amazing halloween costume

i just saw this post on /r/relationships where a woman was like “help, this girl who lives in another state stole my amazing original halloween costume idea” and she kept going on and on about how good this costume was and what a “perfect combination of sexy and hilarious” it was and then people went in her post history and proceeded to discover that this costume idea was Kinky Winky, aka a teletubby in bdsm gear

Houses as Halloween Things
  • HUFFLEPUFF- Baking Halloween goods for your parties such as spider cupcakes and ghost cookies with friends
  • RAVENCLAW- Carving intricate designs into pumpkins, making them either extremely scary and absolutely beautiful
  • SLYTHERIN- Coming up with the most unique and amazing Halloween costume. Spending hours working on and just admiring the finishing project.
  • GRYFFINDOR- Trying to be brave by having a huge horror movie marathon with a group of friends in the dark, proving you aren't scared

yall I dressed up as spider-man for halloween and I was living my best life

I had a water gun that strapped to my wrist and when I pulled the lever it shot out a string of water! it was a hit

No Toques Nada

Milo: Say Audrey, no…no offense. But, how did a teenager become chief mechanic of a multi-million dollar expedition?

Milo: So, what…what happened to your sister?

Audrey: Anyways I’m saving up…so my Papi and I can open another shop.

((OOC: Happy Halloween!))