word proverb to sum up the special flower circumstances.

Of course Mr Curry ends up taking his death gift flowers away too,

but in his case he’s the one who needs cheering up.  Poor Mr Curry!

Actually, I think I know what’s going on here. My initial thought was that Juzo had been sleeping when he’d gotten some kind of emergency call to fight some Despair, hence the lack of clothing. Dude didn’t even waste time putting on his boots…

…But why the belt, then? That didn’t make sense.

I remembered something while washing some dishes, however:

Forever ago, I remember seeing someone speculating that Juzo wore his championship belt underneath his t-shirt - both for Juzo reasons (and character design reasons) as well as body armor reasons. I believe this is confirmation of that.

So: Juzo threw on some pants for modesty, grabbed his jacket for probably the same reason (while forgetting that he’s going to throw it off at the first opportunity anyway on instinct), grabbed his idea of body armor, maybe shoved some other stuff in that duffel bag he’s holding, wrapping his fists for protection while he’s in transit.

his bogan levels still shot up to 120 goddamn percent tho