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Discworld for Beginners

So, I just typed this out in a group chat because I got carried away and I thought I would make it into a post since some people might be interested in Terry Pratchett’s amazing comedy fantasy series, Discworld. So here are some great starting points.

1) Guards! Guards!
Cop noir about a drunk city watch captain and the beginning of his arc towards becoming an amazing city watchman. The series as a whole focuses a lot on racial and class prejudices as well as, of course, crime.

2) Mort
About a young boy becoming apprentice to Death. Death is one of the most beloved characters in all of Discwold and his novels focus a lot on humanity, what it means to be human and the nature of the universe.

3) Wyrd Sisters
My personal favourite series, but this isn’t the first book featuring The Witches, but a better starting point than the first one (Equal Rights, if you really want to start there, but it’s rough). This novel is largely a play on Macbeth, but the series expands to play on fairy tails, fey and other storytelling tropes and what it means to be a witch who cares for a community.

4) Wee Free Men
A soft reboot of The Witches focusing on a young woman learning to become a witch and is possibly one of the best YA leads of all time. The series really is about growing up and responsibility. (There is a metric tonne of stuff I can say and unpack about Tiffany and her books, but this is a short post). Probably the best starting book as it stands alone very well, is largely disconnected from Discworld as a whole to begin with and is Pratchett at his best.

5) Going Postal
A beautiful disaster of a human being who is a conman becomes a the head of the postal service and a captain of industry. Hijinks ensue and the novel becomes a defamation of capitalism as a whole.

6) Monstrous Regiment
A fantastic stand alone about a girl joining an all male army to find her brother who went off to war and didn’t come back. Talks a lot about gender roles and has a few trans characters. 

Terry Pratchett tackles a lot of social, moral and occasionally religious issues in his Discworld series and as much as I love his writing, there is a significant lack of racial and sexual diversity in his writing. 
Also, please do not read the first 3 books of the series to start your Discworld experience, doing that is like eating raw flour and eggs to see if you like cake.

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I saw you posted something about Slam Bradley, who is such an odd case by basically being an older model hero who still exists in the DC Universe. Can you think of other characters who existed PreSuperhero who found a place in the Superhero universes and actually fit well?

You know, I’ve heard a few comics histories call the pre-superhero era of comics the “Platinum Age.”

Here’s something interesting: for a decade after Zero Hour, the DC Universe status quo was that the first ever superhero, the guy who kicked off the whole shebang and started the whole concept…wasn’t Superman, but was actually the pre-Superman DC hero, the Crimson Avenger. It was the Crimson Avenger who was chronologically the first superhero ever for a while, along with the pre-Superman Jerry Siegel creation, Dr. Occult. That strikes me as bonkers, since any DC Universe where Superman isn’t the first superhero always “feels wrong.”

There’s a great book that I recommend if you want to read about the early days of comics, “The Comic Book Heroes” by Jules Pfeiffer, and it’s amazing because it actually explains why a character like Superman was such a big deal and so tremendously popular when he came out.

In short, he argued that pre-Superman comics basically were the same things over and over:

  • A square jawed, generic cop or detective who matched wits with an Oriental supergenius;
  • A jungle man Tarzan ripoff;

  • A magician in a coat and toptails.

 According to Pfeiffer, who grew up in the Great Depression, “if you really take stock of things, you have to be Super in order to get along in the world.” (Anyone who has ever had to endure a job search probably agrees with this.) It’s a fact of life that villains, by the fact of being villains, outshine the heroes in competence, in resources, in personality…that’s how it is in life, and how it is in fiction, too. 

Crime doesn’t pay? What a lie. You know what doesn’t pay? Working for an honest living. Being a butcher or a carpenter. So, when Superman first came out, the reaction wasn’t ‘oh, that’s creative,’ but ‘of course! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?’

The most famous of the Platinum Age DC heroes probably has to be Zatara the Magician, and not because of anything he’s ever done, but because of his daughter, Zatanna, who at one point, was big enough of a deal that she was even chairman of the Justice League. Zatanna is in the category of “merchandiseable” characters that get action figures, as opposed to weirdies that only superfans know about.

The “magicians came before superheroes” rule is common enough that, thanks to Roger Stern’s stories and the Lost Generation, the earliest adventures of Dr. Strange and Dr. Druid, which were hidden from the public, are now believed to have taken place just before Fantastic Four #1 kicked off the “Age of Marvels.”

The Amazing Adventures of Max

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Tom Holland:

Gifs not mine.

A/N: An original piece, hope you guys enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed “Lady In Red.”

“Dear Spider-Man, you’re my favorite superhero in the whole comic book universe! I’m writing this letter because I’m really sick and even though I know you are busy saving the world it would be supercool if you came to see me, I’m Max Philip Kyle… I’m 8 years old and I have leukemia the doctors told my god mother that I won’t be able to make it to my 9th birthday which is 2 months from today and I know she’s scared and worried about me… she told me that writing a letter to you didn’t sound silly, she always believes in me, she’s been like a mother to me since I was 2 and I love her so much, I don’t want to leave her alone in this world , so Spider-Man do you think you could protect her when I’m gone cause that would make me so happy… I love her so much and she needs someone to save her from the mean world… I know you’re busy, but she told me it wouldn’t hurt to try… well thank you for reading this Spider-Man. Love your biggest fan Max.
P.S if you could bring the rest of the avengers and Loki that would be awesome!” Tom read out to the cast of the avengers, sad faces and tears were seen throughout the whole room “We’ve got to go, at least for one day.” Tom said folding the paper and putting it in his back pocket, when he looked up everyone was gone , grabbing their suits and props handing Tom his Spider-Man suit. 

Tom punched in the address of the hospital where the letter was sent from “We’re looking for a young kid named Max Kyle , what room is he in?” Tom said looking at the nurse through his costume not wanting to waste any time “Third floor, 307. He’s in a private room, women with him really loves him.” The nurse said looking over the people in the Avengers costumes, but they didn’t want time to chat they all rushed for the third floor and once they reached his room they noticed the quiet dead air, when they walked in slowly they saw a little boy flipping through the mute channels in the arms of a woman who was fast asleep once Max had saw them he slowly sprung him from the bed into a sitting position “NO WAY!” He yelled causing the woman to jolt up holding him tightly but she let out a sigh of relief when she knew he wasn’t in any pain “Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Winter Solider, Falcon, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, & LOKI! This is so awesome!” Max said smiling so hard he couldn’t believe his eyes “Hey buddy I got your note and I read it with all my friends, we all knew we had to meet a super kid like you. So is this your god mother that you love so much?” Tom said in his American accent trying not to break character, when he looked over to you he noticed how truly beautiful you had long(short) (Y/H/C) hair and beautiful big eyes his mouth was slightly open “Yeah, this is my god mother (Y/N), and this is Peter Parker or better known as Spider-Man.” Max said introducing them, (Y/N) smiled at the boy moving his face back from his forehead planting a kiss on it “Well I’m glad you received his letter and brought your friends with you Spider-Man.” She said smiling looking at the entire cast in front of her “I hope you brought a change of clothes.” (Y/N) said smiling looking at the cast nod. “Well, you can change, it’s hot in the hospital all the time.” Max said happily he was so excited but he felt his body start to collapse under him, but you noticed a change in mood you grabbed his softly laying him down on the bed grabbing his pills and water from the bedside table you kissed him getting up from the bed grabbing the control to put it in a seating position so he would have to balance himself up and hurt him, Max not only had leukemia but his bones were always weaker than other kids his age but regardless of that he always tried to do physical things in a safe measure of time thanks to you always supporting him and believing he could do anything. 

You loved him so much “Can you believe it ? They came!” Max said looking over at the new unmasked and regular dressed avengers but the shine in his eye never left “So tell us about you Max, you know all about us , and that’s an unfair advantage.” Tom said still in the American accent “Well… I love marvel , because of my godmother , she is obsessed with marvel and has been she since was a kid. So one day I saw her watching Civil war and I wanted to see it but she told me I had to watch other movies so we watched Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Age of Ultron and then Civil war. She was right, but you’re my favorite superhero! I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 6 years old, umm my mom and dad are always too busy for me. 

The day I got sick in school and threw up they called my parents and they told the school that I would be fine, even though the school said I was puking blood. I mean I wasn’t but anything to get their attention which didn’t work, they then called (Y/N) and on the first ring she picked up and left her job to rush me to the hospital. She was in the middle of an important meeting to get job and they told her if she had left she would be fired, she didn’t even think about it she left and rushed to get me. I love to read especially comic books, (Y/N) gets them for me all the time, and I LOVE food.” Max said with sad eyes but a warm smile. (Y/N) wrapped her arm around him pulling him closer to her “Have your parents come to see you?” Robert asked quietly, that was the exact moment Max broke down in tears shaking his head rapidly causing (Y/N) to wrap her arms around “No but it’s okay because he has me, and now you’re all here for him. Right Maxie?” (Y/N) said looking down at Max who wiped his tears and smiled “Well Max, I think you’re one tough kid, and I would be honored if you would become my sidekick I need a strong kid by my side.” Tom said taking out a Spider-Boy suit and with that he say the boys eyes light up like the Fourth of July “YES!” Max said loudly, Tom handed him the suit smiling along with Max “I hate to interrupt but I need to exam Max & visiting hours are over as well…” Dr. Jensen said gripping his clipboard slightly. 

The Avengers cast nodded, (Y/N) looked at Dr. Jensen who was also motioning for you to exit now this made you worry but you’d learned better then to argue with the Doctor considering they we’re allowing you to stay in the hospital you kissed Max’s forehead before you left. You leaned against the door taking deep breaths “He’s a good kid, he’s really lucky he has someone like you.” Tom said in his regular accent scaring you causing you to jump in fear nearly slipping but Tom caught your hands pulling you up “You’re WAY stronger then you look, has anyone ever told you that?” You asked looking at him in shook because of how close your faces were “Yeah but not someone as beautiful and amazing as you (Y/N).” He said his breath hitting your face his every word caressing your cheek “I’m not all that special, I just think he deserves a better life than the one he has right now, thank you for coming he was so happy writing that letter but he knew you wouldn’t come and then you change his mind and pop out.” You said hugging Tom tightly, he wraps his arm around your waist and this hug is more than just a hug, it’s supporting and acceptance. 

“SPIDER-MAN & (Y/N) ARE YOU GUYS DATING?!” Max yelled with such a happy smile on his face as he rolled out of his room , you were shocked and before you could say anything “Yes, it was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday!” Tom said in his American accent hiding you in his chest laughing “Play along.” Tom whispered and you nodded “Yeah I was just going to ask the doctor if you could go home for one day and watch movies and eat my cooking.” You said looking at Dr. Jensen who nodded slowly “Yes , can all the avengers come?” Max said wheeling his way to hold Toms hand, Tom looked down at him “It’s a date ! ” he said smiling all the avengers laughing and nodding behind him.

 Oh boy this was a night Max won’t forget you thought to yourself as you all started to walk out of the hospital and on your way to your house.

I love the dramione world, because it’s so creative. Like its completely non-canon, so you can do anything. And there are all these things that everyone just accepts within the dramione universe. Like, Crabbe and Goyle basically don’t exist even though they were there all the time. Blaise and Theo are Draco’s best friends even though in the books they had like, maybe a page between them. I absolutely LOVE it. Ginny thinks theyre cute, and that Draco’s super hot. Harry’s eventually kind of okay with it, but Ron never really comes around. Theo’s probably gay. Pansy loves muggle fashion magazines. Blaise and Luna 4eva. Daphne’s super sassy and pretty chill. The fandom has developed this whole universe surrounding Hermione and Draco. Amazing.

ID #95086

Name: Grace
Age: 18
Country: Australia 

  Hiya! I’m Grace and I absolutely suck at writing bios. But here I am anyway.

The things that define me:
-student (1st year university, medical science)
-netflix addict (but only when assignments are due…)
-lover of music, books, dogs and pajamas

Note: I’m not very good at the whole ‘conversation topics’ thing to begin with but once I get to know you I’ll be fine. I promise!

Preferences:  17+
If you live in Europe, especially the UK that would be amazing since I’m planning on going on exchange (hopefully next year!) but if you don’t that is totally fine too! I’d love to travel as much as possible when I can.

I also sadly only speak English but it would be amazing if you teach me your native language.

Mellifluous - Ch. 1


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word count: 1,474

You are trying really hard to concentrate on the text in front of you, but the lack of sleep and the abundance of stress seem to be taking their toll on you as all the words and sentences seem to start blending into one big mess. You huff and puff and finally decide that you need a break. You nudge Jihyo who seems to be just as out of it as you are.

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Taking a leaf out of @veronicabunch book, here is a positivity post for today.

•I had an open day at my local university/polytechnic it was great, I now know exactly what I’m doing next year
•I spent the whole day with my best friend, I haven’t done that for awhile and it was awesome I missed hanging out with her
•I got a free facial from Lush, my face now feels amazing
•I managed to talk to some people without my anxiety getting in the way
•I got free food today, I’m always up for some free food
•I saw one of my other best friends who I haven’t talked to for awhile, she was with her boyfriend (whom I don’t like) but it was good to see her
•I haven’t gotten time to write any fics lately, BUT I figured out what to do for my novel I’ve been writing so that was fun
•I’ve been pretty relaxed lately, no panic/anxiety attacks
•ive started sleeping better at night, which yay!
•I wore a really cute outfit today and got told it was cute, which never happens but it made me feel great!
•I started reading a book the other day and I’m already half way through, (it’s so good, read The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken I think that’s how I spell it?)
•I went to the museum for awhile today, I love that place!

I’ve had a great day, and writing it down makes it better! I’m gonna do more of these now!

@ladygarland // Chrystin Garland with Boom! Studios @ Wondercon 2017

I just wanted to give this wonderful woman her whole own post because she’s not only an amazing talent, being the illustrator on the Steven Universe comics among other works, (like @thewindchildren I believe!) but she’s also a fantastic person!

This was the second year in a row I had the pleasure of seeing her signing folks’ SU comic book purchases and she was just as unbelievably sweet as when I met her last year! She said she was happy to see me again and told me she remembered my Korra cosplay from the year before when I reminded her that’s what I wore the last time I saw her (she sees a lot of faces, I’m sure, but I appreciated the sentiment all the same,) and this year, I was eager to get a cover she had drawn for an SU comic I didn’t have!

She said she would draw two characters on the cover and I stalled so much, having a difficult time picking two. After a minute or two of focused silence, she suggested, “What’s one of your favorite episodes, if that helps?” I laughed and told her “That just makes it more difficult!” Eventually I decided (requesting Steven and his Bird Mom as pictured above) and she put me down on her steadily growing list and thanked me and advised I come back tomorrow and that she’d have it done.

I came back the next day and picked up my comic from her and she thanked me for my choice in Pearl and Steven, telling me, “People don’t usually request these two together and their relationship is so good and complex!”
I also showed up that day in my W.D. Gaster cosplay and she not only complimented me on it (without me telling her who I was cosplaying and what he was from,) said she loved Undertale and the mystery surrounding W.D. Gaster –AND– she asKED FOR MY PICTURE in my Gaster cosplay?! I was just bowled over! It’s a good thing the mask made it so I didn’t have to emote because I probably was either bright red in the face from the genuine kindness or pale white with excited shock!

I don’t know what happened with that picture… maybe it’s up on her Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr? (I should investigate!) But this woman is a remarkable person and helped make my heart sing and made this Wondercon an exceptional one!

I don’t know if she’ll ever see this but, Miss Garland, if you do see this:
I’d like to thank you for your effervescent personality, welcoming smile, patience, kindness and for sharing your talent and light with the world!
Thank you! ❤️

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Favourite book?

your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe by Yumi Sakugawa

it is such an amazing book, I read through it within 1h maybe or even less (it’s not that much text because nearly the whole page is full of illustrations) and it changed my mindset so much to the positive!! Whenever I feel like everything’s falling apart I grab this book and read through it again bc it helps me so much!!

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Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe is one of my favorite books, it's so gorgeous

‘Gorgeous’ is definitely the right word for it. You can absolutely tell that the author is a poet. I was constantly amazed by how beautiful the language was, particularly because it was so simple. Normally when I think of prose written by poets, it’s always something detailed, flowery, and complicated. But this whole book is written so simply that it makes everything so goddamn understandable. There were so many times where I’d have to stop and read a specific line a few times over because it was a concept that I’d never considered putting into words before, but I knew exactly what Ari was talking about. 

While I definitely enjoy stories that have big, grand, sweeping tragedies, I really love stories that have small tragedies, because they’re so horribly relatable. Even if you’ve never gone through exactly what was happening with Ari and Dante, it was small enough that you could so easily imagine what it would be like. Honestly, I could go on forever. This book was just so gorgeous and I can’t remember the last time a book that simple affected me so much. 

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I saw that anon u got that said that writing about Jeff (or basically any character) was bc we didn't actually understood the whole point of the show, and Hanna. But I think that because we understood and connected w/ everyone so well, (and got a bit traumatized) we are trying to "give" a 2nd chance to our fav characters to get better trough imagines and writing and reading and requesting. In my humble opinion, at least. Btw u are an amazing writer, love all the imagines, keep up the good work

you’re exactly right. i also feel as if we deserve to give our favorite characters a second chance…..isn’t that the whole point of fanfiction anyways? to create such a alternate universe, just to decide a better fate for certain characters. i didn’t really understand what the anon meant, as they said we didn’t fully understand the story or connected with the show/book. I mean, in my opinion, why would i write about someone if i didn’t care or connect with them in the first place??

& thank you, i appreciate your thoughts and your kind opinions on my works. xx

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Prompt: A Breakfast club AU for bellarke? Thanks!

I’ve seen the Breakfast club too many times to count so I enjoyed this prompt a lot. Thanks for sending it, I hope you like it! 

A big thanks to theoriginalvintagepanda for beta reading this fanfic (and the previous ones) and making it legible! 


She would rather be painting, looking for that elusive tone of blue for the sea waves.

Clarke looked at the library with a resigned expression. It was her first time in detention and she was surrounded by the most problematic students of Ark High School. Their silent company was actually better than her mother’s constant nagging, but she couldn’t stand the thought of a whole day wasted doing absolutely nothing. She was a practical girl with a lot of aspirations; a whole day without something to do was unthinkable.

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Why do you love Spideytorch so much? Don't get me wrong, Peter & Johnny are one of my favorite superbuddies of comic books, I was wondering what's makes you think they're so special.

(drags the projector and the slides down out of the attic)

I’ve talked about this a little bit before, the history of it is a big deal for me: this is a 53 year long relationship publishing-wise, and over a dozen years worth of friendship in universe. That’s A LOT. That’s longer than almost any other big Marvel ship. In current canon Peter’s known Johnny approximately half his life, and literally his whole entire superhero career. Peter meets Johnny in the very first Amazing Spider-Man issue; Johnny’s speech inspires Peter not to quit being Spider-Man in ASM #3. That’s incredibly early – Johnny’s influence in Peter’s life pre-dates important Spider-Man characters like Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn by years. 

Mega-ships have been built on so much less, and this is just the beginning. Since they’ve met they’ve been important to each other, either as a yardstick to measure up against, an annoyance they couldn’t get out of their heads, or an inspiration, someone to look up to. It’s a really mutual relationship – they orbit each other, in the early days trying to hone in on each other’s supervillain squabbles and then later trying to help the other out. Peter tries to help Johnny when he’s wanted by the police, take Johnny’s mind off his divorce, and regularly drops everything when he thinks Johnny needs him:

Johnny worries about Peter, believes in Peter even when Peter doesn’t believe in himself, and works on multiple occasions to keep Peter’s anger in check. He stops Peter from revealing his secret identity to him when he feels Peter’s not comfortable with it.

I mean, he LITERALLY left Peter his family in his will; I think it’s safe to say that outside the other members of the FF, there’s nobody Johnny trusts more than Peter.

… And Peter bought Johnny a building, no big deal.

(There is no good platonic reason for Johnny taking a naked cat nap in Peter’s bed. Like, I am just saying.)

They’ve always been really good at being on the same wavelength, too:

And Johnny getting hurt pushes Peter’s berserk button:

Also they spend every Christmas morning together. At the Statue of Liberty. Which Peter can’t swing to. At an hour he can’t get the ferry. Listen, I love my friends, but I wouldn’t row out in a web raft at the ass crack of dawn to exchange gifts for them. 

And honestly, I just love them. The heart wants what it wants, the ship picks the shipper, etc. They make me happy. That’s sort of it.

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blue hair dye and poetry?

thank u nonnie!!!

blue hair dye

one thing i like about my appearance is my eyes thats cliche but theyre really lovely i have hazel eyes with brown splotches in one eye and idk they look like a whole universe is them


fav book or poem wowowo idk my fav book but my fav poem atm is milk and honey by rupi kaur all of her work is amazing 

send me asks on things i love!!

"Whatever" Isaac Lahey Imagine

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@obrienswolf wrote this amazing imagine, you guys should follow her!

I walk out of English cursing the universe for having the hell known as school on earth. I make a beeline straight towards my locker and open the lock for the umpteenth time barely even glancing at it. I stuff my English books in the locker and grab my books for my last class. At least I only have one class left so I can get out of this hell whole.

I close my locker and look around expecting Isaac to walk me to my next class. I raise my eyebrow and continue scanning the crowd for my light eyed, curly haired, boyfriend. Not seeing him anywhere I walk to my next class not wanting to be late. I make my way to my desk and sit down trying to focus. The teacher frantically comes in looking wildly overwhelmed.

“Hi there class, sorry I’m late,” he says shuffling through his briefcase filled with several sheets of paper, “I needed to finish some paperwork in the teachers lounge and I-” he stops his sentence short and shuffles through the disorganized mess more hurriedly. He looks up and scans the classroom obviously trying to find someone. When his gaze catches mine he stops and points at me. “Y/N I need you to run to the teachers lounge and grab me a stack of paper on the round table nearest to the door.”

“No problem” I say standing up to leave. I grab my bag and make my way out of the classroom and halfway down the hall when my phone buzzes. I pull it out of my back pocket and open the lock screen to see I have a text from Isaac. I quickly glance over the text and read “Hey babe, I’m sorry I couldn’t walk you to your class I had to talk to Scott about a pack meeting. Do you think you can meet me in Ms. Anderson’s class she isn’t in there?”

I send a quick yes before closing my phone and shoving it back in my pocket. I decide to quickly grab the papers for Mr. Evans before meeting up with him. I arrive at the teachers lounge and quickly grab the stack of papers on the table. I exit the lounge and head in the opposite direction towards Ms. Anderson’s classroom.

When I arrive I decide to give Isaac a little scare. I slowly open the door making sure not to make a sound. The classroom is completely dark and I assume that he just doesn’t want to get caught. When I silently open the door fully I see Isaacs back. I start to creep up on him when I notice there is another person with him. I walk forward more quickly and see that the person is a girl… and she has her tongue down his throat. I drop the papers out of shock and the noise seems to disturb them. He turns around and his bright blue eyes go wide making me sick to my stomach.

“What the hell Isaac” I say feeling numb. I start to realize there are tears pricking at the corner of my eyes and I try so hard to push them back. He steps forward with an arm extended to grab me but I step back not wanting the hands that were just grabbing the bleached blonde haired girl on me.

“Y/N it’s not what it looks like I swear” he says desperately the hurt in his voice making my heart break.

“Well it looked like her tongue was shoved halfway down your throat and it looked like you weren’t complaining” I say feeling so many different emotions at once. Furiousness, devastation, betrayal, confusion.

“No I swear it wasn’t! She came on to me! The only reason I was grabbing her arms was because I was trying to push her away!” he says his yes starting to glaze over. I shake my head unable to understand the series of events unraveling around my.

“And to think that you would text me to come and see this. If you wanted to break up with me you could’ve just said something Isaac” I announce the pain I’m feeling dripping in my voice.

“What are you taking about? I never texted you and I certainly don’t want to break up with you!” he exclaims looking confused.

“Save it Isaac I’m done. We’re done” I say before rushing out of the classroom. My attempt to push back the tears doesn’t work in the slightest and the tears come rushing down my face. How could he? And to think that he would text me to come over and see him with the random blonde. I hear Isaac shouting my name which only hurts more. I reach the front of the school and push the doors open with all my might before heading over to my car. When I reach my car I shuffle through my bag trying to find my car keys. Unfortunately my bag is a mess and I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

I here footsteps and shuffle through my bag more frantically. I find my keys and pull them out pressing the unlock button. I hastily open the door and as I am halfway in the car I feel a familiar hand on my arm. I look up and see Isaac, suddenly feeling disgusted. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I hiss yanking my arm away from him. He dismisses my protests and lightly pulls me out of the car making sure not to hurt me.

“Y/N just listen to me! I never texted you anything okay! McKenna must have done it while I wasn’t looking. Just please let me explain” he says his voice begging me to stay. I stare deep into his eyes trying to figure him out. You can always tell if he’s lying by his eyes. He looks like he’s telling the truth but I can’t be sure.

“Two minutes Lahey” I spit out not forgiving him just yet. He drops his hand from my wrist and immediately brings it to the nape of his neck. He rubs it nervously not knowing what my reaction is going to be and clears his throat.

“The science teacher told us to go and get some supplies from Ms. Anderson’s class for the lab we’re doing today. We walked in the class and she told me that she had something in her eye and asked me if I could look at it. I said yes and as I was trying to look in her eye she grabbed me and started kissing me. I grabbed her arms and tried to push her off of me and that’s when you came in and she pulled away. I swear I had no idea she was going to do anything. I would never cheat on you. I love you” he says the last the three words barely audible.

My eyes that were on the ground snap to his and my mouth drops open. Did he just tell me he loves me? A small smile places itself on my face as I search his eyes for something. Anything. His eyes suddenly go wide and his hand covers his mouth as if he is trying to take it back.

“Y/N” he says but before he has the chance to say anything else my mouth connects hungrily with his. He tenses at first not expecting this from me but than slowly relaxes. His hands go to my cheeks and my arms wrap around his neck. The kiss is tender but with as much passion as me can both muster. His hands disconnect with my cheeks and make their way to the crook of my back pulling me closer to him. I follow his lead and push myself against him not wanting this moment to end. He reluctantly pulls away to catch a breath of air yet there is still part written on his face.

“I believe you” I say not wanting him to be worried anymore. He lets out a deep breath looking relieved. His hands go to stroke my cheeks and he rests his forehead on mine.

“I’m so sorry” he says still staring in my eyes. I kiss the top of his nose and let it a small smile reassuring him that I don’t blame him.

“It’s okay Isaac. You just can’t scare me like that again okay? No more lip locking with strangers okay Lahey” I say with a small amount of sternness in my voice. He lets out a light chuckle and places a gentle kiss quickly on my lips. I wrap my arms around his neck again and reach my lips near his ear. “And I love you too” I whisper softly. His face tenses up and I can tell he’s beaming from ear to ear. He slowly turns his head so that his mouth is next to my ear.

“I know” he whispers back, his mouth slightly brushing my ear sending shivers down my spine. I retract my lips from his ear and place one last kiss on his cheek.

“Come on loverboy lets go to my house and watch a movie or whatever” I say suggestively sending him a wink. He laughs a little bit and reaches behind me and opens the driver door.

“I think doing whatever would be great” he says huskily. I bite my lip and turn around getting into the car. He closes the door and makes his way around to the passengers seat getting into the car. I turn the car on and pull out of the parking lot unable to think about anything other than “whatever”.

A History of LGBT Coming-of-Age Fiction (in 15 Books!)

Let me start by saying this: it’s basically impossible to condense the entire history of LGBT YA into 15 books.  It’s like trying to squash all your stuff into a suitcase before going on holiday – no matter how much you skimp and scrunch, and even sit on top of your battered old wheely number to try and zip it up, you inevitably end up having to leave out some really good stuff.  

The YA, coming-of-age genre has such an amazing history of exploring love stories and relationships of all kinds, and pioneering new voices and styles, that it’s totally unsurprising that it’s been a major trailblazer in bringing a whole range of LGBT books to the fore and changing the landscape of LGBT literature across all genres and ages.  

1.    Maurice by EM Forster

English novelist E.M. Forster wrote Maurice in 1913 but it was only published after his death in 1971.  It tells the story of Maurice Hall, aged 14 at the start of the book, and his experiences of same-sex love throughout university and in his early adulthood.  Forster avoided publishing it during his lifetime because of public attitudes towards gay relationships.  A note was found on the manuscript which said “Publishable, but worth it?”.

 2.    Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote

Truman Capote’s first published novel follows a 13-year-old boy called Joel who, after his mother dies, goes to live with his father in Mississippi. There, he becomes best friends with a tomboy called Idabel, and he meets his stepmother’s cousin – a plantation-owner called Randolph, who is openly gay and cross-dresses.  Joel eventually meets his father and gradually gains a sense of his own identity amidst the characters at Skully’s Landing.  When it was published in 1948, Other Voices, Other Rooms hit the New York Times Bestseller List.

 3.    Olivia by Dorothy Strachey

Dorothy Strachey was the sister of novelist Lytton Strachey, and was part of the famous Bloomsbury Group.  In 1949, she anonymously published Olivia, an artful and understated novella about an English girl who is sent away to a small finishing school outside Paris, where she watches observes the romantic relationship between her two headmistresses.  Olivia was dedicated to the memory of her friend, Virginia Woolf.

 4.    Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

When it was published in 1973, Rubyfruit Jungle was completely game-changing due to its open portrayal of gay relationships which aren’t totally angst-inducing.  Confident heroine, Molly Bolt, is comfortable in her sexuality and works hard at school to win a scholarship to the University of Florida.  However, once at uni, her scholarship is cut when the college authorities discover her relationship with her room mate.

 5.    Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson’s semi-autobiographical novel is about a young girl growing up in the Pennines, who is adopted by evangelists from the Pentecostal Church.  As a teenager, she finds herself falling for another girl – so her mother’s friends from Church subject her to a series of exorcisms… This absolutely brilliant, darkly-comical read won the Whitbread Award for a First Novel back in 1985.

6.    Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

Weetzie Bat is a huge-hearted lovesong to a punky 1980s L.A., which follows the eponymous Weetzie Bat and her best friend Dirk. Daisy Porter from Queer YA described Weetzie Bat as a kind of “gaytopian” novel, alongside David Levithan’s charming and feel-good Boy Meets Boy, where gay characters first began to be depicted as living lives, facing challenges and starring in story lines that didn’t necessarily revolve around them being gay.  

7.    The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky’s coming-of-age classic, The Perks of Being a Wallflower consistently appears on the American Library Association’s list of Top 10 Most-Challenged Books.  It’s an epistolary novel (a book-in-letters), from the point of view of “wallflower” Charlie, whose friend Patrick is gay – a fact which is totally accepted by all the main characters without a second thought. A beautiful, thought-provoking, empowering read.

 8.    Luna by Julie Anne Peters

16-year-old Regan is the only one who knows about her brother Liam’s secret: he really identifies as a girl.  By night, Liam transforms into Luna, and – after several years – Luna asks Regan to help her transition into a full-time female.  Regan worries about her sister’s safety and her family’s reaction but ultimately agrees to help… In 2004, Luna was the first YA novel to feature a transgender character.

 9.    Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill

Bringing LGBT YA firmly to the UK, Sugar Rush (2004) follows the life of teenager Kim, after she is forced to leave her posh school in Brighton and join the notorious local comp, where she meets a fiery new friend, Sugar. It was adapted for TV in 2005, and became a successful Channel 4 series.

 10.  Kiss by Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Wilson’s heartfelt story, Kiss, was published in 2007.  It’s about best friends Sylvie and Carl who have referred to each other as “girlfriend and boyfriend” since they were young kids, and how their friendship shifts when Carl gets a new friend, Paul, and later confides to Sylvie that he’s gay.  Like Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, it was a crucially-empathetic novel which dispelled “gay best friend” stereotypes.

 11.  Winger by Andrew Smith

Hot on the heels of Grasshopper Jungle, Andrew Smith’s genre-bending exploration of bisexuality (and the insect apocalypse, naturally), the sensational Winger was published in 2013.  It has a stellar line-up of characters, including Joey, the captain of the rugby team who also happens to be gay – a subject which is still taboo at their prestigious boarding school in Oregon.  It also has a bite-my-tongue-incredible twist.

 12.  Half Bad series by Sally Green

The Half Bad trilogy places an unexpected – but completely tangible – LGBT love story in a contemporary world of witches, brutal authorities and white-knuckle fantasy.  It refreshingly allows the gripping story to take the front seat, whilst the characters’ love is a deep, intense undercurrent that infuses the trilogy with even more jeopardy and even higher stakes. Breath-taking.

 13.  Hold Me Closer by David Levithan

In 2010, John Green and David Levithan’s co-written Will Grayson, Will Grayson came out, and once again changed the playing field for LGBT YA – friendship, football, depression, live music all played their part in this novel which had at its centre one gay boy and one straight boy with the same name. Hold Me Closer (2015) is the companion novel to Will Grayson, and follows the story of the larger-than-life, camp and witty Tiny Cooper.  What’s more, it’s entirely written as the script to Tiny Cooper’s musical, ‘Hold Me Closer’, which appeared at the end of Will Grayson.  It’s hilarious and heartwarming – and an entirely new form and style for YA literature.

 14.  Simon Vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

This 2015 gem brings the coming-out story into the digital age, as the eponymous Simon is outed on his high school’s Tumblr messageboard.  He also falls in love over email with ‘Blue’, whose identity is a mystery beyond the fact that he attends Simon’s school – cue a rollicking, heartfelt rollercoaster of a whodunit.

 15.  The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

And finally! The Accident Season, which comes out in July, brings a subtle but spine-tingling gay love story into its gorgeous swells of magical realism set amidst a group of teens in Ireland.  Cara and her family are deep in the throes of their annual Accident Season when, every year, they become inexplicably accident-prone (in the worst Accident Seasons of years gone by, people have died…). All the while – two of the girls in the group are falling in love.  This is a beautifully-told story with magical accents that makes the future of LGBT coming-of-age stories look very bright indeed.

By Natasha Collie


On Saturday I went to Disneyland, and as I think about the results of last night I can’t help but reflect on Star Wars and the Little Mermaid, stories of unlikely heroes overcoming what looks like impossible obstacles.

I want everyone to remember the wise words of Yoda - do or do not. There is no try

I did no work yesterday, I watched kids movies and Return of the Jedi, I ate candy and I cried

These next four years will the hardest years of my life and not just because I’m in college but because I am proudly Bisexual, Disabled, Jewish and Female.
For the next four years my very existence, every single time I act without fear, is a fuck you to Trump. By being here, by writing this piece I am showing Donald my middle finger.

I attend an all women’s college, I graduated an all women’s high school, I spent my summers at an all girls’ camp. I am a product of strong females, real, historical, in my life and fictional. Hermione Granger taught me to speak, Hatshepsut taught me that I have power, my mom showed me that I can do my part in changing the world, Hillary Clinton showed me that adversity just makes us fight harder.

In honor of the women who are my friends, my peers, my teachers, I will speak.

In honor of the females who dared to fight against tyranny and oppression in fictional universes and the amazing authors who told those stories, I will write.

In honor of legacy left for me by the women who were stood for rights, by Hillary Clinton and Abigail Adams and Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks, I will fight.

I am just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry and I will not throw away my shot – Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

yesterday, I mourned the death of a dream. Yesterday, I seek shelter in childhood books, in fictional universes where good always triumphs over evil. I comforted. I let myself be a child; I let myself be selfish, I let myself cry.

Today is a whole different story.

Today, I wipe my tears, I put on a smile and I pick up my pen. 

Today, I begin the fight for a better future.

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Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 1)
  • It's season 4 or something, Rucaya is dead and gone (no hard feelings on anyone's part, just some hard lessons learned) Farkle and Smackle have been through an amicable and mutual break up, on account of them both realizing that they were together for scientific purposes more than emotional ones, but she's still in the clique six and is especially good friends with both Zay (👀) and Maya. Riley has slowly realized her feelings for Farkle and the only one who knows is Maya (of course.)
  • *Farkle is at his locker, putting books in his backpack and laughing with some people from AP Chemistry about electrons or something as Riley and Maya watch him from across the hall*
  • Riley: Would you just look at him, being smart and interesting and hanging out with his cute little nerd crew...the JERK.
  • Maya: Riley, in what universe is Farkle Minkus a jerk?
  • Riley: He is a jeerrk because of how… because of…
  • Maya: Yes??
  • Riley: That right there! He is a jerk because he has been nothing but loyal and amazing to us our whole lives and he is so very wonderful that I can’t think of any universe in which I can actually justify calling him a jerk. I NEED to call him a jerk because a cannot be in this situation right now. But I can’t think about one bad thing about him. That’s how bad this is Maya!!
  • Maya: This is so not bad.
  • *Farkle closes his locker door and turns around, swinging his backpack over his shoulder and swishing his hair a bit, basically just being hot but not on purpose*
  • Riley: *refuses to look at him* Nope nope nope this cannot go on! I have got to cut this out, Maya, we both know what happens when friendship feelings turn into feelings feelings. This is even worse than Lucas.
  • Maya: No no, THAT was bad. That whole ordeal was bad. THIS *grabs her head and forces it to face Farkle’s direction* is not even a little bad. *Lets go of her head and Riley’s eyes stay on Farkle.* It’s just- *pauses and is like 😏 because Farkle is already smiling at Riley from across the room and she automatically does that smiley head-tilt thing at him* -inevitable.
  • Riley: Inevitable??
  • Maya: Always has been and we both know it, kid, *imitates younger Farkle* “I’ve been in love with Riley since the first grade!”
  • Riley: Psh, that was forever ago-
  • Maya: Still counts.
  • Riley: No it doesn’t! That was before Smackle, before Lucas... look I’m just not willing to risk losing him, Maya. Okay? Not Farkle. *looks back over at him, he’s still talking to his science bros* I couldn’t handle that.
  • Maya: *sighs* Alright I’ll back off… that’s a very brave position to take, Riles. Even if it is a lil dumb. *boops her nose*
  • Riley: *determined Riley voice* Dumb or not I’ve made up my mind. All I have to do is repress! Until it alll goes away! I’ll just keep squishing and SQUISHING them- *dramatically illustrates this through a series of aggressive gestures*
  • Maya: Yikes.
  • Riley: -until they cease to exist!!
  • *Farkle bids his science bros farewell and starts walking towards Riley and Maya*
  • Maya: *quietly* Well here’s your chance to practice, sunshine.
  • Riley: *whisper-yelling* What! I haven’t trained enough for this!
  • Maya: It is Farkle Minkus, he is harmless and he’s your friend, just be Riley.
  • Riley: Riley is scared!
  • Maya: Be confident Riley?
  • Riley: *whisper-screaming at this point* She doesn’t exist!
  • Farkle: Who doesn’t exist?
  • Maya: ...
  • Riley: ......
  • Maya: um
  • Riley: The tooth fairy?.... Obiviously…
  • Farkle: ...the tooth fairy...
  • Maya: *sigh*.... You know what? That is technically true, Riles, I’m proud of you.
  • Riley: *gets all excited for a sec* Aww really??
  • Farkle: *confused and amused* What spurred this spontaneous tooth fairy discussion?
  • Maya: Wellll… you know how we’ve been trying to open up Riley’s brain a little bit- *knocks on Riley’s head like a coconut.*
  • Riley: Ow
  • Maya: -you know, going over what’s realistic and what’s...mythical...I mean, I’ve been quizzing her and she’s gotten really good! See look, *does finger guns at Riley* Tooth Fairy?
  • Riley: *is confused for a second but then catches on* ..oh, um, though she is a beautiful and inspiring concept and will be forever real in the hearts of children everywhere, she does not technically exist!
  • Maya: Ding ding ding you are correct!
  • Riley: I did it! *gives Maya an over-exaggerated celebratory hug*
  • Farkle: ..Interesting methods... Well, I’m proud of you too, Riley. I’m glad to see you’re expanding your perceptual horizons.
  • Riley: *physically winces because of emotions* Thanks, Farkle.
  • Farkle: Are you alright..?
  • Riley: *a bit too loud* I'm gREAT. I’m absolutely dandy… bro- *punches Farkle in the arm*
  • Farkle: Ow?
  • Riley: -buddy *does it again* -pal. *goes to high five him and he confusedly high fives her back. Their hands stay there a little too long and they stare at each like 😳 for a sec. Maya understands the moment and is like 👀 there is a pause as literally everyone in the hallway stops and looks and them and then Riley and Farkle bust out awkwardly laughing*
  • Farkle: *now with the same nervous energy as Riley* Cool!
  • Riley: Cool!
  • Farkle: Yep!
  • Riley: Uh huh!
  • Farkle: Great!
  • Riley: Awesome!
  • Maya: *is smiling so hard*
  • Farkle: Well I gotta go!
  • Riley: Same here!
  • Farkle: Might be late to Topanga’s later cause of science!
  • Riley: Science you say!
  • Farkle: Yeah I gotta do a thing! Meant to say that before Hahaha…
  • Riley: Good Luck on your thing bro!
  • Farkle: Thanks!
  • (Riley and Farkle have been nervously backing away from each other like 😅 😬 throughout this exchange, running into people in the hall and stumbling up/down the stairs, at this point they are literally yelling at each other from across the set in the same panicked voice while Maya remains in the middle, whipping her head back and forth to keep up with both of them. Farkle gets to the stairs and zooms the fuck out. Riley has literally backed herself into her locker and closes the door on herself. The bell rings and everyone else in the hall scatters, except Maya, who is revealed after the crowd dissolves to be on the floor, like 😂 laughing her ass off.)
  • Riley: *from inside locker* the JERK
  • *Roll opening credits + theme song*
  • Heres the other parts:

So my amazing gal pal @luiza2theletter surprised me with an incredible Silas Handbook in its printed version (and handsewn by herself, must I say)

For the past year we’ve been talking about many things including carmilla and its whole universe around the series. One day, casually talking to each other she told me about her idea of a personal project involving a handbook about Silas (one of JP’s belongings and a necessary iten for a student at Silas)

She created all the textual part and the design herself, and I helped her proofread it all.

As you can see, it looks like a book from the 19th century with its yellowed pages and stains from unknown substances. Besides, there are mystical symbols and deets that probably summon a demon or two.

All in all @carmillaseries is a great series that not only brought such a wonderful world with amazing people behind that but also brought people together. People that if it wasn’t for the show would have never met their friends and/or significant others. 

p.s: to my surprise I didn’t know she was going to give me the 1st printed version of it. at all. and she gave it to me right as I was leaving, after we’d spent the weekend together

anonymous asked:

Any fanfic recommendations?

ohohohoho. OHOHOHOHO. yes. fuckin’ yes.

 Ok, here we go. These are some awesome fics that u all should give a read. anyways, here we go!

written by @riverofmemoriesft , The fanfiction Paranormal is a true piece of art. Quite angsty at some occasions, I’d say. but hat just makes it better. you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you read this amazing masterpiece.

Written by @mslead  and @kytrin , Golem will through into a whole new universe. The writing is fluent to the point you will forget where you are and will wish fanfictions of the fanfiction. as always, their Aus are amazing, such as parallels, another creation of the divines.

Written by @snogfairy , @toxineena , and @mslead , Trial by fire will leave you in awe. That fic should be a book. really, It’s amazing in all aspects. 

Written by @x-benihime , The fanfiction Fire Scars might be a oneshot but it is just as inspiring. Not only the writing, but the elements within the story are complex and enthralling. Yet another master piece.

Written by @missyplatina , Virtual Flames is literally another world. Complex to the point one might easily forget they are reading a fanfiction and not a book. Plot twists nobody expected and ideas not yet witnessed will have your jaw slacking. 

Written by @hannah-nobody , War On Two Fronts will make you cry your hearts out. A romance, tragedy, and fantasy work that should gain an award. It is now nearly complete and only needs the epilogue, but it’s truly heart breaking.

 Written by @magerain, Rewind is a story that I have never seen anything similar to. An idea that will have you hooked in less than a single chapter, and, despite being on only the second chapter, it is truly amazing. 

 Written by Monkeywahl (it is on and I don’t know if they have tumblr) Fairy Institution is an amazing piece! it portraits perfectly many illnesses, mental problems, and other issues. It is an amazing balance between angst and fluff. 

Written by LaynaPanda(She is also on only.) The Chase is a sublime romance piece. with some Play boy Natsu and level headed Lucy, you will watch as they slowly break down each other’s defensive walls. This one is the perfect definition of enthralling. I am absolutely certain you will end up reading all of it in a single day.

 I guess I should stop now; I think I already went overboard…. anyways here you have it! I’d be glad to give you guys more, if necessary.