amazing blue pop


Heavy Gloom // The Story So Far                                                           Painting by Janel Eleftherakis

This new song has me so inspired! I am absolutely in love.

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Cinderella Phenomenon charater

I decided to create my own character from the Cinderella Phenomenon universe, since it’s really an amazing story, but sadly I’m not confident enough in my human art so it will be only a descripton :”D

Name: Airina Warsh
Age: 18
Info: She is a wicked noble girl, who is really picky, only likes pretty things. Pretty dresses, pretty knights, painting, flowers. All of them is the same for her. She isn’t the best girl, but she is one pretty lady. She was born in a country a bit away from Angielle. She has a really long beautiful brown hair which is only a few inch away from the ground and she never let anyone touch it or style it. She has amazing blue eyes which pop out from that dark brown hair has small freckles on her face. Always wear beautiful dresses which are touching her knees only. But one day her happy life ended. There was a ball that her parents organised so she can find a partner for herself a love. But she only talked those who were pretty enough to catch her eyes. There was one boy who really loved Airina, and wanted to talk with her, but she send him away saying he is not pretty enough and she won’t talk with filth. The boy was really angry, so he decided to talk with her parents. And they made a deal, their parents will get wealth if they cast away Airina and they did agree. The boy who was a witch cursed Airina with a twisted Rapunzel curse. She became blind as the prince from the story. A wound that looks like thorns appeared on her, and she lost her sight. She couldn’t see beauty anymore, and nobody could see her beautiful eyes anymore, unless she can fell in love with someone who she doesn’t see. She was in panick wanted help from her parents but they send her away, saying they don’t have a daughter anymore. Not having any choices she started to wander, but got hurt a lot of times, until she arrived in Angielle, but she looked like a ghost when Parfait took her in. Even with all the hardtime she had while travelling her personality didn’t change, she is still picky, don’t accept anything from anyone, doesn’t even want to talk with people who she can’t see. Who knows maybe she will change once 

Well this was my idea…ahm hope you like it ;w;
Cinderella Phenomenon belongs to @dicesuki