amazing bromance

Interviewer: Who has the nicer butt? Scarlett or [Y/N]?

Mackie: Oh, [Y/N], hands down. I love Scarlet and all but [Y/N] all the way. 

Seb: You answered that really quickly. Uh, um, I, both?

Mackie : Oh come on man. [Y/N] does all those squats and wall sits, she’s got best ass in the bag!

Seb: True…..she’s kind of like Kim Kardashian.

Mackie: [laughs] I know you did not just compare [Y/N] to KimK….she’s going to kill you. You’re a dead man!

Interviewer: We’re going to tell [Y/N] you said that!

Seb: Don’t you do that!

Don’t call me a shipper.

I’m not.

I read all the fic, and cry over gorgie fan art, and constantly die because of them in my tags.

I’m not doing it because I think they’re hot together. I mean, obviously they are, but that’s not what it’s about.

It’s about one of the most epic love stories I ever had the chance of witnessing. It’s about cleaning up all the fan related bullshit, all the PR, all the charade and the oh-so-amazing bromance and friendship goals and dudebro demenure and seeing it for what it is- two people who love each other. So fucking much.

Two people who love their fans so fucking much.

Two people who sacrifice a whole lot of things to be who they are, to be with each other. Whatever means necessary.

No, it’s not a new thing. I’ve been sitting in this suffocating tin made sweat tent for the past eight years or so, and let me tell you, it’s not always the good king of hot in here.

So I’ve decided to let it all out. I’m done hiding. And I’m well aware that my follower count is going to drop, and my ask box is going to be a target for angry fans. Here’s to hoping I’m going to brave through it.

Because I’m done being a hypocrite.

So yes, I’m a tin hat.

Yes, I think Jensen and Jared are in a committed relationship with each other, and has been for a long time.

Yes, I think their wives are what the HW industry likes to call ‘beards’.

No, I’m not a wife hater.

No, I’ll never ever ever ever confront them, or try to out them, or even hint anything about that to anyone whom they may know.

No, I won’t try to convince anyone to think like me. To each their own, and that’s totally okay. I’m not into missionary (*cough*, like, at all ;)).

And no, my blog is not going to change. It’s not turning into ‘hat-exclusive’ blog from now on. I’m going to keep posting my weird amount of wincest, J2 and random music and ‘90s heartthrobs I always have. It’s safe here, for everyone. No matter if your foil shines bright or not.


No getting back from this.

I’m not sorry.

Respect each other. Be good to each other. Spread love.


“I love him to bits. There’s a great love between the pair of us.” - Ant McPartlin

(if a lot of the gifs don’t move when you look at it on the dashboard,since they all should. Then just look at it on my blog because they will all move there. Don’t know why this happens)

Collab with @digeridoodler

Our charsik switched their clothes :3c

sketch by dig

Line and coloring by me 
Dig’s part 

funfact: DIGGY-94 is our BROTP :3c

guys i’m c ry i gn

so m y mum just walked in to my room while i was watching dan and phil and at first she was just like “oh you’re watching your favs” then she watched them for a bit before immedately asking “are they a couple?”.
I just burst into laughter out of sheer amazement that someone who doesn’t really know who d+p are would say that.
She then proceeded to argue that “they have matching haircuts!!” and questioned “do they have girlfriends?” and i was like “not that we know of” and she just raised her eyebrows and went “oooh!!!”
after i started laughing more so while saying how i was gonna tell tumblr about this, she was just like “oh! does that make me cool?” bless her
then as she was leaving i was like “ill send you their videos and you can make your own judgement” and my mum just shook her head and finished by saying “i only need to see a few seconds of that [points at new dpgames video] to know they are in love jesus good night”

what a moment to discover my mum ships phan wow that’s incredible i’m exhausted from laughing so much  h e lp