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Just A Traveling Partner?

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Request: The reader is fast asleep in the case when Jacob, Tina, and Queenie come down. They’re shocked to see her and Newt explains your his traveling partner and best friend. Queenie sees he’s blushing and reads his mind and tries to convince him to tell you.

Newt grinned leading his friends to his suitcase. “Oh you’ll love him! He’s an amazing creature really!” Newt unlatched the case and smiled. “Well in you go!”

Tina was the first to make her way into the case. She also helped Queenie down and glanced around the shack. It was oddly different. The papers weren’t scattered about. Instead they were organized in neat little piles. The place was dusted and polished. That’s when Queenie whispered, “Who’s that on the couch?”

A faded blue couch was placed against the back wall with a small quilt on the top of it. There laid a woman who was sound asleep. Her hair a tangled mess and she was covered in dirt and dust. Rips and scratches adorned her clothes from the creatures.

Jacob fell in with a thud causing the shack to creak loudly. The girl stirred slightly mumbling words before turning over. Tina frowned slightly a hand going to her wand. “Could she be an intruder?”

Jacob stood up and opened his mouth to speak.

“We’re talking about the girl on the couch sweetheart,” Queenie said instantly smiling at the man. Jacob finally noticed the girl and he seemed confused as well. 


Newt finally made his way down. He slipped his coat off and hung it up before noticing the three were frozen. He frowned slightly as he started rolling his sleeves up. “What’s wrong you three?”

Tina pointed the the girl and gave Newt a strange look. “Who’s she?” 

Newt finally saw the girl and he’s eyes softened slightly. He smiled slightly and made his way over to her. “Oh w-well this is (Y/n)… S-she’s uh… my traveling p-partner,” He mumbled softly. He gently took the quilt and draped it over the girl, carefully so he didn’t wake her, before turning back to the three. A small red tinted his cheeks as he anxiously glanced away from them.

Wish it was m-more though…

Queenie grinned not being able to stop herself from hearing the thought. “Oh well I’m sure she’s lovely,” Queenie giggled. Newt’s face got even more red.

“Y-Yes.. W-well we should l-let her sleep… C-come on I’d like y-you to meet Zen,” Newt stuttered.

“We can meet her later though right?” Jacob cut in. He studied the girl curiously since Newt had never brought someone over before.

Newt shifted nervously glancing at the girl on the couch. “I-I b-brought her for that r-r-reason… N-now come on Zen’s probably hungry.”

Apparently Zen was a baby Chinese Fireball Dragon. Newt told them that him and (Y/n), the girl on the couch, had saved him from poachers. The little guy was a little moody, but was a sweetheart once he got used to the others. Tina and Jacob had went off to see the Bowtruckles, but Queenie decided to help Newt with Zen.

The small dragon had finally nestled into his nest seeming tuckered out. Newt was stroking Zen’s head watching happily as the dragon let out a small yawn.

Queenie smiled watching Newt before speaking up, “You should tell her you know…”

Newt jumped slightly since Queenie had mostly been quiet. His sea foam eyes studied her for a moment. He turned back to Zen. “I t-thought I s-said don’t read my thoughts Q-Queenie…”

Queenie gave the man a sheepish smile and hesitantly sat beside him. “I’m sorry sweetheart. I can’t help it… Why don’t you tell her?”

I don’t wanna lose her…

Queenie put a hand on Newt’s shoulder and instantly stated,”Your not gonna lose her Newt…”

Newt tensed slightly under the girl’s touch. “H-how do you know that? I-I really l-like her… A-and people find me a-a-annoying… (Y/n) would n-never like me…”

Queenie was about to speak when a voice cut in, “Newt maybe you should let me make that decision.”

Newt’s face slowly grew red as he looked towards the shack. (Y/n) stood in the door way. The quilt was pulled around her and a it was obvious she had woken up just a few minutes before. Newt stood up fidgeting nervously. “(Y/n) I-I-.”

You shook your head and interrupted, “I like you too Newt… Now will you come in here and read so I can go back to sleep?” A small smile grew on her face as the man stared at her in shock.

Newt quickly shook his head grinning. “R-Right coming…” He made his way over giving Queenie a grateful look before vanishing into the shack with (Y/n).

After a few minutes Tina and Jacob returned. They glanced around in confusion. “Where’d Newt go?” Jacob asked seeming concerned.

Queenie giggled and stood up. She dusted her dress off before replying, “Oh just reading to his travel partner.”


In Western Lands beneath the Sun - J.R.R. Tolkien