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I really want more of the harry potter au! What friendships are there and stuff like that (I don't like hp so I dont know much about it)

Ok so:

Jisung- 7th Year Hufflepuff Headboy who was very confused as to how he managed to get Headboy even when every teacher and student constantly tells him how good he is at taking care of others. Not a Quidditch player but goes to every game to cheer on the others, lowkey biased for Gryffindor cause Daniel. Very good at Charms, he finds it easy to get the knack of little spells. Ironically terrible at Herbology and collapses on the table every time his plant ends up keeling over. Is friends with everyone regardless of house, spends every meal time sitting at a different table. Is always laughing with other students, regardless of year level. Can be seen often in the library with a younger student tutoring them in classes cause he just wants to help others. Has a unicorn hair wand and is a half Muggle, half Wizard. 

Sungwoon- 6th year Hufflepuff. Childhood friends with Gryffindor Taehyun and can always been seen together. Keeper for Hufflepuff Quidditch team and by his 6th year he’s finally gotten good at it. Is best at Divination even though he hates the subject, “I see myself failing my potions essay dammit.” Is miserable at potions, him and Taehyun often work together and it explodes in their faces. Has a Dragon Heartstring wand and comes from a Pure Blood family. 

Minhyun- 5th year Ravenclaw. Top of his grade. Rumor has it that hes part Veela which he has neither confirmed nor denied. Hangs out with a bunch of other beautiful students named Jonghyun, Minki and Dongho who everyone is too scared to approach cause they’re all very intimidating. They all later become Headboys and are the best at guiding and helping younger students. Is seen as cold by everyone but then you see him laughing with some first years and hugging them and everything is reconsidered. Likes Quidditch enough to go to games and have a professional team he stans but not enough to actually play. Would be best in the team if he did though. Unicorn Hair wand and Pure Blood family.

Ong- 5th year Gryffindor. Comes from a Muggle born family and when he got his letter was just “I knew I was better than everyone.” Star of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, main chaser. Is already going to be captain once next year. Very popular with everyone. Is a brilliant flyer, usually manages to win the match regardless of who catches the snitch. Also very good at Care of Magical Creatures cause he finds a lot of the terrifying animals fun. Worst subject is Magical History cause he usually falls asleep in class. Good friends with everyone but closest with fellow Gryffindor Daniel and Hufflepuff Jisung. Can often be seen laughing and messing around with the three of them in the court yard. Possibly has found the Marauders Map and uses it for Mischief™. Wand is Pheonix feather. 

Jaehwan- 4th year Ravenclaw. Another Muggleborn who was all set up to follow his dream to be a singer and go to music school when he got his letter. Initially was very disappointed until he realised just how amazing Hogwarts is. Very lonely at first, didn’t really interact with anyone on the train or in the first few months. Everyone thought he was quiet and shy. Slowly began opening up and everyone realised he was crazy. Wild goat laughter can be heard all throughout the Gryffindor common rooms and dorms. Part of the Frog Choir. Very good at potions and following the steps, very bad at Defence Against the Dark Arts, always ends up screaming. Sometimes goes and sits by the lake with his guitar and sings and any student passing by stops for a moment to listen. Is terrible at Quidditch but loves going to games and cheering for them all. Unicorn hair wand. 

Daniel- 4th year Gryffindor. The Jock™ Another chaser on the Quidditch team and him and Ong paired up are ruthless. Amazing flyer. Hogwarts Champion when the Tri-Wizard-Tournament comes around and has no idea how that happened. Accidentally adopted a first year named Woojin who now follows him everywhere. Comes from a Muggleborn family and was very in awe of everything in the wizarding world. Very good at Defence Against the Dark Arts, not too bad at everything else. Has 2 cats, 1 of which he snuck in, both of whom he never stops talking about and constantly showing pictures of to anyone that he’s talking to. Many, maaaaany female students have a crush on him which he is kinda confused about and Jisung just shakes his head at him. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

Jihoon- 3rd year Slytherin. Cute™. All his teachers love him, top of all his classes. Constantly competes against the best student in Gryffindor and their seeker Kim Samuel who he may or may not have a thing for. Is the seeker for the Slytherin team and is already very good for his age. Most students think he’s this perfect, sweet student but his friends know better. Is very weird and lowkey evil. Sometimes talks to the giant squid and mermaids in the windows of the Slytherin common room. Is very good at Dark Magic even though it’s usually an accident. Is a Parseltongue and makes friends with snakes everywhere he goes. Pheonix feather wand and Pureblood.

Woojin- 3rd year Gryffindor. Another one who was quite shy to begin with and then opened up and everyone realised he too was wild as hell. Beater on the Gryffindor team. Is terrible at writing essays regardless of subject. Wishes there were dance classes. Is pretty good at Astronomy cause he used to stargaze a lot as a kid. Friends with most students, especially the Slytherins Jihoon and Daehwi. Accidently turned Daehwi into an otter once and Daehwi didn’t talk to him for a week. Sometimes gets help from older students like Jong or Jisung with his homework. Comes from a Halfblood home with a Pheonix Feather wand.

Jinyoung- 2nd year Ravenclaw. Another possible Veela candidate. Transferred over from Beauxbatons after his first year and everyone was amazed at this beautiful new student. Is really just a nerd. Seeker for Ravenclaw and honestly terrible at it. Fell of his broom once in front of everyone and woke up in hospital to Jihoon laughing at him. Was paired with Guanlin for potions once and it exploded in his face, had to wear an eyepatch for a month. Best friends with Daehwi and is in the Slytherin common room more than the Ravenclaw one. Has lots of females in his class who like him and he’s completely oblivious. Dragon Heartstring wand.

Daehwi- Textbook Slytherin first year. From a Pureblood family, bit of a know-it-all. Thought he was gonna be the best in every one of his classes. Was wrong. Is half and half, very good at charms, transfiguration, defence against the dark arts; miserable at herbology, flying and care of magical creatures. Studies way too hard, spends most of his time in the library until Jihoon or Jinyoung drag him away. Never talks about the otter incident and will never admit he secretly enjoyed it. Everyone laughs when his patronous is later revealed to be an otter. Wants to become Minister of Magic and already has his life planned out for the next 10 years. Unicorn hair wand. 

Guanlin- 1st year Hufflepuff. Comes from a Pureblood family but he’s so clueless everyone thinks hes Muggleborn. Best friends with fellow Hufflepuff Seonho and is rarely separated from him. Is ok at flying and wants to try out for the Quidditch team next year with practise. Sneaks out in early mornings to fly. Terrible at potions, terrible at charms, terrible at transfiguration. Ok at herbology, enjoys talking to plants. Doesn’t talk much to humans, usually he just stands to the side while Seonho talks but then OngSung will do something and he’ll screech with laughter and everyones like “….Was that Guanlin?” Was given a Remembrall by Seonho for his birthday and it’s his favourite item that he owns. Dragon Heartstring wand. 

37. Out of this World- Kara Danvers x Fem!Reader

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Prologue: Your life is damn near perfect. You’re engaged with a Prince-Soon-To-Be-King. Nothing could make your life more perfect. One day while out on a hike you find a small black box in the middle of a clearing. You touch it and find yourself in a strange place. You don’t know where you are but a dirty blonde in a tight red and blue suit tells you her name is Supergirl and that she’s there to help you.

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High school team of the day:
River Bluff

They got 2nd btw

  • Warnings: none
  • y/t/n= your team name
  • Masterlist here

Oliver’s POV:

I jumped up and down on the bleachers clapping, making my bag of popcorn fly everywhere, and watching y/n fly around on her broom. It was her third game of the year, and she was honestly an amazing flyer from the start. 

All of a sudden, a bludger started streaking right where y/n was hovering. 

“Move, y/n, MOVE!” I waved my arms around and tried to make y/n hear me, but the crowd was too loud. Just when I thought y/n would be knocked off her broom, she turned to see the bludger and did an outstanding flip int he air or escape its path.

“SHE DIDN’T GET HIT! DID YOU SEE THAT?” I shook a man next to me, who gave me a strange look and shook me off. “DID YOU SEE THAT FLIP? DID YOU SEE HOW SHE ESCAPED THAT?” I screamed around at the people standing around me, showering them with popcorn kernels, unable to contain my excitement. 

“Aaaaand, (y/t/n) wins the game!” The entire crowd erupted in cheers, and throwing my popcorn in the air, I sprinted down the steps to the field.

Y/n’s POV:

I swooped down onto the field, my heart still pounding from narrowly escaping that bludger. 

I just regained my breath, when someone’s arms flew around me and lifted me back up into the air. 

“YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! ASTOUNDING! AMAZING!” I laughed when I realized it was Oliver. 

“Thanks, love.” I wriggled back down so I could stand not he ground again and hugged him. 

“Did I tell you that you were amazing up there?” I smiled and took his face in my cold hands, and kissed him firmly on his lips. I don’t know if it was just me, but the cheers from the crowd seemed to get louder as Oliver deepened the kiss. I couldn’t help but grinning before pulling away.

Oliver’s red face smiled down and me and stroked my hair. He squeezed me tight and his chin dug into my head, but I didn’t care because I was with the one I loved, doing the thing I loved. 

500 followers special: Warren Worthington iii headcanons

1. He loves his head rubbed and scratched and touched. After the few scars that spread across his face and into the skin of his his head healed from the crash, leaving lumpy, discolored lines and marks behind, Warren now secretly loves it when someone just rubs over them and gives him a good massage. It makes him feel better about himself, and feels amazing on the new skin.
2. He loves strawberries. He had them once as a kid a long time ago, but when he arrived at the mansion and ate some for the first time in ten years, they were immediately a favorite.
3. Warren hates cleaning his room. He prefers the usual: nest for a bed, wide variety of clothes on the closet floor, bottles covering the dresser, old records stacked on the desk, windows closed and curtains drawn, etc. Kurt is usually the one to walk in and actually straighten up the boys cave of a room.
4. Warren probably likes a rat for a pet. The team is disgusted when he comes home and pulls a large, black and white rat out of the pet store box to kiss and hold.
5. Since Warren learned to drive, he totally revamped the car to be able to fit his wings comfortably. The gang is shocked when they all go out and see the drivers and passengers seats cut into so there are two large indents right under the shoulder areas. The holes go into the middle of the seats until they are only half a foot apart, down three feet, and then end around where a person’s waist would rest.
“What the hell did you do to my car!?” Scott stares in horror at the craftsmanship and careful stitching, and Warren couldn’t care less what the leader thinks.
“Its not your car Scottie, calm down.”
6. This boy will have a container of cheeseballs gone in a day. Kurt doesn’t know where he puts it all.
7.  Warren’s skeleton is set differently than the rest of the X Kids to be fit for his wings. His bones are more hollow than a humans, he has two extra ball-socket joints in his back that hold his wings (and look really weird when they move,) and his ribs go down three inches closer to his pelvis- which also goes up two more inches- so that his waist is slightly less flexible than normal. The team eventually notices all these weird quircks, and Warren spends an hour teaching them all about his weird anatomy that keeps him comfortable in the air.
8. His piercings would be: two in each hip, one in his tongue, fake gauges, a penis piercing in there somewhere, and maybe a lip ring.
9. During unpleasant topics in class- such as drug addiction, alcoholism, drug use, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.- Kurt always makes sure to sit behind Warren and gently rub circles into the base of his wings. Warren is thankful for the teleporter keeping him all the way there; tugging lightly on the feathers and rubbing the skin between them in comforting motions to keep the angel comfortable. It’s a way to let Warren know that  he is okay- he is safe, and Kurt is right there for him.
10. Warren would be the one to build an old extreme-horsepower car in the garage. He’d pick up some classic fastback and totally fix the engine and have it running like a demon; scarring the shit out of Kurt when it comes to life and nearly makes them deaf.
11. He loves soft things. He’ll never admit it- but he does indeed love wrapping himself in a nice, cozy blanket, especially with Kurt.
12. Warren can sketch really well. He would never do it in front of people, and the only way Kurt found out was when he bamfed into their room at five in t morning and caught Warren doodling like an expert on the paper. (He loves Warren’s beautiful drawings, but the angel never shows them to anyone- not even Kurt)
13. He hums music in his sleep.
Kurt will commonly find Warren sound asleep at night humming and quietly moaning along to a random song that he’s never heard before. He wonders where Warren gets the strange tunes from- if they even came from a source at all- and falls back asleep with a gentle smile on his face to the angels quiet, sleepy, rythmed noises.
14. Warren was offered a ‘spot’ in the schools emo group- the punk rockers that dress and talk just like him- but he declined rudely. The 'leader’ of the rough group had acted as if it was an honor to be asked to join their drugged up, rock and roll, smoking, leather-wearing get-together when he sauntered up to Warren, and the team watched with worry as they were sure their Angel would leave them to be with people like himself.
They were all surprised, however, when Warren replied to the rube boy with a cracking punch to the nose that sent him to the floor, both gangs gasping and staring in shock at the angel stood over the unconscious punk. Warren ignored them, and simply turned back to join the X Kids silently as they continued on down the hall, leaving the emos behind.
“Y-you don’t vant to be vith them instead?” Kurt asked, worry and confusion in his quiet voice.
“Why would I want to go be with THEM? Don’t you know I’m too much of a loner and too aggressive to hang out with people like myself?” Warren says with a straight face, and Kurt and the others relax with knowing smiles.
15. Warren loves attention. Not the kind of attention where he’s called out in class and argues with the teacher, no. Warren loves the attention where people touch and pet him like a human puppy. He almost always spreads out over their group on movie night or any time they find themselves lounging, and stretches at the nice hands of Kurt or the others massaging him. Warren will always fall asleep like this, and smile at knowing he will trap all of them under his heavy body when he’s out.
16. Warren is an amazing flyer. The team always thinks he would be sloppy in the air with how he walks and talks on land, but are always surprised when the angel takes off and has the precision and speed of a falcon in the clouds and through the forest.
17. Warren was fired from the strip club after his stunt with Kurt. They both were- in fact, but Warren doesn’t mind. He and Kurt can’t do whatever they want in their own home in their own room.
18. Warren can fly with wet wings for a short amount of time, but once they become soaking and heavy, he has to stop. The gang always laughs at the sight of poor Warren when he gets caught in the rain and lands with messy, dripping wings shivering like a dog, and the angel glares at them as he shakes off and sprays them all.
19. He still has bad flashbacks and night terrors every now and then, and Warren doesn’t think they will ever go away. Every now and then, when something happens to trigger one and send him into a full blown panic attack, Kurt and the others are always there to calm him down and bring him back.
Warren also doesn’t think he will ever get used to so many nice hands on him treating him with caring kindness in such an embarrassing time of need.
20. Warren often has doubts in himself when it comes to his relationship with Kurt. He feels as if he screws up too much- he gets too drunk, he’s too loud, he’s too aggressive, he’s too angry all the time, and GAH! Why can’t he ever get this right!?
But Kurt doesn’t think so, however. He knows the angel needs a lot of reassurance, and the teleporter gladly gives it to him each and every day.
21. Warren has a food problem. He hasn’t been able to have confidence in a steady, fulfilling diet since he was a child before his wings grew in. In the cage, they never fed him properly. On the streets, he had to fend for himself. When he was a child, he was locked in his room to be hidden from society.
So when he arrives and heals at the mansion, Warren can’t help but return to his old habits of survival. He sneaks into he kitchen late at night and stuffs his shirt with whatever he wants, and runs back up to his room to keep it stored safely away. Warren still can’t comprehend or believe the fact that he is allowed whatever food he wants here- he has NEVER been used to such stability- and continues on hiding food and skipping meals.
The team notices right away the angels hard-driven habit, and leave it be for a shortwhile; thinking he will break and get over it.
But Warren doesn’t, and soon the gang realizes that their Angel needs a little help.
A little convincing, a little trusting, a little bit of time- and soon Warren finally allows himself to trust the school to feed him well.
He’s not used to it. Warren can’t take in the feeling of this place officially being home.
But he will someday, Kurt tells him. And Warren likes to believe it.
Lets just… think about these for a moment, shall we?