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adorabledaylilly  asked:

Since Chiakis birthday is in a couple weeks may I ask for a birthday scenario for him? QwQ

I’m just a day late but it’s here !!!! chiaki’s birthday scenario !! our national hero needs his birthday fluff ! i hope you like it ♥ (meanwhile I’m still writing Adonis and Midori’s birthday scenario sweats nervously) - mod mademoiselle

Sometimes you wondered if you weren’t overdoing things. Right now, for instance. Well, maybe you should, all things considered.

Your entire living room was now red. You didn’t know what kind of party decorations to choose, so you just thought that hey, might as well take anything red, right ? And that wasn’t even getting into the cake. It was obnoxiously sitting on the table, its crimson icing catching your eyes every time you turned your head even remotely towards this corner of the room. And of course, everything in the room (including the napkins) was hero themed. Yeah, the guests too.

“Is something the matter ? Shall I relieve your pressure ? I learned about acupuncture, recently !” Shinobu was brimming with excitement, half-hidden under the huge and very red present he brought for your boyfriend. You smiled to him, although you bet even he could still tell something was troubling you.

“No, I was just, um… wondering if maybe, just maybe, we didn’t…”

“Overdo it a little ?” Tetora was keeping as still as he could as Kanata helped him fit the mask of his hero costume. Your eyes met with Midori’s, sitting almost lifelessly on the ground. Yeah, maybe you were right. This all felt like it was just a bit too much.

“ ‘nonsense’… chiaki loves being ‘surrounded’ by what he loves…” Kanata’s healing presence did calm your nerves a bit, until your eyes caught the huge fast food bags resting in the kitchen.

“What’s… ? Did someone order something to eat ?” With all the food you’d already prepared, you wondered if you didn’t plan too much. A quick inspection of the bags left you even more confused : it was just fries. Lots of fries.

“Indeed ! We went and fetched Leader-dono’s favorite delicacy !” Yeah, you could figure as much. Tetora sent an awkward grin your way and joined you in the kitchen, taking the fries out of the bags.

“Yeah, lemme just, uh… put that on the table with the rest.” Said table was overflowing with food and gifts already. Kanata’s lobster plushie was sitting dangerously close to a bowl of sauce, too.

“Hey…” Midori started, hesitantly glancing up at you, “I don’t want to ruin everyone’s fun, but… isn’t it all…”

“Too much.” You and Tetora had answered at the same time, taking in the scene. Maybe it was the balloons. You just knew you shouldn’t have bought the balloons.

“Who even thought of those ?” Tetora was gesturing at huge photos of Chiaki in his hero costume plastered on the walls. On second thought, you didn’t know who put these up either.  “It’s just… weird ? Help me remove them, guys.”

“Tetora-dono, don’t ! I underwent much suffering to put them up !” Shinobu was protecting the posters with his whole body (that is, not much).

“Maybe it’s the plushies… ?” Midori’s voice was wavering, almost as if he were afraid to speak up. Kanata shot him a very serious glance that made the temperature of the room fall by several degrees.

“plushies are never ‘too much’… maybe ‘you’ are too much instead…”

“Hey hey, let’s not get into a fight now, guys.” You gently patted Kanata’s head in a desperate attempt to get him to calm down, prompting him to puff out his cheeks.

“Come on, we can’t leave this like that. It’s like… a four-year old’s birthday party.”  Tetora was trying to get some allies in his desperate cause to tame a bit the overall enthusiastic (if messy) atmosphere, but didn’t find many.

“i ‘like’ it that way…” No wonder Kanata did, since he did get a say in it all. Maybe he was the cause for all that, actually.

“With all due respect, Tetora-dono, I do too…” Shinobu was still guarding the posters area, just in case Tetora would come back and try to take them down sneakily. The black-haired boy made his best ‘oh, come on’ face.

“Are we seriously gonna leave it all like that ? I mean, Captain’s almost an adult ! Aren’t you all babying him too much ?” You didn’t have anything to answer to that and just awkwardly smiled at Tetora. Were you, really… ? Midori shyly nodded, and Tetora suddenly pointed a very accusatory finger to him. “And you ! You actually agree with me, I can just see it on your face, but you never speak up !”

“I-I didn’t say anything… I don’t mind either way…” Midori seemed to be trying to hide behind an armchair, as he gradually disappeared the less you looked at him. Tetora groaned at his noncommitted answer, his cheeks slowly reddening.

“Oh, come on ! You’re always like that ! Speak your own mind instead of just hiding away from trouble !” Midori shot him a displeased glare, from behind the armchair.

“What about you just stop bringing me into your trouble…”

“Then just get out if you hate it that much !” You jumped a bit at Tetora’s sudden shouting, but fortunately Shinobu had been more foreseeing and gently patted the boy’s shoulder, trying to calm him down.

“Now, now, Tetora-dono… ! Let’s not fight today, of all days !” Tetora easily pushed Shinobu away, teeth gritted.

“Don’t pretend you don’t hate it too ! He’s just a pain sometimes !” Before Midori could retaliate or anyone could answer, another voice added to the mix.

“Um… Am I being a bother right now ? Should I just get out ? The door was open so I figured I should just help myself in, but maybe I’m interrupting you in the middle of a secret meeting… ?” Oh, shucks.

You hoped you’d just heard things, but as you turned, you realized you were unfortunately right : Chiaki was awkwardly standing behind you, backpack still slung over his shoulder. He visibly just came back from his part-time job, but was already motioning to the door.

“A-Ah, Chiaki ! Wait, don’t leave just yet”, you interrupted, gently taking his hand in yours and bringing him to your side. He confusedly let you guide him through the room, taking in the unusual decor. “We were waiting for you, actually !”

Shinobu and Kanata were suddenly very busy rummaging through their pockets and seemed to have lost their party poppers. Midori was resolutely staring at the ground, and Tetora seemed uncharacteristically embarrassed, but Chiaki somehow managed to remain oblivious to it all and smiled at you.

“That’s nice of you, but even I can tell I’m not wanted here ! Oh, don’t worry, it’s alright : even the best of heroes have secrets to keep sometimes !” Yeah, as oblivious as ever.

“No, um, Chiaki, this is a surprise birthday party, actually.” You couldn’t believe you even had to explain it. Midori neither, judging by his face. Chiaki slowly blinked, a confused smile making its way to his face.

“I see, I see ! But I could have helped, you know. So, who’s the lucky fellow ?” Tetora shot you an incredulous gaze before shaking his head.

“Uh, it’s yours, Captain.” Everyone fell silent for a long and painful moment, until Tetora found necessary to add : “Yeah, it’s your birthday, so, uh… Happy birthday ?”

Taking the cue, Shinobu and Kanata awkwardly fired the party poppers. Chiaki was still standing in the middle of it all, confetti making its way in his hair and on his clothes, eyes wide and mouth still open.

“Oh.” That was all he had to say ? Tetora and Shinobu exchanged a worried look, but then it came. “Oh !!”

Chiaki’d gasped loudly, taking a step back reflexively. He was taking in the entire room, from the red cake to the gifts and posters of himself, with bright eyes and a slightly incredulous smile.

“You did that for me… ?” Well, yeah, that was the idea. You nodded encouragingly, while Shinobu carried a pile of presents to your boyfriend.

“A-And here are your birthday presents, Captain-dono ! We found that limited edition item you wanted so bad !” Chiaki took the presents with a trembling smile, visibly not daring believe it all.

“Yeah, we brought, uh, fries as well !” Tetora added a carton of fries on top of the pile, while Chiaki’s smile got a bit wider.

“And, um, we have a cake too…” Midori hesitantly gestured to the very red cake, which he’d made together with you. Chiaki didn’t seem to know where he should look at first, smiling like an amazed child in a candy shop, until Kanata gently placed a party hat on his head.

“we thought you’d like to be ‘surrounded’ by things you love…” Your boyfriend was blinking suspiciously fast, and even though he tried his best to hide it, you just knew. A small stray tear was rolling down his cheek, before he hurriedly wiped it off.

“This is all for me, right… ? Wow, that’s just… wow.” He was shaking his head, visibly moved deeply by it all. You smiled and softly kissed his cheek, prompting it to redden in turn.

“That’s because we all love you ! Happy birthday, Chiaki.” He blinked again, and that was his mistake. More tears spilled out, and yet there was a small, shaky smile on his lips. Tetora was kind enough to take the presents for him to wipe off his face, hiding one moment too long behind his arm.

“Thanks… thanks, guys. I’m so happy… !” The first-years seemed thrown off for a moment, but you and Kanata were still smiling serenely. That was just Chiaki for you : always so boisterous in front of people, but meek and quiet when moved or alone. You gently took his hand, and he squeezed your fingers tight, shooting you a small, almost shy smile. What he said next was only a whisper, but it made your heart skip a bit all the same.

“I feel blessed every day… ! I love you too, so much.”

His eyes were locked deep in yours, and even though he said it to everyone, you knew he especially meant it for you. It was the way his thumb softly stroked the back of your hand ,or maybe his sheepish little smile. And you’d keep it a secret, just smiling sweetly to him in response. Heroes should read the atmosphere, after all.