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It breaks my damn heart to think of all the feral cats who get put down without ever being given a chance. My youngest cat was feral and even though he’s still kind of a shit, he’s one of the sweetest, cuddliest, most affectionate cats I’ve ever known. He went from Problem Child to Sugar Boy because I gave him time, patience, and love.

Not all feral cats will have such a transformation, but all feral cats deserve the opportunity.

Save Her

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

Pairing: Hannah Baker x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) cheering Hannah up when she needed a friend the most.

Word Count: 1.929

Posted: 07th of May 2017

A/N: Hey guys! I decided to write some Hannah imagines too. I never received any requests for her, so if you ever want to request, I am accepting them.
I hope that you enjoy this fic. Thank you so much for the love and the support that I am receiving from some of you, I appreciate everything! Honestly. Hope you keep on reading my fics and just request if you want some imagines. Thank you.

- G. x

“Hey Hannah, are you fine?” You worriedly asked her as you noticed that she was crying when she got out of Mr. Porter’s office. You carefully threw the pen on the desk and wrapped your arms around your friend’s body, trying to cheer her up.

It happened that you were in the department’s office as the secretary called you to sign some papers for the administration before going home.

“I’m fine, (Y/N).” She answered as she tried to dry her eyes, but too late because you already saw that she was going through something bad. “Don’t worry.” You broke the hug and you gathered the papers that you had to sign. You observed Hannah and she had dark eyes and a soulless body. It seemed like she was about to give up on her life.

“Nope,” You shook your head as you signed the papers as fast as you could. “we’re going to Monet’s and have a cup of hot chocolate.”

“I’m fine, really.” She flashed you a broken smile and you knew that she felt better, because finally someone stopped her and cared. You knew Hannah and she would never bother people to ask for help.

“No way!” You insisted and you thanked the secretary when you finished what you had to do. “You need to tell me some things and you pour your heart out, because you should let everything out.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully smiled at you and you gathered your backpack that has been thrown on the floor before signing the papers.

“Let’s go.” You grabbed her hand and you excitedly led her out of the office. She laughed at you because of your actions, she appreciated how excited you were because no one ever showed her their excitement whenever they would go out with Hannah. You knew that she needed someone beside her, someone who would give her some attention.

“Hey, (Y/N).” Your friend Zach greeted you as he met you in the middle of the hallway and you smiled at him. “Want to join us at Jessica’s house?” You looked at Alex, Justin and Montgomery, who were standing behind him.

“Sorry, I need to go somewhere with Hannah, maybe next time.” You answered as you chose to help Hannah, instead of hanging out with your close friends. You wanted to make some differences and to help someone who was really in need.

“Go with them, they need you more than I do.” Hannah let your hand go, whilst you shook your head. “Go on.” She uncomfortably looked at your friends and they somehow felt disgusting for what they have done in the past.

“I have priorities here, Hannah,” You smiled at her and declined your friends’ request. You gave a meaningful stare to your friends as some of them had issues with Hannah and they just nodded as they understood what you meant. “and, this time, you are that priority.” You looked at her and she flashed you a wide smile, a true and sincere one.

Hannah has been bullied by some of your friends and you have always despised them because of that. They ruined her reputation and you were trying to fix her once again, trying to help her to find the Hannah she lost few months ago.

“Have fun!” Alex happily said as he knew what you were trying to do. Alex was one of the reasons why Hannah got bullied by some students at school and you hated him for touching Bryce’s list to make Jessica jealous. You hated him, but you knew that he was already feeling sorry about it, so you remained friends.

“Thanks, Alex! See you around.” You smiled at them and you started to walk to the parking lot. You led Hannah to your car and you drove to Monet’s.

You hinted that Hannah was happy to be with you that moment. You noticed her singing softly to some songs that have been played in your car and she would even dance sometimes. Her mood was surely different from her mood in the office before.

“Two cups of hot chocolate.” Skye, a waiter and a student at Liberty High, declared as she carried a tray with two mugs on it. She put the blue mugs on the table and she wished you a good day.

“Thank you, Skye!” You sweetly thanked her and she smiled back at you, relaxing her shoulders a little bit. She started to go back to the counter and you glanced at Hannah.

“Why are you so nice to people, (Y/N)?” Hannah curiously questioned as she took a sip from her mug.

“Well,” You put the mug back on the table as you started to answer Hannah’s perplexities. “I never know what’s going on in other people’s life, Hannah. You should always be nice, because you don’t know what could happen to them or what’s going on with them.”

“Then why your friends never bothered themselves to be nice, not even for once.” Hannah asked as she was referring to your friends’ chaos. You remembered how Hannah spent her time with some of your friends before, but she just ended up crying. All she wanted was to have some friends.

“I don’t know, Hannah. I know them for many years now and they are goofballs and assholes,” You sadly shook your head as you said the truth. “but I really don’t know why they threw their hearts away and be that cruel to you, I don’t know why things happened one thing above the other. The only thing that I know is that I’ve always been here beside you and I will always be here to cheer you up, to stand up for you.”

“(Y/N), everything is just so hard.” Hannah bit her lower lip, trying not to cry. She thought of the events that happened to her, the days when she felt pity for herself. “I feel empty inside.”

“It is Hannah, I can imagine how hard it was. Unluckily, people mess things up and they barely use their brains to think.” You seriously said and you took the cup to sip from your mug. “I can’t undo the past, but you can always talk about it. I will always listen to you and I will never get tired.”

“I am afraid to bother people.” Hannah said. “People don’t trust me anymore, I would get those dirty looks and those meaningful judging looks from the people around me.” Her tears started to roll down her face.

“People suck.” You sincerely said and Hannah smiled at you. She let her tears stream down her face and she took a sip from her mug. “And you know that I will never judge you, I never did.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She gratefully said as she looked into your eyes. She found a friend when she needed one the most and you were so happy that you helped someone. Maybe this is one of the steps how to save a life.

“You don’t have to thank me, Hannah. You shouldn’t feel that you are bothering people when you need help, don’t be afraid to seek for some help.” You told her, hoping that she kept it as some good advices. “So, what are you keeping in your heart? What are your problems, maybe we can solve them, together?”

“Uhm…” Hannah bit her lip and she wiped her tears away, drying her red cheeks.

“Whenever you want, okay? Whenever you feel comfortable on telling me.” You caressed her hand in a friendly way. You wanted to make her feel safe and protected.

“No, it’s not that.” She shook her head. “It’s that I want to have a new start, I want to leave my problems in the past. I know that I can trust you and I will always do.” She positively said. Having you beside her motivated Hannah to begin her life once again, to start a new journey, to see things in a positive way.

“That’s the spirit, girl!” You cheered her and she laughed loudly, finally forgetting of the difficulties and the weight in her chest before. “You don’t work tonight, right?”

“Right!” She answered you with a wide smile, her eyes shining and emanating happiness. “What do you have in store?”

“I am thinking of a movie at Crestmont Theatre right now. I heard from Clay that there’s a cool movie about amazing things tonight.” You suggested excitedly.

“Sure, that’s a nice idea.” She nodded her head enthusiastically and you smiled at her. She seemed a little child, excited for Disneyland. “But before that, can we go to my house? I need to change.”

“Yes, of course.” You smiled at her as you both finished your hot chocolates. You both laughed when you had a simple stare. You both felt great and relieved, mostly Hannah. She found someone who really appreciated her presence and a friend.

Once Hannah opened her bedroom door for you, you already felt welcomed in her personal space. You started to wander around Hannah’s room when she entered her bathroom, preparing for your friendly date together.

Her room was clean and rose-scented. The walls were full of posters and pictures and her school desk was clean too, no messy stuffs around. Everything was on their place and the bed was perfectly made too.

“Hannah?” You called for her attention when she got out of the bathroom. You noticed somethings on her desk that amazed you and you were so curious to know what they were all about.

“Yes?” She stopped in front of the desk, putting her eyes on the things that you found on her desk.

“Why are these tapes here?” You grabbed one and you admired it while holding it in your hand. The tape had a cover with some cute drawings on it and there was a number three drawn with a blue nail polish on one side of the tape. “Is it a project?”

“Oh, no.” Hannah smiled widely. “I recorded them just for something.”

“Can I listen to them?” You shook the tape as you were so astonished that someone still used these stuffs. “How many are there?” You put the tape back on her desk carefully.

“No! It’s not that important.” Hannah protested and she took the blue and black shoe box on her desk. She looked at it for a while before she threw it in one of her desk drawers, together with the tape you were admiring before. “There were six tapes in that box with twelve sides, but I might break them because I don’t need them anymore.”

You looked at Hannah and she had a great big smile on her face. She felt good and wanted during that moment, because she finally found someone who could help her, someone who never judged her, someone who wasn’t afraid to stand up for her.

“I don’t need them anymore, now that I have my friend with me.” She winked at you and you both laughed, although you didn’t know to what she was really referring with those tapes.

“Always.” You gave her one true smile and she ran to you to give you a tight hug. You hugged her back and you felt nice that you helped her in a copacetic way.

“Thank you.” Hannah mumbled as she rested her chin on your shoulder, lingering the feeling of having a friend with her. You couldn’t understand for what exactly she was thanking you for but you assume that it was for helping her earlier. “You saved me today.”

Okay, but imagine...

The Weasleys at Ikea. Just think of that for a bit.

  • Ginny in the showroom area (where they arrange furniture to look like rooms) deciding on which one is her favourite and just chilling there, greeting passing Muggles while wondering how the hell they managed to get a hold of moving pictures
  • Ron and Bill just hanging out in the food court area, trying to translate Swedish words based on context and laughing at the rather weird ones (ex: kakor chokladflarn)
  • Charlie in the kids section playing with the stuffed dragon toys, getting defensive when people say “they’re for kids” because dragons are for everybody dammit!
  • Percy and Hermione looking at bookshelves and desks deciding which ones would be best in their rooms and having complete freakouts because “OMG did you see that one made of the redwood? It would look amazing with that desk over there!”
  • George, Lee (cuz you know they would bring him), and Fred making pillow forts and having food fights and just all around being themselves in the somehow magical Muggle place
  • Molly wandering around the kitchen area, looking at all the amazing kitchen ware, and “Goodness, this cutlery is just fantastic!”
  • Harry keeping an eye on Arthur as he practically skips through the area that is like nothing but lamps and shit and trying to keep him calm so he doesn’t draw attention while also answering his millions of questions and “Harry! Look at this one! It changes color!”

Just imagine their reactions to Ikea and other Muggles things like Disneyland/world or Universal whenever you feel down


Amhrán Ársa (Oldsong from Pillars of Eternity)

regardless of realm...

I set out to write something and it turned into smut, and it got a bit filthy, so well, here you go. Some references to spoilers ahead… (2400 words, very M) AO3

He’s been gone for just a few hours and she’s already wondering if letting him go was the right choice. Tracing her fingers over the books on Killian’s shelf in his cabin, Emma thinks of what Henry excitedly explained to them, about wanting to explore these other stories and someday find his own.

“So, do you think there are different versions of you out there in other realms?”

“Pardon, love?”

“Captain Hook, he’s a fairy tale character, so there could be other versions of you, you know?”

Looking up from his task of sharpening his hook, Killian lifts his eyebrow and flashes a dashing smile.

“I’d like to think I’m one of a kind, Swan…”

Emma laughs, her boots shuffling across the wood as she crosses to him, her hands coming to rest on his lapels as she nudges her hips between his spread legs. He leans further back into his desk to accommodate her, the mischievous twinkle in his eye sparking with immediate heat at her closeness.

“I’m serious. If Henry’s right and there are other realms with the same characters and similar stories, there could be many different Captain Hooks out there.”

“I suppose it’s possible, love. Even if we look at our history and the adventures we’ve had, you’ve met quite a few versions of me so far. Hell, there was even a time you had the pleasure of being with two of me at once.”

The animated eyebrow wiggle he gives her at that memory has her playfully flicking his earlobe, but she still leans in to give him a quick kiss.

“Ah, a memory you obviously enjoy, I see…” Killian mumbles against her lips, his head moving forward to chase her mouth as she pulls away with a smile.

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I renovated one of @fakehousesrealawesome‘s starter houses! i think it’s really cute!! the little shed at the back is empty and dark atm i was just busting to take some photos (eye roll emoji)

+ excuse the interior atm i just set all the base-furniture down and i’ll probably decorate it tomorrow or next weekend! thankfully the exterior only took about an hour!!

this is eddie’s house for now, idk if ill turn all of this into a legacy kinda thing i’m kinda just spending my long weekend on sims and wanted to share it somewhere (even if i have only 5 followers!!)

It’s such a great feeling when you stumble across something new that just speaks to you. Like so many other people, I was introduced to Tank and the Bangas through their recent (amazing) Tiny Desk Concert…And I was instantly hooked. I can’t believe they were able to fit so much talent and charisma in that small space. The album Think Tank has been on repeat for the last few days. This group, and Tank in particular, makes music that immediately inspires me to create…And that’s pretty damn special.

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (20)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 20 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 21   Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,400 (ish)

You looked up at Junmyeon who was sitting on a sofa wearing sunglasses; he was extremely sensitive to light and so had to live this way until further notice. Kris scoffed.

“Should’ve blown up in your face.”

“Kris!” You elbowed him in the side, he still didn’t like Junmyeon. He wasn’t even willing to tolerate him.

“What?! It’s true” He hissed. “We should’ve sent Junmyeon to Luhan and persuaded Chanyeol to come back to the good side.” You shook your head and then turned to give Junmyeon an apologetic look but he just shrugged it off. It was apparent that he had grown quite used to Kris’ dislike for him.  

“Listen Junmyeon, if there’s anything you need just let us know and we’ll be happy to help, okay?” You stuck your tongue out at Kris and walked out of the room bumping into Minseok in the hallway.

“Woah, babe slow down.” He pulled you in for a hug and kissed you softly. You closed your eyes as you rested your head in the crook of his neck missing the warmth and comfort he gave you. You missed when it was just you and him alone at your own home.

“Minseok I hate this place.” You breathed. “I hate it so much; it’s taken away my happiness, my dignity and my best friend…” A warm tear escaped your eye and ran down his neck. He sighed in response.

“I know babe I hate it too. But it’s not long now. We’ve been training so hard, I’m so tired and sore. But it’s nearly over now Y/N once Luhan is gone we can live our normal lives again, I’ll be a proud dad and you’ll be a proud mum, hmm?” He raised his hands to your bump and stroked your stomach slowly.

“Nothing will ever be the same again Minseok. Not without Chanyeol. Besides what if it’s not the end what if we kill Luhan but there’s someone else who has it in for us. Or what if Luhan kills us before we kill him, he might destroy our family.” You shivered, the thought of Luhan successfully killing your family made you grow sick.

“Listen Y/N I won’t let that happen, okay?” He planted a kiss on top of your forehead. But this time you didn’t put your trust in him. Not because you didn’t believe that Minseok would do everything in his power to protect you and the baby, but because Luhan was very powerful, cunning and clever and it would be easy for him to do whatever he was willing. Luhan was a mastermind.
You nodded anyway since you knew that it would put his mind at ease if he thought that you were okay.

“Hey Y/N? Can I speak to you for a second?”

You looked up from Minseok’s shoulder and turned around. Baekhyun was standing there his eyes wide, with a phone in his hand. “Sorry if I’m disturbing you…”

“Ah, no it’s okay. We were done talking anyway.” You kissed Minseok on the cheek and allowed Baekhyun to drag you up the stairs and into his room. You sat on his bed and looked in amazement at his desk. There were 4 laptops operating all of which had lists of codes on their screens. You had no clue what any of it meant but it all seemed extremely clever.
Tech Geek, Make-shift surgeon. You had to hand it to him, Baekhyun was one smart kid.

“Did anyone ever tell you how clever you are?” You smiled lying down on his bed.

“No. But I tell myself that everyday anyway so I know.” He laughed childishly sitting down at his desk. He turned his head to look over his shoulder at you. “Are you okay? Do you want me to get you more pillows?” He motioned at your stomach.
You shook your head.

“No I’m fine.” You continued to stare at the numerous rows of codes that appeared on the screens. “Baekhyun how did you learn to do all of this. Why?”

He shrugged his shoulders and spun around in his chair.

“A bit of school and a bit of self-teaching I guess. I wanted to be a computer engineer, before Genesis…before my sister died. Up until the point of her death I loved nothing more than computers but when she passed I became obsessed with saving lives. So I started training to be a surgeon. I admit it feels rewarding saving a life…but there’s one life that I can never bring back…” He sighed looking at a picture on his bedside table you looked at it too. It was a picture of two kids. Baekhyun and his sister.

“Wow, you looked the exact same.” You smiled up at him, hoping that he would take it well and luckily for you he did.

“Yeah of course. She got her good looks from me you know. I was the first one out of the womb.” He laughed batting his eyelids. “Anyway… I called you up here for a reason.” He cleared his throat and spun back around to face the laptops on the desk. “So I was trying to do some digging and here’s what I was able to find. Let’s just call the safeguarded phones ‘hidden’ for now, for the sake of making explanation easier. So, I was able to get so far as to finding out this little bit of information it’s not very much but…”

“Hey Baekhyun, every little bit is a lot and it helps. Honestly you’re a star, don’t worry how little this information is, God knows what it will shed light on.” You smiled at him and waited for him to continue.

“You’re right I guess it helps. Well I was able to find that one of the hidden phones in this house has been making calls and texts to a hidden phone outside of the house, now for the sake of plausible argument let’s assume that the other hidden phone which is situated outside the house belongs to say…Luhan. The last time something was sent from the phone in this house was around the time that Junmyeon was flash-banged, so clearly someone in this house is keeping Luhan and his men up-to-date with what is going on within our walls. Now about the second hidden phone in this house.” He paused a moment. “Well now this is interesting you see. This second hidden phone has only been making texts to an external phone. Now, I’ve not been able to access the texts because they’ve been completely covered but what I can tell you is that the number of the external phone was not safeguarded. That number is the same number which belongs to Chanyeol’s phone. So someone in this house has been texting Chanyeol, using a hidden phone.”

Yours eyes widened in shock. You were definitely not expecting to hear that. Chanyeol’s phone?

“So Chanyeol is still alive?” You whispered, scaring your own self with the new information you had received.

“Not necessarily.” Baekhyun shook his head. “Someone else could be using Chan’s old phone to stay in contact with someone in this house. The only problem is…who do those hidden phones belong to?”
You were silent for a while a million thoughts buzzing around your mind as you seriously contemplated who the phones may belong to.

“Have you told Junmyeon yet?” You asked shifting on the bed so that you could get a better view of Baekhyun.


“Well what are you waiting for, let’s go and tell him!” You slowly got up from the bed and began walking towards the door, when you felt Baekhyun grab you back.

“Y/N wait…I can’t tell Junmyeon.” He pouted shaking his head.

“Why not?”

“Because this morning I saw him with two phones…” He sighed in defeat as though he was gutted that he finally let the news slip from his tongue. You stood there with your mouth open as you stared at Baekhyun. No it couldn’t be. Junmyeon couldn’t be the traitor could he? He couldn’t be the one working alongside Chanyeol. Maybe it was true; he really did still want you all dead. In that case Kris was not wrong to doubt him.

“So you’re telling me that Junmyeon is one of them?” You gasped, looking at Baekhyun expectantly.

“Look. I’m not sure, it may just be a coincidence I mean he is our leader and all so probably it’s normal for him to have more than one phone.”
You sat back down on the bed holding your head in your hands, trying to think properly.

“Wait Baekhyun can we just try and eliminate people because I’m just so confused right now.” He nodded and sat down beside you on the bed.

“Okay so far I don’t believe it’s you, Minseok or Yuna since you’ve been attacked and I might as well eliminate myself while I’m at it, because it is definitely not me. Something in my gut is telling me it’s not Tao or Jongin, but the rest… well I’m not sure.”He pulled a face and let out a breath. “Look we should go join the others I don’t want to raise any suspicions. If anyone asks we were talking about my ‘non-existent’ love life.” He got up to open his door.

“Hey Byun Baekhyun, did you figure out what that number code on the back of that note meant?” Jongin asked from his end of the dinner table, flicking his broccoli to the side. Half of you were still eating whilst the other half had finished.
Baekhyun shook his head and sighed. You had forgotten all about the sequence of numbers behind that note.

“What the fuck?…” Kyungsoo whispered frowning at his laptop screen which he had placed on the table in front of him. “What the…”

“What is it?” Junmyeon frowned looking over at the Kyungsoo, sunglasses still covering his eyes.
Kyungsoo spun his laptop around so the rest of you could see the screen. You squinted for a while because you didn’t know what you were looking at.

“Oh Gosh!” Junmyeon gasped, his mouth hung open in shock and his body was shaking. “It’s Senior. Kyungsoo where the fuck did you get this?”

“I don’t know! I was about to video call…my female friend and then the screen went blank and this showed up.”
You were currently looking at a screen. Where Junmyeon’s brother was sat in a small dark room, he was tied up to a chair and blind-folded, from experience you knew that this was not going to be good. He was shaking and you could hear muffled cries trying to escape from the cloth that was tied tightly over Senior’s mouth.


You screamed and jumped back as Luhan’s head popped up in front of the camera, a sadistic smirk painted across his face.

I’m sure you recall a couple of months back I asked you to send me Junmyeon or Y/N. You nominated Chanyeol and that’s cute and all and I appreciated the kindness so I made a mess out of that sacrificial lamb. His blood and guts were everywhere. I’m not even sure I cleaned up properly after it all.”

You whimpered at the thought of Chanyeol’s guts lying across the floor next to his severed body and his blood painted across walls.

“Now like I said that was cute and all, but I specifically remember asking for Junmyeon or Y/N. Listen, I stayed quiet for a while and I was really hoping that fire-stick would up the ante, but clearly you all didn’t get the message. Junmyeon as you can see… well maybe not properly but…TA-DA!” He smiled pointing at Senior, who let out another cry.
I’ll give you the address in exchange for one of you. Junmyeon I can rip out eyes if you decide to send yourself over. Or I can just kill Y/N, after I’ve carved that baby out.”

The screen went blank.

You were shaking in your seat, tears streaming down your face. There was no way you were going to live, he was going to kill you and you knew it. It was only a matter of time until he came for you.

“Babe I won’t let him touch you.” Minseok slammed his hands down on the table and stood up walking away from the kitchen.

“I won’t let him touch that baby.” Sehun whispered from beside you, his hands balled up into fists. You stared around the table. All faces were staring back at you.
Minseok returned with a case full of guns.

“We’re saving Senior and we’re killing Luhan while we’re at it! I’ve had enough of these damn threats!” He opened the case pulling out a gun from inside handing each of the boys a weapon. Your heart was racing everything was happening too fast.

“Shouldn’t Kyungsoo and the girls stay back at least?” Yixing raised a brow. “There’s only so much they can do.” He pointed at your belly. You nodded quickly, Yixing was right and you were scared so you were doing everything you could to make the others accept what he said. You frowned as you saw Junmyeon slip out his phone. He sent a text to someone, but before you got a chance to pull him up on it Minseok had rushed to the door demanding the guys go and ‘kill the dirty bastard’ any piece of love that Minseok had for Luhan was now long gone.

“I’ve just received an address.” Junmyeon said rushing over to the front door, gun in his hand.

“Junmyeon be careful! Please come back safely.” Yuna called running out of her seat. She ran outside of the house to where Junmyeon was stood and wrapped her arms around him tiptoeing to give him a kiss.

“Oh I will babe. I’ll come back alive. And thank you for all your support and the protection you’ve given us until now. Thank you 6-7-25-11” He lifted his gun so that it was level with Yuna’s head and shot a hole right through her skull.
You screamed as you stared at Yuna’s lifeless body laying in a pool of her own blood.


Lauren Fairweather on YouTube

Change of study scenery. College starts in 3 weeks and I’m so ready for it!