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rehulklove  asked:

Ok, a bit of a pervert question but have Danny and Amber only had sex together with Amber dressed up as Amazi-Girl?

Amber has never been intimate with Danny, and Amazi-Girl doesn’t require the superhero costume to be Amazi-Girl.  


Danny is an excellent example of a character whose difficulties in life are presented as consistently comedic. Several of these unhappy panels are punchlines to a strip, and the fandom make fun of his hopelessness constantly. Not a lot has gone well for Danny but he’s Danny, so the universe laughs.

His whole view of whether he’s successful in life is constructed around getting a girlfriend, which seems to be his parents’ standard. This means that a) he doesn’t seem to believe he has any intrinsic worth, and b) he’s willing to put up with anything to keep a girlfriend, including following her to college, keeping it a secret from everyone, or voluntarily okaying being verbally abused.

Aaand now it’s no longer funny.

Danny has few people to turn to. He goes to Dotty about his attraction to Ethan because the alternative is Joe, who flees at the first sight of ~~feeelings~~, or Amber, who isn’t stable enough to give him any kind of support, needing too much of it herself. If his relationship gets any more unhealthy, he’s not got a lot of places to go, and besides that, he’d probably put up with it. Even today, he turned a conversation about him and respecting himself into one about Amber’s issues.

Which is why…

Ethan is the greatest.

pamjothemadwitch  asked:

Is Marcie stronger than Amber? I'm curious about comparing their strengths because they both seem to lead lifestyles that require a good amount of physical strength, Marcie with her roller derby/Security work and Amber with her Exploits as Amazi-girl. They also seem to have bodies (some assumptions being made around this as I haven't gotten full views of their bodies from slipshines as I don't have slipshine subscription). Anyway yeah, just a little curious about this. I'm sorry ifI seem creepy.

I’d say Marcie might weigh a little more, as she’s thicker and has more muscle, and so she might be able to lift a little more?  Amber approaches that level, but would have en edge in any situation in which she’s adrenaline-fueled.  Which is…. often.  

I don’t normally do shit like this but this pushed all my buttons.

The webcomic Dumbing of Age has recently been going through an arc where Becky, a recently out of the closet lesbian, is being hunted down by her overly religious father with a gun so that he can brainwash her back into being straight. Also her girlfriend is a dinosaur, but that’s not important.

What is important is that once the dad caught up to her, he managed to get her into the car by threatening suicide by cops, and because a majority of people don’t like seeing their parents turned into Swiss cheese, she agreed.

Sounds like a pretty exciting and depressing story so far right? Well things get a little…fucked up. Or more fucked up. See Amber, or Amazi-Girl, is a young woman with issues of her own, specifically she was emotionally and physically abused by her asshole father most of her life, so she goes around beating the shit out of thugs, rapists, cosplayers, ya’ know regular superhero shit. Only she’s obviously gone off the deep end recently as Sal, who I do not want to get into right now for reasons, is a girl who held up her friend and her with a knife many years ago.

So Amber, chasing after Becky and her dad, has since jumped onto the roof of a moving car, been thrown off and slammed into the windshield of another car, convinced THAT person to speed up so that she can catch up to them, jumped back on that car, used a rope to get better leverage on the car but also made it so Becky can’t get out of the passenger side, popped the tires on this still fast moving car with caltrops, caused it to go into the longest fucking drift humanely possible, and is now having a fight with Beckys dad on the roof.

Now as amazing as this all is, some of us felt that Amber was only making things worse, endangering the lives of nearly everyone because she refuses to stop and just call the police.

And as such we, or more specifically I, have been making this known in the comments section. 

So how does Willis respond? By deleting every single post I’ve ever made on the site. Ever.

What was the point of this post? To let people know that if you’re going to spend three years of your life reading a comic, make sure the artist is capable of taking criticism

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