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kibum is so beyond stunning that this video doesn’t even do him one (1) percent justice. also please look at jonghyun being tiny and bouncy and excited

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I'd suggest to not let any negativity about ME:A get to you, the intro is sluggish (And the poorest part writing/script wise) but after? For me at least it becomes an amazing experience (And you will LOVE the romances).

Thanks nonnie!! I’m actually really excited. I’ve been playing Mass Effect since the original release date day one and so I’m super excited to dive right in…..which is happening….riiiiiight…..NOW! *presses start*

Ugh I cannot stop thinking about our dnd session last Sunday. It was everything you want in a game: awesome story/exposition, big fight, near death experience (for our cleric no less), accidental party split, extreme suspense, cleric’s player doing some great RP, leveling up, new character arc???, and random bullshit to diffuse the nonstop tension.

God kudos to @floatslikebricks for making such an amazing and immersive experience, seriously.

Can we talk about how badass and totally out of the norm it was for SJM to write a second book in her series RIPPING APART her original male protagonist in the first book??? Like??? She took the entire group of main characters save Feyre basically and shoved them aside and was like NOPE. THESE ONES NOW. THEY ARE YOUR CHILDREN NOW FORGET THOSE OTHER GUYS. Like that takes BALLS. She took an entire ship and just SUNK IT HERSELF. She beautifully crafted a seemingly VILE character that we actually could have drawn a logical conclusion to be abusive and terrible in the first book and made him??? Perfect??? Amazing??? She literally destroyed every preconceived notion we had of him??? And now we see him as a precious being for whom I would lay down my life??? GAH. AMAZING. I’LL NEVER GET OVER IT. I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO RELIVE MY FIRST READING OF ACOMAF BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I HAD WHIPLASH AND MY JAW WAS DROPPED THE WHOLE TIME LIKE WHERE TF DID THAT COME FROM??? AMAZING. 12/10. ACOWAR IS PROBABLY GOING TO DO THE SAME AND IM NOT READY THERES NO WAY WE CAN PREDICT THESE THINGS.

To be honest, I love that the autistic community largely seems to agree on these things:

1) Functioning labels suck

2) The gender binary is unnecessary and complicated

3) Well-researched self-diagnosis is important

4) Stim toys are good and nice and should be accessible and affordable for all autistics

5) Being autistic is fucking okay and it’s totally okay to be proud to be autistic

Comprised of 4 million acres in southwest Alaska, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is one of the nation’s most remote national parks. Winter conditions add more challenges to those wanting to explore this gorgeous and diverse landscape, but as you can see, the backcountry scenes are worth the cold. Photo of Tanalian Falls by James Walton, National Park Service.


I was gonna do a bunch more with Tsuyu holding his books, Todoroki holding his lunch tray while they tried to find a table, Kirishima holding Izuku on his back while Kaminari tried out the crutches

but I got really worn out cause I’ve been working on these since 11 this morning

Is everyone wearing green today? Nature’s light show displays a fantastic emerald ripple above Denali National Park in Alaska, a great place to see the Northern Lights. Says photographer Carl Johnson, “Having great aurora borealis images to show for a night out in the cold cannot truly capture the thrill of just being out there and witnessing this amazing phenomenon.” Photo courtesy of Carl Johnson. #StPatricksDay

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Are you nonbinary?

yes I am genderfluid, been since forever but I really didn’t know genderfluidity was a thing until like 2011, so it took me a long long time to understand what the actual heck was going on

(also I’m pan if anyone cares)