who else gets discouraged when looking at other peoples art

this mean any drawing, painting, writing, sculpture, music, espacially fanart, etc

Artist Appreciation Week Day 3

Day three already!

This week I’ll be tagging the artists I have been following (stalking) forever (I’m kidding I don’t talk anyone) to tell them just how much I adore their art!


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It’s ridiculous Lia-Senpai just how much I love your art *^*, it’s so beautiful and brings so much happiness to me! I’m so glad I talked to you because you’re so lovely and your art is so amazing!


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Okay first I have to mention how amazing you are, you’re such a kind soul (I met you at Supanova Brisbane last year and I just adore you), your art is wonderful and so adorable, I’m so glad I ever discovered it!


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No doubt I love you Nats-Nii, you’re just such a beautiful person, your art is so gorgeous and wonderful and honestly I love it so much!


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I’ve only spoken to you once but you’re lovely and your art is gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing it with the world!!


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I low-key stalk you and oh my gosh you amuse me so much, your art makes me so happy and you in general make me just as happy!


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Okay first off, you’re crazy. Crazy af and you know what? I love it, you’re so random and funny and your art reflects that, I love it so much oh my gosh xD


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I need to get off your blog at some point in my life but I can’t, I love youuuuuuuu your art is so wonderful, so amazing!!! 


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Nanako, I have been supporting you since I got tumblr, I hope to god people aren’t being assholes to you anymore but I haven’t seen much from you lately, or more I haven’t been on tumblr much lately! God you’re so amazing and work so hard!


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I can’t explain how much I love your art nor how much I adore you but just know that I do, I find you so amazing ^o^


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I love you. I love you and your art. That is literally all I have to say because you’re too awesome.


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Okay Karina you know I adore you. I love you so mucc, you and your art make me so ridiculously happy, I’m so happy to have you as a friend.

To those artists I didn’t mention and to those who I know and haven’t mentioned…. the list got really long so I don’t want to keep going xD! Just know that I love you and adore your art and even if I didn’t mention you or don’t know your or art is always appreciated by someone!