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Bones - A Thank You

Bones taught me that people don’t have to change completely to grow.

It taught me that there’s more than one kind of family. 

It taught me that throughout the struggles in my life, I will always have people there for me.

It taught me that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

It showed me that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good person.

It taught me that sometimes things don’t work out perfectly, but they always work out.

Thank you to everyone who has ever worked on Bones for helping to create this brilliant show that is so much more than just a TV series to us. 

And thank you to all the Boneheads out there, because honestly this fandom is one of the most amazing ones out there.

Look, I don’t watch The Flash, but I just want to proclaim my love for Iris West:

She’s an absolute badass. She’s as gorgeous as the sky itself, and she deserves the world. I hope she’ll get all the happiness she deserve. And if she ever dies, or get’s treated badly, I’m prepared to fight. 

Okay, here’s the thing:
Tumblr is a very special place for me. The Supergirl fandom is special place for me. I love it. I love it because I can share my work and thoughts about everything with many people. I love it because I can talk to amazing human beings.
But one thing is annoying. Everyday I have to read so much hate and negativity here. Nearly every second post on my dash contains insults and stupid comments. Ship wars and bad abuses everywhere. Is that really necessary? Do we need that? I don’t think so.
Love or ignore each other.
That would be so much easier!?
Spread positivity.

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Just a lil more constructive criticism, something I've noticed is that most of the faces you draw look the same? Like the same mouths, noses, eyes, cheekbones ect. Other than that your art is really really amazing (you are one of the most talented artists on the site tbh)

ah um, Thank you. I’ll be sure to pay extra attention of this from now on. 

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I was wondering, if you happen to have the spare time and the ideas for it, to write a sequel to that langst fic, Fake? It was an amazing one-shot and I'd love to see it continued!

Sorry, I’m not writing a sequel.

Night In The Woods

Ok so… I absolutely loved Jack’s playthrough of NITW!! The character are sooooo awesome and incredibly adorable (especialy my lil Mae ♡ ), I really really loved the voices too!! A++👌 So since I fuckin’ loved this serie and now that it’s over I’ll DEFINATELY buy the game (I’m also very curious and want to see all the dialogues and lil secrets and stuff like that). ^w^ Thank you Jack, this serie was soooooooo amazing, one more to add on the “unforgetable games list”. ❤ Sincerely Greggory XD

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Restaurant recommendations in NYC please! Brunch, lunch, or dinner :)

Of course! One of my favorite topics haha. Hope this is helpful! Feel free to ask me any questions

For brunch/lunch:
Sarabeths Central Park South (especially gorgeous to sit outside in nice weather)
Brooklyn Bagel (in Chelsea)
Jacks Wife Freda
La Pecora Bianca (SO aesthetic one of my faves)
The Standard Grill (super nice during the summer for outside seating)
Westville Chelsea
Citizens of Chelsea

For dinner:
Serafina Meatpacking
Obica Flatiron
Lasagna (in Chelsea, super underrated but amazing Italian food and great service!!)
Tao (CRISPY RICE W SPICY TUNA IS GOALS I can make an entire post about how much I love this damn place)
Lavo (everything is amazing you will not regret a meal here)
Asuka Sushi (such a hidden gem this place is amazing and buy one get one free drinks for happy hour!!)

All day:
Cafeteria (open 24 hours, so chic and super good food!! Good for brunch dinner or late night!)
Laduree Soho (super good brunch, going for just tea and pastries or popping in for coffee and a macaron!)
The Park (so aesthetic, really cool vibes and good for both brunch, dinner or just drinks)
Ralph’s Coffee in the Polo Ralph Lauren store on 5th Ave (esp during Christmas time)

Go-to “tourist spots” (places to def try bc of popularity but I probably wouldn’t rush to go back)
The Sugar Factory
Tony’s Di Napoli
Il Mulino
Artichoke Pizza