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SJM Meet! (contains slight acowar spoilers)

so I have details for you guys:
•SJM wrote Tower of Dawn after being sick for 9 months and on some medicine that actually made her write it so quickly
•her editor found out about her work on her acotar novellas when she accidentally spilled after drinking a bit too many “adult beverages”
•Rhys’ last name is “hotpants” (she honestly does not have a last name for him)
•Amren is an Old Testament angel of death
•she loves her dog a lot
•the first spin-off acotar novel will be set a few months after acowar
•she wrote 20,000 words of Chaol’s novel in one day
•Tower of Dawn will be around the same size as Empire of Storms
•she believes that people should read and write what they love and not what other people like, that their writing would be better if they wrote what they love
•Catwoman comes out August 2018
•She loves the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward (Rowan would read this series)
•She also loves Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series
•if a guy in her books has a tattoo, he’s THE guy •she loves building female friendships in her novels
•she believes that all females should own their sexuality and be proud of it and not let society push them down. “GIRL POWER!”

she was super sweet when she signed my books and I loved meeting her, ACoWaR was an amazing book so if you haven’t read it, pick it up and read it right now (you might sob)


After the racist, terrorist attack in Charlottesville, I wanted to remind everyone of Kindred, a wonderful book by an amazing author, Octavia Butler. 

If you don’t know Octavia Butler, you should. A powerful sci fi book with a keen awareness of how science fiction provides a mirror to our own world’s best and worst. 

If you don’t know Kindred, then read on, because I’m going to tell you why this book is the next one you should read. It’s available in every form, including graphic novel and audio, so no excuse. Keep reading for a review on why this book is important right now. Kindred is to race what The Handmaid’s Tale is to feminism. 

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BBRAE rp with loubuggins pt 2

Part 1 here.

@loubuggins: It was amazing what a guilty conscience mix with exhaustion could make a person do. Clearly, she had lost all sighs of control of the situation. She had come to give a ‘thank you’ and that was it. She should be in her bed right now, reading one of her books before her eye lids grew too heavy to hold open any longer, but instead she here. In Beast Boy’s room. In Beast Boy’s bed. Sitting so close to the boy in question, that she could feel his warm skin brush against her pale limbs.

She tried to keep her focus on the show he was watching. It was rather silly, but she did not want her eyes to drift downward…again. While she was watching the show, her curiosity would spike, causing her to ask questions regarding the show. She listened quietly as he would pause the screen and turn towards her in order to explain certain parts to her. Each time she asked a question, she would receive an opportunity to admire his more boyish features.

Boyish was probably the wrong word from them now. This man had shaggy forest locks that looked so tempting to run her small, pale fingers through. His eyes would always sparkle with emotion as he happily chatted about his favorite show. She smirked every so slightly when she saw his pointed ears twitch and flicker, as if they had minds of their own. His face was so close to her’s, that for the first time she was able to notice the hidden dusting of freckles on his cheeks. That was an interesting surprise, but then her eyes would fall down to lips and that is where she lost herself. They were thin, but his iconic fang still protruded outwards, glistening in the soft glow of the computer screen. She rarely ever had an excuse to admire it from this short distance, and she was going to use up every second she could. When his lips moved she would watch as the tooth swayed along. The lone fang was short and pointed sharply at the top. She suddenly wondered if this fang had a twin hiding inside his mouth, then she had an incredible urge to lean forward and use her tongue to find out.

“Stop it!” She internally scolded herself. “Stop thinking that way! Beast Boy is just a friend, like anyone else.”

“A very handsome friend, that is.” A voice, deep in the recesses of her mind, added in.

Instead of arguing, Raven gave her head a quick shake to clear her mind, then forced her attention back on the show. She wasn’t sure how long it had been, but the longer she stayed, the more relax she seemed to have become. No longer was she sitting up right and rigid, but rather she was leaning back on Beast Boy’s pillows, her body now turned to face his. As the show played in front of them, she began to soak in the smell of his room. It smelt like pine with a dash of cinnamon, almost like Christmas.

“He must keep a scented candle or spray around here somewhere.” She thought idly.

Suddenly, she felt the weight of the bed shift, and a warm, firm presence behind her shoulders. She froze at first, caught off guard by the quick change in events. Stealing a glance at the man beside her, should could tell his movement was sincere. His pupils still bounced back and forth as they tried to follow along to the events happening on the screen, that he had no knowledge of what he just did. Raven herself was unsure of what to do next. Her instinct was to sit up, give him an empty threat, mock anger and storm out of the room, free as a bird. The old Raven would have done all of this in a heartbeat, but this new, softer Raven, kind of enjoyed the tingly sensation his arm left on her shoulders. She leaned in further and she could feel his lean muscles acting as a firm pillow for her head. The empty space between them was warm and inviting, so she carefully and slowly scooted closer to his side, closing the gap.

Why she was doing this, she couldn’t say, but the anxious feelings she harbored before disappeared as she snuggled up in the safety of his embrace.

Beastboy Stretched a little and shifted his weight. As the clock ticked by, he was blissfully unaware of Raven’s red-hot face or the placement of his hand. He was so comfortable, so warm and relaxed. In fact, he may have even started to doze off…

After about 30 minutes of resting there with Raven in his arms, Raven felt a heavy weight against her chest… a heavy, warm, soft sensation… His hand slipped down lower around her, falling onto the mattress behind her back…Suddenly, she felt a warm breath across her collarbone.

Yes, He had fallen asleep. Beastboy was breathing deeply, you could even hear it above the sound of the laptop, still playing reruns of his favorite show. He was gone, leaving Raven all alone to her thoughts… 

Me trying to give hints to my friends to read a book:
  • Me: so, I just finished this book
  • Friend: uh huh
  • Me: and I really liked it
  • Friend: so?
  • Me: and I think that maybe you would enjoy it
  • Friend: I'm kinda busy right n...
  • Me: you would like it.
  • Friend: okay...
  • Me: it's really amazing and *fangirls*
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: so it's really really good
  • Friend: where are you going with this?
  • Me: I mean, it's just so perfect and everyone should read it right?
  • Friend: sooo your point is?
  • Me: I think that all my friends should read it
  • Friend: what are you trying to say
  • Me: *shoving book into friend screaming* JUST READ THE DAMN BOOK RIGHT NOW OR ELSE. CAN YOU NOT TAKE A HINT?
YA Series That Need Their Own Netflix Shows

The amazing thing about a book series is that you don’t need to leave that world when you finish the first book. There’s no book hangover (unless you’re waiting for the release of the next book in the series, *cough* Everlife *cough*), and you can let the real world slip away as you read book after book. Sounds a bit like binge-watching Netflix, right? We all know some movies are based on books, but we think that Netflix should make room for our favourite YA series to shine!  


Everlife Series by Gena Showalter

Netflix is known for taking risks and churning out the plot twists, which is why we think the Everlife series needs its own show right now! In the Everlife world, life doesn’t end with death—it just begins again. It’s an amazing conception of a tangible life after death with a tough leading lady, to boot. Ten Lockwood is a kickass heroine who takes it on herself to help others in need, no matter the cost. Almost like Clark from The 100 in that way, but less annoying.


Talon Series by Julie Kagawa

Hidden in plain sight as humans, the characters in the Talon series are more nuanced than your average dragon. They have been in conflict for centuries with the human warriors who have sworn to slay them and are not giving up the fight anytime soon. But not everything is as it seems in this world, and this series has a mind-blowing conspiracy that would come to life on the small screen. Fans learned some of the secrets in April, with the release of Legion, adding legions of fans for this potential TV hit.

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anonymous asked:

i'm low key in love with blind! au... what about blind!geno instead, with Sid as his caregiver for the time that he is blind? and with sid's calm aura and ridiculous laugh, Geno kind of thinks he is this older, weird guy. But he still kind of loves him in this fond sort of way. Anyways, Geno wakes up after surgery to this stunning young man looking over him and Geno thinks he has a hot guardian angel BUT HE SPEAKS AND IT'S SID AND GENO THINKS LIFE IS TRULY WONDEROUS AND AMAZING RIGHT NOW

“Hey, G,” Sidney’s voice says. Geno has often told Sidney that he has the old man storybook voice, very soothing, should use it to read books for little kids, and Sidney had laughed this silly goose honk laugh. “Feeling alright there, buddy?”

“Bright,” Geno says, squinting. When his eyes finally focus, he doesn’t see this middle-aged guy with glasses that he’s been envisioning Sidney to be, but this gorgeous, young man with stunning hazel eyes, licking his lips and looking at Geno worriedly. “Oh. Oh God. Operation fail. You angel?”

What? Geno, no, you’re fine,” Sidney says. Oh, God, it’s Sidney’s voice. It’s amazing

Geno’s still a little hopped up on meds, so he reaches out and cups Sidney’s face. “Life so wonderful,” he mumbles. “Sidney so beautiful. Most beautiful and kind caregiver. When I’m better, take you out to fanciest date.”

Sidney blushes and takes Geno’s hand. “Just get some rest,” he says again. “You’re still a little loopy.”

“’M not loopy,” Geno garbles. “’M in love.”

He falls asleep with Sidney petting his hair.

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

Rating: 5/5


I was a tad apprehensive about reading this book, seeing as I didn’t particularly love More Happy Than Not and didn’t know what I was going to encounter in this book. However, as Captain Holt would say,

Originally posted by enamoratrix

I honestly adored this book. Even though it was a very sad plot, I think it showed how flawed we are as humans, especially during our teenage years. Silvera made us see how selfish mental illness can be, even when mourning, and how you gotta be aware that that’s not going to make you likable. The book also spells out how relationships are fucking messy, again, especially when you’re a teen! Not many people stay forever with their high school sweetheart, it’s very unrealistic. And yet, you wanna root for Griffin to see that too, and not before it’s too late.

God, I loved the characters, even with their messiness, and their relationships, and their development. I loved the plot twists because they left me on the edge of my seat and wanting to yell into the void about them. It’s an amazing read that everyone should try to get their hands on because it Gets You when dealing with tragedy, how people cope with this (some people??? Room with their ex’s boyfriend???? To cope?????), and how everyone heals differently and at different paces.

Book Description:

When Griffin’s first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies in a drowning accident, his universe implodes. Even though Theo had moved to California for college and started seeing Jackson, Griffin never doubted Theo would come back to him when the time was right. But now, the future he’s been imagining for himself has gone far off course.

To make things worse, the only person who truly understands his heartache is Jackson. But no matter how much they open up to each other, Griffin’s downward spiral continues. He’s losing himself in his obsessive compulsions and destructive choices, and the secrets he’s been keeping are tearing him apart.

If Griffin is ever to rebuild his future, he must first confront his history, every last heartbreaking piece in the puzzle of his life.

goodreads // amazon

(i made a playlist based on the book that you can find here, thank u adam silvera for replying to it and liking it!)

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Snow Storm - Part 2

You’re on a mission with Steve, a simple, run of the mill mission. The two of you end up getting caught in a snow storm so you find a small cabin to stay in while you wait it out. You’d never had a chance to be alone or this close with Steve before, so this was going to be rather interesting. You realize that your firewood supply is running low and you know that you have to conserve it because you have no idea how long you’re going to be here. Since it’s so cold and you have a very limited supply of firewood, the two of you have no choice but to share a bed for warmth

Steve x Fem!Reader

Warning: Little mention of alcohol

A/N: Any extracts from books are in italics and are not owned by me. All credit goes to the authors.

Part 1

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Hi granpappy what are your current fave fics?

(just gonna put my fic rec here)

I’m guessing you mean WIP fic. I tend to read fic after they’ve been completed (And I am aware I’m saying this as a person who is really awful with updating her own fic…). There are a whole bunch of other fic I want to read, but haven’t started yet (that’s another list though). Anyhow.

With that said, here are some I check in on (frequently)

There’s A Great and Gruesome Height by @moku-youbi which is what one reads after finishing season 3 and you’re in desperate need to see Will and Hannibal boning everywhere and in many positions in love and happy and alive.

down on my knees, but not to pray–hit so hard across the skull, it buckled my legs by cashtastrophe which is updated sporadically, but I would say read it (AND THE TAGS) because it’s just. *stares off into the distance clutching at my heart*

The Ladders and Rubies series by @emungere and if you haven’t read those than stop reading this and go start them. Like. Right now. Go. (Also I just finished emungere’s original book ‘Love Under Fire’ which was amazing and you should go read their original work too)

Literally Speaking by @halotolerant has made my brain melt and I can only cross my fingers for more because I need more and this might be me asking for more on bended knee and with my heart dangling precariously from my sleeve.

Philia by Gweezle is a slow-slow burn and I’m at the moment biting my nails waiting for what the hell Hannibal is going to do to Will if/when he escapes (I’m voting for romantic dinner for two with lots of resolved tension and minimal creepiness on Hannibal’s part).

Way to go, Google! Happy Birthday, Mary Anning!!!

On May 21st, 1799, Mary Anning was born in England. She was a fossil collector, palaeontologist, and scientist who gave us some of the best discoveries in the mid 19th century. For a woman back in the 1800’s, this was groundbreaking for women and science in general.

We still struggle today to get more women involved and recognised for their work in science, so just think about how it was way back when (plus social status, etc)! Just last week I was speaking with an Anthropologist and Archaeologist (both women) on the growing number of women in science, and how great it is to see more females coming into these fields of study.

Mary Anning – for me – has been a huge inspiration ever since I was a child. She was bold, determined, and very daring with her fossil hunts. Anyone can hunt for fossils; you do not have to have a degree to do so. Now, should you sign up with a museum or society to do it? Yes, I highly suggest it, because it’s always good to make sure you are looking for the right signs, you are in safe territory, and that everything is done by the books. Each fossil is incredibly important to science!

Wikipedia has a nice long page about Mary Anning, and there’s documentaries and other resources out there to read.

I just love her, and I could go on and on about all the amazing things she accomplished, so maybe sometime in the future I will have a big post written up.

I’m currently writing a few things for you guys, so keep a lookout for those in the near future.


So yesterday I got to meet lauren-oliver, the author of my favourite book of all time (Before I Fall)

And wow, she is just so so so so sweet and kind and funny and JUST PERF. It was so amazing to finally meet her (worth the 100+ miles that I had to drive :P) Her Q&A session was super interesting and has me extremely excited for her upcoming books :) We had a lovely chat while she was signing my books and she is just so amazingly down to earth, I think I love her even more right now :D

I managed to give her copies of my collages which she seemed to love (notice her expression in the first photo :P) and she even signed copies I made for myself, which was really nice of her :)

Aaaaand then she tops it all off by being a huge cutie and writing the sweetest messages in my books.

Just, wow. This woman is amazing and if you haven’t already, you should go read all her books.

Starting with Before I Fall.

That book is brilliant.


After admiring Electric Literature’s wonderful writer horoscopes from afar, we decided to look up into the stars and determine your reader horoscope this month. Because writer or not, everyone could use a well-aligned book.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Aquarius, March was made for you. You are feeling all types of amazing. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month is in your favor and you are as motivated and confident as ever. This is the time to ask for a promotion and go on lots of dates, because people are paying. Attention that is. You should be reading something that is as ambitious as you are right now. Now that you have everyone’s eyes, let them see how much you shine.

Lucky book:  BIG MAGIC by Liz Gilbert

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
You’re a little short-tempered this month, but that’s okay because you’re still somehow attracting a lot of beautiful people (we’re a little jealous). Maybe they’re attracted to this wild wit and temperament. Maybe it’s because your rage is so on-point and smart. Maybe what you need is a book as quick-witted and clever and antithetical to the establishment as you are. Say what you want. We begrudgingly love you more for it.


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This is your birthday month Aries, and no better time than now to go big or go home. You’re feeling energized and what you need to really get those creative juices flowing is something fresh, something new, something titillating. This is the perfect time to read the novel that defies all expectations of a novel. The novel everyone is mentioning and nobody knows what’s about. When you’re done you’ll be able to do things with the written word, and maybe with tennis balls too, that you never thought possible before.

Lucky book: SUDDEN DEATH by Álvaro Enrigue

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You will be needing to do some serious venting this month and are craving serious change. You will need a book that will give you energy to keep fighting against all odds. Pick up the book that thousands of people claim have helped them make life-changing decisions that range from quitting their jobs, leaving an unhealthy relationship, or just demanding more for themselves of the world.

Lucky book: EAT PRAY LOVE MADE ME DO IT by Liz Gilbert

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
You’re beginning March on a rough start because of that darn full moon in February, but the forecast for the rest of the month is clear skies! You’re enthusiastic and happy, and with such a clear head on your shoulder, now is a great time to make necessary plans. Read the true-life-story that will make you feel focused, confident, and absolutely inspired as you take this busy month by the reins.

Lucky book: HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL by Carrie Brownstein

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Whoa there, Cancer. You’ve got all the feels this month. Now is the time to ignore all the garbage that’s going on in the world (seriously, you do not want to watch this last GOP debate) and go to a happier place. How about outer space? What do you say we learn about the way that humans share grandparents with butterflies or the series of events that led to the birth of the universe? On a cosmic scale, does it matter if Hilary or the Donald wins? These are the questions, bright-eyed Cancer. The answers are yours to find out.

Lucky book: SEVEN BRIEF LESSONS OF PHYSICS by Carlo Rovelli

Leo (July 23 – August 22)
People love you this month, Leo, and why not? You are a magical, ambitious, confident being. This month, everyone who meets you will be captivated by you. What you need is a book equally spell-binding and striking. A book full of secrets, enchantments, and the dangling key that may or may not open those locks. That will be wholly up to you.

Lucky book: WHAT IS NOT YOURS IS NOT YOURS by Helen Oyeyemi

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Things are not looking good for Virgo this month. Karmic reasons may be to blame. We don’t want to say that means that it’s necessarily your fault, but it kind of might be. Why not quell the frustration now by making good with your coworkers and family? What you need is to see yourself outside of yourself. A book with characters that struggle with some big communication issues of their own will be a good place to start. Don’t worry, this month too will pass. And the characters find something like a happy ending.

Lucky book: INFINITE HOME by Kathleen Alcott

Libra (September 23 – October 22)
You’ve got a lot of energy to devote to reading this month, so we’re going to prescribe you a really big book. Don’t fear—it’s been praised by everyone from the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times to Slate for being so timely, riveting, and stereotype-shattering. This is a book that’s well worth the effort. You’ll be happy after reading. Not to mention way, way smarter than your friends.

Lucky book: CHILDREN OF PARADISE by Laura Secor

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)
Scorpio, you’re deep in thought this March. We already know you’re sexy, but this wondrous, contemplative side to you only makes you sexier. You want to nourish your soul this month and you want to do so with a book that can really feed it. Even the mundane feels poignant with beauty to you now and you need a book equally gorgeous. You need Literature.

Lucky book: FATES AND FURIES by Lauren Groff

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
Sagittarius, are you feeling a little lonely? You’ll be lovey-dovey all month long and with Venus opposite Jupiter towards the end of the month, you might be craving some companionship hard. What you need is a book to remind you that love comes in various forms, in various countries, and in various states of mind. But what doesn’t change is the love one has for their dogs. The characters may break up, but the dogs always stay.

Lucky book: BARBARA THE SLUT by Lauren Holmes

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)
You’re going to feel a little off-balance this month, given the lunar eclipse at the end of the month and the end of the full moon in February. Brace yourself for feeling overwhelmed during one of the busiest months the year has seen so far. What you need is a quick distraction: evocative images and engrossing language that transport you to a different world entirely. What you need is a graphic novel.

Lucky book: CITY OF CLOWNS by Daniel Alarcón

anonymous asked:

Hi :)) I'm looking for a pretty amazing book but I can't find any🙈 have you any recommendation?🙏 hahah

Well you have come to the right blog 😃
Here are some awesome books you should totally check out:
*starting first with series/trilogies*
~PercyJackson/Heroes of Olympus
~The Hunger games
~Harry Potter
~The Lunar Chronicles
~The Mara Dyer trilogy (which I’m currently reading and it’s fantastic)
*now the stand alone books*
~Like every John Green book ever (TFIOS, Paper towns, Looking for Alaska,etc.)
~Fangirl (one of my all time favorites)
~Eleanor and Park
~The strange and beautiful sorrows of Ava lavender
~Let’s get lost
And I don’t know if these books are part of a series or they just stand alone but
~The Clockwork Scarab (A Stoker and Holmes Novel)
~The SpiritGlass Charade(A stoker and Holmes Novel)

zhangbak said:

so the other day, i read this book called love, rosie or where rainbows end. it’s about these two friends who have been inseparable since childhood but have to face a lot of difficulties before realizing their love for each other and even moreso to be together in the end. they are soulmates and best friends before they emerge as two people in love but even then they aren’t lovers. there are his girlfriends, wives, kids and her boyfriend, husband and daughter to consider so ending up together isn’t a walk in the park for them. it takes them roughly 45 years to finally find each other in that sense.

their story reminds me of baekyeol somehow because not only baek and yeol are best friends, that much is undeniable, but they also have these… complications between them that are uncharacteristic of a typical simple friendship. idk where im going with this but i just wanted to share since you guys are my favorite baekyeol blog and it pains me that the blog activity isn’t going so well and i really want to talk baekyeol so…. maybe my point it’s that if baekyeol really are soulmates (and i am 93.67% sure they are) then maybe not now but in time they will definitely find each other.

This submission is amazing, I’ve read it over and over again and it makes me smile each time. The book you read, it truly sounds very interesting and beautiful. Honestly, the story does sound similar to Baekyeol’s. So, I thought all of our followers should read this. There are many complications between Baekyeol- as you said- but really, their friendship and bond still prevails over all of that. Sometimes it takes a pair of individuals decades to realize the person they were looking for was right before their eyes the whole time. 

Thank you so much for this, and for liking this blog.. But over anything else, thank you for having an undying love for Baekyeol! (I’m pretty sure they’re soulmates too!) 

-admin SFS

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I would like to warn all your followers NOT to read "The Geography Club" but instead watch the movie. This is now my prime example to how adaptation can not only be as good as the book, but much much much better! This ask is too small for me to list all the things the book is wrong about and the movie is right. But just please, everyone, trust me. The movie is amazing and you should all see it! The book - horrible!

thanks for letting me know! I have never heard of it so I doubt I would have read it but in case anyone else was going to read it 

Rajigaze 24.6

Kai thinks the lives in Europa are similar to the ones in Japan

the mood in germany was the best!

K: Reita come back here!!!!! (echo)

K: next one will be with Reita again lol U: is it already decided? K: yeah, of course-everyone is waiting for him,aren’t they?

about how they controll their nervousness: K: we’re nervous too! we’re just human too. U: we can’t really controll it,can we? K: no we can’t. I’m getting nervous too. the intro makes them nervous- bc it’s always played and then the live HAS to start- so it’s kind of pressuring

Uruha can’t motivate himself for the photocheck Kai: is forgetting the things he has to do,so they pile up and after he remembered again-there is no other way as to do it, because no time is left lol

K: please Reita- come back soon! U: well I did fight with him too U/K/M: laughing out loud

K: I stopped with smoking- I didn’t tell anyone tho I stopped smoking a few years ago, but there was a chance and I started again. But I stopped since the beginning of the year! seems like Kai read a book that was about cigarettes- (and how to quit them, I guess, tho in the beginning the book said you shouldn’t quit, but I guess you just loose the will to smoke while reading it? something like that) U: I was thinking one week about a topic, we should just make it Kai-kuns “how to stop smoking-therapy” K: this book is really amazing- 90% of the people who read it stop smoking! ah I don’t get money for promoting this lol K: I really wanted to quit, bt smehow…. U: sorry for always troubling you with pressure lol K: okay, now would be a good moment for anothert song,right? U/M: lol

K: so I’d like to introduce the first song to you! U: wait a second…. fist one? K: eh? M: second one right? K: ah but you know- it’s the song I recommend! Kais recommendation:

U: if he’d buy a pet it wuld be a dog K: if he wanted to buy a pet it would be a dog..maybe? but I wouldn’t buy one! Kai thinks that if you have a pet it should fit your lifestyle- if you can’t see them while on tour or something it’s sad for them

the girl who asked a question, discribed herself as my paced, so that became the topic: U: my pace is not equal to slow! K: I don’t think my pace is bad- but if other people are getting catched up in it- that’s not good! I have to wait often for Uruha-kun, right? If I have to pick him up or something lol M: ah me too! U:ah talking about my pace-of cource I have to appear,right?lol K:I just alwaya think:just come out! U:but I’m coming! K:yeah but late!

Uruha doesn’t even notice that he’s late so often

M: what surprises me tho is, that he always is on time when we’re in a hotel! K: that’s true! M: at home he usually comes late by 15 minutes U: that’s true… I don’t know why tho.. Uruhas guess why he won’t be late if they stay in hotels: my clothes are already decided. I always think: what should I wear???

Kai had to count the lives of the summer tour

K: ah we did our best in these two weeks,didn’t we? ah but if Reita isn’t here it’s no good isn’t it? U: nono it’s not like that, Kai-san! U: saying something else but Kai is talking so I can’t understand =_= K: If I’m in a radio show my public image is going down

Caitriona Balfe Twitter Q&A | Nov.12, 2016

FAN: Any news about your BAFTA dress? or  do we still  have to #staytuned for a while longer?
CAIT: I think you might have to wait till the beginning of next week. Sorry !!

FAN: How did you choose the picture + the writing on the shirt?
C: the team at represent came up with different concepts. It’s a line from the show and I thought it capsulated Claire.. and me !

FAN: What places would you like Jamie and Claire to visit?
C: I think Diana has taken care of that. They do quite a bit of travel !

FAN: what kind of music do you listen to xx ?
C: lots of different kinds. Right now loving @QueensChristine x

FAN: What about that beautiful jewelry from those sweet mamas from Ghana? Any chance to help out by buying that too?
C: perhaps ….

FAN: still yesterday in Alaska. Bought my Tshirt in black. What other color can you recommend ?
C: Love the wine colour or @WChildCancer  orange x

FAN: favourite film ever :) ?
C: So many but Full Metal Jacket is right up there. Near perfection.

FAN: name 3 things you love about Glasgow?
C: GOMA @TheGannet and Kelvingrove Park.

FAN: are you a tea or a coffee person?
C: Coffee, strong and black.

FAN: have you tried the Outlander wine yet!?
C: No. they (perhaps wisely ) haven’t given @SamHeughan or me any. 

FAN: I CAANT WAIT for the new season of outlander!! how is filming going?

FAN: I was so happy to order a tee?! What is your best memory of Ghana??
C: the amazing people there.

FAN: what do you think about the next design being a drawing by a fan? you could do a contest
C: Good idea. X

FAN: are you pregnant? 
C: No. are you? 

FAN: will scotland ever win a rugby match ?
C: Hopefully .. lost by 1 to the Wallabies. Good game though.

FAN: hi cait! Fave vacation spot in the US?
C: Big Sur but New Orleans a close second. X

FAN: Why ‘Full Metal Jacket’????
C: Stanley Kubrick made the most incredible film. Why not ??? :*

FAN: Does the one I just bought 5 minutes ago count?  Any small clue on what you’re filming next?
C: All Outlander for the next 8 months. Not sure past that.

FAN: done! How did you celebrate your birthday?
C: I went to Paris !!! 

FAN: What would you say is the most unusual thing you’ve done? 
C: I like to think everything I do comes with a nice little side of unusual … #keepitquirky

FAN: Ready to splurge for holidays: what one @ColbertMD product does every woman need?
C: if you’re going on holiday then definitely their illumino oil. X

FAN: were you watching Scotland play rugby?
C: of course !!! 

FAN: how is your weekend going? X
C: Apart from a nasty cold pretty good x

FAN: What is the thing you love the most about Claire? (yes just one thing…) 
C: her compassion

FAN: Do you have a dream role?

FAN: are you pregnant Cait?
C: Like I said. NO. Are you? #sometimesthereisapolitenessline

FAN: What is your favorite city?
C: I love traveling. I love seeing each cities character. What makes it and it’s inhabitants unique … so couldn’t choose 1

FAN: There is a confusion - did you ever acted in a Devil wears Prada?
C: Glorified extra for two days. Not sure if I am actually in it. It was v fun seeing the amazing Meryl do her thing though

FAN: Do you ever want to direct a feature film? Actor/Actress you want to direct?
C: one day hopefully x

FAN: Already bought two…are you looking forward to shooting in a warm location for a change in S3?
C: Eh YES !!!

FAN: favorite flower ?
Tuberose x 

FAN: I’ve had a cold for days, what’s your go to sick remedy? Tea or whiskey?
C: Hot Apple cider vinegar and honey. 

FAN: have you got anche advice to beat the fear to stay in front of audience?
C: if you focus on the character and not yourself … then you can’t be scared. !! Xxx

FAN: We can reach 3000!!! Let’s go!!! Waiting mine from Seville… Have you been in Seville???
C: not yet … x

FAN: are you enjoying the weekend? What are you doing right now?
C: Sofa and twitter … a wild Saturday night !! Trying to beat my cold. X

FAN: since I’m going to live in Glasgow, do you have any advice to help me to survive out there please? I’m French btw
C: lots of layers and once your ears get used to the accent then you’ll find the most welcoming people. Cool galleries too

FAN: what’s the best part of working with such an amazing and charming English man as Tobias Menzies ?
C: best thing. Having made a life long friend who is funny and kind and beyond talented. And also quite silly

FAN: Do you normally work weekends or have random days off ?
C: normally work Monday to Friday but Sometimes i get random days off then it’s :)))))))) 

FAN: Do you knit?
C: not for many years. I should again x

FAN: do you have any suggestions for someone who’s looking for a new book to dive into? (except for Outlander ehe)
C: The Sellout by Paul Beatty. Reading right now and I love it.

FAN: Are a museum person? Do you have a favorite?
C: The Whitney or The Moma in NYC or The Tate Modern in London. But love visiting museums and galleries.

FAN: coming fr. LA to Glasgow next week for work but have one day off. What do you recommend?
C: Visit GOMA or @MaryMaryGlasgow take a walk through Kelvingrove park

FAN: What is your absolute favorite classic movie!? Old school classic
C: Breakfast at Tiffanys

FAN: are you fluent in irish gaelic ? :)
C: I used to be. Now I can barely string a sentence together. Ta sé an brónach.

FAN: if you could meet claire fraser what would you tell her ?
C: wow you’re pretty short and much more curvy than I thought but THANK YOU for being so damn cool x

FAN: Hamptons or NYC lassie?
C: NYC x

FAN: what does the Irish Gaelic sentence mean in English?
C: it’s very sad … ( that I don’t still speak it) 

CAIT: I think that’s more than 20. Byeeeeee for now x