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So… @felina-marlena-vasquez asked recently about fanfics or fandoms who depict a Lartis baby… I hate to call her like that so… in any case, meet Anna Croft, my OC. Lara and Kurtis’ only daughter.

I commisioned drawings of her to the always flawless @hydraballista and she started to make some sketches from me… please note this WIP is still beta, but I already love her. Specially the angry face. Damn, I love the angry face.

I don’t want to spoil things about her right here, moreover considering people can be more interested in their parents than in a OC. Only saying that she was conceived in Lilith’s Scepter - almost killed her twice in terrible circunstances, one of them to readers’ decision - and finally she was born in the end of this long, dramatic fanfic. In fact the epilogue is “written” by her.

I thought I never would write again about her because she was not meant to be the focus on the story - being them both Lara and Kurtis - but… this amazing reader fandom I don’t deserve happened, and here I am, writing and developing her.

Currenly she’s 14 years old and growing up strong and fearless despite some traumatic events which are really probing her. But I won’t tell more. The only and better way to know her is throught the fanfics, particularly The Awakening and The Legacy, this last one still in progress.

Which reminds me I must work again on my new chapter… once I’m done with this vertigo sickness and the piles of laundry awaiting me…

Oh sorry, I forgot. ALL HAIL HYDRA! :D


Welcome to a world without Light.

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