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more magician reigen bc its so much fun

and also ritsu bc definitely super fun

Okay but are you a Hamilton person or an Usnavi person? Non-Stop or 96000? 21 Chump Street or Freestyle Love Supreme? Long haired Lin or short haired Lin? “Whaaaaaat?” or “No Me Diga?!”


au where jungkook is a gaming youtuber and taehyung is a model/vlogger. 31/?


Todd, you’re not making any sense.

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.8]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language

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Jungkook huffed, annoyed. He’d spent the last two hours with you, sitting in a blanket fort in his basement watching dumb movies.

“When you said you wanted talk to me about stuff, I thought you meant verbally,” he grumbled, pulling you closer to him.

You nuzzled the back of your head against his chest and sighed.

“I did and I will…” you replied.

To be honest, you were simply nervous about talking to him about what you had in mind. Ever since Taehyung had come clean about him and your brother, you’d been thinking that maybe, just maybe, you should come clean to Jimin about you and Jungkook. Another part of you reasoned that it wasn’t the right time now and that it would never be the right time.

You felt Jungkook sigh deeply, his breath breath blowing your hair ever so slightly.

Taking in a deep breath of your own and releasing it, you plucked up the courage to talk to Jungkook about coming clean.

“I wasn’t guilty about sneaking around at first…” you paused, taking a shaky breath. “But then Taehyung told me about him and Jimin and I suddenly felt like, I don’t know, maybe we should tell Jimin about us.

“Another part of me is still not ready to tell Jimin. I just- I just don’t know what to do Jungkook. I really want to be with you. You mean a lot to me.”

Jungkook nodded, his chin hitting the top of your head lightly.

“Well…” he began slowly. “What if we pretended like we were slowly becoming friends? Like, I stop giving you grief in public and you stop throwing sassy comments my way in return. We look like we’re becoming friends, like we’re changing for each other because we like each other- which isn’t far from the truth to be honest- and warm him up to the idea.”

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  • Valentine/Magnus: Nothing a good night sleep won't fix.
  • Inner Alec: Oh good sleep huh? I bet he wants the cuddles. Why don't we offer the cuddles.
  • Alec: I can come home with you if you want.
  • V/M: no! no
  • Inner Alec: he doesn't want the cuddles, he always likes the cuddles. I'm amazing at the cuddles
  • Alec: *confused*
warning signs are fuel to the flames but I kept talking about gravity

I dreamed of you 

but you were smoke

and I was coughing. I gave

up on oxygen. 


I still wander through outer space,

but it is mine – I took that from

your constellation. The lines that held 

you together

got mixed up and

fell to the ground like firewood.


Your words were many falling 

feathers and I was so full of thoughts of

weightlessness that

I did not see the bird that

died in the same breath that ended your sentence.


Do you remember when I pointed to the trees 

that were still black from the wildfire 

seven summers back

and you looked away

and said nothing about how tragic

it was to burn – 

So I’ve seen fics where Sportacus goes into heat but what if…

What if elves had mating dances.

Hear me out on this. In spring male elves collect flowers and feathers and ribbons and anything colorful and pretty and they weave it into a shawl and wear it around the one they’re courting and just dance around. But its not just normal human dancing. It’s acrobatic and flashy like birds to show off all the pretty stuff they found and what they can do with their bodies like how high they can jump and how flexible they are and how strong they are.

Just imagine Sportacus bird-flirting at Robbie.


Even when it doesn’t seem like it, Rose always listens to even the most trivial things the Doctor says.


►Officially introducing the Bloesem Pastel Rainbowcy!

After contemplating multiple challenges and listening to @alfalfalegacy and @tinysimmies ‘ suggestions, I’m introducing you to Witte Bloesem (Dutch translation of White Blossom ;) ), the founder of The Bloesems! Also, I really should stop using this hair on all my sims, but it’s too pretty not to ;-;


Artistic (Family Trait) ♥ Flirty ♥ Perfectionist ♥ Family Oriented ♥ Neat

►Lifetime Wish:
Surrounded by Family

In any world build a starter home: One bedroom, One bath vacation bungalow and move your founder into it. Over the gens you can build on, but you must keep this lot in the family through the entire challenge. Can be as elaborate or bare bones as you like to start. Larger lot is ideal since it will grow quite a bit over the generations. 

►Master Painting Skill
►You can make money selling paintings, but (Do not join painter Career)
►Paint 5 masterpieces
►Mate’s Career: Law Enforcement
►Paint portrait of your heir to hang proudly in the family home. (This will be a requirement for each generation)
►Have a total of five children with two different Sims (Pink Sim & Purple Sim). No adoptions for this gen.

This challenge was created by @berrysweetboutique , thank you lovely!♥ I will be playing this legacy besides The Weeping Willows, but I want to make this one a little bit more story oriented. Let’s see if I can stick with that! :)