How DC Can Take the Cinematic Throne From Marvel

There is no debating that Marvel currently sits atop the two-company war for comic book movie…

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FAA proposes rules for operating small drones

Our FAA has proposed rules for commercial use of RC drones. Some are just plain stupid. You must keep line-of-sight with the drone. So it is now worthless to just about every business that seriously considered using them. That includes farmers who want to check there fences ten miles away and Amazon who wants to deliver packages.

Operators would need to be 17 and take a test to fly an unmanned aircraft.

I have major respect for people

from Hawaii and the greater Polynesian culture at large.  I am what you would consider a haole because I am white but I not by my ignorance.  I understand the sentiment that the people of Hawaii and Hawaiians have toward white people.  Hopefully you can see that I am not some ignorant white person but I am truly humbled by the Hawaiian culture.

That being said, I was browsing amazon under Hawaii and these stupid white women were wearing plastic leas.  It makes me sick how the Hawaiian culture is abused like that.  It is no wonder that people from Hawaii hate us mainlanders.  

Okay end rant.