amazing boyfriend

My amazing boyfriend bought me stickers and some of them are rainbows and some of them are chocolate labs that smell like chocolate and now I can use them to help me take my meds. So life’s all right, really.

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I mean, I get that people get worried for Louis but c'mon! He's 24! He's not a baby, he knows what he's doing and more important, he has the right to have fun! With everything that's been going on in his life he deserves to be happy and enjoy spending time with his friends and sister! He doesn't look bad, he looks drunk! And it's totally normal! This fandom tends to overreact when something is not the way we want. He has an amazing family and an amazing boyfriend with him!

Yeah. I just hope to learn the purpose behind all this public exposure fairly soonish.

I ask myself every day how I got so lucky to have you in my life. Maybe it was God, maybe it was fate, maybe it was pure luck and coincidence. Whatever it may be, never let me take it for granted. You’re an amazing person, and I’m so lucky you’re mine.
—  Me to you

“She’s ugly. how does she have a boyfriend?”
Maybe she has an amazing personality and her boyfriend isn’t a judgemental cunt like you