amazing album art

we’re growing together 💝

Hesitant Alien

does anyone have the guts to shut me up?

okay, i dont know if i vocalized this on here, but i LOVE Hesitant Alien by gerard way. im not really loving this picture ended up though :/ i dont think it looks much like gee. i thought it wasnt bad enough to not post though, so i hope you dont dislike it too much

//do NOT delete my caption

Madeon’s Adventure is two years old today so I doodled up an thing!!

Notes From The Underground is my favorite Hollywood Undead record. It just perfectly balances all the things I love about the band.

Dead Bite connects the band members.

We Are connects the band with the fans.

Lion, Rain, Outside, Believe, and Medicine make you empathize with the members.

Another Way Out, From The Ground, and Kill Everyone take you into the story they are telling.

Pigskin, Up In Smoke, One More Bottle, and Delish are the more lets fuck shit up to party songs.

I can’t pick a favorite from this album because all the songs together make something so beautiful and uniquely Hollywood Undead. I don’t know if they can strike this type of perfection again but regardless I’ll stay with em.’ I’m undead until I die.

I’d like to make this description the lyrics in all caps, but this song only came out like a couple hours ago and I don’t know the lyrics yet so…Instead here’s a big old link to the amazing song that is Critical Beauty by Pentagon

This was just a quick(ish) drawing, I’ll try to do some more detailed stuff at some point…