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Happy Birthday TV / @bingualien / @bingu-fanart !

Please check them out! THEY ARE AMAZING!

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Do you have any favorite people you follow? My feed is pretty low with only 5 posts a day yet I follow 20+ people. Any suggestions to artists, fashion, esthetic, etc?

Yeah I’d love to share some! There are a lot in here but I hope you find something you like :)

art blogs and comics:

  • @fuckyeahillustrativeart
    a blog that collects and showcases artists from around the net. Amazing stuff and even more art blogs can be found through this hub!
  • thisiscolossal 
    a blog that shows a lot of cool contemporary art. Less of the work featured here is from online artists, but you’ll definitely find cool stuff
  • @supersonicart
    another cool blog for contemporary stuff! this one posts more “quirky” artists than the previous one
  • @hifructosemag
    yet another quirky contemporary blog. This one is even more weird than the last haha. Some of the stuff in this blog can get into creepy territory, so warnings for weird surreal shit (unless that’s your preference like me)
  • @floccinaucinihilipilificationa 
    you’ve probably seen these comics floating around, but maybe didn’t know the artist. The “relatable anxiety bee” is from this blog, as well as the “horrible headmaster Dumbledore” comics. Hilarious stuff, and the artist rambles about their life in their tags, which are a whole other, unrelated set of wild adventures. They’re also the sweetest person ever!
  • @webcomicname
    if you’re in the mood for existential comics with weird subdued humor, this is for you lmao
  • @transgirlnextdoor
    very relatable humor for trans people, sometimes gets a little nasty but it’s all stuff we think but don’t say. Hilarious!
  • @rumwik
    posts daily! super cute and wholesome content, very good for stress-relief and anxiety-free viewing. Lots of pokemon too!
  • @k-eke
    another popular blog, but his animations are seriously so good for my mood? They always make me feel better, and he’s just the sweetest guy. If you’re a bird person, this is definitely an art blog to follow
  • @sanjanasart
    posts really calming watercolor process videos! I can get lost for hours watching her videos. Really vibrant style
  • @kevinwada
    my hero honestly. Famous for doing a lot of those High Fashion Superheroes and posts about his professional work pretty often.

art blogs from my buddies and boos:

  • @beedalee-art
    my gf Bee’s art-only blog, I’m sorry I have to be that obnoxious datemate LOL but if you like my art and stories you gotta keep up with Bee too! Our work is married to each other just like us lmao I know we’re gross
    (her personal blog is @beedalee where she sometimes answers character questions like me)
  • @cprinceart
    my buddy Cait! Again, if you follow me and are invested in my stories and characters, you should follow cait cause our stuff interlocks so often! Cait has great use of color and really well thought-out characters
  • @rienlen
    my buddy Lan! His work is fucking fantastic, he’s got amazing world-building and a very dynamic style, his characters are fun and engaging. You won’t be let down! (has a main mlm couple, if you’re looking for that!)
  • @moosopp-art
    basically my internet son LOL. Lee has a very clean and expressive style, and his comic strips are full of fun and cute character dynamics. He has several on-going comics right now (many of them also mlm content!), which you can support on his Patreon
  • @bozrat
    HJ has a super cool style and posts a lot of their art studies which are very inspiring. Gets you in the mood to study more too! They do tons of commissions and adoptables, so if you’re looking for someone who will do an amazing job on your characters, don’t be shy to commission them!
  • @dimisfit
    also has a great style! Doesn’t post as often cause she’s busy with work, but when she does it’s worth it! You might have seen her illustrations featured before on art-promo blogs. She’s also running a webcomic, which you can check out here
  • @efem-art
    my buddy fums! they’re going to school right now so they don’t post often, but when they do it’s in big bursts and there’s always so much to look at! Good variety of art, from backgrounds, to characters, to animation and fan work!
  • @frogandcog
    are a couple of my friends who run a My Little Pony fan art blog! They do tons of cool MLP paraphenalia and goodies, so if you’re into that stuff, they’re blog is definitely for you!
  • @needlepuss
    my buddy Nelly! Super cute style and does a lot of OCs from fandoms. If you’re a MLP, PreCure, IdolM@ster, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, or Monster High fan, she’s got some of the coolest characters!


  • @blackfashion
    posts very often!! A lot of the content on here is user submitted, so you can find some more blogs to follow through them if you like people’s styles (and the occasional entrepreneur fashion business)
  • @tokyo-fashion
    mainly harajuku street style, but lots of cool looks from Japan. Also posts regularly
  • @koreanmodel
    a good hub for discovering upcoming Korean models and just seeing cool photoshoots in general. Has posted some questionable content in the past (like I remember they posted blackface once… gross), so their filter isn’t the best? But they haven’t done it since so I’m not sure if they actually take feedback like that. Overall a good blog that posts often
  • @highfashionpakistan
    basically what the url says. Great stuff and lots of amazing info on the current Pakistani fashion scene. The blog owner has a huge well of knowledge of designers and models. Educational and pretty!
  • @chinesefashionlovers
    a plus size specific blog for Chinese and other East Asians. They promote online stores for the clothes that are being modeled too
  • @wlweddings
    a great blog for wlw wedding inspo. Also just super heart warming and lovely to see on your dash!

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Do they follow me: Yes | No | One of the owners does~

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: WTF THIS IS SO QUALITY IM CRYING. All their creations are insanely amazing ofmjrwklejr. Idk how one of them follows me because wow I’m on level -3 and they’re at 300. Seriously though, pls go check out their creations because those are some of the most detailed and well designed graphics and gif edit things I’ve ever seen. krjwlrjweklrjwe I just spent my entire dinner time marveling at everything they’ve made. kejrkwljrwelkrej their stuff is such an inspiration to me right now and I feel motivated to actually work on more of my own stuff (instead of wallowing rip) 

(also they bias 2hyun ekrjklwerlwekrjweklrjwekl do you hear me sobbing/?????)

I decided to start doing Maltese vocab/grammar lists because I only know of one other blog here that makes them (they’re amazing, so go check them out at @maltese-boy!!) and I feel like there aren’t enough resources on the Internet for our language. Right now I’m not taking requests but in the future I probably will. Special dedication to @gigibuffone, I hope they’ll be helpful!! ☺


Iva - Yes
Le - No
Xi ftit - A little
Forsi - Maybe
Ma nafx - I don’t know
Merħba - Welcome
Ċaw - Bye
Saħħa - Goodbye
Jekk jogħġbok - Please
Grazzi - Thank you
Ta’ xejn/M’hemmx imniex - You’re welcome
Jiddispjaċini - I’m sorry
Skużi/Skużani - Excuse me (sometimes used as ‘sorry’ too)
Lilek ukoll/Tant ieħor - Same to you (singular)
Lilkom ukoll/Tant ieħor - Same to you (pl.)
Għandi pjaċir - Nice to meet you

Il-ġurnata t-tajba - Good day
L-għodwa t-tajba/Bonġu - Good morning
Il-wara nofsinhar it-tajjeb - Good afternoon
Il-lejla t-tajba - Good evening
Il-lejl it-tajjeb - Good night

Awguri - Congratulations/Happy birthday
Il-Milied it-tajjeb - Happy Christmas
L-Għid it-tajjeb - Happy Easter
Il-vaganzi t-tajba - Happy holidays
Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb - Have a good trip/flight
L-isbaħ xewqat - Best wishes

X'jismek? - What’s your name?
Jisimni… - My name is…

Kif int? - How are you?
Tajjeb/tajba [ħafna]. (m/f) - I’m [very] good.
Mhux tajjeb/tajba. (m/f) - Not good.

Kemm għandek żmien? - How old are you?
Għandi [3-10] snin/[11-19]-il sena/[20+] sena. - I am… years old.*

Minn fejn int? - Where are you from?
Minn/Minn + definite article… - I’m from…**

Fejn toqgħod? - Where do you live?
Noqgħod… - I live (in)…**

Tifhem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż? - Do you understand Maltese/English?
Nifhem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I understand Maltese/English.
Ma nifhimx bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I don’t understand Maltese/English.

Taf titkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż? - Do you speak Maltese/English?
Naf nitkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I can speak Maltese/English.
Ma nafx nitkellem bil-Malti/bl-Ingliż. - I can’t speak Maltese/English.

Narak! - See you! (singular)
Narakom! - See you! (pl.)

Ħu gost! - Have fun! (singular)
Ħudu gost! - Have fun! (pl.)

Ħu ħsieb! - Take care! (singular)
Ħudu ħsieb! - Take care! (pl.)

*Numbers will be explained in another list. “Għandi” literally means “I have”.

**Some countries and places take an article, others don’t. For places starting with a vowel always use the definite article ‘il-’ (ex. (’minn’+‘il-’=) Mill-Ingilterra - From England, Noqgħod l-Ingilterra - I live in England). There is no rule for places starting with a consonant, you have to learn them by heart.

If some things aren’t clear or you’d like more explanation or you want to know how to say something in Maltese, just ask! :)

Hello! I reached 500+ followers like a couple weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to post another follow forever (I’ve been super busy because of college)! I was actually going to post this when I hit 600, which I’m 4 away from that goal right now, but what the heck. These are my mutuals and friends that have amazing blogs and you guys should check them out! The ones in bold are my favorite blog (Meaning I probably blow up their notifications haha)…… (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)  ♫ ♪

***If I forget someone who is my mutual please tell me!!!**


a0ba | avpdleowatch | godiolusicheru | keairadiamondled-zeppelis | m4mura | mekhumusclehell | onepunchheropeppermint70 | saikata | sheepjislainesaazbaumzz | thestrongest-decoy | uitri | unofficialmeme 

My sister



haikyvu | juuzoussuzuya | shinjiuke | arotsukishimakei | kagellamas | tsuxiyama | papasawamuradaichi | k-o-m-u-g-i | nishinoikawa | saintlyterritory | kurokos | phospenumbra | bokuto-exe | whrilybird | sakumarei | finalmix | buccelatte | 22fes | ireloli | sassakae | frosty-teacups | magicalmugi | sekai-uke-banana | music-fein | eustassd | minami-kotorii | muted-rust | yuto-shinkai | marvells | mintsyuga | uru-sai | viriion | soy-una-jaleita | toudoujinpaachi | ikb19o | tvvelves | donutghost | hisokasshole | nyanpaaasu | plants-ghouls | jaiybo | gurenicchinose | shota-aesthetic | saiko-s | starlightleaf | utsu-ku-shii | sugakage | tamangotchi | nxgachikas | nekoloveerr | doppiomista | carter-theroseprince | paffet | youjisass | kageboushinojutsu | nezushitrash | princeegore | arren-walker | kannoru | zerefs-fairy | maiyukki | killuugh | kacchanss | ohcrab | 0wain | coffeekaneki | hope-estheiim | kakugaan | steverogerific | liebling–sama | uriekuki | kur0tetsurou | indigo-us | ywichiro | httpkillua | kanekitresbien | bohokuto | flwrtea | shirokane | mika-bae | hheiwajima | aphrohite | earthbounds | hazeleyedloser | grandkiing | nishinoyas-kagukan | shouyou-kuun | zetsubosei-hero | takizawaus | mibrorin | bokunodazo | dramatical-soul | link-and-all-his-masks | noyanishi | yaoi-sensei | madness-reigns | kuroko-seijuuro | rainiekuma | antivan-booty | raviliu | transparently-clear | chiyosbows | theunsocialbutterfly | haruichi-kominatos | tymqoles | tfw-no-sasaki | hantrovert | karss | kageyamms | kojacket | oblivion-sky | ms-ocelot | rnasterterra | kupochii | onion-wings | flickrxsh | seasalteyescream | pretty-boy-haru | heimsetter | l2eita | you-dangerous-mute-lunatic | reisandesu | ponikko | nacgi | keyoca | swoooonamis | ohhshixun | night-crayon | staplatinum | yuusukemakishiimas | kei-torin | cutie4thebooty | trashyyama | noizu | k-eij | zetsukoshi | blkrabbitkitty | misautorain | souhji | shirohko | hiyokuroku | outhsters | aruakise | mr-naruhodou | koushj | ukyo-mikaze | nippleless-swimmers | supiamaperson | j-uzo | super-chargerheaven | happy-kaneki | kittyllua | starr65748 | bridgeysykes | kyozumii | actualtrashkawa | tshuuus | oikcwa | diggersimon | ajisaidoori | mieruhochun | naruhinausuklover | nicxore | ghostcummies | heros-bow | gio-star | toybio | evangeloin | sovereign-owl | uta-s | letmereachforthestars | schwann-oltorain | rideauxzekrugievit | pinkydragon | shiney-wild-zoid-arms | i-am-the-real-loki | hyuuugas | wowick | maxvelli | yeaheger | katreenaah | pandalonderp | haruru | sweet-wolf-yahs | sorararart | k0wase

Also a big fat shout out to all of my followers. Thank you for following me for so long ; o ;!!!

Love, from your favorite bara ᕦ༼ ~ •́ ₒ •̀ ~ ༽ᕤ,


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And if you can recommend op blogs I would love that!! I follow ,, like 10, 12 I think?? I definitely would love to follow more!

Ofc! I am glad to help you :D

Here are some AMAZING OP blogs:

shiroyoh charlottec21 onepiecequotes onepiece-ftw borntofindtheonepiece luffys-hat luffylicious baltigo zoans kikokus okama-kenpo grandline-s portgass-d-ace loofays hanabiis nyxalecto kaizokuz one-piece-of-a-blog straw-hat-badass poneglyphs mugiiwara-ya crocodilely zorobae bpdzoro iamastrawhat

calgaras (her analyses are ALL AMAZING)

AMAZING art blogs:

darthshizuka oakyho traffya owo99 kuravix maridoodles yuushishio flaggermousseart artsycrapfromsai seirui exzireart aianeart raykit maarchen ravefirell codenamezimbabwe-art corazzon nonogorozolo

AMAZING writers:


daydreamfox (I LOVE HER FICS AS WELL ;;_;;)

turtlefriedrice (I loved her zosan fics omggg)

grayxclouds (her attack on titan crossover fic really hit me RIGHT in the feels ;;__;;)

AMAZING law, luffy, Roci blogs(or lawlu or zosan) blogs:

dreamingxsweetly t0rao t0raoo lawsheart trashalgar-law heart-executive commander-roci lawlulove stringjoker cikyra opetrafalgar roroxp17 mama-robin anna-hiwatari corazson zoros-broken-sword-yubashiri waywardswordsman askdoffyandcora bellatrysh first-mate-zoro

I hope this helped! I really wish I didn’t miss out any blogs even though I feel that I have :/ my brain is in a mess right now ><

I hope you will go check out all these AWESOME blogs and follow them Anon-chan~ And have a FANTASTIC time in this big One piece family ^^ 

p.s you can go check out opdirectory for more blogs to follow! :D


*sweats nervously* So. It’s been five months since I did my follow forever for 700 followers. Now I look at the followers counter and HOLY CRAP 4K FOLLOWERS HOW DID THIS HAPPEN WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. I don’t know, but here we are. I am in tears right now I am happy as fuck, that’s it. So here we go with my second follow forever. I just wanted to say thank you to all my followers. Thank you. THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU.

And now, well, you should check out the following blogs. Some of them are mutual,s some of them are not, some of them are blogs that I’ve been following from the beginning and others are not. The most important thing is that they’re all amazing and hella rad. [The bold urls are faves, friends and such. You know how it is].


actualanders, actualhawkeadamjensn, anderfelt, arterius, ass-effectbarahawkebelovedgames, big-bad-wolf-coming, biodronbioticjellyblackqull, brotherhootcallistascurnow, callofvalor, cannibalsanddinosaurs, caterinaasforzascathuia, cccrystalclear, comdrshepardcorvoucrystalgmscullenilingusdawnofthewolfdedsechacker, delsinsrowesdelsinsfire, deus-ex-archivedevil-orthrus, doriansleftboobelgarnanessprit, esteljunefadedforher, fangmichfenris, fort-celeste, fuckyeahmhawkefenrisfvenris, god-save-the-kenwaysgristol, hannibaalecter, hoppipshwoaarang, hxcfairy, i-am-shepard-commander, infighterinquisijerk, iron-baeitsjaneshepard, jackrackhams, jefmoreaujjoelmillerjosephohda.


kadanadaar, kaldwins, kaniehtiio, kisu-no-hi, knifearsladypentaghasts, leftforbedlizzystrides, long-gone-bluesluvoaw, mafereth, maliks-buttmaterassassinomaurasugar, misspentaghastmiyku, mirindalawsonmorrowiind, mrsattano, mshenkowithoutadoubt, mustachossomnerineh, no-puppy-eyes, nemesixxnvcl3arsnake, officialvarrictethras, ostwickpavusdorianpritchrd, protheankingpsijii, queenpentaghastqunaricockrenegadie, replica-004, rowedelsinseraultshepar-dsheploosboyfriend,silscrusespectre-, strategichomelanddivisiontaraevyntransgarretttroybakerzvalastajatvanadisevashoths, viviennedefer, vxsnormandywardensofgrey, xkatheyx, yusunf.

Celebrating hitting my next hundred! I don’t know where all you guys came from or why you stayed but you all make this site a wonderful place to be. Thank you for sticking with me whether we talk everyday or if we’ve never spoke <3 I love you all!

aladdinsassangrygaynerdjaegeraye-nalubigballablisscapngingerskittlescaptain-fucking-levi, cuddly-naludancingcherryblossomsdemonkingdragneeldragneelwaifueclipse-dragonslayer (such a sweetie! Go talk to them!), fairlytailed, fandomdeluxe, fireandkeymage

garekink, gruviaislove, heichoubutt, hyruviandoctor, igneelsfire, immortalpromise (amazing writer, go check them out!), jaegersgirl, jellal, jellalfernanfezjuvialicious, juvviaskc-kawaii-chankisskissfuckshitup, lamelucyheartfilia, laurentarzan (v quality blog go follow now!), leonstar,
little-dragneel, lokes-ass, lonestorm (their NaLu fics are the best, go read them!!), lucyheartfllia (Sara is so nice! Go follow her amazing blog)

makos-girl (so nice go talk to them right now), makuhs (one of my favorite blogs tbh), mrseucliffexmslead (v amazing artist go look at their stuff!!)
n-a-d-h-i-e(!!!!! probs my favorite FT fan artist; go follow them now!), nalu-natic (Ashley is so sweet w/ an A+ blog), nalutbh, natsu-dorkneelnatsudragneelssalmonhair (go follow Stellar), oliviajoytaylor (another one of my favorite artists!), peanutbutterandhellasandwich, princeofpugs (go follow him right now), proudtobeaginger, rivendell101(Alisha’s fics are A++++), roguecheny, roguescheneysryanshadusafpj, sezakis (so nice and a cool blog!), snogfairy(Philine is v sweet and they write the best fics.. 10/10 recommend), sophiethepurplewolf, soprana-snap (Chy is the best; go follow! Amazing writer)

T-Z (and numbers):
the-snooty-snark-evadersthecriticoflife, thedragonalchemist, theres-a-natsu-in-my-lucy, torchi-chan, wordsofawitheringwriter, yaushieyuuba (Very amazing artist!!), 5secsofnatsu(v nice blog and person!)

so i hit a milestone with followers (wow ily guys this is the coolest) and i wanted to say thank you so very much. i was going to do this a few days ago, but with all the fandom stuff going on i figured i should wait. now is as good a time as any, because i think we all need some cheering up! ergo my second follow forever! this one is smaller than my first, but all the blogs i follow are amazing and you should check them out here! you guys are all super special to me even though you may not know it. if i forgot you, i’m so sorry i haven’t slept since mama era ok forgive me. bold = blogs i’m crushin on right now. italics = hover for a lil message ♡♡♡


kyyungsoo - zhngxngs - sehduces - dewusional - omgfishybaexlo - exyobynbae - oppakai - sexingology - hypertone - zhehun - sugas - wufanqin - imperyeol - jyons1081p - lukaibaeks - cheeridyosshocolette - wubulge - celestyeol - krisibilityyixingbang - iixing - yixingsosweet - dearxialu - taehvnqs


sehunskin . dokyungbutt . purpleuhan . luhanova . sehunw . 7ae . monoka . blondejongin . dohdoro . sek-aisedultsbaekbysehun88 . yixingscrackdaenso . yifantasia . ohmilk . amazitao . sehwun . dimplay . chan-lay . ohxing . overdoseu . j-holy . kaiyomii . doksoo . byuns-baekery . seheartless . sexing-in-the-rain . chan-soo . innocore 

Oh My! Tumblr Wabbits!

OMG! I cannot believe that there are now over 800 of you.  I just celebrated 700 followers just 5 days ago!  You guys are multiplying like rabbits.  It’s amazing to me and I love it! Thank you all so much for following and supporting me!  As my to do list is pretty long right now and that I still have other celebrations to finish up, I’m not going to add anything new onto my plate right now.  Keep an eye out for the new fics I will have coming out this week as well as a few other little surprises along the way. :)

Originally posted by mooseleys

I want to give a giant shout out to some of the blogs who have helped me get this far…whether they realize it or not…these are amazing blogs and if you are not following them you should go check them out right now!

@impala-dreamer @ohmychuckitsdean @frenchybell @mamaredd123 @inmysparetime0 @megansescape @atc74 @chelsea072498 @torn-and-frayed @idreamofhazel @myfand0msandm0re @bkwrm523 @dancingalone21 @notnaturalanahi @thegreatficmaster @waywardjoy @avasmommy224 @ashmonet @mein1928 @ijensenackles @deathtonormalcy56 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @mamapeterson @manawhaat @deandoesthingstome @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @chaos-and-the-calm67 @whispersandwhiskerburn @bringmesomepie56 @justjensenanddean @dreamyjensen @arryn-nyx  @smoothdogsgirl @ravenangel33 @mrswhozeewhatsis @ilostmyshoe-79

Thank you all so much!  You have helped me to keep going in one way or another when I started to struggle.  ALL THE BACON!