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“Are ye sure? Don’t want ye t’get cold.” Paul didn’t break the eye contact with John, which released a hot blossom of butterflies to fly around John’s stomach like mad. “You can return the favour another time.” John tried his best to flirt, but he knew he was absolute rubbish at it. 

fan art of @mclennunf‘s one shot, inspired by @patatijas 

Cryptid-Bunny Commission Work!

New commission pieces!
So i know i said i would cut down on buy commission work but I couldn’t hep myself!

Right! So this well detailed and absolutely adorable piece was created by @cryptid-bunny, an absolutely incredible artist!
The piece depicts myself and my Gf Su in each others arms, well more Su in my arms xD
With any new art i am always anxious on how it will look in the end, but this surpassed my expectations. Her clean lines, well added details, perfect colour  addition, and adorable background only proved that she is worth more than her prices.

With that being said, if there is one thing i didnt like at all, it would be her prices xD While I completely understand the logic behind low prices, for crypid’s talent and artistic skill it did not add up to me! While her prices are low its clear as day her skills beyond that!
In addition, crypid was by far one of the most humble and kind artists ive met, and that always enhances the experience!

If you are thinking of getting a commission piece but are worried about cost and detail, i strongly recommend going to @cryptid-bunny page and checking out her prices (which ill also include here!)
Cryptid, it was an absolute pleasure and again thank you for this incredible piece!

Oh and thank you to @hakimirektman for recommending her!
Cheers everyone, dont know what the next piece will show, so if anyone has any recommendations let me know!

Crytpids prices:

Avengers Assemble Steve rescues the love of his life, Tony, from an unspeakable fate – listening to Justin Hammer rant on. No doubt Tony will show his appreciation later on, in private, all night long.

Another amazing commission from @hellogarbagetime. Thank you so much for this wonderful wonderful art (especially Steve’s little grin)! It’s like you read my mind!
A R I Z O N A - I Was Wrong
These guys are definitely my new favourite band. I can't wait to hear more from them! Download... Listen on Spotify... http://spoti.f...

It… is done. A huge thanks to @kiki-kit for being an inspiration for this project.

Please don’t tag as ship. :T



I like to think that genji didn’t start off knowing english too well

also a bonus bc the idiots felt too guilty: