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“Kako je biti zaljubljen?”
“To je najljepša i najstrašnija stvar koja može da ti se desi”, rekla je jednostavno. “Znaš da si pronašla nešto nevjerovatno, i želiš da to zadržiš zauvijek, ali svakog sekunda nakon što to dobiješ, strahuješ od trenutka kada ćeš to izgubiti.”
Ljubav je prelijepi strah.
—  Kiera Cass, Elita

Finally, my copy of Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All is here! I’m in love with the cover (black with shiny details is pretty much my aesthetic) and I’m so glad I managed to buy it!

Also, I’ve been laughing for the last twenty minutes because I opened it at a random page and this happened and it’s just so them. I’m sure this book will give me a bunch of nice ideas for my upcoming fics

On je bio moja prva ljubav; kada bih ga pogledala… bila sam njegova.
—  Kiera Cass, Elita

hello !! does anyone have any book recommendations? my mom’s asking for a christmas list and i want some more books ;u; she’s gonna slaughter me for it but…you can’t have enough books

stayclassyassbutts  asked:

Hi! Can you please draw a picture of Sam sitting next to a dog while he's reading a book to a couple kids? That would be amazing!

Sam’s collection of books is a little thin when it comes to ‘books that aren’t lore’. Unfortunately, the only other book the boys had was Dean’s joke Christmas present from 2 years ago. 

Chester doesn’t mind though; he just appreciates the cuddles and the warmth of his master wrapped around him.

Mama Bear

chinesespiders asked:

Could you write on where the boys go off on a hunt and the reader who just joined them and is not a hunter doesn’t know. So when they get back all bloody and tired. She mothers them and hugs them and doesn’t want to let go. Thanks so much!!!

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effieandhaymitch5eva  asked:

Мне нравится ваш блог! Я англичанка но сейчас я в России три месяца потому, что я учу русский и Немецкий и это мой год за границей. Я очень интересуюсь советским союзом. Можете ли вы рекомендовать книги по предмету советского союза? Спасибо больше и извините за ошибки. Учу русский около двух лет :)

Hi @effieandhaymitch5eva! Great job on your Russian! Here are a few of my favourite non-fiction books:

1. Намедни - a sort of encyclopedy of Soviet Union, by decade (there’s a book for each decade). An amazing collection of books, I have them all!

2. Подстрочник: Жизнь Лилианны Лунгиной - the story of one Lilianna Lungina, a Jewish girl in the Soviet Union. This book had a huge impact on me. A must read.

3. Прощание с иллюзиями - memoirs of the one and only Vladimir Pozner, and a true masterpiece in my opinion. Deep, thoughtful, touching. 

4. Окнами на Сретенку - a memoir that takes us through the war and post-war life in Moscow, with all its difficulties. Maybe less of a literary masterpiece, but a very interesting read with a great detail to everyday life. Check out the whole series - Memoria by Corpus Publishing. A great collection of biographies! 

5. Антисоветский роман (Stalin’s Children) by Owen Matthews, an incredible love story of an Oxford graduate and a Soviet girl as told by their son. Originally published in English.

I’ll be happy if you find these recs helpful. I added links to which is the biggest Russian online book store. Happy reading!!