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to other anon, for the amazin prices. it's the same price for both in the end, it's just one has free shipping (the $60) and the other has ~$20 shipping (the $40 one). either way, both are around ~$60


Anonymous said: Did Jungkook use an app when he made his twitter video for “BOOM” and “Pikachu”? If so, do you or does anyone know what the name of the app is? lol he’s so adorbz and you and your blog are amazing =)

thank you! he always are in the know of the latest app like that. much like when he did dubsmash before. not sure which app he’s using now, musically?

Anonymous said: Hi Anne, in regards to namjoon’s latest tweet, did he bring a trillion ryan dolls overseas to china (?) He’s such a fluffball

hahaha I also don’t know!! i can’t imagine him bringing the huge ryan doll in a luggage hehehe~ maybe it’s his own room at his parent’s house we don’t know ;_;

Anonymous said: Do you know when the boys will be done touring and be back in Seoul?

Sometime in August, but they always go back to Seoul after every concert anyways.

Anonymous said: hello do you know how to buy summer package from bts official shop? i kinda want to buy it directly from them but the website is in hangeul and i don’t really understand it :(

sorry I haven’t tried ordering on there either so I can’t be much help. You can try and google if there are tutorials available. tbh I don’t recommend because shipping is very expensive on there.

dont ask why th sun is out @ nite…. !! or why he’s Ripped….. ???? amazin’ graphic tho amirite..

ANYWAYS !! i hit another milestone a WHILE back !! and since then ive jst been getting so many followers (why…) but !!! recently i hit 1.2k!!!!!!! im so amazed what th Hck!!!

but yea !!!! dis is my second evr follow forever ,,,, ive been planning on making it for months but… whoops…. but yea !!! i jst rly wanna take time out 2 appreciate m'friends nd m'fav mutuals on dis Hell Site !!!!! i rly lov spending my time w/ all of u and its been a few cr*zy months since i started dis blog (about 8 i think!!!!) So !!! i couldnt b happier w/ th time i’ve wasted on dis blog !!!!! i lov evry single one of u so sos SO much ,,,,, im so thankful for u all…

and u can ALWAYS talk 2 me if u evr hav a problem !!!!! i promise ill always b there 4 all of u!!!!!! <333 nfsjovnds anyways!!!! on 2 th actual ff……

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