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Taipei, home to 2.7 million people and the capital of Taiwan, has a rather large bicycle secret hidden among the tight streets and winding alleyways. It can be best described as an unbelievable, jaw dropping treasure trove. The private collection of Asahi Chang contains more than 600 professional track and road bikes. It is the largest of it’s kind in the world, unavailable for public viewing. The location is a very well kept secret. We were lucky enough to have a peek inside the collection that has been nick named, “单车书房” - Bicycle Heaven.


tfw you wake up to discover david tennant has a hipster beard and a pierced ear in ‘you, me, and him’

In which Bask went to London to see Jesse Eisenberg!

Okay, I really just wanna scream I don’t even know how to write this because I wanna make it readable too, guess I’ll just do something in between redable and OMG.

Soo: I flew from Sweden and went to London over the weekend to see The Spoils with Jesse Eisenberg! The play was TOTALLY AMAZING! I mean it when I say it’s the best damn play I’ve been to. I just got all sucked into the plot and oh god Jesse’s performance and character was just 100% amazing and to get to see him act live in front of me was just so fascinating and perfect! His voice and body language and aaaaah everything was totally spot on!! I didn’t want it to end. Okay, okay ALL OMG after the epicness and feels of this play. Me and my friend went to the Stage door, hoping them all would come out since my friend is all Kunal and Alfie trash too! And aaaaah god such nervous and all omggg. We got an amazing spot at the front, and aaah it didn’t even take like 5 mins until Jesse came out quickly followed by Alfie and Kunal! OMGGG. So Jesse just came closer to us and we all OMG inside and he was the most adorable and cute and signed all the stuff and then it was our turn aaah, he said thank you so much for coming and looked up at us and signed my pic and then my friends one and aaaah I you know I what did I even say I guess I said thank you so much!! And my friend said the play was amazing and I don’t even know did I say that too!? I should have but you know IT’S HARD TO BRAIN FUNCTION WHEN JESSE stands in front of you in his cute hat and backpack with green bicycle helmet. Aaaah. And then my friend got Alfies and Kunal’s autographs too so she went all OMG too, more than she already was lol.

Okaay, and then we walked away after the stage door all oMG and walked around trafalgar square in heaven of happiness for a bit and then suddenly I just hear Jesse’s voice beside me so suddenly I just walk so close side by side with him for some meters, with some other cast members. And I just omigosh inside again, and well yeah they just walked past us away somewhere in the dawn lol but awsm. And my friend didn’t realize at first so after i just like omg he just walked here beside mee!?!? And then she saw them when they had pasted us.

Man that was hard to write not all in caps lock lol. I’M JUST BEEN ALL SMILING SINCE AND OMG AND JESSE IS SO AMAZING I can’t believe I got to see him and even meet him and aaaah look at the amazing pic he signed, it’s so beautiful! I’m gonna frame that and put it on my wall ♥.
AAAH HAPPY ♥♥♥ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Imagine James and Sirius being perfectly fine with 5 year old Harry flying a broom, but when Lily gets him a bike for Christmas they’re freaking the FUCK out because of how dangerous they think it is. He’d be that kid with pillows duct taped all over his body, barely able to walk, his arms being too stuffed to push his messy hair out of his eyes.

“I still think this is mad.” Sirius gulps, his voice cracking with fear. James is standing, almost paralyzed behind him, what looks like tears are forming in his eyes. They were outside of their cottage on the side walk. Lily was standing next to Harry and Harry was staring at the beautiful red bicycle with amazement, never having seen anything like it before.

“James played a sport, that requires you to fly up in the sky trying to catch an almost invisible ball, while trying to avoid being hit by an iron ball, that is bewitched to severely injure you.” She retorts, looking between the two men. “Besides, I learnt how to ride a bike when I was five and barely shed a tear when I fell and skinned me knees.” Lily rolls her eyes as she places the little boy on the seat of the tiny bicycle.

“SKINNED YOUR KNEES?” He yells with disbelief, “ON THE DIRTY GROUND? Well that proves it then, that proves how you think placing Harry on a two wheeled death machine is acceptable.” Sirius huffs, his eyes are wide and places his hands on his hips.

“Sirius, you have a motorcycle. Those things are way more dangerous than a bike for a kid.” She counters.

“That is besides the point!” Sirius snatches Harry from the bicycle, “I WILL NOT HAVE YOU TRYING TO MURDER MY GODSON, LILY!!!” He grabs his broom and places the small boy in front of him and they zoom off.

Lily watches as they get further away and sighs. She looks over at her husband who’s mouth is hanging open and staring after them in dismay. “As if he really just kidnapped Harry,” answering the question she knew he was thinking, “He’s going to spoil him with sweets and tell him how “Mummy is absolutely insane!” because he’s a giant twit.“ She says walking towards the cottage door, "They’ll be back before bed time, you know how Sirius loves bed time.”