amazing harmonies

Okay so now that I’ve seen fantastic beasts and where to find them, I am now starting a petition to see a Marauders film…

Take your time when picking the pedals off of your delicate little flower. Once they fall off, they are gone forever. So before each one becomes one of history, take a moment to really take in all of its beauty, for our flowers only have so many pedals.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
youre beautiful no matter what that guy said, no matter what your mom thinks, no matter what that stupid bitch next to you says or implies when she talks about herself Youre perfect to me and you need to start learning to be perfect for yourself
—  Lauren jauregui
April 11

Dinah flew to Morocco right after DWTS to shoot a music video!

Lauren’s tweets today:

Yup, jetlag’s hitting her hard! She posted this selfie on her IG story tonight:

She was spotted in the studio with Steve Aoki tonight:

Normani is doing Mulan for Disney Week!

In case you missed it:

DWTS day! (get your tissues ready just because) Fifth Harmony came through to show their support to Normani!

Backstage prep:

Normani’s post: They are mine and I am theirs

Ally’s post: “the bond between us 4 is amazing…”

Lauren: ❤❤❤❤

Fifth Harmony: The impossible is possible.

Watch their performance here and don’t forget to vote!

#TeamValmani’s interview: It means the world.

More bts:


Normani’s post:

Here’s #teamValmani + Josh!


These three have amazing harmonies!

Lauren looked so freaking beautiful in the That’s My Girl video <3