amazing bokeh



A pokemon gijinka by the wonderful TheSeventhSeeker :) Beautiful!!!
Photographer: Depth of Light Photography

I’m writing this post at about midnight on Friday of Katsucon. I am dead tired, barely speak enlighsh, and i have to do it all again tomorrow… but I had to post these. TOO GOOD.

“What was the saddest moment of your life?”
“The time I wasn’t allowed to marry a girl I loved. She was Christian and I was Muslim. But that was 20 years ago, and I guess I have other things to be sad about now. Like when I found out that my son was suffering from autism. I was devastated, and my wife was impatient - simple things took a lot of time for him to learn. But then again - I couldn’t give up, not this time. He’s 28 now, and he’s still learning - but you compare him now with other autistic kids, and I truly believe that he’s very smart in his own right.”
“What advice do you have for other parents going through something similar?”
“Patience. It’s the key - not just to your childrens’ happiness, but to yours too.”