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Reblog if you think Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Daniels Branson (Katherine Waterston) are all amazing women and amazing characters in their own ways and should NOT be compared to one another.

  • DC: let's have a movie centered around Wonder Woman. The world is ready for a female centered movie. Marvel won't be able to rival that.
  • Marvel: so Black Panther but filled with strong and brilliant black women in their natural beauty.
  • Me: crying because girls these days have so many beautiful female role models to chose from in the super hero universe.

Wonder Woman could have pushed a political agenda or adopted an ‘oh snap, feminism!’ attitude or created (yet another) Strong Female Character who is cold, icy, and competent. It could have have shouted at us from a soapbox or smacked us across the face with a heavy hand, desperate to drive home its point about Gender™. But it doesn’t do any of those things. 

The movie is, instead, exactly like Diana herself. It believes in the inherent dignity of all human beings and it fights fiercely against injustice, but it remains warm, hopeful, human, and kind while it does so. In it, love is not reduced to sentimentality, nor war to glorified cruelty. Diana unites in her the truest understanding of both love and war. She shows that they can never and should never be separated, that the only reason you should ever fight is because you love with your whole heart. It was amazing and I can’t believe it. 

important message

Girls, please, support girls.

Regardless of race, nationality, social status.

Support christians, muslims, buddhists, hindus, jewish, girls of other religions and faiths. Who has only one god or many. Atheists, agnostics, apatheists. Who found hope in religion, and who lost hope because of it.

Regardless of height, weight, type of body.

With endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph class of physiology. Who are above 170 cm, and who are below. Who weighs less than 50 kg or more. With any size of breast. Without breast at all.
With long, medium and short hair. Bald. With colored strands or natural color. Who has fashionable hairstyle or disheveled hair. Those who shave, and those who do not.

Girls of color.

Regardless of their sexual or romance attraction.

Support heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and others girls. Support heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, panromantic, aromantic, and other girls. Those, who can feel sexual or romantic attraction, and those, who can not.
Cis-girls and trans-girls.

Regardless of their marital status.

Those, who is in marriage, in unmarried cohabitation or in free relationship. Who has boyfriend, girlfriend or non-binary partner. Who is in monogamy or polygamy relationship. Who is in another type of relation. Who is single.

Regardless of their job.

Support workers, students, pupils. Those, who work with people, and with technology. Military-women, teachers, waiters, nurses, musician, lawyers, policewomen, doctors, politicians, and others. Unemployed and housewives.

No matter what they are. In any case, they are beautiful and important.

In any case, you are beautiful and important.

Girls, please, support girls.
Because no one will support them except you.

“Dr. Spectra is a highly respected motivational speaker and teen therapist.”

If you ask me, Penelope Spectra is easily one of the most terrifying and downright evil characters in the entire series. I’d even argue she’s worse than Dan. He’s definitely the most destructive, yes, but it takes a special kind of evil to intentionally get inside someone’s head and mess them up psychologically without anyone even noticing.

For that reason, I absolutely adore her.

I’ve been excited for this one, so let’s get to it.

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I don’t get to see my nips till next week but this is so surreal I couldn’t be happier I’m so grateful and beyond blessed for this opportunity and thank you to everyone who has genuinely supported me through my journey I can’t explain the sensation of freedom I feel I’m truly blessed 🙏🖤💫 and yes those are maxi pads on me 😂😂 (at American Institute for Plastic Surgery)

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I’m collab’ing with @kamiiireru​ for her Yandere!Frisk doujinshi!  Have you guys seen her art?  It’s fantastic!  I’ve written a scene out and got permission to post it up here, and she’s going to be posting up pages of the doujinshi soon.  I most def recommend checking her out!  I know I’ll be reblogging things from her in the future.  

Some things about this doujinshi/the writing below:
It’s Frans.  
* Frisk is gendered.  
* Frisk is 18, and Sans is 21.  

If any of that isn’t your cup of tea–cool.  Please keep scrolling, and have a delightful day.  

This scene is pure, cute fluff before it all goes to hell.
Scene’s below the cut.  I don’t have a mobile link for you right now.  

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Women directors bring unique experiences to the small screen — it's getting in the door that's tough
Women directors bring different experiences to television storytelling
By Joy Press

Aline Brosh McKenna, the co-creator and showrunner of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” suggests that women are also sometimes put off by technical barriers. Where “men tend to blithely go into situations under-prepared and learn on the job,” she worries that women may feel they need to be ultra competent to take a shot at directing. When she directed the season finale of “Crazy,” Brosh realized she didn’t need “precise jargon” to communicate with the experts on set: They were there to translate and realize her ideas. “I’d say, this is what I want it to look like and feel like and here are some other shots that I found that have the vibe I am looking for.” Directing is about “storytelling,” she says, and all that really matters is that as the director “you know the story you want to tell.”

Imma rant a little bit here, sorry in advance.

I took my cousin to see Wonder Woman tonight. Having grown up a fan of DC, and of Wonder Woman in particular, and having already seen the movie earlier in the week, I was more excited to see my girl’s reaction to the movie. And it was everything I’d ever hoped for. She loves it as much as I do, which is great, because she deserves a kickass hero. What wasn’t so great? The man she overheard coming out of the theater claiming that Wonder Woman was terrible, and why was it directed towards girls. I watched her slump and felt so pissed off over the whole thing. And my good sir, I finally got my thoughts together, so here you are. Here is why Wonder Woman needed to happen.

I grew up seeing my body sexualized by directors, by artists, by the mass media. I grew up in a boys playground. My heroes had massive boobs (I’m looking at you Power Girl), and perfect butts, and never, not once looked like any woman I knew.

It starts with Leia. It starts with a wonderful and strong woman that is mostly portrayed wearing the gold bikini. Not in a large portion of the movies, but certainly by the media.

It starts with Uhura. It starts with her miniskirt, it starts with the way she is seen, skirt hiked up in art, half naked in the movie.

It starts with Rey, who is the main character, who has no merchandise.

It starts with Buffy, who looks demure while holding a fucking stake.

It starts with Black Widow’s major character development being that she can’t have babies.

It starts with every Bond girl, with every movie that tells girls that they need a man to be happy, with every story where the woman is always secondary, never the hero.

It starts with female characters being written by men, men who take them, men who make them into their fantasies. Men who claim that this is equality.

It starts with a little girl whose heroes are never the main character, whose heroes are sexualized for men’s pleasure.

It ends with Wonder Woman. It ends with a movie where we no longer have shots of our hero for men’s pleasure. It ends where we have a hero who isn’t secondary, who isn’t scantily clad, and who absolutely kicks ass.

It ends here. With Diana of Themyscira leading the way, showing us all what Woman can be, who is so strong, whose thighs jiggle, who reminded us that men are unnecessary for pleasure.

It ends here. And this is where everything begins.

I shouldn’t care so much about critical consensus, but this is beautiful and I might actually cry.

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Any chance we could get "Chrys Reviews Dear White People"?? Or is it close to the new GoT season?

i think i’m a bit too white to spin dwp and it is getting closer to season 7

but psa:

you should all give dear white people a go before netflix decides to cancel it like it did the get down and sense8, cause it’s excellent and well made and deserves more seasons

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I don't know if you're still doing this but let me talk to you about Park Sunyoung AKA Luna real quick. Luna is angel with a beautiful voice and she makes me so happy and I get so giddy when it comes to her. Her heart is made of pure gold and her smile can brighten up any day. And she's beyond gorgeous. And her talent!? Oh my! She's such a well rounded performer. She can sing and dance and I know she got the capability to rap and she can compose. All I want is this beautiful women to be loved.

Of course I am!

Ahhhh Luna! I only know so much about her because of you and I’m so happy about that lol. She’s one of the most incredible female idols out there. She’s literally the whole package; talent, looks, great personality, and everything else you can think of. I admire her tenacity so much and wish her, and f(x), nothing but the best.

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